The British Royal Family’s Gift of Unmethodical Madness

Normally this time of year, royal watchers just get to see slivers through car windows of members of the British Royal Family on their way to the Queen’s Christmas lunch at Buckingham Palace. This week, however, the Royal Family got all of us the gift of drama and there’s no gift receipt so it’s not like we can exchange it for something else like… I don’t know… maybe the absence of drama or even a baker boy hat so we can look cute while watching Apocalyptic levels of melt-down on Royal Twitter.

On Monday, @KensingtonRoyal released a creepy Christmas photo of the Cambridges.  Between Kate missing an arm, dead smiles, sterile background, an unconvinced George and the expression on Charlotte’s face warning us that the man with the bloody axe is behind us, it’s not hard to imagine why Lupo might not have wanted anything to do with this family portrait.


On Wednesday, Princess Michael who is married to the Queen’s cousin, decided the perfect way to welcome Meghan Markle into the Royal Family was with a racist brooch.


If Princess Michael didn’t have past incidents like yelling “go back to the colonies” at black diners at a restaurant in New York City and saying she couldn’t possibly be racist because she thinks black people are “adorable”, then it would be easier to cut her some slack.  Because really, who wears a racist brooch to meet a biracial woman?  Who would even own a racist brooch?  Jewelry should never be used for evil.  Someone needs to take away that woman’s tiaras while she thinks about what she’s done.

Even if you give Princess Michael the benefit of the doubt, there is basically only one scenario that would explain why she would ‘accidentally’ wear a racist brooch and that’s if she was thinking to herself, ‘I hope Meghan knows I’m not the racist my own words prove me to be, I have lots of black friends like that girl who brought me my coat that one time and… and… that blackamoor brooch. I know, I’ll wear the brooch to make her feel at home, maybe she’s descended from the slave it was modeled after. God, I’m such a good person. I should be Queen.’

Princess Michael has since pseudo-apologized through a representative who noted that it was “a gift and has been worn many times before.”  I did a quick Google search and couldn’t find evidence of past racist brooch outings (which doesn’t mean it hasn’t been worn before, it just means I gave up before finding the photos) but if it’s indeed had multiple wearings then why didn’t someone mention to Princess Michael that she might not want to wear such an offensive piece, especially since she has tons of brooches that aren’t?  Just a hint of her massive collection:


While some people have managed to blame the incident on Meghan for being too black or not black enough, most aren’t buying that this was an innocent whoopsie:


On Thursday, Kensington Palace Tweeted out a total of three engagement photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the third candid shot being shared as a thank you for all the lovely wishes.  They had been taken earlier in the week at Frogmore House by photographer hottie Alexi Lubomiriski.


They are gorgeous photos of gorgeous people in a gorgeous setting, but I’m still not sure why in the second one, Meghan is touching Prince Harry’s face like she’s pretending she’s Mary Ingalls trying to get a sense of what her fiancé looks like.


Screen Shot 2017-12-23 at 1.01.42 PM

It just seems so contrived.  Normally photos of eyes wide shut are automatically tossed.  If eyes are the windows to the soul, is the message here that Meghan’s heart is closed to Harry until further notice?  If so, it sucks to be him, but maybe select another one from the photos celebrating their love.

And Harry wrapping Meghan up in his coat like he’s Mark Darcy with a new diary?  Colin Firth did it better.   Harry’s only got a couple of inches of spare coat fabric, someone who likes us just as we are would make sure his coat went around before referencing an iconic movie scene.

In the third photo, Meghan is hanging on Prince Harry, body language we’ve seen before in the pictures from Jamaica.  It’s a little bit needy, a little bit possessive and a little bit Mariah Carey.  I mean, Meghan looks like she’s literally dragging him down.  Alexi Lubomiriski is an insanely talented photographer and there’s no doubt they were given lots of amazing pictures to choose from so it’s interesting these were the photos they selected, the ones that spoke to them as a couple.


In two of the three photos that were released, Meghan and Prince Harry look like they are dressed for two very different occasions with Meghan off to the Golden Globe Awards while Prince Harry is off to his job as a Human Resources Manager at a pharmaceutical company.  And does Harry just own that one suit?  Or is it like a superhero costume thing and he’s got multiples?

What really riled royal watchers up, though, is the price tag of the Ralph & Russo gown Meghan wore, estimated to cost £56,000 (around $75,000).

I’m of about 417 different minds on this and none of them agree.  It’s a stunning dress, Meghan looks glamorous and just ridiculously beautiful in it and she’s getting married, if you aren’t going to splash out when promising to spend a lifetime with someone then really nothing is worth celebrating.  But $75,000?  Holy fuck knuckles that’s an obscene amount of money for one frock.  The Palace said it was paid for privately but gave no information on who actually purchased it.  Meghan could have easily paid for it out of the $5 million or so she earned as an actress.  Prince Harry could have paid for it out of money he has inherited.  Or Prince Charles could have paid for it out of the Duchy of Cornwall which means technically taxpayers paid for it in which case every single resident of the UK should get to borrow it at least once.


A gown that expensive seems a curious choice for someone who describes herself as a humanitarian because I don’t know how someone can reconcile knowing the dire conditions in which so many are living and such a lavish purchase.  It just seems a bit tone deaf to the fact that in her new country at a time of austerity, hard-working taxpayers are having to rely on food banks because they can’t scrape up enough money to feed their children while this winter tens of thousands in the UK will freeze to death in their own homes which they can’t afford to heat.  The gown’s cost raises the concern that Meghan might be going the Marie Antoinette route instead of becoming the Diana 2.0 her estranged half-sister Samantha and her former friend Ninaki Priddy claim she’s been plotting to become since childhood.  On the other hand, that gown is phenomenal so good for her.

As royal watchers were still fiercely debating Meghan’s engagement gown cost, on Friday the Daily Mail ran an article about Kate Middleton spending £119,000 ($160,000) on new clothing and accessories this year. That’s a whole lot of money for very little return, Kate’s numbers will be abysmally low again this year. Curious timing for the Daily Mail to run that piece.  With Meghan now in the fold, I think we’ll start seeing the press play all sorts of new reindeer games.



418 thoughts on “The British Royal Family’s Gift of Unmethodical Madness”

  1. “Meghan is touching Prince Harry’s face like she’s pretending she’s Mary Ingalls trying to get a sense of what her fiancé looks like.”

    Bwahahahhaa! I really dislike that photo. I was stuck on his raised collar and kept thinking, ‘but he never wears his collar up”, that’s how shallow this all is to me.

    As for the rest, so spot on, but there’s a bit of me that feels a bit weepy, because in this time of trials, even Meghan is showing herself to be more Marie A and less Mother T. Just what we need- another wastrel. Still, she’s marrying Harry so why should I be surprised?

    1. Thanks, MavenTheFirst. I think because of Kate we’ve become used to disappointment, but’s still early, Meghan’s not even married yet, once she settles in, she might prove to be a valuable asset.

      1. I think you are right. Usually the saying is once burnt twice shy, but with Kate it’s once burnt, twice burnt times burnt..l give up!

        1. Kate is like a cat, with nine lives – she probably has two more to go!

          Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

          Merry Christmas, to all who celebrate or not…and to all a Good Night.

      2. You lovelolahe@rt

        What is a humanitarian? Or who? What is the definition?

        A human lover? A sanitarium for das boots? Dog savior, bird lover, boar (bore) animal rights person? Mother Theresa territory, or what?

        Human rights? The right to drive gas guzzling freebie Range Rovers? The parade of suvs reminded me of the German blitzkrieg, bulldozering over the French.

        The right to preach to lesser humans to not take private planes every week to holidays (y’all have no idea in GB what goes on); humans are just like us, except we are royals. And silly people, Meghan’s gown, according to their reps, cost in US dollars only $70,000, as it was so last year. And Harry picked the perfect woman to keep him from justified criticism about his incredible laziness (remember, he is at the bottom, and to say Kate has worse numbers is sad – she has two children, pregnant, and yes, we know all about her stick it to ‘embehaviour, so stop now; why compare a blood prince (Bambi) with a married to a blood prince?).

        Harry will and his merry men of old, will cry racism whenever he and Meghan are caught lying, spending, hunting, pontificating, wasting millions of pounds, moaning about how hard it is to be royals, and working five hours a month. If I could pick the perfect excuse for Harry to do less than a garden slug, it would be to marry Meghan and say y’all hate me, her, whatever, because y’all are racists.

        I must stop, before I forget

        1. I’ve never been fond of the humanitarian label. I’ve found that often it is what people call themselves when they don’t want to go through all the effort of proving they are a good person.

          The dress was only $70,000? In that case she was greedy for not buying all of us one at that sweet discounted price.

        2. Yes, Bella, the cries of racism from Harry, especially, were already ramping up, and Princess Michael wearing her tacky brooch was exactly what they needed to distract from criticism over the clueless extravagence of the engagement, the dress, the vacations and then the needing a vacation after their opulent Christmas vacation. Every family has an insensitive, inappropriate, obtuse relative, usually someone older who clearly doesn’t give a damn what anyone thinks, and everyone leaves them alone and rolls their eyes and says “oh that’s just Uncle Bubba, don’t mind him” . In this case, their version of Uncle Bubba kind of saved the day lolol

          Even before brooch-gate, there had been numerous quotes of Harry decrying the “racism” against Meg – basically any criticism whatsoever. Then, the day KP posted the engagement photos on their fb page, the status was not a sweet sentiment of sharing, but more “anyone who talks smack about the prince and his bride-to-be will be automatically deleted”. Ummmm, okkkayyyyy, defensive much? Harry seems immature about any criticism and looking for a fight, while I suspect she encourages it in a sneaky way by whining about the “racism” she’s endured her whole life, as stated in her various articles. I don’t think it’s fair to the public to be shoving this in their faces all the time.

          And the Cambridges Christmas photo? So boring it bordered on bizarre, if that’s even possible. It reminded me of the Tron movie in the 80s where they were trapped inside a blank abyss. However, those kids are adorable, and Kate redeemed herself and looked relaxed and perfect in that cute plaid outfit on Christmas.

          But Lola, Mary Ingalls, lololol! You are a riot, I actually had tears in my eyes I giggled so hard when I read that!

          1. Oops, it wasn’t KP fb that posted threatening to remove criticism, it was the PrinceHarry fb page. I went back and looked at it again, and yes, it was still as defensive as I’d thought.

      3. Can’t stand her for abandoning one dog and letting the other one somehow break two of it’s legs. Harry is a twit, he’ proved that much, and he’s found a twin soul….

  2. I get a bad feeling from those engagement photos, and then I am one of those who has not gotten an impression yet of Meghan. But the photos seem to fake to me, too much of showing of the ring, showing tenderness with closed eyes and a funny mouthexpression. And the Ingalls comparison is spot on!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy New year from Sweden, we start the big day tomorrow on the 24th, that is when Santa comes and we get all the presents! Bless you all here for the good and fun comments too!

  3. I genuinely laughed out loud reading this post. I totally agree about that dress being a strange choice. As for the released pictures, the first one was great… and then they got weird. But hey – who knows what we would do if we married a prince? I’d prob secretly elope to lock it down 🙂 Thanks for writing about all this – your observations are great!!

  4. Love the post, Lola. Was pleasantly surprised to get another so soon. You made my Christmas. I consider this post a great early present. Thanks.

  5. Great post Lola! On paper, Meghan looks good – UN Ambassador, feminist, working actress (just working looks good compared to the Royal Mattress Kate), lifestyle blogger and fashion designer (for Reitmans in Canada). I didn’t hold her ability to self-promote against her – she’s was an actress trying to get to the next level so I applaud her for that.

    Its just, her interview wasn’t very convincing…”Is he kind?” And, “I got to know him through him”…WTF?
    Its like she’s convinced herself this is what she wants. Harry wants a family of his own so much. And I know she’s expecting that a Royal title, a King for a Father-in-law, and an apartment in a palace to be the be all end all. But I think she has no idea how much she’s giving up for this guy. The feminist angle about her just no longer rings true.

    I could have seen her in a modern, co-parenting arrangement with a guy like Harry who is more of a best friend. Unconventional and independent. I think people would have been cool with that. If this is turns about to be the Andrew & Sarah sequel, that’s exactly how they will end up. I don’t know what Meghan’s end game is, but the $70,000 dress suggests she has no idea she’s playing 4th banana to Will & Kate & Harry. Harry’s star quality will not be eclipsed by hers and Will & Kate will always be ahead of the game because he is the heir. Poor Harry, great that he’s in love, but her inconsistencies suggest she’s all image and no substance and that image is going in its own direction.

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Lola! Look forward to seeing the media turn on Meghan by February.

    1. Temi! I’m so happy to see you pop up in the comments! I hope you’re having a magical holiday season. I can’t imagine giving up all Meghan has to in order to marry her prince but I also think she has the greatest chance of survival in terms of marrying into the family.

      1. Oh, Lola. I’m intrigued. What did you mean that she will survive that family? They both seem very immature IMHO and this over the top performance of “being in love” is too much. Love you to pieces, Lola!!

  6. I’m on the fence about Meghan. She looks good on paper, as a poster above said, but she’s made a few public missteps that give me pause. The necklace and banana image, the dog, the dress…these seem like PR issues she should know how to handle, or know to stay away from. I hope she gets good advisors and listens to them. She needs to fit in, not stand out. The ones who stand out get kicked out (divorce). I wish them well, but I’m dissapointed in the Cambridges, and I’m trying not to let that sour me on these two.

  7. By the way, did anyone notice that one of PMoK’s brooches looks like a diamond biohazard symbol? Coincidence…..?

  8. A Lola post just on Christmas – what a lovely gift to us all. I settled down with a cup of tea and mince tart to read though there’s always a danger of choking with laughter.

    I couldn’t fault any of your observations. ‘Contrived’ is the perfect word to describe the photos – trying so hard to ‘conjure’ rather than just ‘be’. Dress is fab, but totally self-indulgent and tone-deaf in the context of UK austerity. Also a second major misstep. The first was Bogart. In a country of dog-lovers, you don’t flick off your rescue dog’s future with a lame response. I still want to know what happened to him. Both incidents could have been avoided if only someone had a functioning brain.

    Meanwhile, the creepiness of the Cambridge’s continues unabated. Poor George. He always looks as if he simply endures his family.

    Lola, I wish you and Nightwing the best of holiday seasons; all good things to you both, especially each other’s company. Thank you for sharing your sharp and insightful writing. You cut through the bullshit so beautifully. It’s a wonderful forum to contribute to without feeling the need to tread on eggshells…To everyone who writes and reads here, may your holiday season be one of simple contentment. My thoughts are particularly with Daisy with her recent loss. Go well Daisy.

  9. Well written. I’m sick of the racist card and everything having an ulterior motive. Princess Michael has been nutty for years. What else is new. If Meghan gets offended this easily she isn’t ready for the royal family. There is a lot of nutty people in that family. The Cambridge’s and princess Michael are top of the list. Harry and Meghan are too immature and I think there’s an ulterior motive with Meghan. She’s definitely playing the actress and harry should without question sign a prenup. I said that about Kate.

    1. I wonder what “Princess Michael” (title so last 19th century) said when her son told her, and his Czar Nicholas 2 wannabe father, his intent on marrying a you know who?

      “ Vat, a Vinkleman? Mein fader is vitzing in his grave!! Vat next in dis family?”

    2. Thanks, Louise. I’m sick of racism, I can’t comprehend it at all. If we aren’t going to judge people by their actions and the content of their character then it should be on something less arbitrary like their shoes.

  10. Lola, I have been very sad for weeks, while I wasted away for a chance to laugh my drink out my nose again with one of your posts. This time it was Diet Coke I snorted. Last time was it orange juice, or tea?

    Please, I need at least hot cocoa to round out my year. Maybe not too hot.

    You are the blast that keeps me going. Thank you for your life-saving posts.

    1. Thanks, Bellaluna. This comment was so touching, I read it to my mother. I’m pretty sure she still thinks all of you are imaginary but that’s okay, I know you’re real and you are all very dear to me.

  11. Lola Happy early Chrismas to you!
    Your an absolute gem posting at this busy time!
    Princess Sparkle to be gives pause for thought even this early in
    her journey with the Royal family.
    I think that’s sobering. I am torn between thinking we have another Fergie or another Diana. Time will tell.
    Safe travel to you and good wishes for the New Year.

    1. Kiwi, don’t you think that it would be awful if she were to be like either Diana or Fergie? Because neither were great, the were both absolute wrecks in their own way. As for Kate and the Middleton family they have completely destroyed the brf, imo. The men in the brf have a history of picking women who are all wrong for the job. They all have psychological issues.

      1. I think the caring and true Diana would be great.
        As for Fergie, her relationship with her daughters reflects well on her as a mother, if the press coverage is to be believed.
        Of course I don’t know them.
        I once stood opposite Diana, a metre apart, as she spoke with members of the public beside me, in NZ. Only this!!

      2. I’m so glad you said what I d been thinking. I’ve said that I. The daily mail and it get vilified. I’m challenging a Saint

      1. Wow.
        How kind you are to us.
        I read your message out loud to my family with me, 3 young adult sons and 1 husband and they went awwww!
        Our ham is now cooking for Christmas lunch as here in NZ we are mid-morning Christmas Day.
        Merry Christmas everyone and safe travel to you all.

  12. I am new to this blog, but my god, Lola, you and your followers are awesome!

    It’s great to have a place to rationally and thoughtfully discuss this ever escalating royal drama.

    I look forward to reading more.

    Merry Christmas!

  13. I’m going to give Meghan the benefit of the doubt. My guess is she’ll be more comfortable in the public eye than Kate ever could be.
    The dress? Meh.
    The photos? I liked the first one, thought it was great, but the others I dunno.

    Merry Christmas, Lola! and the other posters, same to you all – Happy Holidays! Personally I like to celebrate Festivus with an ‘airing of the greivances’!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

  14. Well if you think about 75,000 is a fraction of what Chutney spends in a year, so whats a couple hundred thousand a year when elderly folks freeze to death because they can’t afford to turn the heat on, or a 70 million dollar wedding, no big deal to these people but when they grace your presence with their well, PRESENCE, you sure better believe that they so deeply care about all of HUMANITY, HAH!!!!

    1. I don’t know how the monarchy has made it this long. Statistically, those who are in the most peril of dying in their own homes this winter are the ones who approve the most of the monarchy.

      1. Agreed Lola. Ironically it is the same here in the states, the lower educated/lower income folks are the ones that voted to “make America great again” via their savior Donald trump!

        Just wanted to add this is my first time posting but have been a reader for some time due to the glowing recommendations I’ve received about this blog. It really is all that the people say it is. Love!!!

  15. Oh Lola, this is so excellent! And “Holy fuck knuckles” is the VERY BEST phrase I have heard all year- it’s the gift that will keep on giving every time I read this post and laugh myself blind. Merry Christmas to you and yours and your best pal Nightwing!

  16. Yay ! Another Lola missive to add loads of amusement at Christmas. “Tone Deaf” indeed – I’m not surprised – KP is so inept these days – we have seen so much of it with the Cambridge parents who occupy that space. Would have thought Meghan via previous PR exposure might have been more aware of “perceptions” and that very expensive “frilly ball gowns with gold toning” listed for huge prices send the wrong message. As for Princess Michael – well – she belongs to a long gone era – deliberate ?? I’m not sure. I doubt Meghan is part of her reality, never mind what Meghan’s background is. And apparently she is not close to the RF so I’d be surprised if any of them have shared observations . . . people like her do as they please – and that includes what they wear . . . In Australia golliwog dolls were still sold 10 or so years ago – so racial sensitivity is mixed for sure. Anyway – unlike Kate – Meghan has worked for 15 or so years so has her own money to spend as she sees fit. In future it might be wiser to save the “outings” of clothes with a very big list price for private occasions

    1. If Mrs Markel is so sensitive about racial issues.. Why does she only date /marry/ bed down / live with White ( Caucasian) men.
      I never saw her with an African American date… Ever.
      She is not involved with Black History Month, either.

