When Harry Met Meghan

The big royal news is, of course, that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are engaged to be married in May at St. George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle.


The wedding will be paid for by the Royal Family, the hefty security bill will be paid for by the taxpayer.  Alas, not all taxpayers are thrilled with all of the #RoyalEngagement details.


The engagement interview that aired on Monday showed Meghan to be poised, confident and well spoken, certainly capable of handling the royal spotlight.  Both Prince Harry and Meghan appeared relaxed and enamored with one another in stark contrast to Prince William and Kate’s engagement interview which seemed a bit awkward and forced.

For some questions, though, Prince Harry and Meghan appeared to give answers that better suited the fairytale, probably decided by committee based on what tested highest in focus groups even though they hopefully didn’t need to “No, it was the Levi’s guy” this thing too much.

Unlike Prince William, Prince Harry did let others in on the engagement news which might be why it was a better interview and perhaps why the engagement happened to be announced when Harry was getting bashed around in the press for being a “spoiled brat”.

RP-Engagement Advisors

The origin story of their relationship in the BBC interview was a bit vague on details but according to their answers was the result of a blind date that happened in May or June of 2016.  Likely Prince Harry and Meghan didn’t give specifics because according to The Telegraph, Meghan was living with chef Cory Vitiello when she met Prince Harry.  Meghan’s ex-boyfriend has gone the no comment route on whether or not Prince Harry, who was in Toronto in May, was the cause of their break-up.

Vague Timeline:

Meghan Markle: Oh it would be a year and a half, a little bit more than that?

Prince Harry: No just about – it would be about a year and a half yeah.


Meghan Markle: I don’t think that I would call it a whirlwind in terms of our relationship, obviously there have been layers attached to how public it has become after we had a good five, six months almost with just privacy, which was amazing.

Okay, Meghan possibly already being in a committed relationship doesn’t make for the most romantic of How I Met Your Mother scenarios but even if there was overlap, we don’t know what Meghan’s relationship with Cory Vitiello was like.  I think the important thing to remember is that there is a single attractive man out there who can cook.  If you ask me, Meghan traded down.  Prince Harry proposed when they were “trying to roast a chicken”.  If it were the chef proposing, that chicken would have already been roasted.

The lady doth protest too much, methinks:

During the interview Meghan claimed, “Given that I didn’t know a lot about him, everything that I have learned about him, I learnt through him as opposed to having grown up around different news stories and tabloids whatever else.”

As an American I want the make and model number of that BRF-free bubble because that sounds like a magical place in which to live.  Considering accusations made by family and friends that she has been plotting to marry into the British Royal Family because she wants to be the Second Coming of Princess Diana, you can sort of see why Meghan would deny the virtual inescapability of royal news here in the US. Meghan’s childhood friend Ninaki Priddy is the latest to claim Meghan connived her way into Harry’s heart and the British Royal Family, telling the Daily Mail, “It’s like she has been planning this all her life.  She gets exactly what she wants and Harry has fallen for her play.  She was always fascinated by the Royal Family.  She wants to be Princess Diana 2.0.  She will play her role ably, but my advice to him is to tread cautiously.”  Either Meghan’s family and friends are out to get her or she’s boiled a few bunnies along the way.  The stereotype of the femme fatale leading men to their ruin is sooo 2016, though.  And if Meghan really does fancy herself Diana 2.0, that means she’ll highlight good causes while finishing off the monarchy in spectacular fashion.  I’d watch that show.

The gentleman doth protest too much, methinks:

When Meghan made the innocuous comment that Princess Diana was with them, Prince Harry jumped in with a “somewhere else” comment so fast that I’ve never been more sure that rumors about Princess Diana’s ghost popping up around her sons are all true.  The “somewhere else” distinction makes it seem like Harry was implying, ‘Obviously she’s in heaven or some other plane, but definitely not in our kitchen making butter levitate and questioning Meghan’s footwear choices, that would be crazy… hee hee crazy.  CRAAAAZY!’

Meghan Markle: She’s with us.

Prince Harry: I’m sure she’s with us yeah, you know, jumping up and down somewhere else.

If you thought your in-laws were bad, imagine one that can’t be ducked by not answering the phones and who doesn’t need a key to get in.  I’m going to comb through that engagement interview frame by frame to see if I can spot Princess Diana’s ghost making bunny ears behind Meghan’s head just because I suspect Princess Diana wouldn’t have thought any woman was good enough for her sons.

The one thing that gives me pause about Meghan is her leaving her rescue dog, Bogart, behind in the US.  The reason provided by Jason Knauf is that Bogart is too old to fly but according to Meghan’s own social media posts, he’s five, that’s like saying Meghan is too old to fly.


Even if Bogart can’t fly, the voyage by sea would only take a few days.  I can’t imagine giving Nightwing up for any reason, we are a non-negotiable package deal.  In fact I’m presently not speaking with my mother because she suggested Nightwing isn’t really my son.  Not to go all canine conspiracy theory, but I wonder if the “friends” Bogart is staying with is really her chef ex-boyfriend who wanted Bogart in exchange for not selling his story to the press?  I’m trying not to judge Meghan and grant her the same grace period I gave Kate in which to disappoint me, but isn’t willingness to give up a rescue dog when you fall in love with a prince one of the signs of being a serial killer?  Hopefully there’s a plan to reunite Meghan and Guy with Bogart.  It just doesn’t feel like Meghan’s happiness could be complete without her furbaby.

On Friday, Meghan will be doing her first royal engagement with Prince Harry so she’s pretty much already in danger of surpassing Kate’s annual engagement total.


And I know this is just another Daily Mail typo, but how awesome does Thor Christmas sound?


I think we should live every day like Thor Christmas is about to happen.



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  1. Hmmm, maybe Bogart and Harry didn’t get along? Who knows but it’s puzzling why she’d leave him behind. At 5, he’s certainly not considered geriatric but maybe health issues prevented him leaving Canada? Well, being part of of the Commonwealth ensures he’ll always be “close” but not close to his mistress busy being the new princess on the block. I’m watching this WHOLE space with soooo much interest and won’t commit myself either way yet. Fool me once and all that…

    1. If the pup’s got some health issues, why not leave the other dog with him so at least they have each other? I had one dog for 3 years before the other came along and they lived happily together for many years. First pup died (my heart still hurts and it’s been 7 years) and the other fell into a deep depression. She never fully recovered from her best friend going away.

  2. “I’m trying not to judge Meghan and grant her the same grace period I gave Kate in which to disappoint me, ”

    Bwahahahahaha! Finally, a sane place.

      1. I am already judging coz of that commonwealth magical printing business.

        Talk about *slum barbie!!!!

        *Slum Barbie is an instagram and blog of barbie instagraming her way round the slums of the world as they provide a backdrop to her fabulous outfits. The running captions of each instagram are gloriously funny and perfectly skewer these saviour pretensions.

        It was inspired partly by current Mrs Steve Mnunchin’s misadventures in Africa and partly by a woman who was disappointed to land in Kenya to be met by prosperous cities rather than slums and blogged about her disappointment that Kenyans weren’t the poors she had expected.

        1. I’m lost. What magical printing business?

          Everyone’s being so starry-eyed about her. It’s like people lose their minds for a moment. I got snowed by the perfect fairy tale interview, but there’s not enough stardust in the world to prevent me from asking questions.

          1. Maven: autocorrect. I realised too late to change it.

            I’m still stuck on the bit in their interview where they discussed the commonwealtb and how they were going to go hither and thither doing good works. Magical royalty and Princes and all yhat.

            1. Oh, I so totally agree about the Commonwealth thingy, Hera! Did the Commonwealth ask them to bring their magical circus of keenness and healing to our respective shores? For why? Are they trying to tell us how bereft we are without their healing words and ideas?

              I. Just. Don’t. Get. That. But I do see holitours in the near future.

              1. I like Meghan and live in a Commonwealth country but even I was eye rolling a bit on that one.
                Harry seems happy and Meghan seems like she is going to do royal work and not come up with a billion excuses. The best part though will be watching Kate and / or Carole try to explain that keen means more than a silent wave once or twice a week.

              2. By the way Maven, thanks for the Foundation of Keenness. I’m going to call it that from now on out.

                And watch 5yrs from now when people claim we are bullying them for using that phrase!!!

                  1. I know, and it certainly beats The Royal Foundation of the Ridiculously Long Name. Every time I hear the word “keen,” my eye twitches a little.

                    1. Me too. MeghannotMarkle. That word has been so abused that i can’t bear it in my regular life anymore. And i find myself holding in laughter when people in my life use it innocently.

    1. +1000

      Congrats to the happy Prince Couple . This seem to be difđferent from Willnot Kannot – a

      Professional work ethics, Princess Sparkle came out four days upon engagement, compared to middleton who went of to continue as a lazy kept bi…. only appearing for duties, three months after the engagement.

  3. Greetings Everyone,
    Lovely to see you posting again Lola – apologies for being unable to add my comments to your excellent commenters before today.

    A common saying is “prepare for the worst but hope for the best..” may have it skew wiff but this relates only to my personal view and not demean anyone else who views it differently.

    As most of you know I have long been a concerned person in respect of the bill and kate “roadshow” whether it be in their “precious up yours behaviour, flashing, pathetic work ethic, book of excuses, excessive spending, down right telling porkies when it suits them and using Prince Harry as a prop because bill and kate are as exciting as having an enema on a Monday morning! Pregnant or not, lazy as usual, selective in doing what suits them and both being treated like snowflakes for years – those who sought portray bill and kate as the Saviours of the Monarchy forgot that their definition of taking more than they give still makes my skin crawl and they both crawl lower than a snakes belly even on a good day (because everything is orchestrated for appearance only).

    The matter at hand now is Harry and Meghan – whatever bill and kate think (and it will NOT be charitable) or those that will find any excuse to bag Harry and Meghan, I am totally happy with these two.

    Yes the interview etc may have been over the top, or a bit sappy or even “too much” but I look at the pair of them and just see the pure joy inside. Real joy.

    Prince Harry took time to design an exquisite engagement ring, Meghan wore a coat made in Toronto (yes people have commented on the fact that it should have been a British made outfit etc) but hang on a second here – Toronto is a City in Canada/British Columbia i.e. a Commonwealth Country and we matter – as do the Country of her birth.

    I agree with everything you wrote Lola – and even with that in my mind I just come back to the pure joy that I see in them.

    These two will certainly make bill and kate middleton get off their pampered butts, because from here on in Harry is NOT going to be Kate’s Crush anymore. Which shows there was a distance already growing when he responded about how she was when he was grilled about her (after the 3rd pregnancy came to light, and endless sympathy poured out over the HG thing) and Harry quite bluntly said that he thought she was better and had not seen her for a while – (this from memory was around the time of the Anniversary of Diana’s passing) and the photos of them with the umbrella etc). Harry was carrying out a solo engagement when this question was asked… to me that spoke volumes.

    I love your blog to bits Lola and I appreciate that you never jump down our throats for voicing our honest views.

    With Friday being Harry and Meghan’s first official engagement (as in Duty) – I am in full agreement with you on this point that Kate will be hastily trying to up her game however, pregnant or not, almost 17 years of laziness along with presenting herself as a “snowflake” I am of the firm belief that nothing will be able to correct that bone idle gene that kate has perfected.

    I apologise in advance if anyone takes issue – I am not pitting one against another for fun, malice or anything reason except to stand by what I have always believed:

    With privilege come great responsibility and niether bill or kate have come even close.

    Harry and Meghan have that “special something” and it makes me happy.

    I will sign off now, have to head to the City Mission to help out for the next 12 hours but wanted to leave these thoughts with you.