      1. Who knows what “appeals” to someone when looking for a partner. I know a number of white males and females who have been only attracted/married to those of other races. And then one of my closest friends is of mixed race, but only identifies with one side of her heritage. I guess there is something “inside” of you that directs all of that.

    1. Clearly it’s not a good time to be a Sparkle dog. Maybe Bogart got lucky, after all? And what happened to the other one, did it piss off the corgis and get beat up?

      I can’t help but wonder why Harry and Meghan didn’t coordinate their outfits. Harry at the very least should have worn a black suit, if not a tux. They weren’t in sync.

  17. Dearest Lola, and all the other posters on here.

    I’ve been all over the last two blogs to extent of monopolizing them. For that i apologise.

    But it has been good to vent, to laugh, to learn about the foundation of keenness that has been especially giving this winter, though in ways they didn’t anticipate.

    I wish you all a merry Christmas.

    And sign out with my favourite Christmas song as my gift to you.


    1. Please do not apologise.
      I really enjoy and appreciate the depth and greater detail your postings bring to Lola’s very special site.
      I’m in my mid-years and a significant part of my brain has removed itself from the tiresomenes of spelling, grammar, coherent thinking and planning ahead beyond where is my chocolate?
      It is I think very special and to Lola’s credit, that folk like you are willing to give a lot of time and thought to this site.
      Thank you.
      And remember ….Above All Things Remain Keen!!!

    2. Herazeus, are you feeling okay, lol? I don’t know what I would do without you, Kittie, Msthang, and everybody else who write so eloquently, with information and fascinating facts.

      Your apology for making the world a bit brighter is not accepted by me. I wish you, and the rest of the people on this special lovelolaheart would comment more – how much I love this critical, funny, but not nasty lovelolaheart.

    3. Merry Christmas, Herazeus! You’ve hardly been monopolizing, I enjoy your contributions immensely and am very grateful you choose to be part of this community, your presence and vast wealth of knowledge greatly enriches this site.

      1. Nic919, you are amazing. I rarely agree with you, but you are logical and warm in criticism. You make me question myself, in a good way. I think most people would be better served by logic, dosed with humor, than by vitriolic spewing. If only you could be a politician.

  18. As far as the missing dog goes, I read a rumor that he’s safely at home with her ex…the deal being he gets to keep the dog, and in turn, he won’t say a word about anything to do with her past. In particular, the fact that she was still with the guy, and living with him when Harry came along. A rumor, but it could explain the weirdness about all the lame explanations to do with Bogart.

    1. You hit that right on the head. If she was so worried about the state of the world why are you spending over £70,000 on a wedding dress. Trying teaching Kate and William that you can do something without costing the British people all this money. Walk the talk.

      Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    2. Yeah. I kept scratching my head at the explanation of leaving her darling dog behind. Something didn’t add up with that explanation. Something isn’t right and to the other posters I agree. We are seeing another Andrew/Sarah, Diana or Middleton assault on the family. The Queen never seems to learn.

  19. Ho!Ho!Ho!
    Well, it’s was the day before Christmas and I was up to high doh about how to to manage a vegan and carnivorous Christmas feast! But lo! My inbox had a post from Lola! I made a coffee, settled down in a comfy spot and the cats gathered on my lap! I started to read the post. The cats one by one left me, the bastards, they couldn’t handle my laughter! The last straw for the cats was me shrieking like a banshee at the cost of that fecking frock. Aesthetics aside, it was a big price.
    Thank you Lola! Great insights! Great writing.
    Now, inspired by MM, I’m off to put on a ball gown and then take a casual stroll to my veggie patch to pick the sodding sprouts for tomorrow. I shall,obviously be accessorised by the hubster, who I will be clinging on to for dear life in case I sink into the mud.
    Merry Christmas everyone, and may the force be with you

    1. Great comments! I find it is not only the cat who runs off…my family roll their eyes and leave sometimes too!
      Happy Christmas to you from the southern oceans!

    2. I feel we should all don ball gowns to pick and peel the vegies. As a ritual, let’s don ball gowns when reading Lola posts.

      Lola, get better soon; I have been suffering the same this past week. Pills and potions of no use.

      Kiwi, just a couple of hours behind you! I’m starting to make a pavlova to take over to friends for our Christmas BBQ. If it collapses, it will miraculously become Eton Mess!

      Bellaluna, hope this finds you a little chirpier; I love your comments and always enjoy your insights.

      Best to all here in this lovely community.

    3. OMG, are you admitting that before Meghan Markle you DIDN’T wear a ballgown for all your veggie patch casual strolls? How embarrassing for you. Men do make the best accessories. Well, men and diamonds. My deepest apologies to your kitties. Thank you for the kind words. Merry Christmas!

  20. I have a curious thought…….will Needy and Clingey continue holding each other up at the Queens Sandringham Christmas?

  21. Well I’m apparently one of the few that liked Meghan’s look, not specifically the dress, but the feel of it. She’s marrying a prince and he swept her off her feet. Why not enjoy it. I have a strange feeling that this dress was given to her, but the whole look would have been better had Harry worn a black suit.
    I don’t think it’s quite fair to judge Meghan’s choice for her once in a lifetime engagement photos & yet Kate, the Worthless, spent $160k on the ugliest clothes she could possibly find. She never worked prior to her engagement and except for having children and exercising hasn’t done much else.
    Now I’m going to go out on a limb here because all chapters are different, but Meghan is a Kappa, as am I. Now please don’t take it this way because I’m a 50 yr old woman w/4 children & live with 5 cats so we don’t all have magic. However our chapter pretty much all had blonde hair, blue eyes, and money behind us. You also needed that something extra. Northwestern isn’t an easy college to survive and I although I’m sure she worked with her sisters we don’t have evidence of her being lazy or suddenly moving to a school where a prince happens to be.
    To me it looks like a partnership. I’ve been told that this is the real thing, but it appears to be infatuation with a good solid understanding of what is expected. She will get to be a “princess” and not work on a 3rd rate series, but she gets to get up each day and “act”. Something Kate has never learned.
    Now as for “holy fuck knuckles” I’m hoping that’s not what you told your mother when she suggested you use a knife.
    I adore you Lola and you bring so much happiness and joy into my life. This is my first Christmas alone and I was watching Holocaust movies so I could pretend it wasn’t Christmas. As I’ve mentioned before you’re wittiness brings about joy to whomever reads it.

    1. Hope you are doing better Springs Mom. I imagine it’s been mighty tough, losing your husband earlier this year. If i were nearby, I’d pull you in to binge on The West Wing; can’t go wrong there. Take good care.

    2. SpringsMom – Good luck with getting through the next few days. Hope you have family and loved ones around you.

      Sending cyber hugs from New Zealand

    3. SpringsMom, I agree with so much of what you said about Meghan. I think she deserves a chance. Kate seemed to have things better for the first few years. If I remember correctly, I didn’t read anything about her lack of work for at least two years.

      I don’t understand some of the criticism about the engagement photos. I think Meghan received a great discount on the gown (at least I hope she did).

      Think of some of Kate’s strange choices. I still cannot get over her doing her own awful make-up for her wedding day. Try as I might, the scary eyebrows Kate had for the Vogue cover still amazes me. Did she bother to look in the mirror? A 75K gown is a crazy price tag, but at least Meghan looked nice without scary make-up or scary eyebrows.

    1. SpringsMom, Greeks look out for each other, and as you know, we send messages of love, hope, and healing in many ways.

      Marlo Thomas was a Theta. She starred in That Girl, which she said was Kat Girl, in honor of Kappa A Theta.. Every episode had a balloon, in honor of her sisters. Same with SDT – the female Paramount executive made sure that there was a reference to a yellow tea rose, and/plus instead of clapping, in her many movies , and had people clicking their fingers as a sign of approval.

      May your heart begin to mend on Christmas Day.

  22. Why does everyone presume that they love her dog more than she loves her dog. I give her the benefit of the doubt that she’s doing whats best for her situation. Doggate really drives me crazy. It’s so petty and unkind

    1. I don’t understand why so many people are quick to criticize Meghan about leaving her dog. There is probably a very good reason. My history with helping as a volunteer at animal shelters and fostering in my home is pretty extensive. I think there is more to the story and it is really none of our business.

      My new puppy dislocated her shoulder within 24 hours of me adopting her. I was so worried the vet thought I was a terrible person. I was sure they would call the puppy police on me. Unfortunately, things happen no matter how much effort you put in trying to make a pets environment safe.

  23. I am only now having the pleasure of catching up with Lola’s excellent blog.
    For me the jury is out on Markle as I think we have to give her a chance. So far though I find her false and disingenuous, particularly when she claims in her interview not to know much about the Royal family, sorry Meghan that’s beggars belief.

    On the other hand she has worked hard for her achievements and it didn’t take her 10 years to secure the deal like with waity Katy. Good work Meg!

    One other bugbear, why oh why do the press publish articles holding her up as a role model?? I for one don’t need a role model and I don’t like being told I do, utter rubbish.

    I am on my way to see my golden version of Nightwing in Thailand and I wish you and your gorgeous pooch a happy happy new year.

    Gerry xxxx

  24. Oh my goodness! I was still laughing at Charlotte /man with bloody ax when I got to the Mary Ingalls reference. Then I completely lost it. Too bad you couldn’t somehow incorporate the part where Adam brings her dinner her first night at the blind school and she throws it all over the floor. (yes, it’s my favorite show of all time, why do you ask?) I hooted so loudly, my dog actually jerked her head up. Mark and Bridge was the icing on the cake. Oh Lola, thank you for this blog. It gives so many of us so much joy and laughter! Can’t wait to see what 2018 holds in store.

  25. Did not care for that strange brown hat, she has a small narrow face, she may not be able to pull off certain hats, say big picture hats and such, and she’s got twiggy legs so a lot of boots will swallow her legs up, still she looks like she has a cute petite figure, so won’t have to deal with Chutney’s long waist issues, still her clothes are proving to be incredibly expensive, that brown purse was 1550 buckaroos alone. I am already having a hard time believing that she is gonna be such a workhorse, with just this one outfit. If they take a beachy vacation in January, then I think we will be looking at another Chutney, and I personally am having a hard time giving her the benefit of the doubt that she will be such a breath of fresh air, and such a workaholic!!! Being as Ginger boy has been on a extended vacation since he left the military what is she gonna slap him across the face, and say I married you for the charity work, come on man lets get with it. Nahaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

  26. Lola, I was just on the Daily Mail showbiz, where Gingerboy is saying MM had such a wonderful Xmas with a family she never had, the comments below had me reeling, I’m still laughing, made my day!

    1. Oh good grief, just read it….I can’t even roll my eyes hard enough. I bet her family feels superbly dissed right about now lololol!

      It appears with the all the defensivness over “racism” and now acting like he just gave an orphan her first Christmas, Harry is looking for a damsel in distress rather than a wife. I wonder how Meg is going to handle this. She had a well off and charmed upbringing IMHO, and then managed to acquire abundant money and success, right up to marrying a literal prince. I can’t imagine this poor-little-Meg schtick from Harry is going to continue going over well with the general public.

      1. Agreed, all I’m seeing is major PR from Harry and sadly HM that “we’re all so down-to-earth and inclusive.” BRF must be scared the charmed life is over when HM passes.

        Harry gives some value and I’m sure MM will be out on Sparkle-offense on tours but they both come across as patronizing. I thought the comment about MM’s family must have been incredibly offensive to them about “giving her the family she never had.” I’m sure MM’s mom/dad are like what?

        Or is that the bull MM is spewing to Harry? If so, we’ve got Kate 2.0 wanting to be Babykins for her Big Harry.

  27. Sunny, I know this is hateful, but I hope the Queen is still alive when the marriage dissolves so she can say I told you so if Gingerboy did not get a prenup, and half is fortune from his mum has to go to Sparkles!

    1. I completely agree. I had a moment during the engagement video where they seemed really cute and then all the inconsistencies like she’s never heard of BRF/Diana-Charles and got to know the GingerWonder organically?

      All I keep thinking is how PO’d Carole has to be that Pippa got passed over for MM. Terrible to say but I’m wondering if that’s how puppy got two broken legs.

      1. Accidents can happen in many ways. All I know is that I once had a dog that deliberately did crazy acts whenever she felt slighted or ignored, including the following:

        A. One day after bringing our newborn baby home from the hospital, I was sitting in the nursery feeding my baby when my dog stepped into the room, sat by my feet, and deliberately swallowed a washcloth. Surgery.

        B. Another baby, another misbehavior; my dog walks in and sits in the identical spot. This time she had a new piece of soap, wrapped, in her mouth, and swallowed it.

        C. My husband and I had friends, with their baby staying for a few days. My dog tore the drywall in the kitchen/Family room, and ripped to shreds a carpet.

        D. At a family celebration, the same pup decided to express her anal glands every where she could – everybody left, gagging.

        E. A baby, this time she chewed the water socket in the bathtub, and swallowed it.

        F. Our beloved, but costing us a fortune, dog, literally jumped on a slide in the snow, fell off and broke a leg.

        Funny, but my husband said to me, only royalty can afford this dog! We both have had dogs, all our lives, but never one that was so hysterically passive aggressive. No matter what precautions, if she felt slighted, she would find her funny revenge.

        1. Dogs are so funny. Ours ate a brush once when my in-laws came to stay. He’d never done that and I never thought about him probably feeling left out and maybe being irritated about it.

          Dogs are by and large intelligent animals that can tell us a lot about the owner’s personality. Mine is a sweet–look twice at the kids and he’ll rip out a throat. Playful and lacks focus but he’s getting better; my mirror.

          Lupo is probably with the hamster planning how to break out of Kensington’s beige walls of hell so they can have some fun. Can you imagine running down those hallways? It would be like straight out of The Shining or Poltergeist.

          1. Sunny, I laughed with your dog eating a hairbrush. But did he swallow it whole? My dog should have been a circus act- she swallowed everything in one piece. Perhaps she was descended from a fired up sword down the throat? Our home was dog-proofed better than baby-proofed, but to no avail. When she passed on, our hearts were broken, but my first child said she wanted another “Goldman Retriever.” This next pup retrieved everything but gold or Mr. Goldman.

            How do people exist without the complete joy of dogs? Or my husband’s cat, who for 17 years called him Aron, or my neighbor’s cat who twice everyday walked beside me when I took my dogs for walks? The cat kept scratching at the collars of my pups, so one day I put a leash on her, and it was a sight – dogs and a cat, walking together on leashes! It was in local papers. Or this same cat, who would spend her days taking care of our rabbits in their hutches?

            Have a laugh, enjoy life, giggle at times you want to scream.

            1. Our lab tore up our underground sprinkler system, chewed through the metal chains holding up the trees, destroyed the lawn furniture, ate the air conditioner cover but the very best & funniest of all was the day I came home and our massive bar-b-que was in the middle of the yard! I couldn’t understand where he was going with it. He had a kennel in the corner, that he never used, so all I could think was he was taking it there to have a party. Dogs are weird.

              1. SpringsMom – Has your dog been watching one of those “redecorate your backyard” programmes on TV?

                No more HGTV for him?

                1. Cathy, you gave me a great idea to convince my husband to update our home!

                  I will act like my dogs! Over 25 years without one improvement in a house, unless destroyed by my Einstein dogs? Yes, I will pull out kitchen cabinets, pee on unpainted walls – or take a note from my smarter than me pup – just tear out all the drywall and crappy carpet in less than two hours. Hubby says if it is not broken, blah, blah, blah.

                  Thank you.

  28. For all the silliness about MM curtsying the proper way, here’s what Americans do:

    You put your right foot in
    You take you right foot out
    You take your right foot in
    And you shake it all about
    You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around
    That’s what it’s all about!
    Repeat with left foot

    Too funny with proper curtsies.

  29. Greetings Everyone,
    and Lola …

    Lola, a big THANK YOU for your fearless
    blogging about the 4 clingons (KWHM) as
    well as the mini-me’s in the making!

    I wish the best of everything to each and
    everyone of you.

    Without going into to much detail I have
    had a Christmas that has been mine and many
    others worst nightmare. It has been truly
    heartbreaking. So please bear with me
    for a few moments of your precious time.

    As we (some) of us being vaguely interested,
    whether it be from sheer frustation of the BS
    in the papers, magazines or tv on this pampered
    bunch of tossers, from time to time we look at
    or have checked out other “Royal” ish blogs etc.

    There are a few KMR, What Kate Wore,
    What Meghan Wore and now Mad about

    I mention these becuase if you are NOT a TOTAL
    blinded fan of what Middleton is wearing right
    down to her buttons… I particularly am referring
    to the three thousand pound picnic blanket,
    which was too short, which when she leaned
    over may (as seen on TV) may have lead to
    another serial flashing moment.

    After scrolling through a bunch of sugar and
    bubbles praising the Christmas Tree outfit
    on the “What Kate Wore” site – I added a
    comment. It was extremely well written,
    polite, courteous, just giving my honest
    opinion, saying that in my humble opion that
    wearing a three thousand pound picnic blanket
    and on at least 5 occasions stating that it was my
    opinion and that I was in the minority as others
    had obviously thought and said what they disliked

    I am not YELLING when I use capitals (I am just
    trying to highlight the fact that because I did not
    conform to the mind control where everything
    middleton does or does not do/wears/has/spends
    etc – Your comments are removed.

    Not only that when I actually asked very politely
    as to why – and requoted back to them that they
    were supposedly an unbiased group of “judges”
    being the commenters themselves that it was
    rather hypocritical of them to remove my honest
    opinion which was polite, gave the reasons why
    I thought what why the coat was a horror and that
    middleton’s hat looked like road kill (espcially)
    when they were criticising Meghan like anything,
    I got no explanation or response at all from the admin.

    Basically I if you are looking for sugar sites, the first
    three of which I mentioned are exactly that. If you
    disagree with them in any way – you are not in their
    club, no matter how polite you are when posting
    a comment.

    As for Mad about Meghan – I have flicked through
    it but am too skeptical to be bothered to comment.

    I am extremely sad at this turn of events. The world
    has become a very difficult, sad and brain washed
    place to be in – especially if you are not prepared
    to worship at the altar of kate middleton and
    everything she trots out in. Especially given that
    part of the running blurb these sites use is about
    how she conceals her “baby bump” – well if she
    dislikes it that much, why is she pregnant in the
    first place? I fail to grasp the idea of hiding
    something to the point that you wear something
    to conceal it which of course brings more
    attention to it.

    Maybe I am not really for this world of mind control
    which is why I am giving you all a heads up.

    Please be careful when you are making or even
    thinking of making a comment on any other sites
    because if you do not conform to the sainted way
    these Wastrels are portrayed then you are bullied
    off the site or they refuse to print your well
    reasoned point of view.

    It has got so bad that I actually saw a couple of names
    which I recognised as “used” to being regular honest
    commenters in the UK Dail Mail for example on these
    sites now selling their souls.

    Lola, please forgive me for raising this matter right
    now. I just believe that you deserve a vote of thanks
    from all of us for being brave enough to call it out
    when you do.

    It feels good to have kindred spirits where we can
    honestly view our opinions and not just say silent
    because silence is the very essence of the hidden,
    downtrodden and leaves us without a voice.

    With that I will leave you all in peace for a little
    while. I am grieving – have spent Christmas
    arranging a funeral of someone I loved dearly
    and this incident being “voiceless” was the last
    straw. Unfortunately my loved one passed
    away right on Christmas.

    So from me:

    Blessings to you all,
    I hope you find warmth in the smile of
    someone close to you,
    A basket full of happiness for you to
    A candle to light your way
    And more love than your hearts can

    Will see you in the Sunrise


    1. wild rose, I am sorry for your loss. Grief comes in stages, as I have learned too many times. I hope you have much support.
      The journey back to a smile takes one step at a time, or so I have been told. I had to learn how to be happy one too many times.

      I love this site, as it allows freedom of expression, people who like Kate, dislike a Kate, feel Meghan is a fraud, or is the next coming. Same with the rest of the Windsors. I was a fan of KMR, but the political correctness over nada has made me disconnect ted. Lola allows us all to give our opinions, and all are insightful, without the bone-meanness of other bloggers, or the vomit-inducing lovey of more. Especially I enjoy talking about royals and not politicians. I no longer glance at celebitchy, as everyone kisses Meghan and/or brings up such hate of Trump, figs why, that it is spewing hate.

      I much enjoy your postings, Wild Rose. Please let lovelolaheart continue in her spot-on criticism of Kate, Will, and the sometimes the lesser royals. Let us laugh together.

      Happy New Year to you, and to everyone else.

      1. One blogger in particular often gets attacked at KMR/MMR and it gets frustrating because her comments are normally fair if critical about KM. I suspect there is new activity because of Meghan, but it will die down soon enough as the same old laziness continues.
        I am keeping an open mind about Meghan for now only because she did have a real job and may actually do something with her new found privilege. But I won’t ignore if there is excessive spending on wardrobe or if the engagement numbers are as pathetic as her future sister in law. And Carole Middleton is having fits right now you can be sure so I expect to see more DM articles praising the pregnant one, or else Pippa will trot out with the cameras and do more “charity”.

        Wild rose I am sorry to hear about your loss, it is especially tough over the holidays. It is always enjoyable to hear from you though, whatever opinions you may have.

      2. I think I was banned from Celebitchy for not following the bloggers political leanings concerning Meghan. Nice to run into other people who have had similar experiences with Kaiser.

    2. Dear Wildrose
      i agree with your commenting as i hve found that when i was on other sites they dont print because i dont fawn over KM or MM
      think its totally obscene what is spent on their outfits ..for such a short time being photographed. ..
      i also am grieving and iam totally devastated at the loss of my partner suddenly. .taking him a coffee in the morning in garden and found him on the ground … totally devastating shock
      iam so very sorry about your loss …
      life is very special and its not a dress rehearsal and i am in total despair as we were getting married in february ..
      so its just so awful….
      Re the new member MM we find her very clingy on PH and we dont think she is suitable …

      1. Hi Daisy

        So sorry to hear of your loss. I hope you are able to get through the days now and have lots of people around you who love you and support you, especially at this time.

        Sending you a cyber hug from New Zealand!

  30. Sorry Everyone,

    Please, forgot to tick the “notify” me button,
    did not realise that I had to reconfirm my

    Blessings to all


  31. I am so sorry for your loss.
    I have always enjoyed reading your posts, I agree about comments being removed on other sites. I have stopped commenting and only comment on Lola.
    Take care X

  32. Wild Rose , sorry for your loss at Xmas, can’t think of worse time to loose a loved one, much less plan a funeral, my prayers are with you. I regularly get bleeped off of Celebitchy so I reckon their is a gaggle of us that say exactly what we are thinking and get in trouble for it.

  33. Wild rose dear,sorry for your loss.
    Love,lola heart is the best blog i have seen lately.Lola puts her opinion bravely & blogs like this are a must read for everyone.The other blogs just praise waity like she is some goddess!
    I think pregnancy is the only time waity looks like a woman!Otherwise with those boyish arms & bony ass she just looks like a malnourished male!The taller & thinner she tries to look,the more she looks like cast of ‘Avatar’!!
    With that thinnest lowest lip & apparently no upperlip even when she smiles all we see is shiny teeth & all those veeners!Everything is FAKE ABOUT HER!!!!!
    I feel that it’s time to put the royals & their retarded fans in a seperate country or a planet & let us live happily without their non-sense.
    P.S: Please excuse my english.It’s not my first language.

    1. Kate Middashian, and Ms. Markle, teeth the color of white out, oh my gosh, either they are veneers or professionally bleached!

  34. I stopped commenting at KMR and MMR because I feel that the blogger is afraid to express her opinions and now she tends to be very sugary and so it does the commenters (especially at MMR).The dynamics have changed a lot (especially at KMR). I missed the days when KMR was in the yellowish background. However, with Lola is very different. You can be yourself and the sugar just comes with the right doses 🙂

    1. @ Ana Ana I totally agree. Waity came by her name legitimately, now you’re only allowed to address her as Catherine/Kate/ or DoC
      Of course, they are all her names but her nicknames, Mattress, Duchess of Keen, Kannot and many more too numerous to mention describe her perfectly.

  35. The list of annual engagements carried out by the royal family is out! And as expected waity is the worst one out of them!!
    May god save Britain!!
    I don’t even understand how the British people are tolerating her!!

    1. I agree. All I can do anymore is laughing at them and anything written about them. I swear they have planted the seeds of their own demise. The question is how long will they last?

    2. My guess is Kate will suddenly pick up more engagements and a work ethic once Meghan struts her HRH Duchess of Sussex stuff and later announces her pregnancy.

      Actually its not a guess, Kate’s (mom) pretty easy to work out!

  36. And so the train wreck begins… dear dumb Harry makes some innocuous remarks that are seized upon by the ever vigilant Offenderati and now MMs delightful family of attention whores is publicly bickering all over social media about how functional they really are.

  37. I am sorry (well, a bit sorry) for taking up too much space on lovelolaheart, but…

    I read somewhere that Meghan was in the running to be a Bond girl. Maybe yes, maybe no.

    One of my favorite movies in the past years was “Belle” and it deeply moved me, in many ways. The movie was about a bi-racial girl, growing up with her wealthy white relatives in England. I know it was fiction, based on truth, more so than “The Crown” but it was – is – one of the most beautifully acted, thought-provoking films I have ever seen. I hope Meghan doesn’t say she was up for the role! However, I thought Belle was me, for many different reasons. When I received my DNA results, I finally understood.

    When I criticize Kate, I don’t see her as a lazy white woman. I look at her as wasting one of the greatest powers that a woman in her position can achieve – to bring joy to her fellow British citizens, and awareness to the less fortunate. FGS, stop with your tasteless clothes and wiglets!

    When I criticize Meghan, I do not see her as a freckled-faced (her constant comment) bi-racial woman. I want her to fulfill her potential in to be a great person in her marrying Dumbo – oops, Harry – and be a voice in Great Britain, and to work daily to help its citizens. If not, why marry Harry? To save the world with a whiny voice, and hold his arm until it falls off?

    I do not want to pre-empt my writings by saying I am not this or that. I am reading people on other sites attack Kate and Meghan for their race. I want to attack – um – criticize them for what they do, or mostly don’t do; the waste of money, that should go to me (kidding!) that they pay for ugly clothes; and figure out why the taxpayers allow a gross amount of holiday, vacation, and “saving African animals while drinking gin and tonics with friends” for months a year.

    1. I think like attracts like. If you accept that line of thinking, then Kate is perfect for William: lazy, self-absorbed, not very intelligent, entitled.

      Harry has more personality than his dour brother but apart from a few high profile outings that capture his interest, he talks the talk more often than he walks it. Meghan is articulate and comes across as passionate though her charity output does not remotely match the humanitarian mantle she’s been given. I think they both get swept up with the romanticism of being change agents but skate across the surface rather than do the hard yards. My take is that Harry and Meghan will enjoy the good life they already have, escaping scrutiny and being disproportionately lauded for putting on decent appearances from time to time – especially if they are overseas. They could do a lot but let’s face it, it’s not on the cards if past performance indicates the future. Meghan will fit into the BRF and Harry’s life. Since leaving the army, his life has been that of a jobless dabbler, interspersed with lots of personal time.

      1. You are probably right, Kittie. Sigh. I wonder where the three musketeers and d’tar are now. We should have a contest – Caribbean and extra points for island; Australia; Maldives; Seychelles; Mexico, and any other warm places?

        1. Well, Bellaluna, HM are no doubt in a warm climate sunning themselves. Remember, Meghan was seen buying bikinis in London just days prior to the engagement announcement. H&M can go anywhere and not be detected, as the couple has proved these past two years, so we should take as a default position that any ‘sightings’ will not only be palace-approved but generated by or with the consent of the principals. Given the UK is having horrendous weather at the moment – Storm Dylan – with attendant damage to structures and to people, it would be rubbing people’s noses in it to have two idlers seen holidaying yet AGAIN, courtesy of the taxpayer. Same applies to the other two slackers.

          1. America is so cold now, on the East Coast, sharks are freezing to death in our waters. A few miles up shore from my home in Potomac, a ferry service that commuters take from Maryland to Virginia, had to shut down due to ice.

            Kittie, I have a question. I saw the photos of Princess Charlotte, driven with her parents, visiting The Queen at Sandringham. I did not recognize her face. Can you, or anybody else, tell me this is the same child shown in the photoshopped Christmas picture? It is odd to me, in so many ways. Why hide the children from people? Is it a sick game William plays with the media? Charlotte and George change every day, like all young children. Why are the Royals’ best assets hidden from view? I understand William’s paranoia (King George 3, Queen Victoria, Kaiser Wilhelm 2, his cousins, madness with Victoria’s children, including Alice, mother of Czarina Alexandra and her sister Ella; Victoria’s heir and grandson, who was seen as not just a pervert, but Jack the Ripper and died a convenient death leaving George the heir; King Edward the 8, involved with Nazis, physical spasms, and more, leaving his brother, Bertie, who was traumatized from physical abuse, and screamed and cried in front of diplomats) and much more. The Royal family is a medical book. Forget hemophilia, Crohn’s disease, and more. Bring out the kids. Show them playing. Hiding them only feeds the nonsense that they have inherited the madness of Queen Victoria’s grandfather, and of which, hiding for forty years, after Albert died, wearing black, makes the nasty rumors of today.

            1. Bellaluna, it’s the same child. As you say, children change from day to day. The ‘Christmas’ photo was shot months prior to release so it is understandable that Charlotte will look different in late December.

              The BRF has inserted itself into the national narrative very slyly, little by little, almost on a daily basis, in order to be viewed as intrinsic to UK identity. The end goal is to keep its privilege intact. The Cambridge children’s images are doled out, a few crumbs at a time when the parents’ image is flagging aka their uselessness is called out. It’s a tactic that people keep falling for. I wonder if grown George and Charlotte will resent their parents for using them as pawns…

              I find William and Harry to be hypocrites. They loathe the media but also pursue the spotlight whenever it suits them. As a result of serious inbreeding, both men are too dim to make it on their own merits. What’s left but to be gawked at and feted for no reason? That’s the price they must pay for the endless privilege provided to them by a public with no choice in the matter.

            2. Bellaluna: Part of the reason Charlotte’s looks are confusing is because she doesn’t resemble anyone the public recognise because only principals are published all the time.

              It’s a similar problem that Harry had for a long time as he looked like a Spencer and as the public had no solid idea what the Spencers looked like beyond the red hair, the rumour of his parentage found fertile ground.

              Here is a cute pic of Harry and his Cousin George, son of Sarah (Spencer) McCorquodale.


              Luckily grown up Harry is a cross between Charles and Philip so no one can doubt his parentage.

              And grown up George looks like this:

              And so to Charlotte.

              First she looked like Carole Middleton/ Pippa.

              Then now she looks like Sarah Chatto, Princess Margaret’s daughter.

              Here are afew pics of Sarah through various life stages



















              The Queen looked like this as a child




              The Lady Louise is the one that looks like the Queen as a young child.


              Charlotte resembles Sarah who resembles The Queen, but as the public at large don’t know who Sarah is, they skip over their resemblance and then are confused by her current looks.

              That said, Sarah, The Queen and Charlotte all have that very strong Queen Mary look about them.

              Anne and Zara also Queen Mary look about them, but not as strongly as Sarah, The Queen and Charlotte.

              1. Herazues , what gets me is thus far is those Windsor genes skip right past Chutney’s beautiful hazel eyes!!!

                1. Msthang, i’m surprised at how strongly and quickly the Windsor showed up on the Cambridge kids.

                  The recurring joke is that Windsor begins to show in their mid-20s because that’s what happened with the previous 2 generations.

                  The Cambridge kids looked like they would be solid Middleton looking kids for their early years, but it’s faded so fast. In the case of Charlotte, it faded before her first birthday.

                  1. I’ve always thought that leaving hospital, infant Charlotte looked like HM. It was all in her cheeks and mouth.

                    Then, on the few occasions we saw her as a toddler, she looked mostly like Pippa. Now, I very much see Lady Sarah Chatto in her face.

                    I still can’t place George. His under eye lids are very much his mother’s, his brown eyes are Mike Middleton’s, but his rounded face, his cheeks, his nose? Other than the comedian Louis Anderson, I have trouble finding someone that George resembles.

                    1. Wetherby: ever since someone pointed out the resemblance between George and Louie Anderson, I can’t unsee it.

                      No matter how hard I try, he is forever Louie Anderson to me!! 🙂

                    2. I think George has Mike’s brown eyes, and Charles and William’s nose. He has the Windsor blond hair, and already seems tall for his age, like Philip and Diana. He has the Spencer cheeks.

                      Charlotte looked just like Carole and Pippa, with the facial shape of Diana, and Diana’s sparkle in her eyes like Diana. She was always a cutie pie, but changed so much in the last months – she is turning into a true beauty.

                      But who knows? One of my children, from birth to almost thirty now, is still my late beloved mother-in-law’s twin. Identical, and amazing.

                      I wish that KP would tell WK to let the kids be seen much more, or at least playing together or with cousins. It is win/win for all. Not intrusive pap pics, but a few professional children’s photographers snapping away, with editorial review by the royals, of course.

                  2. Herazeus, I just looked again at your links. In a few photos of Elizabeth, posing, or especially walking, George has the same expression, at least to me, and I laughed out loud. Thank you for your darling photos.

            3. Bellaluna, I have no doubt Chopper is playing games with the media and the public. It must be all he can do to pose for a holiday picture, with a woman he can’t stand to be in the same room with, so he is like we’ll just give them those posed with a missing arm from last summer. Why he couldn’t put out a lovely Xmas picture or one with George and Charlotte sitting in huge chair trying to make their way through a book, and then he doesn’t have to leave speculation that the marriage is on the rocks, and has been for some time, really anything with the kiddies would make the public happy. And then of course they can walk to church holding hands, and that should tie everyone over till summer. Really just something to let everyone know all is well !

              1. Or just photoshop everybody. Or put out a card with four or five photos, each person doing what they do best – Kate shopping, William Dad dancing, Charlotte playing tennis and George playing with helicopters, dinosaurs, swimming, and more while on his tricycle.

  38. Kittle, their are people like that , they are horrible but you are drawn to them because they make you look good!

  39. Ha! So true, though on a sobering note, I’ve thought about Gerry Downey’s post refusing to accept MM (in this instance) as a role model because media and palace PR are in full-froth mode doing our choosing for us. We need people who get stuck in and ‘do’, not pretenders.

  40. I love that you have a different point of view from others Lola so look forward to seeing your posts each time.

    I do hope that Harry and Meghan will be happy, I like the photos (but the “eyes wide shut” maybe not so much). As for the dress? I’m in the “bet it was borrowed” camp and the KP press release that it was purchased privately is just a load of twaddle. I view the “gift of another photo” as a load of bull too. Sorry, but I’ve never heard an English person speak like that so I’m thinking such b*llocks is coming from Jason? Why not just say “thanks for your good wishes and here’s another photo from the day”? Is there an app I can download to remove stupid pr statements?

    Best wishes for 2018 Lola! Hope you and Nightwing have a great New Year’s Eve too!

    1. I

    1. Daisy
      All the very best and all peace and strength to you at this difficult time for you.
      I sincerely hope you have people who love you to comfort you in the days ahead.
      I too know , what I will call “screaming grief”.
      My mother died young and so suddenly, that her doctor said later she would not have known anything of what was happening.
      Your with a caring community here, because of who Lola is as a person.
      Kind regards, Kiwi

      1. Thankyou so much i hve a lot of crying and sobbing as i didnt get to say bye as i found my darling on the ground in the garden.. awful so awful .. i miss him so much… and he was love of my entire life worked together and lived life together every day for 20 plus years …
        am taking each day as it comes as i hve to do business every day .. i stop and cry and then get on with the job..

          1. Thankyou so much
            life for me has changed so much
            i work all the time as i miss him ..and finding iam exhausted most of the time
            gosh finding everything difficult ..but must find strength from somewhere ..
            thankyou for kind thoughts

        1. Daisy
          I understand your comments regarding no chance to say goodbye- it was the same for me with my mother.
          I hung onto my last memories with her.
          Work, yes it helped.
          All peace and strength to you, Kiwi

          1. Thankyou for your comments
            awful for us left behind when in the situation of grief all we can do is try and hve strength from somewhere. .

      2. “Screaming grief” is a perfect description for unthinkable loss. I screamed until hoarse when the pain of loss became too hard to think. And then I screamed more when people said you have closure, you didn’t have time to love a stillborn, blah, blah blah. Screaming grief is losing heart and soul.

        I hope that one day, Kiwi, Daisy, Wild Rose, and all survivors of heartbreak may one day feel that life is worth living, day after day.

        May everybody have a better 2018 than 2017.

        1. Bellaluna
          People can say such dumb things and I know I can do it too.
          The loss of your child, that is so tough. My husband and I have had only one miscarriage together, we both were a mess.
          I feel for you in the memory you have of this loss. Kiwi

        2. Thankyou so much Bellaluna
          hope you hve a good 2018
          a lot of people hve said to me since i lost my love of my life that they hve had a tough 2017 due to losing people they love … life can be cruel …

  41. The young lady has struck me as an opportunist from the word go. She does not seem to be able to take her hands off him for a minute as she is an actress who knows what is genuine and what is not? Surely the new entrants to the family are given courses on what is acceptable. as the fiancée has such a predilection for Africa the stage has been well set.

  42. Greetings Everyone,

    Welcome to 2018 and I believe that we all owe
    a great debt of thanks to Lola for making this
    wonderful platform of thought into something
    that is honest, upfront and inclusive rather than

    I do not wish to take up too much of your
    precious time however kindly bear with me,
    as this “Community” means more than words
    can express – but I would like to at least try.

    I have waited until today to pass on my deepest
    appreciation to all who expressed their kindness
    and sympathy to me during this very difficult,
    heartbreaking period.

    Trust me I know that there are many of our group
    apart from myself, Daisy is an example that springs
    to mind along with Kiwi and the “screaming grief”
    that was so eqloquently described.

    All that keeps running through my brain from the
    last thought at night until the first thought when
    I wake, is my gratitude for knowing what it means
    to love. Whether it be partner, parent, uncle, aunt,
    sibling, or beloved pet… that we have lost and
    our heart gets ripped out at that split second in
    time – nothing can ever erase that moment.

    Yet somehow in the morning the love that we have
    lost is and shattered our heart is full again when
    for a moment we have forgotten that they have
    passed from this world and beyond our sight.

    For all of us, I believe that those we love and
    treasure are never lost to us, for as long as we
    live and remember them, they will live, and to
    to me that is our bridge across forever.

    I hope that helps bring a little ray of hope for
    those who need it the most.

    Now onto the rather distasteful subject of
    the BRF and Baarf as I am beginning to refer
    to it as due to the neverending vomit inducing,
    sanctimonious crap that is being peddled in
    every magazine, news clip, new paper or even
    television news.

    The Train Wreck is hurtling down the line at
    a rate of knots that even the English Chanel
    could not stop them drowning in shit of their
    own making.