    Take care out there – a baskt full of happiness to you all, a hand to hold when you need it the most and all the love your hearts can hold.


    1. Wild rose
      Nice to see you posting again, here from NZ yes?

      You are in very fine form.
      I was smiling as soon as I saw you had posted again!
      Many chuckles. This may be an English saying ” you are a real tonic” to my day. I tend to be a pessimist so your musings are a delight.
      All best wishes to you and your boy Nightwing.

    2. I am with you Wildrose, I am also a kiwi, the BRF has always been very popular here in NZ. I was a big fan of Diana, but very disappointed with Kate. I think I am cautiously optimistic about Meghan. I like that she is a self made woman and has worked her whole life, no waiting around for a decade to become a royal wife. I like that she won Harry on her own and is living her own dream and not that of ambitious family members. Her background as an actress would be very useful for her, being a royal these days is all about being media savvy.

      I think she and Harry will become King and Queen, somewhere along the line William will be shunted out. Britain is no longer a particularly white country, most of the whites are old and the younger generations are black/asian in big numbers. For the BRF to survive the KIng and Queen and their children will have to be much more representative of the demographics of the UK. Also George looks to me to be an anxious boy uncomfortable in the spotlight, he may not be suitable for the role. I don’t think any favours were done to him by hiding him away from the public, members of the BRF need to be well socialised, I thought Diana was good at that with her boys.

      I was pleased to see Meghan in a long skirt today and medium height boots, I hope she stays with dignified and classic fashion. Kate and her skyscraper stilettos and her “look at me am I not sexy” clothes, with the occasional dowdy, old lady dress thrown in for variety always grates on me.

    3. Meghan’s coat was something she has worn at least one year ago, so she paid for it herself. So she is also smart enough to not be using Charles’s money before the vows have been spoken. Meghan may have been an actress, but she did not grow up with the extreme privilege that the royals or even Kate have had. Kate was a little rich girl and became an older lazy rich woman. It was a mystery why she was ever branded as a commoner because she never had an idea of what regular people are like and still can barely pretend to deal with them.

      1. It remains a mystery to me that William managed to find the most privileged, protected, out of touch commoner to marry. There are more protected billionaire spawn more worldly than Kate.

        1. Do you think William chose her since she is the opposite of his late mother? I think Ills loved his mother, but also was embarrassed by her antics, her boyfriends, and her courting of the paps; he could not do “normal” things since she called the paps to photograph her doing “fun” things with her boys all the time. My belief is he wanted somebody he could control, unlike his father’s lack of doing the same to his mother. Just a thought.

          1. Absolutely he chose the opposite of his mother.

            It’s rarely discussed, but it was known because royal staffers gossip, that he was going through a difficult period is with his mother during that last summer.

            Embarrassed teenager + raging hormones. Most of their quarrels were centred around his disapproval of her media antics. He cut short most of his time with her because he hated her parading him and herself – that was often the way he characterised it. He knew that she baited the media and often yelled at her to stop it. Then she died. And the media hounding her narrative solidified around her. Easier for him to hold onto that theory than to remember that he was once passed off at her part in the narrative.

            And yet, if you look at Kate, despite the flashing/mooning antics, she’s the very opposite of Diana. In every way that matters to him. No charisma. No one way to outshine him. Will do what he says. Always. Will put him first. Always. Even above the children as we saw when she ditched an 7mouth old baby to a new nanny to go on holiday with William. Nanny started same day as the holiday, and Carole had to instruct her. Someone who can be controlled. Someone who will not compete against him. Someone who will let him live his life with no demands.

            Now Kate, being as cunning as a fox, lets him think these things are true because she employs media to embarrass him into doing her bidding, but in a sly way that can’t be immediately blamed on her.

            She plays up his sore points eg media prosecution so he swings to protect her such that the end result is advantageous to her.

  4. I just discovered “Love Lola Heart” blog. I have giggled my way thru all the years of royal reporting. Lola you have a gift for writing. Love the lastest Meghan and Harry thoughts!!!

  5. Lola, and especially since HM’s, corgis came and set at her feet, I was thinking the same thing why not bring him by ship? I am definitely not getting HM this is bizarre to me a 16 month affair which results in a multi-million dollar wedding to which the tax payers have to pay for security. Chopper and Chutney’s was 35 million or may-be she is hoping the affair will run it’s course and before over before anyone says I do in May. Whenever there is measures of Austerity , people freeze in the winter, can’t turn their lights on, little ones going to bed hungry, lets just throw a huge waste of taxpayers money for an all ready spoiled Gingertwit, is HM that out of touch with reality???

    1. Yeah I agree. But I’ve been saying that about Kate’s spending from the taxpayers of the duchy of Cornwall. It that she would know or care who they are

  6. Thank you for covering the Royal Nitwits Lola. Your articles are so clever and very funny! I enjoy the comments as well. They are measured and good humored.

  7. Lola, I bow down to your sheer guts to air the herd of elephants in the room – as well as Diana’s ghost – regarding Meghan and Harry. It’s good to have some clear-sighted evaluation together with the ever-acidic observations (nice counter to the sugar being dished out).

    I did not know that Bogart was only five; without further details it is difficult to understand why one dog would go the UK and the other not. Who could have guessed that Bogart would get people fired up? Mind you, England loves its dogs more than people, and given the choice between Meghan and Bogart, I honestly think they’d choose the dog. I’m with you: pets are non-negotiable.

  8. Long time reader, first time commenter. Hi, everyone! Always love your writing, Lola.

    I am so down for a Thor Christmas. I don’t know what that is, but it sounds so much more fun than a low key Christmas.

    My furbaby is 5 (and a half!) too, and I can’t imagine leaving him behind. I’d row him across myself. He’d also been indignant at being called “geriatric.” Poor Bogart. I hope he is getting lots of love and snuggles. Just another thing to add to the growing pile of things that make me go “Hmmm…” about this relationship.

    1. “I’d row him across myself.”

      Awww, Em. That’s the heart of love, isn’t it?

      He wasn’t old. With all her insane resources, she couldn’t find a way? She really didn’t look too broken up, either.

  9. Yeah. It wouldn’t be hard to break Kate’s e gagement recird. Meghan could break that by Christmas. I agree. I thought it was strange she would leave her pup behind. That seemed strange.

    On a positive note I guess is she is certainly more articulate and less sarcastic than Kate was in her interview. But if she conived her way into the royal family she and Kate will have that in common. If I were Kate though I’d be a little worried about Meghan outdoing her in the work area which wouldn’t be hard to do. If she did 5 appearances a month she would leave Kate in the dust. And at least we didn’t get to see a flas if the soon-to-to-be royal bum. Maybe she’ll learn to keep her clothes on. That would be new and different.

    1. Well guess what? While I was perusing pics of these new celebs, I happened upon pics of Kate at King’s Cross station, looking dressed down but wearing The Ring. Coincidence?

      1. No coincidence.
        Such big smiles in the face of the stranger clicking away with their camera.
        I expect a lot more of this upstaging in the future.
        Just my opinion after years of Diana then Catherine reading and observing.

      2. Nothing is a coincidence when Carole Middleton has DM on speed dial. Although if she is taking the train to Amner where are the kids and the nannies? They were nowhere to be seen.

  10. Thank you so much Lola, this was truly a lot of information for me! In never managed to get an idea of Meghan, so I enjoyed your views here. I wonder how can a girl make it her goal to marry into the royal family and be the second Diana? Why does her family even say that? Is she really that bad??
    I am happy for this union because I am so tired of robot Kate and sour William, at least Meghan is human.
    But the poor dog she left behind? Now that is a crime I will never forgive her. You do not abandon a family member, and a rescue dog. Now that is cruel. It is not as if they dont have the money and means to bring him with them…

    1. Obvis, she def downgraded. I have been saying that forever! But hey she wants to be Duchess Sparkles I know this sounds like a downer but these two do not seem like a holding record. Thus, I am wondering if they would be cheating in the future. I hope not.

  11. I was dying when they asked if he knew of Meghan & he adamantly said, “Not at all. I had never heard of her, Meghan who?” Which must have stung just a bit considering she was trying to be a famous actress…

    1. Right? Even if true (and at this point, I am choosing to believe Harry and Meghan’s version of things), to say it so baldly whilst she was sitting next to him. He could have probably found a better way to express this…?

  12. I would never ever leave one of my furbabies behind, regardless of who I was marrying. I just can’t warm up to Meg, she seems cold and calculating much like Waity’s mother. Maybe it’s just me but I find it incredible odd that Harry has dated mostly blondes yet he’s marrying a brunette. I was truly hoping he and Chelsy would reunite and marry.

    1. I liked Meghan’s smile and enthusiasm. However, I am already sick of the hold on for dear life hand squeezes with Harry, and her constant rubbing, stroking and patting on his arms and back. They act like fifteen year olds at best, or a mother reassuring her son that everything is okay. It is unprofessional to constantly touch each other while working at their job.

      1. I think you are spot on. I wonder when the general consensus kicks in with the public as to when it should be not so constant. It is not that touch in general is wrong, rather it could be seen as too self/them focused and also as a distraction to what really matters when they are “working” as public figures.

  13. I’m giving her the benefit of the doubt over the dog. I had a dog in college I would jump in front of a car for. In fact I tend to prefer dogs to people.I’m also one of those hypocrites who vehemently oppose the death penalty yet I find that the appropriate punishment for abusing an animal is just being dragged behind the jail and shot. We lived in a small city in an apartment and despite school we spent a lot of time together and I tried to make her life comfortable with as much outside time as possible but she lived for visiting my parents. They were both retired at that point so that meant they were always at home.
    She would pout when I’d leave for a weekend but then she would have he best time getting to be with my parents all day and lots of playing outside with their two other dogs.My grandparents were their neighbors so she loved visiting them too.
    I had plans to move to California and there was no question my dog baby was going.I had never spent a more than 5 days away from her and during a bout of extreme depression that dog was literally the only reason I didn’t commit suicide for two reasons. The first was fear that if I was alone with the dog when I went through with it something horrible would happen to her even if it only took a short time to find my body. So the way around that became I would drop the dog off first with my parents then go kill myself. But I couldn’t say goodbye to her. I worked up the nerve 4 or 5 times and I simply couldn’t leave her. The thought process was that she wouldn’t realize I was saying goodbye forever and she would always be wondering where I went and why I didn’t come back. The thing with getting to that point is you can logically know it will destroy the people in your life but you convince yourself that you can leave a note behind at least explaining to them why you did it and why they shouldn’t blame themselves hence my chief concern was the dog not understanding.
    Anyone who has been in that place before knows that once you get help and recover you are relieved you made it to the other side but you are always afraid of feeling that way again.You can’t imagine how you got to that point but you still remember how real the pain was. So I was terrified that I would adjust poorly to the move and I needed my dog with me. I couldn’t fathom not seeing her when I came home or not waking up with her. She was also a huge help to the milder depression I suffered my entire life because I couldn’t just lay in bed all day with her around. I could justify ignoring school or work in my depression addled brain but ignoring her need to go walk, potty, be fed was never an option.