    Yes – many are criticised if the mini-me’s are
    referred to in a negative way however, when
    it is well known that one of these mini-me’s are
    being schooled for an afternoon every two
    days a week for over Thirty Thousand Pounds
    this year and will be raised in an environment
    where they are worshipped, will never hold a
    job in their lives (unlike the other Royal Houses)
    where even the Crown Prince has had a job as
    well as carring out Royal Duties – then we as a
    people have a right to criticise.

    As for the Racial thing – I couldn’t care less if
    they were black, white, green, orange or purple
    or resemble the teletubbies in their variety of
    colours, the issue is the absolute arrogance,
    sense of entitlement, lack of moral or fiscal
    responsibility and these 4 Wastrels (KWHM)
    and their mini-me’s are giving the very people
    they need to keep their lazy butts on a throne
    the “up yours”.

    Maybe middleton will carry out more duties,
    Maybe bill will be King but he may never
    get to the throne,
    Maybe harry will actually suprise everyone
    and get his ass into gear
    Maybe meghan will show up the first three
    mentioned and shock the lot of them
    Who knows… however as you know the
    chances are that slim that The Queen will
    be 102 before they realise they totally
    screwed it up.

    As for the disgusting headline about who
    did the most work in 2017 – it should have
    “Who did the LEAST amount of Work
    in 2017” kate middleton of course!

    It is as case of:

    Mirror, mirror on the wall,
    Who can spend the most money
    and be the laziest of all?

    And the award goes to kate middleton.

    As for the games hiding the “baby bump”
    she must be batshit crazy – because if she
    hates being pregnant that much why on
    earth does she draw so much attention
    to it – or for that matter why bother
    getting pregant other than to get out
    of Royal Duties for the next 30 years,
    mind you she has had 35years of doing
    sweet bugger all – I suppose she figures
    that is they key to life.

    Well there is a going to be one hell of a
    shock when Her Majesty passes because
    I personally think that the British People
    may actually wake up and see how long
    they have been taken for a ride by the
    bill and kate, harry and now possibly
    meghan road show.

    Either way – this charade is getting more
    difficult to hide and the PR is just not
    cutting it anymore.

    If I am wrong I will be the first to stand up
    and say so – however, from the last 7 years
    and ongoing passes given for being sons
    of Diana, none of it bodes well.

    Well, I have rambled on long enough
    and this is for each and everyone one
    of us

    Hold your loved ones close,
    Find shelter in a storm,
    A candle that will light your way to
    guide you home,
    Share a smile with a stranger and
    find a kind word to someone who
    needs it the most,
    A basket full of happiness to you all,
    All the love and blessings that your
    hearts can hold.


    1. Wild rose
      I really appreciate this community too.
      Peace and strength to you too in your grieving.

      My husband and I attended a funeral just after Christmas for a “second mum” to our family so we join you and others in this sad reflective time.
      Kind regards,Kiwi

      1. Kiwi, my heart goes out to you for your great loss. What a blessing to have had the love of a second mum. Her memory will live forever in your heart and her many loved ones.

        1. You are a kind person.
          The second mum was actually with my husband, although I had known the lady some years before meeting my husband.
          We actually take some strength in her personal faith (Protestant) which meant the world to her.
          The memory which stands out regarding this lady was her sweet nature and overwhelming kindness to many people.
          I wish Kindness could be passed around more!
          Thank you Bellaluna.

          1. Kiwi, I don’t think we’ve directly talked before as I’m relatively new to commenting on Lola’s amazing site, but I wanted to say how sorry I am, and that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Please take care and may you feel strength and love as you approach each day.

    2. Dear Wild Rose,

      Who in our community does not draw strength and grace from thinking of you standing on the prow of your boat, facing the waves and a distant storm coming, working sixteen hard hours to come home and take food to a shelter nearby? We all stand shoulder to shoulder with you and the lovely others here who give unselfishly because it is who we are.

      May you and all here have a 2018 with peace and beauty.

    3. You are such a lovely person with a beautiful and inspirational soul, Wild Rose. I hope all 2018’s storms will pass quickly for you and that your blessings will be especially abundant this year.

    1. Honeysuckle
      It’s been in the news here in New Zealand about the debate in Oz ie Australia becoming a republic in the near future.
      I have the view that NZ will be one of the last to do this coz of our Treaty of Waitangi relationship with the Crown.
      Just my own view. Perhaps Cathy and others here may have differing thoughts.

  43. 3 Rows Gingerboy and Sparkles, who are they kidding, 18 seats, I bet BA had to pay for it. Before Xmas she had 16 percent approval rating by the British public, I bet it is not even10 percent now!!!

    1. I hope she didn’t wear the red wrap dress with the plunging neckline to church, as the DM claimed. That’s getting attention for all of the wrong reasons!

    1. Msthang, you are too kind. I have seen movies with actors, twenty stories high on an icy, Vaseline rooftop, hanging on for dear life to their savior (or not) and their clutching and gripping does not come close to Meghan with Harry.

      One more time, and she will be Duct Tape.

        1. I read other blogs, and wonder why people think that Harry, Meghan, and the rest of this matrilineal orca family are not on constant vacation? I mean the soon to be formidably foursome failures?

          Because the Royal family has closed down all photos in the United Kingdom, by not just lawsuits, but government ordered, with threat of jail, for any media to publish photos, and much more, without the government employees, aka Windsor, Saxe-Coburg, Battenburg, Romanov, etc. express permission. That is why Harry got away with his trips to visit Meghan. FFS, people, the Daily Mail, next door neighbors to Kensington Palace, will be shut down if they “dare” to print anything.

          Home in America, I can look up all the pictures, including police seizing tourist’s cameras, and smashing them, which is against the law, and which mucho pounds have been paid for “Silence.”

          If the royals were savvy, they should make up, eating humble pie, to the Pravda press, reporting on what people think are rumors, and poor Harry, working so hard to save Aids patients, save the 90 percent decimation of all large wildlife in the past ten years by a certain huge Asian country, while they pay….

          Come to America! See the world, Brits, that you cannot see, even with your numerous “passports.” I vented, since I just want to clean my spleen.

          1. By the way, lovelolaheart, I am being monitored, and have to sign in every time I write anything on your site. I hope you don’t get into trouble.

        2. Kiwi, she is now officially Duct Tape. Today she was taped onto Harry’s arm and hands, while in Brixton. Duct Tape also should stop watching Shirley Temple movies, with her copying the tot’s “Oh, my!” expressions.

  44. what I would like to know what on earth happens to all the ill fitting clothes which have been shortened so much they are out of proportion and goodness knows there are not many rail thin people they could fit if donated. it boggles the mind the amount of money expended for so little improvement in appearance. I won,t go into the exposures but can honestly say in my whole life I have never experienced my clothing blowing around my person.

  45. Dear all, i was reading on celebitchy thread about Prince Charles looking to reduce his foundation / charity work as he takes on more of HM’s work when a poster claiming to work for The Prince’s Trust posted this comment. I think it’s very interesting and i thought you should read it.

    CJ says:
    January 4, 2018 at 3:54 pm
    First up a caveat – I work for The Prince’s Trust (but this comment isn’t too represent any official view from them!)
    One thing to note is that the Trust is huge and although HRH does also have a significant number of charitable organisations, The Trust is a charity that operates its own charitable programs as well as working in partnership with other charities. I do fundraising to bring in money for these – everything from e-mentoring and funding young people who have an enterprise idea but aren’t sure how to make it a reality, to Get into and Get Started programmes for unemployed 18-30 year olds to gain skills in areas like hospitality, construction, and retail, to Fairbridge who take referrals from social workers and prisons to help give young people skills and motivation to change their lives.

    Charles is a figurehead, and to be honest a hardworking damn good one. The charity won’t fail without him, but there are major donors who love the fact they get to go to awards and receptions with a royal and although I personally don’t care all that much, I care that the money comes in to keep these programmes/grants/activities running.

    I think it’s bonkers that anyone would pass up getting to take on figurehead of the Trust – yes it is sometimes slogging around to places like Stoke-on-Trent to shake hands and look at a freshly painted centre, but that centre will change thousands of lives, and Charles does do much more than that. He doesn’t run it day to day but he does strategically look at aims and has set the Trust an ambitious target of helping a million young people within the next few years; and 42 years ago he bothered to put the effort in to found a charity to work on youth unemployment and underemployment. So although I call him a figurehead he isn’t without value.

    General consensus in office idle chat by the way is we think Harry will take over figurehead role, unless William pulls his finger out (most likely from being shamed) . The Trust needs some royals who will put the hours in visiting centres and hosting receptions and galas so if Meghan will help Harry with this, as seems logical, then bring them on!
    The Trust is Charles’s pet charity though so we don’t expect him to give it up before he absolutely has to.

    1. I’ll add to their comment with the observation that the example they give in their comment of Charles having to go to Stoke – on – Trent to look / open a centre is a very good example of the kind of bread and butter engagement that WHK avoid and dismiss as mere ribbon cutting.

      1. Herazeus
        Many thanks for your posting of “CJ’s ” comments.
        Very interesting seeing their viewpoint.
        I think William and Harry are deliberately rewriting the rules for royal duties. So I do not have the view that either W or H will step up as “CJ” has some hope of in the future.
        But…I could be wrong and I should believe in W !!!
        (How , I do not know given his selfish, immature and entitled behaviour towards Catherine over the nine year Dating/living together/Breaking up years.)

    2. What a great bit of info. Thanks, Hera. It’s good to hear that Charles’ involvement is concrete and ongoing.

      Harry will be at most a figurehead celebrity, IMO. The last thing he wants to do is go to Stoke-on-Trent. Monaco is more his style.

      Charles had a grand vision and followed through in spades. Harry and bro have a vision of turning royal slackerdom into the job (it’s work maintaining that PR image). Fact is, what it takes to do some concrete good for the foundation is to share the same vision as Charles, and neither brat does. If the vision is not shared Harry will just be the usual cipher and it will show. The boys really have no visions except ones that stroke and celebrate their egos.

      It’s all such a shame.

      1. And an expensive sham as well as an expensive shame.
        ‘Celebrity figurehead’ sums up the direction the brothers and their women are cultivating but this doesn’t amount to anything concrete being delivered; the wives are just clotheshorses. Big deal. Yep, it’s all about feeding their egos with appearances a dreary requirement to keep the moolah rolling in.

        I am surprised that Brits believe the PR pap that is so persistently peddled. It’s all a bit co-dependent – such a nasty family has so successfully conned a country out of its self-worth and self-determination. I cringe when Brits self-deprecate as ‘commoners’; it’s just too pitiful for people to succumb to the nonsense that is ‘royalty’.

  46. You reap what you sow. Charles and the Queen have let W+H run wild to the point where they are now a burden. Neither man is bright or driven, neither has a developed sense of duty or purpose beyond their own pleasures. And neither is busy with anything that would negate taking on the Trust. WHK do their own version of ribbon-cutting with their Royal-lite fluffy events so who are they to turn up their noses? The fools really do believe their own publicity.

    That said, the fact that donations might fall off because donors want to rub shoulders with a royal is shallow. Either the cause is worth donating to or it isn’t; getting off on proximity to a royal as the principal reason to donate is pretty shabby thinking. I wouldn’t want to meet/court such people either.

    1. 2 more comments from same commentor.

      CJ says:
      January 5, 2018 at 1:53 am
      Thanks for the kind words everyone – I’ve been reading CB for years but rarely comment.
      I was always ambivalent towards the monarchy, but since seeing the impact of the Trust (which if a big charity but no means the only one that gets this much work from a royal) I do now appreciate the work they do.

      Having prepared and read briefing documents for events, if the royals do their job properly even a simple meet and greet is actually more work that just turning up – yes staff will book transport, arrange briefing documents, do research on attendees/supporters, and confirm logistics, but it’s not actually that easy to retain information about a large number of different charities/programmes/people and deploy it in the most valuable way. It’s a skill to be able to remember pertinent things about everyone you come into contact with and make them feel welcome and valued. Fundraising and relationship management is a career and employability skill for a reason – with just the accounts I handle it can be mind-blowing trying to remember hundreds of people and their connections and why they support the Trust. Charles routinely does this, it’s important for any charity that anyone representing them is up to date with facts and looking for every chance to build and develop a relationship. For the big donor receptions the briefing documents will take hours to read and remember, and it’s especially important with major donors that they feel that their contribution is valued. And every event will have at least some briefing and key points to ensure happen.
      I don’t envy Charles having to read, remember, and use all that information but he does it because he knows it’s what the charity needs from him. He’s not perfect or a saint, but I will give him that his work ethic is strong and personally I’ve seen him do the work needed for the Trust to be able to get the funding needed to support young people.

      It just bugs me when every event a royal goes to is dismissed as shaking hands for a few minutes – some will be, and I can’t definitely say whether everyone takes their work as seriously as Charles, but when done properly there is a significant amount of behind the scenes work and skill involved on the day.
      Rant over!

      This comment was in response to someone who said Charles was being unfair in expecting WH to follow in his footsteps and or do royal duties.

      CJ says:
      January 5, 2018 at 2:00 am
      They’ve retained their titles which means they are expected to do the job, which is acting as Presidents and Patrons of charities.
      It’s more comparable to someone keeping their professional title despite not practicing or keeping up the required professional development e.g. an accountant who doesn’t complete the required CPD can’t continue to use their professional suffixes. I’m a qualified lawyer but haven’t chosen to stay in law for my career so I don’t use the professional titles/suffix.

      I agree it’s difficult as they’ve basically inherited a job, but they are grown adults now and if they don’t want to do the job they can do what everyone else does and look for another job, giving up the benefits that come with the old one.

    2. Kittie
      I think William and Harry are cushioned at present.
      When the older generation are no longer active in their public role, it could be the turning point for the public to question more aggressively W and H in their roles.
      But the pessimist in me thinks W and H will have rewritten the public’s expectations by then.
      So many influential people have their own agenda to keep the status quo other than the Royal’s themselves too.

      1. Kiwi,
        WH are already instructing the public: look at how little they do now, all on their terms. Plus they’ve told the world they will be operating differently in the future, as in, “blink and you’ll miss us … but keep paying, fools”. I agree there’s an army of folk with vested interests in keeping the status very much quo.

        I hope the public demands more, but they seem pretty whipped to just accept whatever the royals dish up and demand of them aka blind adulation.

        1. Part of the reason Charles still gets attacked although the does the most work is that he is older and isn’t cute. William and Harry banked on that for a very long time and that is fading away. They will be scrutinized more as they age, especially if their wives spend insane amounts of clothing. Kate has no sign of slowing down on that account and it is disgusting how little was done with her spending more this year than ever and not increasing her work accordingly. The Queen’s presence is a buffer for all of them, but when she is gone the spotlight will shine brighter in what they do. Charles is ready, but it’s obvious William is not.

  47. Herazeus, thanks for sending through. I have no doubt that Charles preps for his engagements as thoroughly as this staffer claims. He’s demonstrated ongoing commitment to TPT for over 40 years. It’s a shame he, Diana and extended family members did not instill a strong work ethic in WH, discipline them or teach them humility. We’ve heard William admit to NOT reading his briefing books. I’d say Harry preps to an extent; he’s decent when he follows directions, unimpressive if not.

    The last sentence from CJ is most telling. You can’t argue with the sentiments though clearly some at Celebitchy insist on infantilising WH, refusing to hold them to standards they’d never accept from anyone else. People assume that William will be King until he dies and has plenty of time up his sleeve; if the monarchy lasts, I’d reckon on a short reign (or none at all) and tossing it to George asap or after Charles. Then back to hunting, video games and tv.

    In all frankness, if William finds the role weighs too heavily, he should make the hard decision and remove himself from his position. Harry too. They won’t, of course, because they have grown up cushioned by family privilege and endless deference and money at their disposal. William has struggled with everything he has claimed he wanted to do, quickly losing interest though really, he’s just not very bright or disciplined. He’d never survive. Nor would Harry. The problem with exalting a family as ‘royal’ is that it robs them of personal resilience, humility and a sense of purpose.

    1. To make a decision would force the boys to grow up. Better to sit on the fence and whinge about your life while flying off to Fiji in a private jet. That they are not held to the same standards as any other human being/man just boggles my mind. Their challenges are petty in relation to how the world really and brutally works.

  48. My sincere sympathy to everyone who is going through a loss. Happy new year everybody! I some times think Chuck & Liz will not allow Bill to leave is because it might cause a republic in G. B.? Liz would be forced to abdicate & Chuck would never be monarch.

    1. Halia, very good point, although HM has said that if they did away with the Royal family, they would go quietly. Me thinks not!! In fact I think they would put up quite the BIG STINK!!

      1. Ha! More likely they would go sneakily (dragging their chests of gems and gold and deeds to the duchies with them under the cover of night).

      2. Go quietly? Nah, they’d demand a huge severance payout. I’m sure money has been squirreled away from the annual grants made, as well as being funneled to family members too precious to have jobs alongside the common folk. And for sure, they’d seek to wrestle the Duchies out of public ownership. And probably demand security forever. Such a shame the British public does not understand that they are being diddled.

  49. Herazeus, if I curtsied or bowed to anybody (except where all people greet each other in this way) you would find me at your feet, like Princess Anne with Felipe; however, I would not able to get up again. You are, to use the millenials word, “Amazing.”

    I saw in the magazine Architectural Digest the magnificent dwelling Charles saved, with much help from the Rothschild family. Charles understands the meaning of micro-macro management, and knows his presence, with people working the important details, can bring more money into his charities. The more I read of his accomplishments, the more my admiration grows. It is not sad, but human nature, to give more if one can meet a Queen, Princess, President, in return for their more generous gifts. One can dine for years on the time, say, Prince Charles chatted with me about shared interests. (FYI, my shared interest with Charles would be to share his money and lifestyle.)

    Thanks again, Herazeus, and thank you so much, lovelolaheart, for your funny, informative and lovely blog.

  50. And guess who has to attend church in Sandringham again? Very interesting that not only Will and Kate attend church beyond the usual Christmas and Easter photo ops, but Pippa shows up. Please none of them attend church unless they get photos taken. If they were familiar with the gospel condemning Pharisees they would know not to do this. Guess they don’t actually listen once at the biannual attendance.

    It is really no coincidence that Kate is showing her face more now that Meghan is on the scene. The Middletons are not going to give away their spotlight if they can help it.

    1. Nic919, I’m even more surprised by Ma Midds, she never misses an opportunity to see and be seen!

  51. Greetings One and All,
    especially to our fearless Lola!!

    Thank you for all of your kind, lovely
    thoughts sent my way. They were
    captured in my hands like a delicate
    butterfly and then set free to bring
    joy to someone else…

    and so it goes.

    As for me an update that probably
    no-one saw coming. Picture this,
    3.15 a.m. after a 16 hour day helping
    out, I sat down to complete some
    paperwork finished it, stood up,
    managed to get my left leg caught
    and hit the floor. It was 10 minutes
    later that I realised I had no feeling
    down my left leg, I had to crawl down
    the length of the hallway to try and
    get help as I could not stand.

    Long story short I have a broken my
    left heel, fractured every bone in my
    left foot, can only move my big toe,
    am on crutches and in a cast to my
    knee – excruiating pain and welcome
    to 2018!!!

    The funniest part was that I was filling
    out the last part of a form called:


    for end of life issues!!

    NO JOKE….

    Moving on from that absolute
    nightmare thought I would bring
    your attention to a little something
    that I have read in the Majesty Magazine
    of which this is a direct quote from the
    Queen herself (it was in the article
    relating to her 70th Wedding Anniversary)

    ….”If a member of her family goes to her for
    advice, however, she will give it. When she
    does, she expects them to take it.

    Unlike her husband, the Queen rarely shows
    impatience. She just likes to get on with the
    job in hand.

    She is aware, and always has been of the
    fluctuations in public opinion regarding the

    She is concerned about its trivialisation and
    holds the view that the monarchy has NO
    power, only influence, and that influence is
    in direct proportion to the respect people
    have for the institution.”

    That about sums it up…. no RESPECT,
    no MONARCHY.

    As well as that, you know me and my total
    boredom threshold, have to do about 4
    things at once and have 3 books on the go,
    I am re-reading this book and if you can get
    your hands on it, I highly recommend that
    you also do.

    It is called:

    “That Woman” by Anne Sebba
    The life of Wallis Simpson, the Duchess
    of Windsor.

    Please do not mistake the raising of this as
    anything to do with Meghan. Should you
    read this book then I think you will find the
    persons described in this book are closer to
    Bill the Petulant, her Perpetual Laziness
    middleton, Harry – different generation
    but the moment you read it you will
    understand what I am getting at….

    Queen Elizabeth I had a famous quote
    “must” is a word never used to Princes

    well in this book… one of the many rather
    straight to the point attitudes of the BRF
    which is Bill = Edward VIII,
    Middleton = Wallis
    Harry = Duke of York (once he wised up)

    on page 121 of this book in the last
    paragraph this is a first hand, witnessed
    event that was being described and I am
    quite sure all of you will find this familiar
    and true then as it is right now..

    as follows:

    …What was objected to was not so much
    the new King’s awkwardness or obstinacy –
    a monarch was entitled to that and after all
    George V had often not been easy.

    What they minded was the obstinacy devoid
    of any sense of duty or service.”

    Which is bill the petulant and her laziness
    to a nth degree 50 years later.

    Food for thought.

    Well now I must love and leave you all,
    as you will be falling about laughing at the
    circumstances that led to me being in my
    current predicament!! It is okay to laugh
    because the irony of the whole thing was
    certainly not lost on the Doctors and
    Specialists treating me.

    Now having to engage my mind as how
    to help others while in the current mess
    I am in – that will be a bit of humour!

    All yours:

    A bucket full of happiness,
    A hand to hold when you need it the
    A candle to light your way
    And all the love your hearts can hold

    See you in the Sunrise


    1. Wild Rose! So sorry to see this! This is not the way to start 2018. Please be careful and don’t overdo it–I can imagine being laid up is a nightmare for you. I sprained my ankle a few years back and had no patience for a walker or crutches, bowling down the hallways to keep up with this and that.

      Again, prayers and good thoughts to you as you heal. Your points about the Queen and co continue to be spot on.

    2. Wild Rose, I had read several places that Edward had actually fallen out of love or infatuation by the time he married Wallis,but felt that he had to go through with it anyway. Due to his royal laziness it was also his way to get out of the job. Once married to Wallis what the hell did those 2 do all day? On another note I am sorry about your ankle you have had heck of a rough road to hoe, So very sorry Maam!!

      1. I love that book. It’s very sympathetic to Wallis without turning her into a victim or the wronged party. She feels human rather than the caricature of history.

        And Msthang, whoever you said that about Edward’s feelings for Wallis can’t have read the histories and their own letters.

        Edward was obsessed with Wallis to an unhealthy degree. She just wanted to have fun. Due to his obstinate obsession, he pushed her into a corner she couldn’t get out of.

        He organised her divorce from Ernest who felt he had no choice but to acquiesce to the demands though ever the gentleman he arranged to be the one caught in an adulterous affair in order for the divorce to go through.

        In those days, people staged adulterous affairs ie caught at a hotel with a paid companion and the witnesses would swear that they were a couple which would be presented in divorce court as evidence of an adulterous affair even though the entire thing was staged.

        Anyhue, Wallis tried as much as possible to slow down proceedings and when Edward told her that he intended to abdicate, she tried very hard to talk him out of it, going as far as suggesting they break it off for good.

        But Edward was obsessed and refused to let her go, and by now convinced that it was the only way, went ahead.

        Wallis was said to have wept bitterly when she head the announcement and the speech.

        And once the deed was done, she had no choice but to marry him. A choice she would reveal in letters to have regretted because she felt she had to make it up to him everyday for the loss of a kingdom.

        She wrote frequently to Ernest of her sadness that they were divorced and how she missed him. And how she had to find ways to keep Edward amused and entertained.

        Their homes became mini palaces with Wallis ensuring that everything still ran as if he were still King. She asked and received his royal standards and displayed them in their homes.

        And she cultivated all the people and connections that would keep him in the style he was used to.

        And even when they were banished to the Bahamas, she carried out duties as if they were a royal couple in good graces with the BRF.

        And she never, ever publicly complained about her lot except in letters to Ernest.

        Meanwhile, he remained the eternal, petulant child. An albatross around her neck. Forever obsessed by her, his lost status and his belief that the BRF would invite them back to Britain and give them some sort of ambassadorial role alongside the new royal family. And getting Wallis her HRH which had been illegally denied her by the family. And bumbling into political situations under the misguided assumption that he was helping the British govt eg that Hitler visit. He genuinely thought that touring the workers programme in Germany would help him take those same ideas to Britain to help with the unemployment problem over there. Hitler saw this as a PR coup and was happy to be photographed with them, and personally toured with them to the programme. Nevermind the true nature of the workers programme and the fact it used unpaid, oppressed members of German society pressganged into working on it. That little factoid was kept from the visiting Duke + Wallis.

        By the end, they led a tawdry existence with cafe society types. They had to sing for their supper to maintain the illusion that they were still important and to pay the bills.

        All of that said, the establishment played a blinder in selling the abdication to the public. And Wallis remains the victim of this smear.

        It was known that Edward hated royal duties. As POW and as King. He didn’t read govt papers which he often left lying around. Or he would discuss contents with his dinner guests and friends. He slowed down the business of govt by not reading and signing the papers. But he was also known to hang out with people who were enemies of the state or rather, people not on good terms with the establishment eg the Nazi ambassador to Britain. He would blithely tell them the information in the govt papers with no thought regarding consequences.

        And he would refuse to carry out royal duties or go out of his way to reject advice from ministers and govt advisors. He thought he knew better.

        At first Wallis was tolerated because they thought she was just a fling and he would eventually settle down to a suitable bride, but instead his obsession grew to point where he decided he had to marry her nevermind that she was already married.

        And some of Wallis’s friends were also suspect in terms of their connections to enemy states like Germany.

        Eventually the two strands of his life clashed, but the establishment couldn’t exactly push him off the throne without reason. They therefore played on his weakness for Wallis. Persuaded him that abdication was the best solution to the problem. They were careful to make him believe that life after abdication would remain the same except he wouldn’t be King, but his status would remain high and he could continue as before except married to Wallis.

        And like a Lamb to the slaughter, he was led down the path of no return.

        And the establishment played up the idea that he couldn’t be King and have Wallis.

        And that lie continued to hold until the official govt papers were unsealed and all this other shenanigans came to light.

        Namely that the abdication wasn’t inevitable and if he had been a much more intelligent person, he would have realised the lies he was being fed to push him off the throne.

        The official story of the abdication for the woman he loved sounds romantic, but the reality was he’ll for everyone especially the scapegoated Wallis. How do you make it up to someone who has given up an empire for you. What a burden.

        1. GMR didn’t,t Winston Churchill say a statue should be raised for Wallace Simpson for taking Edward off our hands?It,s surprising considering the machinations at the time that the current lot do not take heed.A more lazy group would be hard to find.also if the average person kept on making excuses about being orphaned they would be given pretty short shrift.The offspring of all the casualties both from war and terrorism carry on without the finances and everything else which has benefitted the sons of Diana who lost me as a supporter when she did that television interview which I considered appalling.

        2. Herazeus
          Thank you for your input. That is really interesting.
          I too believed the lies regarding Edward abdicating for love. Yikes and bother it. Kiwi

        3. I remember watching a documentary on Wallis’ letters to Ernest and that was a real eye opener. It changed my view of her a bit. She surely sounded trapped.

          Well, Edward got his forever nanny. It seems to be the main theme running through iterations of ‘royal boys’.

  52. Greetings One and All,

    Just thought I would add a little bit to my
    earlier post (apart from my episode of
    wrecking my left leg) pretty ironic that
    I was completing an end of life
    “Advance Care Directive” when I
    managed to do so much damage not
    even 4 days into 2018 – a sense of
    humour certainly helps,

    Msthang: this is what I was getting
    at when I referred to the book
    “That Woman” in the passage that
    I quoted verbatim, it specifically
    refererred to it being acceptable for
    a Monarch (King or Queen) to behave
    in a difficult, snotty, up yours kind of
    way and that because of who they
    were they were given a pass for that kind
    of behaviour.

    Yes – Edward VIII may well have been
    sick to the back teeth of Wallis which
    to me equates to Bill being hounded by
    middleton for 10 years, until he finally
    married her.

    From there 7 years into that
    fiasco, two children later and another one
    on the way, both “Bill and her Laziness”
    have done exactly what Edward & Wallis
    did for the rest of their lives, sweet
    fanny adams, spend shit loads of money
    on clothes, diet incessantly, take more
    than they give, behave like spoilt, sulky
    immature brats, and believe that they

    Adding insult to injury Edward (When
    POW, then King and before Abdication)
    put his own selfish whims before his Duty
    and Service. This is well documented.

    Exactly what the Inmates of Anmer Hall
    continue to do.

    This is what I was alluding to when I said
    to my mind/humble opinion
    Bill the Petulant = Edward VIII
    Middleton = Wallis
    Harry = (may get his shit together when
    he realises that the other two have
    buggered up the monarchy because of
    their acute vanity and self absorbed
    personalities). The Duke of York had
    to step up otherwise the Monarchy
    would have gone and there would have
    been no Queen Elizabeth II.

    Now even she understands (through
    the guidance and instruction mainly by
    Queen Mary as well as personal
    exprience) that the Monarchy has
    NO power, only influence but if the
    institution of the monarchy is not
    respected by the people then the
    Monarchy will fall. (QE II’s own words).

    Bill and her laziness have had enough
    years of idleness. Pregnancy or not, kids
    not, other European Royal houses have
    been through much worse but have
    known full well the cost of NOT doing
    their job properly.

    Bill has been given a pass all his life. He has
    raved on about grief etc well he is not the
    only one who has had a shit life
    (Queen Letizia’s younger sister
    committed suicide while she was pregnant
    with her second child) did you see her stop
    carrying out her duties? No – Letizia behaved
    impeccably, carried out her duties and she
    was about 7 months pregnant at the time.

    There was that terrible bombing at the
    Atocha Railway Station a week before their
    wedding, did you see them shirk their duties?
    Again, no. They scaled back their wedding,
    tended to the victims, reached out and
    showed what real Royalty is about.

    Bill and Harry have had one major tragedy
    in their lives. Yes it was plastered all over
    the papers, tv etc however it has allowed
    them to get away with everything they
    could (Harry though managed to get
    through the military which probably gave
    him a better focus and knowledge of
    service along with duty).

    With William he just used it as a crutch,
    as well as excuses and people have
    given them a pass all these years which is
    now not good enough.

    Please do not take offence (anyone) about
    how I am expressing myself. I am not
    saying that grief is not valid, nor am I
    saying that mental issues are not valid
    but these two, especially William have
    used their mother as an excuse for pure
    indulgence for over 20 years.

    When do people say enough is enough?

    Bill and his self absorbed mrs have made
    the BRF a bloody laughing stock. Those
    two have turned the house of Windsor
    into Z list celebrities, which has morphed
    into their definition of Duty (turning up
    for a photo op] as in the Church going
    hyprocrisy shown in the last day or so.

    Well I am sick to the back teeth of being
    polite about the vapid idiots. I like many
    other are fed up with the privileges
    afforded them without the Duty and
    Service expected of them.

    It is just not acceptable or good enough
    on any level.

    Can anyone imagine if Queen Elizabeth II
    behaved like these grifters for the last
    65 years on the throne or if her father
    decided “no bugger it – I don’t want the
    throne, I have two other brothers who
    could do the job” remembering that
    there were 4 sons of George V and
    Queen Mary?

    So that is my point Msthang – even if
    explained in a clumsy way, almost 50
    years later and we have the two most
    pampered, spoilt, self absorbed twits
    known to man expecting to be
    worshipped for getting out of bed,
    wearing a damn coat more than once
    and having another baby which I reckon
    is a band aid baby because there is
    trouble in that marriage and you can
    see it a mile off.

    Harry – goodness knows, but the other
    two Grade 1 wastrels have long needed
    a bloody good slap and the press to
    clean their lenses and have the balls to
    say what many think.

    I humbly apologise if this “rambling rose”
    has upset anyone, but I have just seen
    another pointless article and tv clip
    praising the useless twits for going to
    Church which was just another photo op.

    Lola –
    I apologise if I have taken up too much space
    in writing this however, I am so bloody fed
    up with bill the petulant and klingon kate
    who is worse than ivy growing on some of
    the walls on rotting country estates in
    England that I had to say something!

    Thanks for your patience and I will now
    shut up for the forseeable future…

    For you all

    I wish the best of everything that life
    has to offer,
    That you will find a friend when you
    need one the most,
    And remember that kindess is a
    language that the blind can see and
    the deaf can hear.

    Love and blessings, as always

    Will see you in the Sunrise


    (and please do NOT try and walk a
    mile in my crutches – it hurts too much!)

    1. Wild rose
      Aaaaawww no! Fractures are the pits! The pain can be just awful
      and the difficulty doing anything is just tiring and frustrating.
      I speak from experience, four foot fractures over twenty years.

      A friend suggested, based on personal experience, using an office chair – wheeled – to get easily about ie you ” scoot” about.

      As for the We Just Love Church-Going Hypocrites ie William and Catherine, who could possibly guess how The Meghan Effect could bless someone with a sincere and humble desire to praise God ! Incredible!
      Next, Meghan will indirectly have William and Catherine smiling at the cameras and releasing a lot more “relaxed” photos of themselves! CODE : Catherine at train station photos released on Harry and Meghan’s engagement day.
      What a laugh.
      Only I have stopped laughing as you have Wildrose.

      Very best wishes to you for a complete and full healing of your injuries. Kiwi

      1. CORRECTION!
        Catherine at train station photos on day Harry and Meghan did FIRST engagement together!
        NB. Thanks to the Middleton family for their loyal and committed relationship to the Daily Fail, sorry Daily Middleton newspaper for this article.

  53. Gosh Wild Rose wish you all the best poor soul take it carefully your post was so true and well written .. The lazies as you say just photo op.. wear very very expensive clothes for a short outing to get their picture in newspapers. . We are totally sick of the self absorbed personalities they portray… Will never understand why they get away with foing nothing of merit in our country.. total farce..
    they just talk stupidly. .when being interviewed well waitys voice is terrible its so put on ..pretending to be so posh its so elocuted its usually very difficult to understand a single syllable. .

  54. by the way to add a little more about Edward 8 his fate was supposedly sealed when he visited the miners in Wales and said something had to be done. After that the prime minister of the time Mr Baldwin made a concerted effort to remove him. It seems everyone these days don,t have the impetus to accomplish the same.In the years since the abdication the royals have been very careful but the newer generation seem to think they are immune to any criticism. and don,t seem to care that the status quo can be changed.

  55. On a happy note, there are beautiful photos of cutie-pie Charlotte posted yesterday for her first day of nursery school. I smile when I look at them. I was feeling grumpy yesterday, and then saw “twinkling Charlotte” and my attitude changed for the better – I think I will look at Charlotte whenever my annoyance with her family grates on my nerves too much!

  56. Bellaluna, Ah the innocence of the little people, she is adorable but does anyone have pictures or Ma Midds when she was a tot, I am thinking she looks an awful lot like her!!

      1. Thanks, Herazeus. Who said that all newborns look like Winston Churchill? Lol. I find it a lot of fun to play “who do they look like?” Not just with my own kids, but other children, especially the royals, since the royals are one of my hobbies. Plus “who do they act like?” when kids are older and maturing (or not) in some particular cases.

        1. Except in the case of the Spencers, they look like Winston Churchill BECAUSE they are related to him.

          Overlooked fact: Winston churchill’s proper name was Winston SPENCER-CHURCHILL.

          The family split into 2 branches during the 19th century because the 1st duke of Marlborough, John Churchill didn’t have a son who survived to inherit the dukedom.

          His second daughter had married a Spencer and her eldest son became the 3rd duke of Marlborough thus creating the SPENCER – CHURCHILL branch of the family whilst her younger son took up the Spencer inheritance and was given the Earl title.

          It’s sort of funny to me that in this picture of George, he strongly resembles Winston – the middle picture in the triplet.

          And in this picture, he looks like a younger version of the current heir of Marlborough, George Spencer – Churchill

          1. Yes, two years ago I made the pilgrimage to visit the cemetery of one of my heroes, Winston Spencer Churchill. It was humbling to see one of the greatest of men buried in a small parish cemetery along with Clementine, his mother, and other family members.

  57. Wild Rose, do take Kiwi’s suggestion about using an office chair to scoot about. I broke my left foot 10 weeks ago and do not know how I would have survived without my office chair. Best Wishes!

  58. Hi all. I’d love to get your feedback on something. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t shake the feeling that something is off with MM. I don’t know if it’s because I’m American and the idea that an American is disavowing the “all men are created equal” creed that is the reason for being of the U.S. to marry into the British monarchy rubs me the wrong way. Or if it’s the turbo-charged PR machine that is forcing down our throats the idea that MM is a “breath of fresh air” since she is American, bi-racial, formerly employed, a great humanitarian, college-educated yada yada yada. Or if it’s because she somehow stuck her hands/limbs in crazy glue and now can’t let go of PH’s hands/limbs without surgery. Or if it’s because she constantly looks like the cat who swallowed the canary. Or if it’s because the only friends of hers we have heard about are a personal stylist, a private club consultant, a fashion designer, another actress, and a professional tennis player. Or if it’s because she had a lifestyle blog a la GOOP.

    I am really trying to understand and embrace this relationship, but I just can’t . . . am I a bad person?


    1. Hi Carnations Everywhere–you are not wrong at all, at least IMO. The PR machine is running rampant, hoping that MM is a girl that will sell People Magazine like Katie was supposed to.

      I’m convinced DM and others think here’s a girl that’s used to living in front of the cameras–she’ll open the BRF up to have a friendlier relationship. As if! Charles will always expect to be the center of attention of MM had better watch it if she steals his thunder.

      I’m an American too and I would never give up our freedom, but MM is looking at the lifestyle and title. If she wasn’t getting “more” in the terms of luxury, I doubt she’d give up being an American or her lucrative career.

      1. I don’t know if something is off with Meghan; I think something is off with Harry. Yes, he was in the armed forces, and twice was in Afghanistan, but coddled and heavily protected, unlike his fellow soldiers. When his hide seemed in danger, he was whisked back to GB, unlike the rest of “his” men. Apparently he had a temper tantrum when told he would have to do his shift at desk work, and what he said to his commanding officers, if just the average Joe, would have had him court marshaled, and left to rot in jail.

        Why would Meghan give up everything for this man? I am sorry, but it is a feeling of treason for Americans to view others willingly give up their citizenship for any reason. If Meghan does this, and divorces Harry, for instance, she will find it very hard to enter the USA again, even for vacation. She is not Grace Kelly, marrying a billionaire fake Prince, dealing not ruling, in Central Park size principality, with billionaires as citizens; she is marrying into a peculiar institution, a monarchy that leads a country and commonwealth, different language (yessiree Bob, it is not American English, and she will never “get” it).

        If William and Kate get off their asses, and Kate works until her water breaks, and they share more beautiful, natural photos of their children, the “heir and the spare” now, I think people will get over their two-year lover-like infatuation with H & M, and they will be another Andrew.

        1. Bellaluna, remember, MM is an actress. Actors and actresses study, not for the art of acting, but for fame and fortune. Some are lucky, some are not and only a few can make it last. By marring the prince, MM has fame and fortune in the bag.