    In the two months leading up to the move I was back and forth across the country and she was with my parents for extended periods of time while I got living arrangements etc arranged. About a week before the move my parents suggested that taking Bay wouldn’t be the best thing for her. In their defense I had gotten help for my issues without them knowing so they didn’t know just how much I relied on her. I angrily refused. I couldn’t fathom not taking her with me. Until I started to realize what the move would mean. She had done well in those two months where I was flying back and forth because she had lots of other people she knew and loved to feel the void. She also was alone far less than she was with me. Yes she would be there for me but she would be back in another apartment alone for at least 8 hours a day. I would have people I knew around but I would be the only person she recognized. I knew she’d miss the country as well as my parents and grandparents.
    Yet again I was faced with the fear of my dog suffering and me being unable to explain why her whole life had been uprooted and that we could no longer hop in the car and be visiting my parents an hour later. So I agreed to an initial period of a month to see how she would react. There wasn’t a day leading up to my flight that I didn’t cry. I even remember one night she was laying in bed farting and I burst into tears over inexplicably missing that. I cried so much in that week that poor dog was perpetually damp from me sobbing into her fur. The day of the flight my pathetic little self curled up beside her in her dog bed with her and sobbed. There exists a picture of this moment because my dad realized the dog was laying there tolerating my insanity while giving me the side eye to end all side eyes.
    Bay adjusted perfectly.I did not. I loved life in California and luckily there was just depression and no more desire to die. At least once a day I teared up over her but she was (and still is) happy and thriving. My first visit back we were obviously happy to see each other but it was obvious to me that as much as I missed her it would be insanely selfish of me to take her to a California. She and my father are pretty much inseparable. Oddly enough we thought she had built an amazing bond with the two other dogs but they have since died of old age and she had no response and seems to be thrilled that she doesn’t have to share my dad with them. Maybe she is a sociopath and quite a few squirrels know her as a serial killer. But I certainly am not one despite leaving her behind. I just owed my life to her and she deserved for me to realize that loving her meant doing what was best for her even if it broke my little black Kiki heart.

    1. Thank you for sharing your story . I always think decisions like this take personal insight, courage and strength.
      Maturity too.
      I wonder where Ms Markle is on these qualities.
      I think her ACTIONS are more important in the next five years than any words. Ever.

  14. Do enjoy your posts! I agree that the coming show will be interesting but I hope she does well and gives value for money.

  15. I watched the 20/20 on MM, and it was a glowing portrait bordering on Diana 2.0. Americans are getting a piece of royalty to call their own.

    1. She knew her back in high school and they didn’t hang out beyond that. I am just a bit older than Meghan and few of my high school friends would know much about me now. I am not going to put much credit in that. Plus posing in front of Buckingham Palace when in London means nothing. It is a landmark and doesn’t mean she was chasing Harry.

      1. They were friends from 2yo to early 30’s and she gave an in depth interview. Did you read the whole article? I want M to be good for H but that article was very concerning. Much more than just a photo in front of BP.

        1. First anyone who is actually a friend doesn’t go to the Daily Mail to trash someone. And she focuses a lot on the divorce from the first husband which happened years before she met Harry. While there may be some overlap with Cory the chef, the ex husband has not gone to the press and whatever issues they have is between them. The “friend” wouldn’t know what happened because she wasn’t in that marriage.

          As people age their lives change and friendships can end for a variety of reasons. If I had a “friend” that took the side of my ex I wouldn’t remain friends with her either. That’s a deal breaker for anyone.

          There remains nothing in that article that concerns me because now that Meghan has international attention, there will be people coming out of the woodwork for cash to say bad things. They aren’t saying that she murdered someone just that she grew apart from her supposed friend who now violates her privacy. Same as her step sister.

            1. She was paid and the timing was clearly for maximum damage. However, perhaps im naive but i dont assume she had an affair or even the hots for Trevor as ive read in some groups. It must take something awful for a close friend of 30 years to decide youre not a good person and want to warn the world about you.

              Maybe im biased from having been exposed to too many narcissistic types in life but i see some red flags and i hope the BRF have done proper checks. How can 100 people both M and T were friends with, refuse to speak to M anymore if she was simply a neutral party who chose to move on in a different direction?

              If Meghan really is all she seems in a good way, im happy for them both!

      1. That’s a shame. There’s some strict moderating going on. I just read one of the posters was bringing up contacting the ACLU because of racism. People need to chill out.

        1. People also need to not use borderline racist nicknames and then get offended when a person of colour asks them to reconsider. It was a polite request and the reaction to it was excessive. An appropriate response would have been to apologize for using an insensitive term and to agree to not use it again. However there were many defensive responses which is not a good look when this happens.

          1. Agreed. The chill out comment was for both sides of the fence. It’s a shame for many reasons. I just want to check in for harmless royal (which is pretty much celebrity these days) gossip once in a while without drama.

          2. Nic919, I just complained to the DM not only about the racist innuendos regarding Meghan Markle, but also the anti-Semitic and anti-Israel comments too, especially about Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. I am sick to death with the hatred by the commenters. I love, just love, lolaheart for her funny articles, and the sane, funny and critical but never -full – of – hate – people on this blog. I’m not a fan of either Kate or Meghan, or the Trumps, but I truly do not understand people who are allowed to comment, more and more lately, with rage-spewing and not clever innuendos. KMR and lolaheart are the only places I will now read. DM just pulled several articles this morning that were filled with frightening comments about MM.

        1. Wider global audience to help with her professional work ethics appeal. Considering Princess Henry Sparkle told off a large company at only 11 years old.

    1. No, I’ve never gotten a gay vibe from Harry. But a straight, attractive man who cooks is hard to find. Guess it doesn’t compare to royalty though? At least for some people.

  16. Agh. .. just when we have had such a welcome long break from the constant photos of missy pipster she back on front page wanting all attention in a Bristol hospital talking to children ..
    we think she thinks she is BRF… she is definitely wanting attention on herself as now Meghan stealing the limelight from her …probably jealousy involved …
    why does pipster have to do this when she married a billionaire why doesnt she work in his business and stay out of limelight

    1. Yeah, Pip’s time has come and gone but she hasn’t realized it yet. All the Middletons seem to thirsty for attention. They remind me of people who are so busy taking pictures at a concert that they don’t actually enjoy the show.

      1. Shes wearing a similar style to M, turtle neck and mid length skirt. Im glad shes wearing some colour in her skirt though, seeings shes visiting children.

      2. Mary, then she acts offended when the Paps snap pictures of her running errands on her bike in London!

        1. Exactly! It’s obvious she’s catering to the press just to complain about them, all for attention. I know she’s married to a billionaire but she may benefit from a real job that gives her some purpose in life.

          1. James a billionaire? I very much doubt that he has more than $50 million dollars, and that is probably an inflated number. If I decided to call myself a hedge fund owner/manager, am I instantly a billionaire? I wish! An example of the fantasy is Chelsea Clinton’s husband, who ran a hedge fund, but lost all his client’s money and had to shut it down.

            I judge people, as we all do on this site, as it is entertaining and a hoot. I like especially to read the intelligent comments that I disagree with, as they make me think in a different way, and sometimes I change my mind. I don’t think Carole is a witch, scheming and plotting, while looking into her crystal ball. I do not know her, and it grates on my nerves that Michael is not fifty percent of the equation. Why is a woman always blamed? People talk about Meghan vs. Kate, and why should two women, married or marrying into the Royal Family, have to be portrayed in such negative ways, down to supposed cat fights, snubbing, copying clothes, and more. We react to what is being fed to us, or not fed if you live in GB, by the media to gain our immediate attention/attraction/sympathy or anger. And then, I read something here that not only makes me laugh, but question if there’s smoke, there may be fire.

      3. Soon she will be launching another cook book: “Roasting for the hedges” or “Juicing for the elites by Pips”.

    2. +1000
      PR w……. these middletons – Carol and the Wisteria set.

      Carol middlwton head in a Spin/ freefall – from Meghan Sparkle undoing 17 years climb stalking – in just under 18 months.

  17. I wish this couple all the best, but I have my doubts. I cringed when I heard Meghan’s comments about the ring. I kept waiting for her to say, “Princess Diana was an extraordinary woman revered the world over for her kindness and compassion, for her genuine affection for people. To wear a ring made from the stones in her collection is a privilege I would never have anticipated, and I can only hope to do her justice by serving as she served. That her son used these stones to design the ring himself is something I will treasure. But I will also treasure the example she set of loving people, and I will be reminded every day what a gift it is that she raised such a wonderful man, and that I was lucky enough to meet him.” Some sense of gratitude to Diana would have struck a better note.

    1. Middleton sibling Pipa is not riyal!

      Emna, this is a new era and out of respect; The POW, TBRF, historians on the Monarchy Royal Marriages may not agree 100 percent, which is what the Royal Engagement interview was about.

  18. Shes wearing a similar style to M, turtle neck and mid length skirt. Im glad shes wearing some colour in her skirt though, seeings shes visiting children.

  19. Lola, I just adore your blog and your sense of humor. I’ve learned when i get a notification that you’ve posted to save it for sometime when I’m alone and not eating or drinking anything, because you have both made me spew liquids in laughter and get slme odd looks from other people lol. Will you be covering Pippa’s recent visit to the children’s hospital? I always dig your posts about Pippa and Meghan sooooo much more than kate because well kate bores me into a coma these days

  20. I’ve recently read that HM will take a beachy vacation after the new year . Does anyone have any info?

    Because my first thought is, didn’t they recently bugger off to Botswana? Then they celebrate the Christmas holiday. And then they’re taking another holiday?

    1. Maven, let the good times roll! Where has Harry been since Monday? Do you really think Harry can get away with months of vacations already this year, and take another warm weather vacation again? It would not look good at all, in my opinion. Can the royals be so tone deaf?

  21. If nothing else, really poor PR move…they should just show the UK how serious they are about contributing as so many are counting on them to do the opposite of W and K and WORK from the start…

    1. Harry and work do not belong in the same sentence. It beats me why the British allow these close to middle aged boy-men get away with everything. Forget about Kate for a moment. These two wastrels, harsh but true, and especially Harry since he does zero except send out stupid KP letters, sue the media, win in British court like the joker celebrities that the world reads about but not the so-called democracy of Great Britain, wears childish bracelets, wants bananas (G-d forbid he really thinks this way) in his wedding cake, threatens Botswana that his “support” will be withdrawn unless the change their privacy laws, so that the fantasy of Harry doing conservation work, and his non-stop vacations to visit his colonial friends, will not be reported; has admitted he spent most of the past year and a half visiting Meghan via private jets or first class, with four RPOs needing to be fed, housed and, of course, ripped from their families during holidays; what else? I wish that the Royals, maybe Anne has the guts, to rip into the two of St. Diana’s middle aged, balding men, and say “Get up, get out, and work every day, five days a week. Me and our citizens don’t take weeks off to recover from two days of one hour engagements. Harry, good for you for just showing up at Invictus games and giving a TelePrompTer speech. Very tiring to make out with Meghan in front of cameras, of course. But please try to stop drinking, and don’t embarrass your mother’s memory – I never liked her, but she got out of bed every day to work. And Willie, let me start on you, the “heir” to what will be nothing if you don’t get your arse into gear.”

        1. One of the royal reporters twitted that Botswana changed their privacy laws primarily because of Harry.

          When pushed to explain further, they said whilst the new laws benefit everyone, they were pushed to change them by Harry’s people to protect his privacy.

          Therefore, those ‘they were caught at an airport in Botswana’ pap photos were a deliberate set up and approved by team Harry because by their own laws, no one should be able to pap him in Botswana.

          It goes along with the pressure they applied to the IPSO last october/ November to force UK Media not to print any pictures of MM in the UK or in general. Any pictures seen in the past 18mths were therefore approved, even if after the fact.


          Therefore when the public at large makes comments that Harry and MM conducted this relationship under the radar for the most part thus ‘demonstrating’ that they are able to live under the radar, that isn’t true at all. Or rather it’s not entirely true. UK media was pressured into not publishing news or photos of the couple and complied.

          1. Herazeus, my gosh, I knew it was bad, but I never read this article. Please correct me, but I believe you are British? You must be an historian/writer, too, since your comments are detailed and grammatically spot on. Anyway, I wonder if the Brits ever figured out their celebrity scandals in the past two years, since the internet and all media in Great Britain, with the exception of Scotland, could not print anything? Last year, almost every newspaper in the UK was told the government would shut it down, and any other media, if they printed the juicy hypocrites, I.e. several very famous names, if word was leaked out. In retaliation, all the British newspapers, magazines, etc., on one day wrote scathingly funny innuendoes, reviews, and more, and did not photoshop anybody. Thus, to my great surprise, I found out what the royals, among others, really, really, really look like. In the US you can see more than Kate’s topless torso, and her “act of marriage.” GB and the European Union are trying to shut down Google in your neck of the woods. Of course, People Magazine in the US, worse than Hello! in GB, will never say one negative word against the royals.

            Thomas Jefferson said and wrote that the greatest freedom mankind can have is freedom of the press. Without knowledge, people are puppets of the powerful and rich. Puppets, in other words, with their “betters” and “masters” pulling the strings. I find it baffling that in this day and age, that Great Britain is being held hostage to the truth of where their money goes with at least Harry – vacations, vacations, vacations. And I think I will stop. I cannot believe that Harry and Meghan get away with this, in my beloved second home. Plus the rest of them, too. Thanks for enlightening me further, as I never knew that an American would actually pull a stunt, shutting down the press, like Meghan actually did – she will fit in with Harry, Willie and Kate very well.

            1. Bellaluna: Yes, i am British.

              The internet is foxing all these injunctions, but the royal injunctions seem to hold.

          2. Herazeus, thank you for your as always informative answer and link.

            It’s just a handful of UK newspapers – tabloids – that publish these pap pics, yes? So every time one of these pap images is printed we know that it is another piece of hypocrisy from, in this instance, Harry and Meghan eg Botswana, Kensington High Street, outside an expensive gym, store in London. And the latest Kate accidental sighting at Kings Cross could also be put into that bag of hypocrisy. I wonder what would happen if these ‘leaked’ pics were printed but with a clever caption signalling that they were taken with full knowledge and permission of the RF? The BRF has too much power over their narratives, to the point where it is difficult to discern any truths about this family – what they actually do with their time to warrant the amount of funding they receive as well as transparency with those funds. Added to that we have a ginger twit calling the shots as to laws made re. privacy in not only the UK, but Botswana? And should Harry and Meghan grace the rest of the Commonwealth with their magic act, should we expect their laws be changed to accommodate a lazy man and his wife? Why is anyone bothered with someone soon to be 6th in line to succession?

            The imbalance in the UK is really alarming. I certainly don’t think people’s lives should be made a misery, but William and Harry are employing the same tactics as their mother: decrying press intrusion yet seeking attention at the same time by calling up photographers.
            These two men conveniently forget their mother’s role in geeing up the press and hope we will too.

            For those harboring lingering doubts about if/when MM will fall into line, the Popbitch link unequivocally places Meghan in sync with Harry if her London lawyers were issuing directives/threats last year. She has been a willing participant in supposedly candid photos, knowing full well their intention and use. My gut feeling is that she and Harry will happily conduct the narrative that has already been set up – modernise the monarchy, keen on charity, “so much to do” in the Commonwealth –as camouflage to the life of indolence already being led that will continue, save the splash of activity here and there.

            I did snort at Popbitch’s description of Meghan as a ‘celebrity lifestyle entrepreneur’, which I suspect is closer to the truth than anyone dares claim.

            1. Kittie: Yes, these pictures are destined to the tabloids, rarely do the broadsheets print them though they might write an op-ed based on them.

              And yes, our royal family has alot of control of our media.

              The Guardian is really trying to break that hold, but in my opinion they are going about it the wrong way despite having the receipts and establishment weight to make it happen.

                1. The Guardian is forever at court trying to remove barriers to reporting on the royals.

                  Every few months they write an article about their efforts and how the royals respond which is usually to pull royal privilege or to lobby the appropriate body to tighten the barrier or cry security concerns to block any reporting.

                  A few years back when it looked like the Guardian might have found a loophole using FOI, HM and Charles appealed to the highest court to exclude them from it which means there is no way to know anything now until the royals themselves are inadvertently exposed by other means eg that tax dodge paradise papers thing or parliamentary expenses revealing that the chief executive of the duchy of Lancaster has a permanent seat in Cabinet or some scandal in his duchy reveals that Charles is rewarded the estates of people who die inter-state without wills in the duchy of cornwall.

                  The Guardian are tenacious in terms of never giving up, but every time they are shut down, they go at the problem from a different angle without making it clear that the different angles are linked. The stories are disconnected and readership might not necessarily link them up.

                  As an example, they railed against £360M for Buckingham Palace, without pointing out the £6.5M originally earmarked to for BP refurbishment in the previous years that was diverted to refurbish WK’s homes or the annual funding grant HM has received for every year of her reign or a publicly released parliamentary report in which Margaret Hodge MP acknowledged the misuse of funds whilst absolving HM of wrongdoing in the most slippery language possible as if HM is completely hostage to the demands of the royal household and has no clue whatsoever about anything aka a complete idiot. I digress….

                  Aside from that missed opportunity, on the rare occassions the guardian wins a victory, they report it with such ineptitude that the royals win again eg the spider letters that Charles writes to parliament. This was a 10yr battle to publish those letters. Charles vs Guardian reached the highest court in the land before Guardian won. And the Royals employed the other papers to put out PR and gaslighting articles about how Charles was a good egg etc. When the Guardian finally published, the story had shifted to ‘Charles is really caring as shown in the papers’ from ‘Charles is lobbying govt ministers and here is proof’

                  It’s as if the Guardian don’t realise the combination of gaslighting, emotive PR and downright bully tactics and control that the royals employ and how to counter it.

                  It requires someone to do the kind of reporting like the underground bunker which is a portal for everything Scientology to make people wake up to all of it.

                  1. Thanks for the explanation, Herazeus. The Guardian needs to employ you as a strategist!

                    Predominant narratives, such as the Duchies are private property, still persist in stories in the Guardian, rather than unpicking that myth at every opportunity. My impression is that they approach royal stories awkwardly, without a thorough understanding of the trickery employed, as per your example. It puzzles me that they don’t connect the dots for the public. The BP repairs is a case in point. It’s as if the Guardian’s investigative powers evaporate when tackling things royal, thinking it’s all fluff and nonsense when really it is fraud played out right under their noses.

                    1. Exactly Kittie.

                      The Guardian also changed editors a few years ago. The new one and any columnists are exactly as you’ve described. The old one was more committed to exposing the royals even if the result was incompetently reported.

                      I expect the court cases will dry up as the new team aren’t as invested in the royals beyond fluff and nonsense. And i think that’s why the lies about such things as the duchies are present in current reporting.

                      That was not something you saw in their royal reporting under the editorship of the previous editor.

                      I remain hopeful that they will continue with the court cases and stop repeating the lies.

                    2. I noticed a couple of recent ‘royal’ stories were met with utter derision by the readership, at least going by the comments. Just no meat. And yet, serious journalism, if rigorous, could do a mighty job and a great public service. If the people of GB want a monarchy, all good, but in order to have an informed discussion, they deserve a full and accurate picture of its costs et al. The BRF’s level of obfuscation and lengths to avoid accountability is alarming, leading to a conclusion that it is corrupt institution.

                    3. I’ve noticed that it’s more pro-establishment in it’s reporting.

                      Less skeptical about establishment stories.

                      The irony is that since the online version expanded to the USA, it reports about the American establishment from a broad range of voices that don’t appear to accept the establishment PR.

                      I’m not 100% familiar with American establishment, but the articles seem more robust than anything reported in regular American media.

            2. Kittie: Further to their ‘lowkey’ dating life where MM came to London and no one saw her, my eye is permanently side eyeing that assumption not just because of the legal shenanigans, but also because the DM offices are practically at the gates of KP.

              MM shops at Wholefoods which shares a building with the DM offices which are a skip and a hop from KP. It seems a herculean act for all those nosy DM journalists shopping at Wholefoods to miss MM when she pops in too.

              Btw, Harry never shops at that wholefoods. Probably for the same reason. He used to pop into the M& S foodhall on the next block occasionally, but he goes via the backstreets to the Waitrose at the other end of High Street Ken so he can avoid those pesky DM journos.

              1. These people never cease to amaze me with their sheer brazen behaviour. “We want privacy” they squeal at regular intervals, yet simultaneously are addicted to the attention, so bloody hungry for it, following the Diana manual of cock-teasing the press.

                Of course, of course, Meghan was wanting to be snapped around KP. And totally with Harry’s input. If you don’t want to be seen, order goods from Wholefoods online or get some servant to whip down the road. They are too smug by half, and increasingly tiresome.

      1. Bellaluna, I agree the more I hear about his antics and that of his brother, the more shocked and disgusted I am by both of them. They are an absolute training wreck. Prince Charles did them no favors by raising them the way he did and by continuing to let them slack. They may well be the end of monarchy as we’ve known it. Those boys/men seem to think they’re untouchable. Is it just me or do they come across as immature bullies?

        1. Brielle, I find it very ironic that the three “younger but aging” royals have taken up bullying as their prime cause. Please, think about it – it is hilarious, no? Mental health? Why oh why? They know all about it – and get away with it as a cause of the day. It is probably one of the funniest, if not goofiest, things they talk about – other than William’s convoluted reasoning that shooting elephants, hippos and big cats leads to conservation.

        2. Both brothers are entitled; it’s just that Harry has more charm than the dour William. But please, let’s not lay all the blame for poor parenting on Charles. Diana was in their lives for 12 and 15 years, formative years. Add to that the extended family’s indulgence for another 20 years, and counting. William and Harry are untouchable as long as people are passive, and media is passive. I’m surprised Murdoch, who loathes the BRF, has not employed clever strategies to minimise their influence eg not print anything about them ie starve the BRF of the oxygen they need to continue appearing to be relevant. Paraphrasing the Queen, if they have to be seen to be believed, are they actually doing anything if not/selectively seen?

          1. Murdoch gas publicly said that he is waiting for the Queen to die before he starts publishing receipts and or going after the royals.

            He is a stauch republican, but i think he views the Queen at her current age with sentimentality in the same way he was sentimental about his own mothet who lived to past 100.

            As Piers Morgan once said, every media organisation has a file in a drawer on every single famous person. As long as the famous person plays ball, the file remains in the drawer, but as soon as they fall from grace, that file is published. See Heather McCartney.

            Btw, the Heather McCartney and Piers Morgan trajectory makes me worry for MM because when Heather first hooked up with Paul, Piers sang her praises and boasted that he either arranged their first meeting or was present for it and cheered it on.

            The minute the separation was announced, Piers was the first to publish negative stuff about her, including a revisionist account of that first meeting.

            Right now Piers is bragging about meeting MM the same day she went on her Harry blind date…….

            1. If I was a royal with half a brain, I would be courting Murdoch and other tabloids, magazines and internet, with gifts and kindness. When all my dogs, as puppies, tried to grab the food I offered, I taught them not to bite the hand that feeds you. All my pups knew that sentence from me. My many dogs (I would cut off my hand to leave one of my babies, including my children (lol) behind) are smarter than Wills and Harry, it seems. I wish they could follow the grace and laughs that JFK Jr. showed to the press. He was more famous from birth than St. Diana’s sons, but he treated the press and fans 180 degrees differently than the spoiled petulant , aging men royals. He always smiled at the paps, talked to reporters, took out time to chat to people, and was basically a great man who never chose his fishbowl life, but dealt with it to make his life bearable. In return, paps, reporters, New Yorkers, Washingtonians and others left him alone in peace. JFK Jr. once showed me, a stranger, great kindness while we were both visiting dying family members at the same Maryland hospital. Willie and Harry should undertake a crash course in humility and aw shuck, me? that was taught by John.