    2. Sit by me (love your moniker!). I’ve been pretty neutral about Meghan until her unveiling. She thoroughly acts and thinks like a celebrity, an American one. That is her cultural sensibility. It’s as if she’s living in this bubble that has nothing to do with the UK and the cultural differences and she certainly has shown no interest in getting to know and understand the differences.

      Her appearances have been telling. Both “work” engagements were really not about the work, but about being seen and celebrated. It was in essence about her (and Harry) and not the people. That’s why the frequent PDA happens- because it’s about the couple and NOT the work, which means acting in a professional manner- they could be loving but a tad more mature and restrained, IMO. It’s hard to believe she’s pushing 40.

      She certainly acts like she’s living the dream and it’s like a fairy tale. That’s enough of a red flag there to make one, at the very least, go hmm. My worst suspicion is that she will influence Harry more towards that celebrity culture at the expense of his roots.

      I also found the curtsey very jarring, which surprised me. I think, partially because she’s not married yet, she’s not royal yet, she’s still an American, supposedly an egalitarian (?)and yet it was so easy for her to get with the programme where bowing to status and position and class matter.

      1. It’s a relief to be able to read some perceptions of this couple without being torn apart by the rabid HM defenders. It has become an oppressive tactic, shutting down conversations.

        Someone here – sorry, I can’t recall who – very astutely observed that Meghan “plays to win at life”. In her case, that’s hustling to befriend and/or be adjacent to those with status, influence and money. Neither she nor her circle of ‘gonna-bes’ (the preferred SoHo House membership) can get there on their own rather thin abilities. Much of the HM relationship seems to have been conducted at SHH, orchestrated by M’s self-confessed best friend and SHH’s , Markus Anderson, who happens to orchestrate memberships. I read a very early piece that it was he, not some woman as the couple claim, who introduced the couple. I think it was more an opportunity to meet Harry that turned into something else, real or not.

        Meghan is simply a reflection of what Harry wants in a partner: celebrity-driven, beautiful, talks the talk, enjoys the good life to the hilt. They are both opportunists.

        1. “They are both opportunists.”. Yes, indeed! And hedonists.

          The thought struck me today that the Playboy had finally met his Playgirl. I finally see why the seemingly smart she is attracted to him, given he’s a dullard.

          I’m not really familiar with HM’s background together or hers so I appreciate the info. Harry is a true ‘Hooray Henry’ it seems, hanging with his Hurray Henry buds and now he has found his Hooray Henrietta.

          A.Men. also to feeling relief not to be constantly harangued for not being completely charmed by Meghan. More oases of reason have crumbled. It’s exhausting and repressive. I’m so glad for this one.

          1. One other thing: it seems that that engagement interview was riddled with half-truths and lies and dissembling. So why should we believe that their future presentations won’t be made of lies as well? They’ve already set the tone.

            1. That interview was riddled with dissembling: the pointed statement of attributing meeting through a ‘she’; the dog-gate issue; how they couldn’t quite get the story straight as to when they met; the endless gush about their Great Humanitarian Virtue and so planting the seed they’d be off to the Commonwealth to ‘help’. Ugh.

          2. I agree Maven & Kittie!! There’s a very bizarre double standard of criticizing Kate for a behavior and praising Meghan for the same one. Discussion is lost and any opinion of observation of a critical nature means you’re a hater. It’s sad. I thought Hera was quite brave to suggest that they start a pro-Meghan site with their own parameters but it doesn’t seem like they’ve taken her suggestion.

            1. You’re talking about KMR/MMR? I’m praying the two main Defenders don’t find their way here… Yes, a good idea for them to start their own site that meets their needs.

              1. Kittie- you know it!! And that is my hope too. Especially because as things ramp up for the wedding I can see it getting pretty uncontrollable and KMR washing her hands of running and moderating the blogs. I wouldn’t blame her at all for that decision.

                1. Oh, goodness, yes. Meghan can do no wrong and Kate is wrong every single time. It is exhausting. So many of the solid and good commenters are now gone from KMR and MMR.

                  Lola, you are one of the funniest people ever. Reading your blog is the tonic I need. Thanks for the New Year laughs and a fun way to while away time for the stressed out and weary.

                  Love so many of the comments here.

                  1. Hey, y’all. Brava to Lola for allowing her people to voice their frustrations, anger, humour, sensibility, fairness, annoyance and more without her having to confront or expell any of us.

                    Isn’t is a “breathe of fresh air” not to listen to swooning love, and rabid hatred, of Royal families on lovelolaheart? There is a blogger with almost sick hatred of Kate and Bill, and a almost stalking of love for Meghan and Harry. Plus a poster who is in desperate need of “Heads Up” help; she has even accused Kate of sexually exploiting Charlotte by the child’s way of sitting on steps. I believe the poster is in trouble, and may hurt herself.

                    If any of these commenters come to this site, please never defend or explain. Learn from Lola – humour disarms hate. Quote Shakespeare “The quality of mercy is not strained” or something witty or at least nice.
                    KMR and MMM are no longer gossip, and interesting Royal family lives, travel, palaces, and more. It is posters huffing and puffing at each other. Who gives a damn? Why not be snarking, smirking, but in a non-offensive way?

            2. So true. KMR and MMR have gone quickly down the tubes. A few stellar commenters linger on and are speaking quite eloquently but certain others have hijacked the sites and are too much to bear. A few major commenters who were always quite articulate and fun have bolted and the new ones who are unbearable are making it harder and harder to stand by! God forbid you like Kate, or are not 100% on board with Meghan. It’s just sad because the sites started out with the best intentions. Oh, well, it’s great here and Lola, you are probably the funniest person online. I love the poems others have penned, too.

              Cheers! And, WildRose, so good to read your comments again.

  59. Greetings Everyone,

    Just a line or three on the is MM or H
    “a bit off” train of thought.

    Has it occurred to anyone that it is actually
    Bill the Petulant and Klingon Kate that is
    a bit OFF –

    1. Band aid baby to fix up a strained
    marriage (10 years as a standing by the
    phone girlfriend)

    2. Klingon asking Bill on the steps of
    the Abbey if he was happy and his face
    looked like thunder.

    3. There are many photos that are not
    printed (some skate through ) if the
    reporters are sly enough showing that
    Bill looks as if he cannot even stand
    being in the same car as Klingon both
    her and him with faces like smacked

    The banquet just before Christmas was
    a case in point.

    4. The kids photos are only put out
    when there is trouble brewing.

    5. The overspending and pathetic work
    ethic has pissed off a lot of people, and
    maybe, just maybe

    Harry and Meghan may end up on the
    throne because even though ma middleton
    would crawl up a drainpipe or over broken
    glass to get the two on the throne when
    the time comes …

    It just may end up that Bill and Klingon
    will be advised to or forced to forgo
    the throne because they are so unpopular.

    Last but not least – someone actually
    dared complain that Harry & Meghan
    should not marry in May because it
    would steal Klingon’s thunder because
    the baby is supposed to be the be all
    and end all.

    The bone idle idiots have sown the seeds
    of their own self destruction, and that
    could well be what Her Majesty was
    referring to when I posted verbatim
    a couple of days back about what she
    said about the Monarchy, in that it
    has NO power, only influence but if
    the there is no respect for the
    institution of the Monarchy then
    in lay persons terms they are

    Either way whoever thinks that
    Bill the petulant and Klingon will
    have a throne to sit on when the
    time (and if the time comes)
    considering Diana herself said
    that Harry would be a better
    King than William (fact) – I think
    they are delusional.

    This freak show is going down hill
    fast, courtesy of two vapid idiots,
    the Anmer Hall inmates and the
    band aid baby.

    Scream all you want, feel free
    to disagree however, if H & M
    last the distance all well and
    good, at least they do not have
    to have a rent a crowd with
    “diversity lined up” like W & K
    did straight after the engagement
    was announced.

    And here we are 2 Official engagements
    and Middleton selling off photos of
    the mini-me’s quicker than a bolt of

    I leave you with my thoughts – just
    have this gut feeling that the greatest
    “bullshit” story ever written and sold
    (the wedding of the century) I think
    that the bill & middleton fairy bollocks
    is coming unstuck
    at a rate of knots and can you imagine
    having spent almost 18 years all up
    with that manipulative female tracking
    your every move – kids or not, there is
    no love there, bored shitless the pair
    of them as we are of them.

    Take your pick….

    Will love and leave you

    Go as far as you can see then you
    will be able to see further,
    Hold out your hand to someone
    who may need a friend,
    A basket full of happiness for
    all to share,
    with A light to guide you home,
    And all the love your heart can

    See you in the Sunrise


  60. Greetings Again one and All

    Especially Lola (who is Fearless)

    Just before I sign off for a bit –

    I forgot to add that I do not even think
    that Bill the Petulant is even happy that
    Middleton is pregnant again..

    Something was really “off” when they
    did that Poland/Germany jolly last year
    especially when middleton made the
    commment about maybe having to
    have another baby.

    Again – with the madness, arrogance
    and sheer PR bullshit around this group
    of oxymorons it would not suprise me
    if we are watching a last ditch attempt
    to try and force the perpetually lazy
    Lamebridge Wastrels out of their
    “selfish, self absorbed and arrogant”
    ways. That will be like Paddington
    Bear taking off his gumboots – never

    Over the next few months there is
    going to be overtime competing by
    middleton worshippers to rip down
    the H & M travelling circus and I
    am honestly too tired to run round
    that maze of madness.

    So this “rambling rose” is checking
    out for a bit.

    I will make sure that I keep in touch

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart
    Lola and all that have thinking brains,
    who are brave enough to stand up to
    the constant brainwashing bullshit
    that is spewed out to justify the spoilt
    Cambridge Clots who seem to have
    placed themselves in a cloistered
    time capsule at others expense.

    With love and blessings to you

    I will see you in the Sunrise

    Keep well, find joy, look for magic
    and treasure each other.

    Love is worth it.


    1. “I forgot to add that I do not even think
      that Bill the Petulant is even happy that
      Middleton is pregnant again..”

      My guess is that he’s pretty indifferent to it, annoyed at best. Why? Because he can continue his life like a singleton, with nothing expected of him. He reproduced. His job is done. I imagine he and Kate live separate lives, and that he’s a casual father.

      1. I still think their “fight” in Poland has something to do with baby three. Like maybe she told him she had forgotten to take the pill, or something and he reacted badly.

      2. It seems to me that the bright spots in William’s adult life are actually his children. When I see pics of him especially with George you can see they love each other and he is a great support for his son. It is rather refreshing and the most “normal” William comes across. I don’t think Kate had to trick him into another kid. I think he’s ok with it.
        Now, how often he really is home with hem or how hands on he is is up for debate, but I think adding to his family only expands the relationships that he truly cares about the most.

        1. I agree somewhat with you. William lights up when he talks about George and when the two are together you can see that their relationship is close. Not so sure if he is that ga ga over Charlotte, though . I am sure h loves her, but he seems like one of those men who does not know how to relate to little girls Indeed, William with George becomes more human.

    1. Well, she looks very curvy in some of those photos., Not skinny Kate anymore, and while I hate that dress, she really looks glam – figure-wise. Wow. Wonder if she will try to keep some weight on post baby, or if she will starve herself silly and exercise like crazy then?

      Kate seems more comfy on these visits and appears to be enjoying being with the children. Some of her facial expressions are over the top, imo. However, Catherine Quinn has accomplished much in her short time working with the Duchess.

  61. Omg, that is so funny, Sunny. That woman is such a joke. I have to say that I agree with wild rose about w&k. I can’t wait to see that relationship implode. It will be so entertaining. Their relationship is a wreck. Should we start making bets as to when it will happen?
    Lola, are you going write again soon? I could use brighten my day and your posts do that perfectly.

      1. I third. You guys are absolutely the best. I have been surfing the other websites starting with ‘royal’ but they do not compare with the fearless insight of the regulars here. Here there is no censorship and folks can actually say what they want without having comments ‘moderated or deleted.”
        Just wanted to say Thank you to Lola, and all the FANTASTIC people in this site.

    1. what do these people do all day? It defeats me they have help left right and center do very little duties. The Princess Royal runs rings around them I would like to know what she has to say in private.

  62. Lola, the Duchess of Cambridge held an event today where her wiglet looked as if it was trying to escape from her head. I am hoping beyond hope that you plan to write about this event in your next post.

    Whenever I see things about the BRF that make me laugh, I can always hear a little Lola Heart laughing along with me in the back of my mind.

  63. Lola, please help me. I need to spit from my nose, laughing until I hurt, from one of your musings.

    I have an idea. People who post on your site will start a storyline about William, Kate, Harry and Meghan. Other royals may be briefly mentioned.

    We will have to sign up, one person for 45 minutes per hour. Each person will have to follow the storyline from the previous poster, but then change it, or not, depending on the poster.

    Rules will be no attacking of people for weight; children, unless praised or neutral, is verboten; leave hatred, politics and ethnicity to yourself. As the comic strip Snoopy, trying to write his great work of art, begins everything with:

    It was a dark and stormy night.

    1. Good idea Bellaluna. I’ll start. It was a dark and stormy night and not a royal was stirring, no none was insight. I went to the internet to see if one could be found only to discover none were around, not Harry or Meghan, or William or Kate because none could be bothered to work as of late. Then all of the much to my surprise I looked and beheld a supposedly pregnant Kate before my eyes. Could she working or is this a sham, would somebody help me if they can? As I was viewing this most rare and unusual site, I wondered to myself if her marriage was alright. So I had make a proposal to all on Lola’s site to place a bet on when her implode. I think it will be sometime this year, baby or not, perhaps William will even leave as anniversary gift, at any rate placing a bet would all to at least get something from this wastrel lot.
      As I looked out into the rainy night pondering as I often do I beheld with everyone so weary eyes just beyond the horizon a Harry and Meghan catastrophe in sight….

  64. I should have checked for typos and missing words. Do I need to rewrite or can everyone guess what the missing words are that I was laughing too hard to actually type using my cellphone?

  65. Meghan, oh, Meghan, the American bright light
    Independent, strong-willed, yet a prince in her sight
    Why are you renouncing your life, freedom, and pup
    Only for an unemployed dilettante, a fifth string backup?
    What are we missing, what is the Union Jack allure?
    To lose your career and your blog, what must you endure?
    Ah, it becomes clear, when the gowns start to emerge,
    And the tiaras, the trips, the castles the norm not a splurge,
    You’ve traded up for the title, the fawning, the wealth,
    But in the end what does this life bode for your mental health?
    We’ll find out in the next few years when you’re no longer new and shiny,
    You’re Harry will be at most number six, and the attention becomes tiny,
    Then what will you be, when the crowds no longer care,
    Dare you cross back over the pond when it’s more than you can bear?

    1. Hey diddle diddle,
      Will fiddles with a fiddle,
      as Kate lays around on the moon.
      Harry laughs to see such a site,
      As Megan flies around on a broom.

    2. Oh my goodness carnations everywhere. Brilliant! This is how I feel too, but you’ve expressed it WAY better than I could!

  66. It was a dark, stormy night. Kate sat staring at the fingertip marks sprinkled over her evening Chardonnay glass. “One per night,” were the doctor’s orders; she was expecting her third child, and after entering the second trimester, she was decidedly more than ready to not be pregnant anymore. Eventually, she’d return the glass back to her 6th kitchen (or was it the 4th…?) so that it could be washed by…. whoever it was who took care of those sorts of things. But at the moment, she sat quietly on the floor of her bedroom closet completely lost in thought.

    Usually, she enjoyed counting through her collection of Kiki’s, as they presently lay sprawled across the floor in front of her folded legs. This had been one of her favourite Thursday night rituals since, well, marriage. But something felt different about tonight…….

  67. It was a dark and stormy night. For other people, please. We have generators, in case we are ever in Great Britain when it is both dark and stormy.

  68. Weartherby….

    But something felt different tonight. Why am I sitting quietly in front of one closet? I have dozens of closets, FGS, give me another tipple, while I am now in distress in front of my Italian closet, and pondering the most delicate of diplomatic decisions – Gucci or Dolce and Gabbana, for a dress, and Tod’s for shoes? Too Italy? For Sweden and Norway? My next vacation? What do the reindeer people wear?

    1. … It was all so confusing. Life had handed her a glass of lemonade and asked her understand that it came from lemons!

      And where was that damn William, with his answers to life’s unfathomable questions like “darling, can you test the smell by smelling it?”

      “I know,” kate thought wryly to herself, “I think it’s time I paid a visit to my dearest soon to be sister in law.”


      1. Meghan, my dearest, soon to be sister in law, who has lifted the burden from my back of having to work once a month!

        “Darling Nutmeg – I mean Meaghean, can you please help me with some recipes? You are so good at – what was it again – roasting chickens? Chickens are so chicly Norfolk. Not that you would know how to kill a chicken from a goose, pheasant, duck, by a rifle, in the sky? By the way, darling American Meghan, can you please help me, in front of video, show me the way to this underground, um metro or subway station? I have never had the unique pleasure of using such transportation – do not believe my picture was taken during William’s countless breakdowns during my campaign, um road, to our happy WHITE wedding gown, first marriage – me being middle class? Never.”

        “”Darling Kate. Of course. Leicestershire Square? In return, I must show you in America this famous street – can you read it, darling?”

        “Houston in New York? Too easy. What else, Dear?”

        1. And so it was! Daring Kate and Bold Meghan’s big adventure to the London Underground. What a thrill, what a rush!

          With the plans laid, Kate could hardly contain herself. Kiki’s be damned, that could wait until tomorrow. Grabbing only a wiglet and crotch clutch, Kate skirted her way around the kitchens and to the backdoor to embark on her latest adventure.

          Little did she know what awaited her there….

          1. Carole and her ghost of a wedding past, Michael.

            “Yes, my little pretties, did you think you could actually make a move without me and um, your Toto too – I mean your father! Nobody can escape from me. I heard Lester? Do you not know I have two crystal balls – oh, hello dear Prince William, not you, go along and eat some cheese – yes, I know what you and now Meghan are plotting?

            Catherine, I did not work paving your yellow brick road just so that you could be friendly with an American? How dare you demean yourself – you are worse than Glinda!

            1. “But MUM!” Kate protested, “Last night, George got to stay up past *his* bedtime!”

              Seething and temporarily stymied, Kate tore back toward her bedroom, determined to find a way out of her predicament. This was too good a bit of fun to pass up – it was the Underground, after all.

              So she did something she never imagined she’d do. Desperate times really did call for desperate measures, it seemed. Slowly, drawing sharp steady breaths to cool her nerves, she boldly went where she had been afraid to go only hours before.

              Steeling herself, she approached her husband’s bedroom door. And knocked. Loudly.

              His curious expression answered seconds later. “William,” she stuttered, “I need your help.”

              A flash of annoyance across his face. Then… intrigue.

              Her husband had always loved adventure as much as she…

                1. “My bodice! It’s too tight! I’m meeting Meghan by the hedges we planted for the Gloucesters, we’re breaking out of the Palace! William, we’re taking the *tube*!”

                  Exasperated, William sighed, “This is *our* home, you know. We don’t actually have to break out from anywh-”

                  “That’s not the point!” she hiccupped (with a lingering breathy aroma of Chardonnay). “It’ll be FUN.”

                  And just like that, she darted past her husband toward the window. The same window he had helpfully pointed out to the Chinese President only one year before. ‘He’s so clever,’ she mused to herself as she flung open the sash. ‘This is what marrying a man for his sensational sense of humour feels like.’

                  Bemused, William watched his wife struggle with the mesh window covering. Then joined her at the sill, having resolved the issue in his mind. Who would begrudge him a little fun, after all? He only hoped his cheese toast wouldn’t be soggy by the time he returned to it.

                  In his mind, they’d be back as soon as they reached the front gate, having exhausted all of their fantasies by then.