                1. Cokehead was never proven. Carolyn had a few problems, I believe. She could not take constant media coverage, but married the most famous person in the world? She deliberately wore the same type of clothes day after day, walking with her nose to the ground, in the hope that the media would become bored with her. Thus the “Carolyn K. look of dressed down”, wearing only black, white, and camel, with no jewelry. She had a temper, and did not put up with JFK Jr.’s pranks, jokes – basically, nothing. John was used to constant attention, and made nice with everyone – he had no enemies – and became frustrated with Carolyn’s lack of public investment. Carolyn liked to party constantly with her Calvin Klein friends, but also stayed close to her roots and family, and laughed behind the backs at the classisim of Caroline Kennedy, and her lackey friends. She was lovely and incredibly beautiful in person, with her unusual blue eyes. Carolyn had a great laugh, and was kind. Carolyn and John looked gorgeous together, but their personal lives and secrets were lost in the sea.

                  1. There were anti-depressants that washed up ashore and that’s the only thing we know for sure. Like you said, the cocaine rumors were never substantiated and it’s fucked up that drugs are what a lot of people think when they remember her. An old work colleague of mine is friends with Carole and I’ve never heard any bad stories about CBK. It’s heartbreaking that their loved ones lost three great people at once in addition to Anthony a few weeks later.

              1. There’s a certain effortless grace and personal dignity associated with both Kennedy children. William and Harry are too dim, too self-important and lacking in humility to understand anything much, let alone how to treat the press and fans.

                1. That was such a beautifully written book. The people closest to Carolyn Bessette Kennedy speak so lovingly of her. I’m sick of people accusing her of being an ice cold coke addict just because she didn’t play up to the cameras.

                2. I read that book, and it’s good, but I don’t understand why Carole Radziwill had to go on Long Island Medium. Everything he told her about CBK she wrote in her book! Can’t believe she needs a gig that badly.

              2. Bellaluna, your story about John in Maryland sounds familiar to me. Have you told it here before or written or been quoted in the press about it?

                It’s tough to know what to believe when it comes to Carolyn. I do think the Kennedy machine had a hand in some of the bad stories after her death, there were just so many of them in so many mainstream outlets. Don’t know what to believe about the Michael Berman stories.

                1. Mary, how do anti-depressants wash up on shore? In plastic bottles, not damaged by salt water, with the recipient’s name clearly marked? Where do these stories come from? Which publication did you read this stuff from? It is funny, not, how many millions of people throw their prescription bottles away.

                  I have no proof, but I would have a wild guess that Carolyn’s reputation was smeared following her and her sister’s death (unimaginable for parents to survive this horrific tragedy; Lauren’s twin sister lost her family) by people who did not want to be sued and give over millions of dollars to the Bessette family.

                  I have no idea, whatsoever, why Radziwll, whom I have never seen on tv, much less in person, talked to a charlatan.

                  1. It was all over the news and publications like Time and Newsweek when the accident occurred. I don’t recall if they were in a makeup bag or not. I can’t say to what extent the bottles were damaged or not, but one of the first items to wash ashore were her antidepressants. As someone who suffers from depression and whose partner suffers from bipolar disorder, my heart goes out to anyone who has mental health issues. As for Carole, I have no idea why she continued to be a Real Housewife when she initially went on as more of a social experiment. I don’t know her personally, just of her through an old work colleague.

                    1. Mary, a very damaged suitcase washed up upon shore, and later identified as a possession of Lauren Bessette’s. I do not have any information on how it was identified as thus, but que sera sera, very sad.

                      I am sorry for your mental health issues. I hope you receive the help you need.

                      I do not know if Carolyn, Lauren, John or whomever suffered from depression. I was not their doctor.

  22. Greetings Everyone…

    It is 04:30 and I have just arrived home in the last half hour. Have my bucket of coffee and wandered through the comments.

    Each and everyone of us has a valid point however I am going to toss the cat amongst the pigeons and…..

    STILL back Prince Harry and Meghan. Whatever has been aimed at them, too clingy intially, too soppy etc – this couple are two sides of the same coin. They exude joy, they (as in Meghan) took on her first FULL ROYAL DUTY just 4 days after the engagement was announced.

    Unlike the ball of fluff Middleton who of course now shows herself as much as possible. Mind you track down an article that actually said “how bored the kids” were when Bill and Kate were there but it had been a different kettle of fish when Prince Harry turned up months before.

    I am going to it like it is … Meghan will make mistakes, however she is open, willing to WORK and has PROVED IT.

    Middleton chose the most hideous, staid “don’t touch me serfs” coat to wear on the engagement I am talking about. When that got peeled off, here we go again a LOOK AT ME, LOOK AT ME dress in Scarlet, with fluff neck and bell shaped sleeves and so short that even in early stages of pregnancy it was riding up her legs. What is it with this vapid, vain woman? The dress was made by Goat – would have been stunning on anyone else but of course middleton wanted the headline and needed to draw attention to herself because Meghan is showing her up already.

    Don’t even get me started with the Tiara competion. One photograph of the Lamebridges had bill looking as if he DID NOT want to be in the same car as his MRS or even having to go to the banquet.

    Maybe yes he married a pampered, spoilt brat that moulded herself into the complete opposite of his Mother (but now he has a manipulative, fame hungry (even though she denies it), grasping wife who clings on so hard in case he is two steps away from dumping her.

    Either way – I truly believe that Harry and Meghan have common ground, a friendship and a real desire to do their duty so I will totally give them a every chance.

    If anyone takes umbridge at what I have poured out – apologies however, I am sick and bloody tired of the life sucking middleton’s (Bill, kate, the pushy mother and the sister). The Dad I will give a pass on because he must be disgusted with the laziness his elder daughter has put on full display as well as her underwear for the world to see.

    I am off for a shower, then back into the Women’s Shelter for a 8 hour shift. Then 4 hours rest and back to the City Mission.

    Thanks to all who appreciate my comments and yes I am a Kiwi and live in the flattened City of Christchurch… where there are still many homeless and displaced almost 7 years after the Earthqakes.

    Leave you all with:
    A light to guide you,
    A hand to hold when you need it the most
    A basket full of happiness
    A all the love and compassion your hearts can hold.


  23. Forgot to hit the follow up emails box with a tick – it will be great to hear from everyone.

    Blessings to all.


    1. wildrose, my hats off to you, to say you have kind and caring heart is an understatement, but it is the perks that the royals get that puts people off , nobody believes but that give it several months and Sparkles will be just like the rest of em, ENTITLED !!!!!

    2. Wild Rose: always, always… It is always a pleasure to read your comments. However, I cannot agree with you this time. Sparkles is back in the States doing nothing… For how long? I don’t know.

      Thanks for everything that you do!

  24. Greetings Fellow Commenters and Lola of course,

    Have just managed to have shower before blatting out the door in 10 minutes. Seen all the comments as it is my bit of “time out” so read them quickly but thoroughly.

    Obviously I have not seen or read many others have except the vomit inducing article on middleton and the husband parading themselves (which I referred to earlier) which encapsulated the how stunning she looked etc – but the next article was about how bored shitless the kids were by the pair of them.

    Maybe I am hoping against HOPE for Harry and Meghan.

    As for the three of them being involved in th Bullying thing, I find it clearly distasteful, hyprocritical and agree with you guys on this. Mental Health also a bust.

    I am fed up to the back teeth with these leeches, especially middleton and the manchild. To the point that I actually wrote to the Queen and aired my concerns. No Joke!

    You may all be right with Harry and Meghan being as difficult, overpriviliged and end up being bill and kate 2.0 but I HOPE not.

    As for the press stuff – do you realise how much that the BRITISH PRESS are stopped from printing for fear of not getting pictures of the rugrats or middleton at a bloody railway station then publishing it. Look at middleton’s Uncle Gary smacking his Mrs, ending up in Court and being sentenced, so why isn’t middleton supporting a Women’s Abuse Shelter or a Men’s Abuse Shelter for that matter?

    I am personally sick to death of this bunch – I was just looking for a bit of hope especially from someone like Harry whom I have long thought, even through his wilder days would come through.

    Looks like I am too be disappointed yet again.

    All I can say is that when her Majesty passes – there goes the Monarchy as there will never be the like of her again.

    I have hit the road now, had thought it might have ended on a better note but will leave you with my deepest thoughts

    May peace be spread around you,
    may the sea glisten like greenstone
    and a shimmer of light dance across
    your pathway to guide you home.

    A basket full of happines to you all,
    with all the love and compassion your
    heart can hold.


    1. We are on the same page.
      Some people are so blind to things like how the UK press works and the stranglehold the BRF has on them. Some fool accused me of defaming the Middletons for daring to suggest that the Kingscross photo was planned. First, she was smiling directly at the camera and somehow a paparazzi was at a train station at the exact time and proper place to capture this and second, the pics were published in UK papers. In some of the photos you can see a nanny holding a children’s bag, but yet we don’t also see published photos of George and Charlotte … hmmm. Wonder why?
      Now with Pippa bringing cameras to her hospital visits, it is naive to suggest this is all a coincidence. The Middletons are quite pathetic.
      If Meghan’s arrival and popularity spurred Kate into actually working then that would be a good thins. So far nothing has really changed.

  25. I was just re watching the engagement interview and one little niggling thing kept poking at me. It seemed that she often felt the need to correct him, saying something to the effect of no honey or remember how we said it was like this…? Like she seems to be the arbiter of truth in this particular relationship. Maybe that’s not the case and I’m reading into it too far, but I just kind of flagged it for future reference.

    1. Harry is clearly outclassed re. intelligence. The slip I spied was when Meghan looked to harry to confirm the length of their relationship. She said something like ’18 months…2″ and he cut her off, insisting it was the shorter timeframe. I’m guessing that was because Harry wanted a clear story of when they met, not fueling speculation that he poached her from another relationship nor that she left a long-term lover for a prince.

      1. Anyone who pays attention can tell the timeline is off and she went after Harry or he pursued her while she was with Cory.

        Just like Kate mucked up timelines in their engagement interview as they broke up some half a dozen times.

        1. In their engagement interview, Kate said William proposed to her in Scotland. Willie cut her off and said no, Kenya. And then he made up a fantastical dream engagement story, straight from a book I once read. The opening words were “Once upon a time…”

          Isn’t it funny that Meghan said she and Henry met two years before their engagement, but Harry cut her off, saying a year and a half? How fickle are the Windsor sons. Charles will make an excellent king, but he will follow in his family’s steps of being a lousy parent to the next generation. The Brits should not complain, as it is tradition to be a so-so parent to the next in line. Charles loves his sons, but instead of showing how to be a royal man, he just gave up to nasty St. Diana worshippers, and allowed his sons to be and do whatever made them happy. Without rules, attention, lessons, leadership learnings, morals, royal behavior, empathy, and more, his sons are empty shells. I get so angry when I think how much these two Astros could and can do, with just a little effort. FGS, why are they wasting GB’s taxpayer monies?

          Harry will be Andrew in a few years. Remember, Anne is the Princess Royal, and Andrew was the handsome spare. The former is a leader, the latter a bum, but no one hears or cares about them much today.

          Harry will be an asterisk in ten years or less. George will be the heir, Charlotte the spare (and a pretty female spare will be much more interesting than a bald Harry with his older wife. Sad, but that’s life.)

          1. Q: “FGS, why are they wasting GB’s taxpayer monies?”
            A: Because they can, cos prince.

            Both William and Harry are versions of Andrew: William is haughty, entitled and useless in everything he undertakes (university, RAF, Cambridge course, EAAA); Harry just plays, but exudes charm. The UK papers still herald the ‘younger’ generation of royals as leading the way forward though do not deliver evidence of such a phenomenon. Smoke and mirrors.

          2. Bellaluna: that fanstatical made up engagement story was printed in the DM a few weeks before the official WK engagement announcement.

            It was a word for word copy from one of the royal hangers on’s own engagement story except for the country ie DM story was in Botswana and William’s version was Kenya.

            Now you might think that there are only a few ways to propose to a person and William and his friends singularly lacking imagination that they all propose/d the same way, but it was the detail in his retelling that made me realise he was lying. Every little detail was identical to Natalie Pinkham’s published version in the DM except for countries. Every.single.one.

              1. I found the story. I took a pic in case it “disappears.” Just tragic, pure unadulterated tragic, how much I can laugh all the time with William and Harry. I guess William did not prepare himself the day before this interview, reading KP’s notes on the subject, and decided to borrow Harry’s ex-girlfriend’s proposal. Lucky he at least said Kenya, and not Botswana.

                How romantic – proposing to Kate at Jecca Craig’s family home. I bet Kate was thrilled to bits when she heard this – her face turned ashen. Do you think she knew William had repeated his proposal to Jecca in his story? And her Scotland bit? And Pinkham was Harry’s ex girlfriend?

                I have to admit it would take Sherlock Holmes to figure out these mixed up, Out of Africa, Botswana, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Senegal, and more royal vacations, hook-ups, proposals, girlfriends, execs, rucksacks, Diana’s jewels, rings, and more. Three weeks on holiday, third dates, ten month vacations, surfing in the Indian Ocean while saving wildlife by shooting them – maybe Hercule Poirot needs to help.

                Herazeus, you do live on Mt. Olympia. How do you find your information in such a short time?

  26. Kittle, like I said before, it wouldn’t surprise me if down the road the whole thing came out that the story was one big Lie!!! Really who poached who, if she was so happy in a 2 year shack up deal why would she even want to meet anyone else, except for if word got to her that Gingerboy was crushing on her character, then well gee I’m only worth 5 million and well the Duchy??????

    1. Mustang, if I read your comment correctly, you think MM is worth $5 million? Maybe yes, maybe no. I will never forget when I opened a Forbes magazine and read that my next door neighbor (we live in an upper middle-class, but not mansion neighborhood) was one of the 400 richest Americans. I asked my neighbor if this was him, he said yes (he is related to and descended from the most remarkable people in the USA, and yes, I met and shared brunches with a few of them) but he said Forbes and other rags throw numbers on a wall, and what sticks becomes the truth.

        1. Msthang, unless I have access to her tax returns and her asset vs. debt papers, I have no idea. Her pay for Suits per year has been reported to be $450,000 per year; however, income taxes of almost 50 percent (lower with deductions), 5 percent for lawyer fees, 10 percent to manager, 5 or more percent to PR, accountants, living expenses, clothing, food, travel, charity gifts, and more would make her savings shrink. She was paid for modeling, endorsements and her blog, but not much compared to better-known celebrities. On the other hand, she could luck out like a relative of mine did with Bitcoin. He bought twenty shares over a year ago, with his savings, for a total of a few thousand dollars; the shares split twice, and he just sold them for a bit over $1million! Unreal. I could not believe it. Thus who knows if Meghan invested in Bitcoin? Or any other investment. She could have lost all her money too. It is her money, after all, and none of our business. I doubt she would gamble with all her money, though. I believe she is very savvy, and smart with everything she has worked for and achieved. She plays to win in life.

    2. SoHo House played a central part. The SoHo House mover-and-shaker, Markus Anderson, is instrumental in pulling the ‘right’ sort of people into club membership. He is one of Meghan’s best friends and he certainly pulled the York girls (or one of them) and then Harry into the SoHo orbit. SoHo is for the aspirational, and to paraphrase Bellaluna, for those who play to win at life, at least in terms of connecting well in the scramble upwards.

      1. I find the Soho house membership exhausting. In my 20s i would have killed for a membership, but now i just find it all exhausting and desperately desperate.

        I find myself more impressed by the older clubs and their clientele, but that might also be age.

        Soho House is my idea of hell.

        1. ‘Desperately desperate’ is a perfect description. I’m sure SoHo can sniff the desperation in their marks’ desire to climb. SoHo appeals to those in their 30’s too – Meghan’s social set is heavily into it, though granted, her bestie decides who’s cool enough to join. The faux exclusivity is amusing; if you have money, come from a prominent family, SoHo would be all over you like a rash. Their less connected membership are mere packing peanuts. When will people learn?

          1. As an American (but with Tatler and Hello! subscriptions) I do not understand Soho House, although I think we have one in New York City. Private club, restaurant, hook-up sleaze hole, hang-out for friends; how does one make reservations, or ask to join? What is the price? How about the Soho in the countryside?

            1. I remember SoHo house from Samantha impersonating a member in an episode in Sex and the City.

              Just like I’ve moved on from needing to watch SATC, I’ve also moved on from needing to getinto the hot club.

              I heart maturing because it has simplified life.

    1. Where in the world is Harry? He has been MIA since last Monday. Harry will reportedly show up this Thursday with the two other “working” 35+royals. Why is a democratic country, with taxpayers funding the royal family, not allowing their “free” press, cough,cough, to report upon their whereabouts? Are they serving in the armed troops? Did Harry and Meghan go to Lesotho and Botswana again? Harry threatened to take Meghan there again and again. Where is Wills and Katie?

      1. MM is apoarently travelling whilst German tabloids are saying Harry just showed up in Bavaria for a boar hunt.

      2. Bellaluna. the couple knows they can play their charm at this point in time: ‘a breath of fresh air’, while the world sighs a collective, awww for Diana’s son. Throw the peasants a bone or two – an engagement interview, a 25-minute walkabout – and then it’s back to disappearing on their terms until another deeply caring, deeply earnest public outing … well, for up to an hour. Rinse and repeat: the ‘modern’ monarchy.

    2. Yep even though Fergie was surprised by her divorce because only Andy’s personal assets were up for division and he didn’t have a lot which fell into that category because most of what they enjoyed belonged to the royal family or the British people. Fergie was shocked to learn she only borrowing so much and Andy didn’t own any of it.

  27. So all caring and compassionate, vegan yet roast chicken eating, Megan is ok with marrying a man who enjoys the sport of hunting. He isn’t a farmer culling because he has to. Its play for him.

    1. Harry: Tally ho, and away we go!
      Meghan: Dearest boy, your days spent huntin’ and shootin’ are not, shall we say, the best way to ingratiate our coupledom into the hearts of bloody animal rights lovers. Private jet to Germany? I thought it was against the law for the media to correctly report on our non-stop vacations. You must aim your many rifles and guns, illegally borrowed perhaps, at not pigs in your homeland, but towards the nasty media who ask where I am all the time. It is not you anymore, it is me.
      Harry: Oh, my darlin’, oh my darlin’, oh my darlin’ Clementine – oops, just saw the movie about Churchill and his wife Clementine – he was a Spencer and a Churchill, more powerful and richer than the Corgies’ owner, my grandmother, so please, it is all about you, but try to see my side of it. Who gave out the nasty news that I bought you a blood diamond? You know, that thing on your finger which I designed – two diamonds from Mummy (and you are not St. Diana )and a diamond from Botswana; the country is now just at my beck and call, and they listen to me just like the good ol’ colonial days. I must sue every country we visit over nine months out of the year, if they dare report me, a Spencer and a Churchill, plus all the Jewish ancestors who built up my aristocratic family, like all the other homes of my aristocratic friends, who are very hard, darlin’, to win over. It is not to ever be spoken about, ever.
      Meghan: oh, my lovely baby Harry, I love you more every day we are apart. But your love, and crushing free press and the right of free speech, in Great Britain on your behalf, perhaps me, too, takes a kind of strong man that your great aunts in Germany in the 30s and 40s were married to? You know, the ones who would have put me, your mother, Uncle Mountbatten’s children, and more into Aus—
      Harry: stop, please, my yoga love. You do not know what I do everyday. You do not know my family. Darlin’, come back to me on the Grovesnor’s private jet.

    2. I wonder what will happen when Harry tries to teach their children to hunt. Then we will see who wears the pants in the family and how much Meghan is willing to sacrifice her principles for cash and privilege.

  28. If indeed Markle had been scheming to have just this very thing happen, a marriage to Harry, then it was all planned. Including her supposed interest in charities. And I think she has a few in common with Harry right ? Botswana or some other ? Gee what a “coincidence”.
    Harry must be very unwary,perhaps dumb and certainly did seem naive in their interview.

    1. I think Harry is naive and trusting, too trusting. It shows. I think he has a good heart but not a very good head on those shoulders.

      1. My take is that Meghan and the crowd she runs with are ‘chancers’ aka opportunists: looking for their big break via connections. The gush over Ivanka Trump on The Tig is a case in point. Meghan as obsequious suck up. Eww.

        Can’t see that Harry was a long term mark, but access to the York girls, via SoHo House and her ‘best friend’ running the joint, put her within striking distance to at least be noticed by that social set. What we do know of Harry is that he is dim, impetuous, stubborn and goes after women he wants. Stories abound of him texting women he simply fancies the look of, regardless of their relationship status. Women as just a piece of meat. Because, you know, prince.

        The activist/ humanitarian/ philanthropist confection does not ring true: we have the story of the 11-year old taking on a big company single-handed and winning. Never mind that some things didn’t quite add up. Then crickets for another 20+ years, until somewhere in the Suits run, with less than a handful of activities, heavily publicised. And bingo, the woman is a humanitarian. My inexpert opinion is that if you are driven to make change in the world, you don’t wait for the PR company and cameras to turn up.

        I think we are just being fed bullshit about these two who simply like to live large behind a facade of hazy do-goodery. But I’m a realist.

        1. I totally agree with you Kitty. Opportunist and yet there are so many people who believe the bullshit. It’s unbelievable. Then again, look at who we have in the White House, the Kardashians make millions while thousands of families struggle to put food on the table, and social media rules the world.

          1. Mary, as a working actor Meghan needed to actively build her profile – it was part of her job. And the occasional nod to charitable causes is de rigueur in such circles and has been for at least a couple of decades. But that appears to be the extent of it. The lack of substance to back up claims of ‘passionate’ humanitarianism, the empty rhetoric irritates the shit out of me. Contrast this to those anonymous souls who roll up their sleeves on a regular basis to help out their communities, no big-noting, no recognition.

            So we’ll see what transpires. Let’s hope Harry and Meghan don’t adopt the Heads Together model of being dilettantes, spreading their ‘royal magic’ around the Commonwealth.

            1. I don’t have high hopes for any of these people. I hope I’m proven wrong but the overlapping relationships, the dabbling in charity for PR purposes, etc. doesn’t seem to bode well. Fingers crossed, I guess?

              1. Maybe they suit each other?! Neither seems to present as true to my jaded eyes.

                But here’s another view. I happened across a blog with a May 2017 article about Harry and Meghan. Some has proven to be correct, some not:

                Check the comments section where the NY author Royal Foibles replies at length at May 27@4.37am to Cate; interesting take on Harry by elites (allegedly).

                1. I agree, something seems amiss here. The article was really interesting…guess I’ll sit back and watch what unfolds:)

  29. Anti-Bimbo, I have been saying for some time Me thinks the fix was in all along ,in her youth much like Chutney, only hers was not such a direct line, but kind of by way of Africa photo-ops and such, but her ultimate goal was Gingerboy!!!!

    1. So so right Msthang
      hve been offline as my partner has just died in our garden of massive heart attack.. we were getting married in february iam broken hearted and devastated
      this royal lot money spending lazy lot
      doesnt bode well for future

      1. Daisy, I can only imagine how much pain you are in right now. I hope you have people around you who can support and love you. My deepest sympathies. Go well.