                  How woefully mistaken he was…

                  1. As the Daily Mail had their heat-seeking cameras trained on Kensington Palace. What is this, the groggy, sleep deprived DM interns exclaimed! A pregnant woman, in a new outfit, with no accessories, flashing in the security lights a non-weighted mini skirt, and a blue ring, joined by a tall man dressed as a horse, maybe not, and then a woman wearing a gorgeous High Couture gown, calculated by the Daily Mail, within a second, as outrageously expensive, no matter the cost.

                    “Where are we going? Escaping the mother I never had? We can’t visit Harry, since he is in Africa on a secret mission.”

                    “It is for Meghan. You know, she was banished to her cottage after being caught by Carole. FGS, I am tired, and need to find out our continuing hijinks….

  69. Omg, Brielle, Weatherby, Phyllis, carnations everywhere – y’all make me laugh and laugh. The fantastically funny, creative people on lovelolaheart, I believe, are here to give us all laughter, thoughtfulness and spread some smear, lightly. And to bring joy when there is little in one’s heart.

    Thank you, lovelolaheart, for your blog.

  70. Half a league, half a league
    Rode the taxpayers’ hundreds
    Of pounds for just a day,
    Oh, what can they taxpayers say?

    Daily Mail on the right of them,
    The Guardian to the left,
    Forward, the Queen declared
    Do not puke all under

    Forward, the Queen said
    Is there a Royal still afraid
    Of what people can say
    To Diana’s two wonders
    Who have tried heartily
    To go asunder?

    Taxpayers not to question why
    Because do or die
    It is nobody’s reason to wonder why
    With all the money in the world
    Into the jet
    Into the sunset
    Go the four wonders

  71. Hello world, did you hear, I’m marrying a Prince
    We’re going to live in a palace, complete with chandeliers and chintz
    Oh, you want to hear our story, of how we met and fell in love
    Sure, I’ll indulge you, a real love story, what fairy tales are made of
    Eighteen months ago, or twenty, or maybe it was twenty-two,
    A she-friend introduced us, said we’d be each other’s boo
    We met for drink and then again the next day, locking eyes for hours
    Harry pampered me with gifts, texting all the time, and of course there were flowers
    We soon took a trip, Africa of course, under the stars in a tent just us
    It was obvious I was the real deal, down to earth, a regular girl, no fuss
    We were in love, things moved fast, visiting each other every two weeks
    Our relationship was perfection, just a dream, no valleys all peaks
    For months we kept our secret, the press and public in the dark
    But then I became a target, the evil media made me their mark
    But my prince to the rescue, telling the world I was his lass
    So the reporters still came running, they were everywhere en masse
    I met the family, they loved me, a breath of fresh air is what they said
    Will and Kate became my pals, at their place we often broke bread
    We started talking marriage, and naturally I was in
    I mean, who needs Suits, the Tig, or the red, white, and blue
    When you can have an HRH, a butler, a hedge maze made of yew
    So the tv show wrote me off, Vanity Fair gave me the cover
    I told the world I was Harry’s girl and he was my royal lover
    Yes, my family has been indiscreet, but what am I supposed to do?
    I’m famous and classy and rich, of course they stick to me like glue
    My father, he’s in Mexico, and oh yeah, he and Harry haven’t met
    With our vacations and shopping and parties, we just haven’t found time yet
    And then we were engaged, with diamonds Diana used to wear
    Harry proposed when we were roasting a chicken, just too cute for anyone to bear
    The interview, the walkabouts, the engagement photos, every outfit a work of art
    I’m very high profile, soon to be wife of a prince, I always must look smart
    We are so much in love, and of course everyone knows, look at how much I smile
    We hold hands, clutch arms, sometimes I rub his back, all genuine, no guile
    The wedding will be here soon, details are not yet final, lots for me to decide
    Stay tuned for updates, I’m everywhere, you don’t have to look too far wide
    Yes, I’m marrying a Prince, you can’t miss it, the big day is in May
    And be sure not to take me too lightly, I am here to stay

  72. Tomorrow, tomorrow and tomorrow
    Creeps in this petty,
    palace place,
    Day after day of not mind of meeting the plebs
    Wot! I am expected to move off the sofa
    To the last syabble of Carole’s screeching time
    And Granny’s labor
    To be heard no more

    Out, out, SUV lights, of which I make my escape
    My life is a walking shadow, trying to tip toe out of work
    It is a tale, full of resounding sounds of private jets, cooks, chauffeurs, weeks off every month, riches beyond
    The dreams of others,
    Full of the sound and fury of my working less than a 96 year old
    His candle already burnt out
    My life – signifying nothing except everything I want for free

  73. You people!!! My mother and I put in three decades of work in ten years to put me in this position!!! I’m through working!!!

    1. Lol Phyllis!

      Since Will is always wanting everyone to acknowledge Kate by another name [Catherine], she should be like Prince and become a symbol– the V symbol Brits flash to give someone the finger. She’d be “Her Royal V”– and many here could think of what V put Kate in the position she’s currently in.

  74. Gingerboy and Klingon, 2 engagements in 2 months, off to a sluggish start, but well keen as we all know!!!

    1. I wouldn’t be too harsh on them at the moment. It’s more than Kate ever did during her engagement. Plus the wedding is in less than four months. I’m sure there’s a lot of hectic planning going on for that…

  75. Think its disgraceful that an MPs girlfriend has been suspended just because she is saying what she thinks
    have we become a country now where we cannot have an opinion
    if this is the case then its time its sorted out as being British i will say what i think …
    Its true that the younger ones in the BRF really have let the standard fall way below whats expected by British taxpayers abd for an unknown actress to have a title of Duchess when married then its really time now for a Republic and let them work for their own living as all we see them do is very little and constantly partying which is not what should be hapoening on taxpayer funding. .

    1. I think there is a difference between expressing an opinion and being offensive in the expressed opinion.

      This lady’s opinion was offensive and rude.

      And it shows ignorance since Queen Charlotte, wife of George 3, was descended from moors, and Diana had Indian ancestry so in that sense, the current family isn’t as lily white as she thinks.

      This is a portrait of Queen Charlotte. She was often described by those who knew her, including her personal physician as having mulatto skin tone and features. Mulatto being the 19th century word for mixed race. Moors was a catch all phrase for anyone dark skinned be they black or Arab.

      1. about twenty years ago I was looking up antique jewellery and Queen Charlottes moorish ancestry was mentioned until then I had always thought her features were strange and that explained it.Thecharacteristics have been passed down and can be seen in a number of the family in this day and age.

      2. Forgot to add Queen Phillipa of Hainault, wife of Edward 3. The description of her by her own contemporaries doesn’t equivocate about her being non-white. She is described as having broad nose, full lips, and brown skin all over.

    2. I think that being critical about whether or not the UK should be a monarchy or a republic is a perfectly valid critique, but this woman was simply an ignorant racist, not much different than Princess Michael. UKIP is a bit cynical in suspending her because the party still has strong ties to racist elements and they are trying to save face. Essentially their position on Brexit was “kick out the foreigners” without any thought to the actual economic consequences. And Farange is pals with mango Mussolini so really they are all a bunch of racists hanging out together.

      Meghan is unlikely to save the monarchy but the BRF will use the good PR they are getting for as long as they can. She probably wouldn’t look as good if Kate hadn’t been so utterly useless for the last seven years. Meghan is getting praised for having a job and making speeches. These really aren’t extraordinary positives if you compare her to any other 36 year old woman … except for Kate. Who happens to be one of the laziest women around and who still can’t make a small speech without reading it non stop.

      1. @Nic919
        +1000 i agree completely.
        The BRF seems to forget sometimes that everyone knows Kate is going to be their matriarch at the hell one day and so all they can really do is buy themselves time. I think they may well be in denial regarding Kate and the effect she is destined to have on the monarchy. She is extremely destructive to their image. Garnering all the disrespect that according to the queen the monarchy couldn’t survived if it were to experience that for long. Time is ticking and at this rate there won’t be much left to salvage.

  76. It is about 20 years ago I was looking up some antique jewellery and it was mentioned Queen Charlotte had moorish blood.Until then I thought her features were strange but it fell into place with the explanation.since then one can see the features which have descended with many of the royal family.

  77. Greetings Everyone and this is a…
    Dear Lola letter as well

    I have loved each and every one of the
    comments written, whether I have agreed
    or not, laughed, thought about, cried and
    everything inbetween.

    This is something I believe should be said
    now, anyone who disagrees has a right
    to do so however, think awhile before
    hammering me as it is as true now as it
    was when said and combined with the
    weight of history this sums up the
    very heart which all of us in some way
    are sayinging:

    Does anyone remember the words of
    Martin Luther King JR…

    I have a dream ?

    In part the most IMPORTANT words
    were … “that my four little children will
    one day live in a nation where they

    I am heartbroken to see that the KMR,
    MMR sites and others (with the only
    exception to the rule being LOLA)
    actually writing/hearing/listening
    by this very principle.

    Whether or not Harry and Meghan
    succeed in their life (they have only
    themselves to blame) if it does fail.
    They have been given every chance
    especially Harry. I have said many
    times, that Harry has been given a
    pass because of one tragic event in
    his life.

    However, many of us have been
    through much worse. Some of us
    have chosen to say nothing, some have
    shared, others have had their family
    flaws plastered over the newspapers,
    or tv – maybe not to the same extent
    (I speak from experience on that one)
    yet have never once shied away from
    doing what I was raised to do.

    Petulant Bill and Klingon Kate are
    EXACTLY my point in this little rant
    because they are being JUDGED and
    it is NOT on the color of their skin but
    CHARACTER and that is sorely lacking.

    I have flicked through a few articles in the
    last 30 minutes as we have had another
    4.0 Earthquake here in Christchurch, NZ.
    Yet, when reported in the Daily Mail some
    people just took the piss and RIP was a
    beauty to read. I think you can imagine my
    reaction. I said it – to them basically screw
    the fake caring and go back to the middleton

    The article of the day was of course about
    Willy the Whinger and Klingon Kate having
    “tea” with the Swedish Royals etc on
    30 Janury – 2 Feb or thereabouts – to which
    my comment was:

    That middleton is never too sick for an overseas
    jolly or attending the opening of an envelope
    in a 5 thousand pound dress… etc. As you can
    imagine the “rattle your pearl brigade” and
    Klingon’s middleton supporters were needing
    smelling salts.

    Again LOLA – you and your wonderful blog
    have always heartened me because you have
    tossed it out there, said it as you saw it, called
    it – just as many of us have and the ONLY real
    judgment has ever been


    Obviously I have pissed off someone because
    we have just had another earthquake probably
    a 4.2 (right under the house I am trying to type
    this in) as I live on a hillside (Port Hills) there is
    no point me running – I am on crutches and
    obviously cannot get out quick enough
    anyway. Minor hiccup in the scheme of

    I just want you all to know that your vast
    knowledge, diversity of Country, variety of
    nationalities, and real concern about TWO
    of the THREE (Meghan at least earned a
    living and not as a telephone answering
    service) most pampered, babied, users
    that think being of the Blood Royal or in
    Klingons case married into it after stalking
    it for years, to my mind and humble
    opinion have

    1. No Morals
    2. Blatant disregard for others except
    3. Have shown the “fuck you” attitude to
    Her Majesty and the Institution of the
    Monarchy to the point of bringing the
    House of Windsor into disrepute.

    4. They will not endure – as one fawning
    article declared with a comment “under
    that photograph of middleton dressed in a
    frayed pink macroon dress at the trooping
    of the color (I think)” that they will be getting
    the top job etc at a time in the future then
    maybe the author better think again.

    Wasting money, doing sweet fuck all for
    years, popping out kids to try and make
    sure that Bill sticks around and pretending
    that they are the Queen Elizabeth =
    the Queen Mother and King George VI as
    the revival of the “perfect family” of the
    21st century is backfiring big time.

    Soon the pearl rattlers will all be gone,
    the younger generation in a recent poll
    consider that the European Royals have
    far better grip on reality than the Wimp
    and Klingon – a shock of monumental
    proportions will come their way.

    Can you all picture it? How much press
    will the band aid baby garner with a
    wedding a few weeks away? Will it be
    about how fast Klingon can diet to get
    into some outrageous dress or will she
    have 10 pairs of spanxs on?

    Goodness knows however, for me, I
    think I am done.

    This maze of madness around this bunch
    of middle aged “toddlers” is not something
    that makes me smile.

    It all of you that does that for me.

    I owe you all a great debt of thanks, I have
    now disconnected from all sites except
    this one because Lola (and those of us
    who believe in being judged on Character
    Alone) are the true defenders when it
    comes to freedom of thought.

    I will look in on you – keep the flag

    Go safe, go well,
    A candle to light your way,
    A hand to hold when you need it the most,
    A smile when you cannot bring yourself to,
    A basket full of happiness to you all,
    A pocket full of joy
    And more love than your hearts can hold.

    So with calm seas and following winds,
    I will see you in the sunrise


    1. Wildrose
      Take care and we all would wish you can get extra rest as you recover from your injury.
      Some people will understand the “sensitising ” that many folk will be living with post-earthquake. I think l am putting this poorly but I can remember a 7. Something earthquake off a coast not so very far from our home and I get jumpy even in the lower numbers now.
      That 4 you had was very shallow in depth too and it also depends on the soil in which it was centred, so I understand.
      Kind regards to you , Kiwi.

  78. Wild Rose, to a speedy recover, may G-d keep you and your fellow New Zealander’s safe , later Gator !!!

  79. With KMR/MMR taking a personal break for the next two weeks at least, this site is the only royal coverage I’m willing to read. I blatantly refuse to click any Daily Mail stories, as I feel it only encourages them. I’m hoping to see another Lola post soon!

    You’re my only hope, Obi-Wan.

  80. Same with me. Hope KMR/MMR doesnt close her blog, even though I think that it has changed in tone recently.

    1. I’m worried about her.

      The blog commenters too have gotten either over the top or too sugary, there’s no real medium.

      It can’t be fun to moderate a blog like that. I wouldn’t blame her if she closed it all down.

      1. Ellie, you echo my thoughts and concerns too. It must be so disappointing for her. That long-term commenters have moved away in the present climate must also hurt. I’m just an occasional reader but enjoyed the community created there.

        Enter MMR at your own risk! It has become completely dominated by a few people who patrol the board like rottweilers, intolerant of any whiff of criticism of MM. Herazeus suggested they create their own blog but sadly, they didn’t take the hint.

        1. I don’t really dislike or like Meghan, I’m sort of neutral and side-eye on her; I think she’ll be a good royal but I don’t buy her brand, so to speak, so I’ve found myself not interested in MMR at all due to those reasons. Any criticism is RACIST. C’mon now, we’re grown ups, we don’t need to throw out accusations like that do we?

          There are plenty of pro-Kate blogs. Start a Meghan blog!

          1. I don’t buy the MM brand either. In my working life I’ve come across too many people whose substance does not match their rhetoric. I can smell them a mile off. And like attracts like. Harry too gushes about this and that, but he’s not one of life’s workers. Who knows what will happen… if it works, good.

            I genuinely don’t understand what ‘being a good royal’ means. Apart from the monarch’s constitutional duties, what is their purpose? There is no requirement to be royal in order to start charities/ other initiatives, or be an interested supporter/ patron. If the BRF were abolished with no money supplied, they could still be active in charities should they choose, like countless others in society.

            1. Agreed, Kittie.

              I find there to be far too much self-promotion with MM. There is so much emphasis on appearances and branding and a lack of genuineness. It seems very hard to decipher who the real MM is. Even her friends have appeared to be heavily curated to convey a certain impression.

              Re: MMR, while a few commenters have measured, insightful posts, some are just disturbingly one-sided, as if MM occupies a piece of their soul. Very unsettling and unpleasant!

              A relief to have Lola!

        2. The worst part about it, is in the “about the blog” section it specifically says it is to be a critical blog of Meghan. Not a hate site, or a fan site. Just a place to chat and wonder and share opinions. And learn. I have definitely appreciated the deep insight from some of the different readers. But the people you describe Kittie seem to relate almost personally to Meghan- it’s like any critique of Meghan is a personal insult to them, which is sad and not at all what the intention of the blog is. Not sure how that can be corrected, or even if it could be. They’re really not there for a discussion of different viewpoints, they want everyone to see and love Meghan the way they do.

          1. I get the feeling they strongly identify with Meghan, a WoC like themselves. Her marrying into such tip-top status is a kind of validation of them too, she carries their hopes. Not that I think that anyone should beg for validation by others, but given the vicious racism being deliberately roiled up in the US (where I think they hail from), I can put their devotion into some context. Could be dead wrong, of course. I know I take heart and cheer on people whose values I identify with.

            1. One thing that perturbs is the whole “if you don’t like Meghan you’re racist”. I don’t give two hoots what skin color someone has! Meghan has shown herself to be a hustler, who knows how to get what she wants: fame, fortune, whatever. And Harry’s the biggest audition of her life. I think he truly, genuinely loves her and it was right place, right time, but I am far more cynical about her.

              1. It’s frustrating having to wade through carefully curated social media, PR, the high profile friendships that reveal nothing about Meghan beyond being driven by fame, status, and the good life. Every communication feels calculated for particular effect. The cultivation of a brand. Acting humble but coming across as… inauthentic, patronising. Perhaps that’s what some people mean when they say they can’t warm to Meghan. I think the soon-to-be quartet is 100% reliant on their PR making sure we never see who they really are.

            2. Indeed, Kittie. If Meghan were a champion of justice, an activist, etc. If she made a difference. But all she is is someone who’s marrying into the obscenely wealthy .01%, and toffs to boot. She’s no role model and IMO, not the Great Hope.

              It’s one thing to cheer someone on in their strengths, but another to identify so strongly, have such overriding sympathy, that boundaries are lost. This is not identifying with values, which actually are colourless.

              1. MavenTheFirst, we all have a responsibility to consider what is being fed to us on all fronts, their motivation and try to discern the truth. Demonstrable depth and content of character are the only things worth considering.

                Not sure if this has made the news elsewhere but the Macquarie Dictionary’s word/term of 2017 is ‘milkshake duck’, invented by an Aussie cartoonist. It describes someone who appears to be wonderful, only to be found out to be less so:
                It seems an appropriate term when applied to all sorts of chancers hoping to convince us that they are God’s gift to us. Heck of a lot of them around these days.

        3. Startaing a blog requires work. It’s much easier to lash into others and take over the comments section than to do any writing/researching and creative work of one’s own.

          Hat’s off to you, Lola. You inspire many. Just look at the creative posts in this thread. And, your brilliant and funny takes on All Things Royal are amazing!

    1. No posters could spoil any blog if they were not allowed to do so. KMR’s blogs started out great and the comments were tolerated by most, even if not shared by others It has not turned out that way. It is my hope that KMR/MMR returns to the best life there is . The blogs were well created and are always well researched and written. Still, I rarely saw much moderation there . When she did step in, it was done with a great deal of intellect and class. Some of her most loyal and caring commenters have left — especially after one person’s horrible take-over of both blogs. I’m wondering why that person does not start a blog of her/his own.

      Some people were banished from the site (KMR) in the past, and to be honest, I don’t see why others cannont be banned now. When someone sabotages one’s work it is a horrific act. I think there needs to be a new blog — one that is not given over to others so easily. That’s just me. It is my hope that the creator of KMR/MMR is healthy and happy and knows that many people wish her well and are grateful for the communities she created. It’s not easy, I am sure, to have to deal with such issues, but it is my hope that the support that is being sent her way will be helpful as she deals with personal issues.

  81. Greetings,

    I apologise for taking up your time, I did not
    want to say this however….

    Have just seen several comments which are
    raising concerns about KMR/MMR/Daily
    Mail/Mirror/Royal Central all PR or BS
    Sugar Sites.

    Many of gave up a while ago because of the
    double standards.

    There were many of us penalised or told off
    like naughty children for our honest, rational
    views and basically hounded off the site
    all together.