  30. So may-be their goal was ultimately each other, either way I wouldn’t want to be her when she met the suits in Buckingham Palace, and they laid it out the way they operate, not quite the sex romp she thought it would be!!

  31. And Camilla today hosted families and staff of hospices at Clarence House, after making certain they were spoiled at The Dorchester, The Savoy, or the Athenaeum hotels. THAT is what royalty should do. Serve others. And she does so literally, so the kids and parents can have a lovely time, with the future queen consort serving them their meals and drinks.

    Imagine Kate or Meghan doing that. Nope.

    1. Camilla is a very special woman, and I admire her work, causes, and ability to endure much physical pain from her various illnesses, but “still carries on” without emoting and sharing everything. I disliked her for many years, as she served as a mistress, her career choice, from what I read, and did nothing in her life – she was a Kate times two.

      I believe, from both my faith and plain practicality, that we can all be better people, no matter the age. Camilla is emerging as an asset to the Royal family. I have never met her, and thus base everything I know from what other people said or wrote. I do not condone her being a mistress to a married man; however, I thought St. Diana, cheating with many married men, was no better or worse than Camilla. The saddest thing about Diana and Charles was their incomprehensible, non- compatibility in their first years together, compared to their friendship, forgiveness, and love they shared in the last year of Diana’s life. Diana made peace with Camilla, a fact overlooked by St. Diana’s martyrs today.

      Camilla is much more interesting to read about than her husband Charles low energy sons and the boy-men’s poor partners. William needed a woman who would gently challenge him, and push him to be more than himself, and Harry needs a woman who puts the Royal family first, and does not make Harry look like a man-boy drained of his own thoughts and highlights herself instead of Harry’s family.

      1. I admire Camilla too. I can never get over the complete blindness some folk have regarding Diana’s behaviour vs Camilla’s. Revengeful behaviour ie the Panorama (spelling?) interview was absolutely shocking for Diana’s complete disregard for her sons future relations with their father. She chose to speak ill of Charles with complete disregard for the impact on William and Harry. Yet many people have the view today that Diana was a wonderful mother, full stop.
        Camilla shows a sincere warmth in her interaction with the public. I think “the school of hard knocks” could have left her with a lack of warmth and great bitterness , but to me it doesn’t show .

        1. Diana vieeed them as *her* boys. What they thought of her was important. They had to only love her. Everybody else, including their father, didn’t matter.

          That’s why i find myself skeptical about all these declarations by the *blinkered boys that she would have loved their wives unreservedly. I think she would have adored the babies, but the wives competing for *her* boys’ affections would have struggled with her.

          *they’ve clearly taken a saintly view of her instead of a more pragmatic one that renders her human.

            1. The blinkered view is so convenient.
              It makes it harder to grow up and take responsibility for your own actions as an adult.
              You can hide behind her, Diana’s, saintly image as the
              perpetual young child whose mother died young.
              This is of course helped by those in the media who have a financial interest in keeping this view of Diana
              alive too.
              I notice here in NZ the media plays a part in this view. It was particularily obvious in the period of the
              Great Twenty Years Of Lets Keep the Lies Alive period in the middle of this year.

            2. Herazeus, auto-correct is my indispensable nemesis. An oxymoron, perhaps?

              BTW, I read your comments on KMR and MMR. Your detailed writings astonish me. My dream book would be lovelolaheart, you, KMR, and other rational people on these websites, writing a once a month topic of the day regarding the BRF. My requirements would be humor and fairness, centering upon the major issues of the day: designer clothes, secret 250 out of 365 days of the year holidays; designer clothes; jewels; designer clothes; tiaras and tirades, history of royal shoes; who wore it best – Elizabeth 1 or Elizabeth 2; how much does it cost – do you get my drift? Shallow but juicy funny stuff. Nothing nasty, unless Lola can spin it to laugh out loud posts.

              I don’t ask for much, except more of all the above.

          1. What choice do the ‘boys’ have, given the position they have taken all these years? They have leaned so very heavily on playing the ‘mummy died’ card to excuse them from growing up. Both choose what they want to believe, because a rational approach to their mother would shatter them.

          2. I agree. Mom’s like Diana rarely enjoy competing for their child’s attention and no one is ever good enough.

            There are blogs that suggest Diana had histrionic personality disorder that make a good case for it.

          3. I have always thought that had she lived, being her daughter in law would’ve been absolute hell. Needing to be first in her sons’ affections and the public’s would’ve produced all kinds of shenanigans.

            1. I agree.
              I really find it hard to believe that she would have restrained herself from “playing up” with her daughters in-law. Little comments, manipulations, what else? I think she would have struggled to find the balance if her other relationships were anything to go by. Dodi, dumped friends ie Fergie come to mind.

        2. Documentaries all claim Diana was so involved, and Charles never cared for his kids and wasn’t. Diana was Saint Diana. I found another, newer documentary about W&K&H and it is shocking how Diana’s propaganda is still pushed. “They are Diana’s boys, and that why they are loved, Charles never cared about them or being a father.” WTF? You can slam the man for a lot but being a mere sperm donor is not one of ’em.

          Diana fired nannies, she got rid of people the boys were close to because SHE wanted to monopolize their affections. SHE was jealous Charles wanted to do bath, bedtime routines with them as babies. Crazy crazy. SHE tried to ruin the lives of others who took care of her sons or were involved in their lives, because it was a threat to her hold on them. She would have hated any woman who married her sons, no matter who they were.

          1. Remember the video of Diana running to her sons, arms outreached, and how she hugged them? What you don’t see is Diana jumping in front of Charles to be the first, for paps sake, to reach them. Both boys, seeing Charles behind Diana, wiggled away from her arms, and were ecstatic to be embraced by Charles. The media clipped and deleted this beautiful moment of a father and his children. When I saw the entire video, on tv in America, it was a wake-up call to me about how media manipulates their story of the day. Good Kate, bad Meghan. Diana the sleaze, to Diana the holy martyr. I view it all with such a jaded feeling, I must be turning green. But I love to hear, read, and learn, anyway.

  32. Kate thinks the only royal work as a wife is to pop out babies till she enters menopause!!Because she wants everybody to think that she is a HANDS ON MOTHER! Though she has nannies to look after them & a whole team to look after her every need.The children can’t miss her the time she goes to do charities because they are merely within a hour events!!
    She must look at her life positively.she has people admiring everything little thing she does no matter how shitty she does it…why cant you work on making a better you kate!!!I’m sick of these people really!
    P.S: i am not a bristish taxpayer but even then after reading her these blogs & getting to know about her I really feel pity for all the british taxpayers.Just end the monarchy!!!!

    1. Yes we british people are really sick and tired of tnis ovet spending arrogant lot … they just live a life of luxury abd really achieve nothing of merit .. turning up for a short time in designer label outfits waving then going partying
      really for taxpayers we dont get any value from tbis lot

  33. People MUST READ this blog & duchess or diva blog.Then they will never look the royal family like they used to.The media just writes shit about them.

    1. I wish the blogger would resume blogging now that Meghan is on the scene. She quit because she had a baby and grew tired of repeating herself about Kate. ☹️

  34. Meghan reminds me of Sofia Hellqvist. Only in this scenario, she has more clever skills than her. Weird how Meghan preaches about equality yet ends up getting engaged to a prince? Also it appears she is becoming more disliked than Camilla by the British public. Hope Prince Harry finds someone who can love him for who he is and has respect for the U.K. and the Commonwealth Nations. Not by the title and the money (the Vanity Fair photo shoot raised a lot of eyebrows and especially her claim that she didn’t know of Prince Harry when her picture of herself with her friend as 15 year olds sitting in front of Buckingham Palace began circulating all over the web). I am amazed by the Queen, allowing him to marry someone who has emulated sex scenes, was once a stripper, has a bad history of failed relationships, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised if the monarchy became abolished in the future. What a shame that the monarchy has become a circus. It’s got to go. Many Brits are becoming opened to the idea of a republic.

    1. Eh, I don’t have any issues with her being in love scenes since it seems par for the course as an actress these days. It’s the pap strolls and shadiness about her relationship timelines that I have weird feelings about. Then again, I’m not in a relationship with her so as long as Harry is ok with whatever’s in her past, then good on them, I suppose.

    1. Athena, I have many pictures of me in front of Buckingham Palace. I also dragged my husband to see Kate and Will’s wedding. I once, as a lark, modelled for designer trunk shows in department stores. One of my children was “discovered” at age two, and in exchange for her “runway” walks, we got to keep her clothes she had “strutted.”

      I can only imagine how I would be portrayed in today’s yellow journalism, if I wanted to bore myself to death by marrying Harry. Sleazy, who knows if she really graduated, a model and we know what they really are, an exploiter of her toddler, she was out to marry a Royal by her being pictured at age nine in front of Buckingham Palace, wants money, she is what religion? an American – they don’t speak the Queen’s English, and much more. My friends would tell the tale of how I am a white supremacist, since I lived in the South and love “Gone With the Wind.” Plus I dated more than one guy before marriage. Strumpet, and my kids will be nothing better than me. Although all University graduates, including two Yale and two Duke, we are trying to climb above our social betters.

  35. I’m so glad to find a spot I can gossip about this haha! I’m American, and I couldn’t care less that Meg is biracial, divorced, an actress, or a “commoner” (a perspective we rarely have, although undoubtedly there are class disparities here, but I digress). But she really rubs me the wrong way. The engagement videos and interviews were full of insincerities and acting from her, imo. She cut Harry off and corrected him a lot, and it made me sad when he said “I love her very much, and I HOPE she loves me” and she didn’t even reply. The way she kept turning and getting two inches (centimeters for you all haha!) from his face and staring straight at him for too long while he would talk or even when she would talk, all the while with her two arms wrapped around his arm like tentacles, was just too much. I think it was an act to appear enraptured with the beloved prince. She is very deliberately physically clingy, I’m saying that as American where public displays of affection are no big deal. It did not come off as “passionate”, it came off as insecure, smothering, controlling, or I even suspect she was intentionally making a big show of PDA (public displays of affection) because plans on presenting a version of herself that sharply contrasts how most British act in formal settings and to especially contrast herself with cool, reserved, “boring” Kate; and to be seen as refreshing, vivacious, modern, and all those other words some of the British media has used. I’m sorry, but her wide-eyed, faux-naive, statements pretending she didn’t know anything about Harry or what it’s like to deal with media attention is complete bull. Our media has been full of your royal family – and especially Diana, Will, and Harry – for decades. And her career and entire life has been showbiz and getting media attention. Her family was in showbiz and she grew up on the set of one of the most popular comedy series of all time, with actors that went on to become some of our biggest movie stars Katey Segal, Christina Applegate, and more. Her exhusband worked with megastars Robert Pattison, Robin Williams, and more while she was with him! Her next lover was a famous chef. She had minor roles in some of our most popular movies. She lives in an area and grew up in a family who rubbed shoulders with very famous people. Even the gameshow she was a fixture on, was the biggest, most popular gameshow at the time, and then her tv show Suits, again, extremely popular! Not to mention all the other appearances and millions of followers on her online endevours. To have this as your career and upbringing, and then sit there like an innocent little deer acting like you had no idea what it was like to get attention? Riiiiiggghhhht.
    Apparently, she’s worth millions and so everyone is saying she’s not with him for money. I’d probably agree with that. BUT, I think the British take for granted what a fairy tale the royal family and all that goes with it seems for some Americans. To me, she is completely giddy with the prospect of being a part of it and doesn’t really get the seriousness of her role. I mean honestly, it is a big deal for us Americans to even see a building more than 200 years old, much less be a princess who now gets to live in a 500 year old mansion and be a part of hundreds of years of royalty and tradition. People say “oh well there’s no way she’ll have much royal responsibilities, Harry is 6th in line”. Keep in mind, we don’t even have a 1000th in line or any royalty, and it IS possible, however far fetched, that she will be the Queen someday. I don’t know that she really cares about the serious aspects of her position. Every single actress here is a “humanitarian” so big deal, she is generic in that aspect. And while I guess Kate seems boring and lazy to some, I also think she is much more aware of her presentation, much more protective of her family and place in the greater scheme of things, and her seriousness is well warranted. Fact is, however useless the royal family may be, they are targets, have stressors most of us never will from constantly being under attention, and a whole host of other things I’m sure I know nothing about. Lets hope when the fairy dust clears Meg truly cares about her new country and people and not just the limelight.
    Thanks for letting me rant and be my own jaded self 😉 I was getting exhausted reading all the fawning and sparkles over this lolol

    1. EllaMay, I agree with most of your comments.

      Looking at Meghan’s gripping, patting, leaning towards, smothering, and more of Harry, I begin to see a python. Strangling and suffocating. Harry looks like a dork, and seems to be physically shrinking in both intellect and physical size in Meghan’s presence. But please don’t get me wrong – it is not that Meghan is the shining star, but Harry is looking like a dim bulb in comparison to his fiancee. The more Meghan is seen and heard, the more effervescent, bubbly, provocative, and mature she is compared to Harry. She dresses in $75,000 tacky gowns, and Harry looks like his nephew George, in a old boy suit and scuffed shoes. Harry is regressing, and Meghan is progressing. They are a mismatch, in my very small, tactless opinion.

      1. He hasn’t just got engaged to a “Diana” personality has he??
        Diana could dress up and play the game with the media when she wanted. So is this happening again? All with the potential for a lot of fallout played out in public. Just some thoughts re Ms Markle also k as Princess Sparkle.

    1. I was just coming here to comment that I hope Lola does a post on this. Quite the humanitarian with the “privately purchased” (according to Kensington Palace) couture gown! Privately purchased by whom, exactly?

      It’s a shame because I so wanted to like her but between abandoning Bogart and this…I’m ready for the knives to come out.

    2. Two things caught my eye:
      1. £5,995 earrings worn to the Christmas lunch;
      2. £57,000 dress worn for an engagement photo.

      I am not sure who owns what, who has paid for what, whether these were loans or gifts, especially the dress. Regardless, it is a tone deaf move in a country where homelessness has been increasing for the past six years, and there have been massive cuts to health, education and social services. Just because one has access to this level of wealth/ loan/gift doesn’t mean it should be flaunted in such a climate.

      What was apparent was that the couple did not dress in sync for the occasion: he was in his uniform look; she to a formal party. Nothing matched – occasion, formality, colours. Her wrapping herself around him in the black and white images were just too much. All too forced.

      1. This.
        Your spot on.
        I wonder if she could turn into a “Fergie” once the inevitable turn from the media starts, ie an avalanche of constant criticism would begin on her appearance.

    3. It looked like a bad cast off from Dynasty or a figure skater’s outfit. Maybe she’s gearing up for the 2018 Winter Olympics?

    4. Disappointed, to say the least. Meghan doesn’t understand that you are supposed to be superrich, without looking like it. Or flaunting it.

      A 56,000 pound ball gown?! She has just given every critic of her, and of the monarchy, the ammunition they need.


      etc etc

      Royalty and money is a slight of hand, juggling trick. I thought she’d have more of a clue, based on her choices for engagement clothing and what she wore in Nottingham.

      She will need lessons so as not to end up like Fergie.

      I’m holding out hope, whilst dishing out much side eye

  36. Two ways for Meghan to divert attention from her appearance:
    1. Dress appropriately for the occasion;
    2. Be prepared, focus attention on the event, and do lots of engagements.
    To be honest, I’m not sure what their ‘work’ means, that is, whether it makes peoples’ lives better in tangible ways. It seems to draw attention to an event for a nanosecond but the royal benefits disproportionately, more’s the pity, especially if they are a female, where attention falls to the clothes. Perhaps they should all wear a uniform, seriously.

    1. Kittie, a uniform is a great idea! Especially with Kate’s uninspiring and too expensive outfits and Meghan’s absolutely absurd engagement picture dress. Donate that money to those causes they’re always going on about. Donate to the people of Botswana because the country is so close to their hearts.

    1. Msthang, you have to ask yourself why a blogger would use the name Kaiser. Kaiser, a title Hitler called himself, as it means Caesar, and Germany was his Third Reich. Celebitchy hates Kate and William, allows awful remarks to be made about innocent children, including Lady Louise and her eyes a few years ago; she is worse than the DM. I never forgive hatred shown towards children and their disabilities. And the abuse of George and Charlotte.

      The British public paid $75,000.00 for this asinine dress. It was not borrowed or loaned. For a picture.

      1. KP is so often doesn’t pick up on potential optics problems. The £57,000 dress should have fallen into that category. KP said nothing when releasing the images, not thinking (as per usual) that it could be a problem. Then there is a scramble to explain that the expense was privately incurred. Beyond stupid. It also reveals the principals live in a bubble of such privilege, insensitive to the plight of their fellow citizens. Not a good way to start. Unfortunately for Harry and Meghan, big bro William and Kate have squandered public money on renovations, clothes etc and will pay the price for their profligacy. The conclusion has to be: too expensive to keep, too little value.

  37. Why does Meghan constantly hold on to Harry for dear life. Even the candid doesn’t look so candid because of this!

    And that dress is awful! Seriously, $75,000 – abominable! If Meghan is as PR savvy as we have been told she is, I would have expected her to know better than spend that kind of money on a dress!

    1. Meghan knows how to respond to the camera or the public. It doesn’t mean that she knows anything about PR.

  38. I thought it was way overpriced and not even that pretty, when Hm croaks I give it 10 to 20 years and their Kaput!! I give the Harry and MM match-up 3 to 7 years. I gave Chopper and Chutney 5 to 10 because she is such a Klingon. Of late, he looks like he can’t stand to be in the same room as her. That holiday picture is so very telling, sad really!!

  39. In my opinion, the engagement photos are set up to sell the media and public on a “Cinderella and her prince” story to get back the fawning PR the BRF wants back.

    They know their not as popular anymore. They experience some boos when they arrive. Crowds, where years before were large, are notably smaller. They have a more diverse population that doesn’t like the idea of white, rich imperialists taking their money to live in high style and be deferred to.

    Harry understands media optics better than almost anyone in his family–he’s a lot like his mother in that sense. But typically foolish like the rest of the Windsor’s, he’s tone deaf on looking at his bride-to-be and instantly knowing that couture gown is going to get them hit.

    I wonder if Kate hates Meghan at all?
    She had to work and wait for nine years to get W to propose, and Meghan hasn’t had to do anything. She isn’t going to have to play a role like Kate does. How much is Kate going to think “I did all the work breaking into the joint for the commoners and you just fly in and reap public acclaim while I have to do the plodding stuff and live with W?” Not to mention that she’ll be anxious to put Meghan purposefully behind her because nobody gets in Babykins way.

    1. Sunny, I had to laugh when you wrote that Kate had to work and wait for nine years to get William to propose to her. Work – no. Wait – yes. And Kate plodding? I can’t get that image in my mind. I have an image of Kate in my mind, during her twenties, constantly checking her watch or cell phone, impatiently tapping her foot. Or her own fit bracelet, counting calories and energy she had been spending for years on William, instead of doing productive, stimulating work for her own emotional well being.

      I do not like pitting one woman against the other, cough, cough, but I do not think Kate really cares about Meghan. Really, Kate care about something?

      Kate is married to a future king, maybe, and mother of another future king, whatever. If I were her, I would let Meghan have her day in the sun. We all know the brighter the day, the darker the night. Tabloids turn on a dime, and are very mean, once a female royal has been promoted as a miracle for her first year “in office.” People want drama, cat fights, and get tired of sweet. I will be entertained.

      1. No one is pitting one woman against another. Given Kate’s history with women, and her competitive nature, you just know there are going to be fireworks and moves to dominate.

        If we had learned about a woman who was historically co-operative this anticipation of competition would not arise. And we would see it in reality.

        It really irks me that commenters will always be judged in relation to a ‘cat fight’ narrative. NO. The fact is, Kate and Willy will ever want to stay on top and will take on all comers, male or female, through PR. The misogyny lies in the assumptions made about commenters and their opinions. God forbid that commenters compare the two women. As if it’s unseemly and non PC, Meanwhile, royal jostling for position gets short shrift. But that’s what’s happening. It’s not female v female but a struggle for power and influence.

        1. It must kill her that Meghan is older but looks younger than her. I agree Maven, Kate’s history with other females outside of her immediate family has not been good. I don’t see any double dates in the near future unless it’s for PR purposes.

        2. Exactly, my comment wasn’t about pitting them against each other which I am firmly against, but that Kate has shown with the York Princesses and other women, especially those who approached William or he was interested in with a negative attitude, body-blocking, and who knows what else.

          I think the only woman that would have been ok for Harry by the Midds was Pippa, and how dare he not pick her? Can you imagine how PO Carole is right now? Harry had better lock up his bunnies or he’ll find them on his stove in a pot.

          Speaking of which, I wonder what happened to that girl Will was chatting up on the slopes? Is she still kicking or should someone check on her? I have a theory that Kate’s arm is up Will’s back like a puppet, making his mouth move. Would anyone really be surprised?

          Their relationship seems to be one the surface he’s infant terrible and everyone gives way to keep him from sending them to the cornfield (Twilight Zone reference), where she is really the one in control underneath, and he’s slowly getting a lobotomy until he docilely complies with everything Kate says.

    2. Harry’s not thinking with the few brains he has; another part of his anatomy is doing that. Of course that gown was going to cause trouble; anyone with a functioning brain could have foreseen that. Doesn’t matter a jot who paid for it. The impression given is that Meghan is going to live up large with her eyes firmly on the goodies, and Harry is a besotted fool.

      I agree that the narrative of a ‘young’ royal couple reinventing the monarchy with Magic and Good Works is the main agenda. What is obvious is that the two Wales’ slackers are increasingly dependent on PR to shield them from being exposed as the numb nuts they are. Over the past two or more years Harry has been a slacker, picking and choosing what he wants to do, and generally in exotic places. Meghan has a few PR-generated charitable outings that she’s spun into being a sainted humanitarian. Please. The reality will be a few holi-tours to Commonwealth countries, with the usual photo ops with kids, and the couple being lauded for doing something no-one can actually quantify. They will do as little as William and Kate, but with more personality, and hopefully NOT with the same cloying nature of the engagement photos. A total turn-off.

      1. Kittie,

        “Cloying”. Yes, that’s the word I was looking for! ‘Sappy’, ‘puerile’ are others. Emotionally the couple doesn’t seem very mature. As I mentioned elsewhere, they’re like two kids in a candy store. A candy store made of diamonds and rubies.

        I love your entire comment and wouldn’t change a word.

        1. Maven, their candy store comprises running around the Commonwealth (= anywhere but Great Britain) posing as humanitarians. And cue photo ops – we’ve already seen the sort on their previous respective forays.

          Sadly, I see a 21st century version of Andrew and Fergie: uber-privileged dim posh boy and uber-ambitious clever woman who has hit the big time. I think they’re both conning each other re. their ‘passion’ for charity work.

  40. When I read about any couple, in the first beginnings of a fairy tale relationship, called madly in love, crazy about each other, over the moon in love, and more, I say Bellaluna. Pretty moon, or pretty crazy. Moon love.

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