    I can understand anyone’s concern when
    something has not gone according to the
    “Bloggers” idea.

    However, when comments
    are invited, a topic discussed rationally
    and you are shot down because yours or
    another’s view does not “suck up” to what
    the majority deem the “right way to think”
    then it is all over.

    I have sympathy and compassion for
    people as you all know, but I will not stand
    by and be lectured to like a two year old
    because I did not run with the pack.

    We can be honest without being nasty,
    We can say what we think without being
    horrible to each HOWEVER, to me the
    person who started the blog has to be
    consistent as well.

    Not bend the rules for some and allow
    others to be hounded off the site.
    As was my experiences on 4 of the
    blogs/sites I mentioned above..

    Even after the two cracking
    earthquakes yesterday, crutches or not
    I am off to go and help others (even if
    it means just listening to them or reading
    to them).

    People still need comfort for
    different reasons.

    I am buggered if I am staying home
    when I can help another
    person who needs it more than me.

    Please remember that we have all been
    able to be honest on this blog without
    being torn apart.

    That is a GOOD thing – healthy, informative
    productive and constructive. Thank you
    for that LOLA and all of the Community.

    Love and blessings to all – and as for God
    at least if I do NOT make it through the
    Pearly Gates, the only difference between
    me and alot of others is that I will know

    Humour aside – I have Faith. Faith and belief
    in humanity, hope for goodness even if it
    is hard to find and I trust even if I have
    been kicked around so that when I open
    my eyes, and listen with my heart that
    there is still love that will guide me.

    See you in the sunrise


  82. *Sigh* Well, this was my own fault, I suppose. I’m sorry for bringing up KMR/MMR at all.

    This is at least the fifth time – on Lola Heart no less – that we are complaining about Leah. I don’t agree with all of her posts, and I’ve told her as much. When I read the calls about “racism,” I expressed that this accusation made me uncomfortable. And it did.

    And do you know what? She apologised, agreed to “tone it down.” So there’s your answer. Politely pointing out when there are things with which you disagree. As I am trying to do now.

    Because I really don’t come to Lola Heart to complain about posters on other sites.

    1. Leah agreeing to tone it down lasts for one comment, or two.
      She is destructive and really has made KMR and MMR the kind of blogs many people no longer are comfortable visiting. I mentioned a while back, too, that the idea that any mention of Meghan that are negative can’t be anything other than racist is so ridiculous. She never apologized to me. That’s her right, though. Ugh. Just find things sad over there and glad to come here. Wishing KMR well as she sorts through personal issues.

      1. Apologies for posting on Leah’s actions on other sites. This is a refreshing blog to visit. I guess since the comments section are closed on KMR and MMR, it was too easy to comment here.

    2. That happened to me too! Leah said that she was ashamed of her behaviour but nothing changed. I really wish KMR/MMR all the best and hope that she is OK. It must be distressing to have created something so good only to have it taken over by people who cannot accept that others may not share all of their opinions.

      Keep up the great work Lola – you’re the only one out there with an objective group of posters.

  83. Does anyone know where Meghan will store her clothes? If the cottage is small, there wouldn’t be room for her wardrobe. Thanks!

    1. I’m sure they’l get a nice apartment in KP that isn’t the 2 bedroom house (it’s no cottage!). wonder if HM will give them money earmarked for BP like she did for W&K when William stomped his feet. I think Harry respects Granny too much to be so petulant.

      1. The ‘cottage’ is such a misnomer. Just like the ‘cottage’ in Anglesey was. It may be a Brit thing or a aristo thing but these are big houses to us plebs.

        I imagine Harry will be deluged in filthy lucre once he is married. After all, a married man not only has attained a greater status but with a wife, a greater need- which must be satisfied by Papa. Otherwise, what kind of a man would he be?

        1. And William and Kate barely lived in said ‘cottage’ – it was a house on an estate! Kate was mostly in Berkshire or London, and was papped there often. I do not buy the domestic household story about them on Anglesey. I have read William had a Welsh girlfriend he was seeing and then got back with Kate in 2010… Wonder how true it is.

          The ‘cottage’ at KP is a two bedroom home and seems fairly modest and small, unlike W&K’s massive KP apartment and Anmer where they kicked out the previous residents and HM allowed it.

          1. I beg to differ, Ellie. It is a house. According to the DM, “a cosy two-bedroom cottage with a couple of snug reception rooms and small yard.”

            A *couple* of reception rooms? Yeah, like we all have that. Of course, relative to the opulent rooms at KP it seems small, easy to minimise as modest. NO, NottCott is not modest. It’s a large house that most would only dream about inhabiting. Look at the beauty and size of the sucker, with a private garden:

      2. There have to be a few spare wardrobes around Buckingham Palace for both Kate and Meghan. A girl needs more than one walk-in, right?

  84. Emily, all Harry has to do is tell her majesty what he wants and millions of taxpayer dollars wil appear. Likely, a closet will be constructed underneath the entirety of the cottage.

  85. A “cottage” in this context is a bit misleading. It’s a large home with several rooms.

    I see Meghan AND Duchess Dolittle were out and about today. This is not a coincidence.

    1. Merry Wife of Windsor
      I am more interested in the fact that William’s hair has been revealed today in a “statement style” ie shaved.
      Fascinating that it is revealed for the first time on a day that sees Harry and Ms Markle on one of their engagements.
      I am not a fan of William’ s ….so perhaps there really is no coincidence of timing , even if the media are widely covering Williams sudden change of haircut with great enthusiasm.

      1. Honestly it would help to provide links so we can all partake and discuss. At the very least that would not tax Lola.

      2. Kiwi, do you or anyone else think the four of them are making fun of everybody? I can just imagine, on a dark and stormy night, eating roast chicken and cheese toast, in a beige room in Kensington Palace, the four braniacs conversation:

        William: Let’s have a jolly at the people who love or hate us?

        Meghan: You are so smart William! We can act as though we are competing with each other. I will write the script, direct, produce, edit, and of course be the star.

        Harry: Oh Meghan, you are the best of the best! Smart, too, as I could never think of something so brilliantly, wonderfully and amazing like you just said. However, my arm is bruised – please don’t touch it again?

        Kate: William, I am so keen on this idea! You will hold my hand, touch my back, hug me, kiss me, all in public. Show everybody how much you love me!

        William: Catherine, I am not that good an actor. Maybe I will help you down some steep steps, especially if it is cold, rainy and windy. Remember I will be King, and more importantly, I am Diana’s son.

        Harry: I was Mummy’s favorite.

        William: No, I was!

        Meghan: Amazingly astounding, we don’t even have to act like we are competitive. We are naturals. Except me, I am a trained thespian.

        Harry: wot?

        1. Bellaluna
          Great tale!
          Taking your question seriously ( and trying to watch live cricket as N Z plays Pakistan at the same time) I think they are not deliberately mocking/ making fun of folk.
          But….I think they may IMO, lack respect.
          Example, lies in W and C’s engagement interview, statements from KP which are misleading ie France holiday with “balcony shots” , IMO very low Court Circular numbers for W,C and H and the feeling of “shallowness” which is sometimes evident in engagements, especially with Catherine.

          What do others think?

          1. Kiwi, that cricket match is close: 52 runs off 32 balls 9as I write).

            The trio wants it all their own way since they are forced to do royal work when they clearly are rarely interested. So royal-ultra lite it is with a good number of events to entertain them put on the schedule. Just looking at the type of activities, numbers, length of engagements and preparation, they are not worth the dough expended.

            The lies continue because the UK press cannot report without fear of retribution from Establishment channels. The headline can hardly read, “Demure princess gives blow job to lazy prince as they both blow off paralympians in another lie about working”. Woohoo for the royals! They can continue to lie and their PR will clean up the mess and expect the plebs to exalt them all at the same time.

            1. Kittie, good game wasn’t it?
              Is the ultra light schedule because deep down they W , H and C do not respect themselves as “royals”?
              Over and over we are told that the Queen believes SHE has a spiritual calling or anointing. If we accept this, then I think it underpins all her commitment and dedication to her role.
              If the nearly middle-aged W, H and C do not share this view for themselves, then what drives them in their position?
              A sense of ….what? Just some thoughts, Kiwi

              1. 15 runs! Now that’s a game!

                I accept that the Queen believes she has been anointed by God. Others might not agree, viewing it more as an historical anachronism resulting in a stranglehold on power, money and status. And never, ever letting go.

                ‘Driven’ seems too animated a word to describe William and Harry’s work ethic. They are the product of indulgence – from their family, a system that entrenches their merit-less positions along with a fawning, uncritical public. As such they are not built to be driven, just to take.

    2. It’s a cottage for people whose main house is a mansion.

      It’s a shack for people whose main house is a palace.

      I remember the PR games with William’s modest ‘cottage’ in Wales which was really a 5 bedroomed farmhouse with land and a private beach.

        1. Has anyone wondered why so many lies need to be told to keep the BRF looking ‘clean’ and acceptable?

          Security costs; lack of transparency re. spending public monies, including the Queen transferring pounds meant for BH repairs to her family; Paradise Papers; and dodgy investments; whitewashing themselves to appear superior as well as those brought in for breeding purposes; political interference (Spider memos) despite rhetoric of neutrality; a plethora of little lies such as reclassifying a 5-bedder with private beach and servants as a mere cottage. And on it goes…

          1. Biggest delusional lie of all: wanting to be “normal” (on the taxpayer’s shilling). Then forget to call the “cottage” what it is: a big ass house that most of us can only dream of.

            Now it’s all a concerted effort to pretend they are like thee and me. Down to casual wear. While they secretively take private jets to exotic locations, and hang with their trans Atlantic honey every two weeks.

            Why do they lie? They lie because they are lazy and entitled. Because they want the money to continue to pour in and flow freely, while their private stash multiplies. Because they know the truth would bring out the pitchforks and torches. They have the public so bamboozled that no one bats an eyelash at the fact that they are getting *paid* to do charity work; that’s just plain perverse. They lie because they are venal and corrupt. They lie because this is their last gasp.
            I don’t see much difference between them and a mafia family.

  86. I’m hoping to understand what “look” MM is trying to achieve as she transitions to Duchess of something. It looks like she wants to be “Manhattan 30/40 something career woman”, a la Carolyn Bessette. This would be fine if she formerly were Manhattan 30/40 something career woman, but she’s from California and was formerly an actress, so this new persona seems odd and out of character.

    1. It’s just the required re-invention of persona to fit the new brand, isn’t it? The previous California girl persona – actress, well-travelled, yoga-loving, good life, healthy, go-getter, entrepreneur (fashion line, Goop-style blog), quasi-humanitarian – was surely set up to attract the widest possible circle as well as seed further monetizing opportunities. The Carolyn Bessette persona is an American take on the concept of royalty since the Kennedy’s were parlayed in just that light. Given Harry’s popularity I can see how the couple will try to project a new Camelot sheen, even though they are not going to inherit the top job.

      I recall Kate being labelled the ‘children’s princess’ very early on but that didn’t take since she didn’t care about or relate to children until she had her own, and even then, it seems forced. Her persona utilises the term ‘demure’ as a cover for mute. William’s is one of being ‘family man’ to excuse his near invisibility on the work front. It’s all PR concoction, nothing more.

  87. you all post my sentiments but have restrained because for some reason when I do they are omitted and they certainly are very laid back in content.

  88. So, Meghan visited Cardiff: With Harry, of course.

    What is striking to me is her reaction- as if it’s all about her. Meanwhile, I am remembering Diana’s response to all the paps when she was 19 years old- in retrospect, she was amazingly cool- not amazed at the reaction to her, just soldiering on. Unlike Meghan.

    Having felt neutral about Meghan for a long time, I’m rather annoyed by her now. She seems to be responding to the response to her instead of getting to know the plebs.

    BTW, I hate how she’s now showing off stuff as shout outs. I can understand the Prince of Wales fabric, but that little purse- Just. No. She doesn’t need a little hand purse to carry (awkward looking). She doesn’t need to advertise a charity in this way. It all becomes so self conscious and manipulative. It’s like she’s become a walking ad, even if it is for a charity.

      1. I think his clothing looks better but his damn shoes!

        I think they were fine today. Meghan and Harry seemed by video warm, engaging, interested, and clearly knew what was going on. They read their briefings.

        Her outfit was dreadful though.

        1. I agree Ellie. IMO MM came off very patronizing in their engagement video, about how she and Harry are going to teach us all about caring and sharing (ala Care Bears–maybe that’s what I’ll call them from now on; Ginger Bear and Sparkles). But I was impressed how she spotted the cute little girl off on her own and went over to include her. It was very charming.

    1. When I see Meghan M. go wide-eyed, clutching her cheeks, I am reminded of the boy in the movie “Home Alone.” Or the painting The Scream.

      The BRF is my greatest hobby. I hope Great Britain and its Commonwealth countries will never be stupid enough to sever ties with its Royal Family. As Donald Trump once said “When you marry your mistress, there is an open role to be filled.” Meaning, there will always be something else to fill a vacuum. At much greater expense. I visited one of Stalin’s seventeen palaces (dauchaus, or cottages; see Newport, Rhode Island for the definition of cottage) during one of my many visits to Russia. He murdered millions of his own people in the name of equality.

      MM and HW are entertainment. They are Falstaff dos. Enjoy and have fun. The real world is dreary. Just laugh.

      1. I’d rather a Royal Family when you have someone educated and keen (harhar) on doing the best job, like Charles or Felipe, for sure, than Presidents. I’m a bad American. But my British family, they are all hard-core monarchists and I can understand why.

      2. ” Meaning, there will always be something else to fill a vacuum. At much greater expense. ” This is a fallacious argument. In addition, I doubt taxpayers want to keep supporting royal buffoons at the cost of millions of their money every year- they expect bang for their buck, which means service, substance and gravitas.

      3. Bellaluna
        They are entertainment.
        BUT here in NZ in the southern oceans, they are also a big expense.
        When they come a-visiting it costs New Zealanders for all costs including their security. In the low millions.
        Oh well, I think I’m over the “entertainment”.

        1. Same here, in Canada. The last Camb holi-tour was offensive. I think Americans tend to see the royals, especially the younger ones as celebrities and, therefore, entertainment, and their PR markets them as such. When you don’t have skin in the game it’s easy to settle for amusement.

            1. Well, my ancestors fought in the American Revolution. However, part of them were “Royalists” or “Tories” and pledged their hearts to Great Britain and (cough) King George 3; another branch of my family tree were the winners, aka colonials. And then, another branch were slaves to both England and the thirteen colonies.

              You don’t always get what you want.

            2. Kittie
              Aaah. Your in Australia!
              I am seriously having problems with a life beyond …cricket. Seriously I am just going to give up on housework, part-time job and continue to schedule all meals around Southern Hemisphere Cricket.
              My family can wait!

              I can remember the Royal Tours when the city would virtually shut down when they turned up.
              Having said that , I would still turn out for the Queen
              and at the risk of offence, Charles, Camilla, and perhaps Sophie.
              Enough confessing now…………

              1. There’s still the T20 games and the tri-series between Australia, NZ and England. Not quite tests or The Ashes but something at least. Our American friends may not understand the sound of the willow against a cricket ball, the long and languorous matches that go for days (really, they do). Daughters of a friend used to stalk the NZ cricket team (who were into it BTW) so if you ever need a hobby…
                Meanwhile we have the Oz Open here in the January heat. The other day the centre court emitted radiant heat of 69 degrees C (156.2F); goodness knows how the players were even standing, let alone playing. The summer holidays sort of end on Australia Day and I guess on Waitangi Day for Kiwis. Then you know you have to get back to work. Sigh.
                I am looking forward to the Winter Olympics and seeing sports I am completely unfamiliar with. Oz wins a few medals, the most infamous being the Stephen Bradbury gold for being the last man standing, quite literally. Enjoy:

              2. Kiwi,

                ” I would still turn out for the Queen
                and at the risk of offence, Charles, Camilla, and perhaps Sophie.”

                But why? To cheer them on or out of curiosity? My guess is that a lot turn out of curiosity. I might turn out for the queen and maybe Charles and Cam, just to see what they look like in person.

    2. MavenTheFirst, this is Meghan’s translation of the royal role based on her Tig et al activities. She’s confusing selling her brand (putting herself at the centre of things) with being a conduit for others to shine. I agree that she is responding as an actor to an audience. But don’t the trio also expect to be the main event too? The event is just a prop for personal PR.

      When Harry said he wanted someone who would be comfortable in the role, that is not a shrinking violet, was he after… artifice? Is his own schtick an act too? But isn’t the royal role one of pretense anyway? Pretending to be special comes to mind, despite no evidence. Is it really believable that this family cares about each of the thousands of charities it supports, plus the myriad of other activities it undertakes for a few months of a year in exchange for unimaginable riches and privilege? That is the cross they have to bear, as Harry has whined. And whined.

      1. You make a good point about Harry. We’ve always perceived him to be naturally outgoing and good with people, but how much is contrived to keep the gravy train going? Because he likes to be the center of attention? I’m looking at him in a new way and seeing too much of his father’s arrogance suddenly.

      2. Kittie
        I think it is always “wait on their actions” to tell you what they really think matters in their lives.
        The Princess Royal shows what she really thinks in her 500 odd engagements each year.
        The Prince of Wales shows us what he really thinks matters in his 500 odd engagements each year.
        Your points about are they the Royal Family just pretending are pertinent. But Actions are where it’s at for me.

        So is Princess Sparkle to be going to be shallow and artificial? As you say, did H choose artifice?

        Actions! Right now I say the bride to be is yet to Fully prove
        where her heart lies.But I could be naive, very naive.

        1. Generally speaking, an older generation of people (60+) – including BRF members – have been instilled with greater expectations of duty and a deep work ethic. I don’t find Anne or Charles exceptional in that regard when compared to their citizen peers, but certainly so when compared to their children who appear – based on actions – to embrace the trappings of royalty and eschew what passes as royal work. The adult children of Anne surreptitiously enjoy all manner of privileges not intended for them. The adult children of Charles are nothing short of ridiculous.

          The greater question is: Why does this family need to be paid to do charity work at all? If public money were not attached, would they choose to do it? I’d guess no, though like millions of their fellow citizens, they might volunteer their time to a few causes.

          The charity work provides a platform to make the BRF visible. In that regard it fulfills a PR necessity. It also makes ‘work’ for family members on the payroll who feel entitled to a lifestyle they cannot or will not provide for themselves. While Meghan’s contribution is yet to unfold, and she certainly has the ability to be charming and attentive, she is nevertheless in the bosom of the lazy trio. It is more conceivable that she will fit into their desired (and demonstrated) work ethic rather than be a trail-blazing workhorse. People seem to think/want her to be what Kate is not – a heavy burden.

          1. Oops. Meant to say that Meghan will be dealt a heavy burden to carry to be everything that Kate is not: engaged, prepared, not a spendthrift, works a lot.

            1. IMHO. Meghan is not dealt a heavier burden of expectations. It actually is a royal expectation. From my POV, geez, just be a decent and conscientious human being. But then Meghan married Harry.

              1. For some time now, the trio has been priming the public to expect less from them both now and in the future. Women judge women far harder than men. In this case Meghan will be judged harshly if she follows Kate’s path, not only because it is a dead end but because she had abilities and knew better. That William and Harry are still referred to as ‘the boys’ signals that they and/or the public prefer a state of arrested development. They, unlike their wives, will be let off more readily for lack of effort. But yeah, you’re dead right: they should be decent, grateful for being in the position to help others and get on with it. Forget the whining, the magic and the princing.

      3. Kittie,

        ” Pretending to be special comes to mind, ”

        No, the royals actually believe they are special. It is their god-given right.

        “When Harry said he wanted someone who would be comfortable in the role, that is not a shrinking violet, was he after… artifice? Is his own schtick an act too?”

        IMO Harry doesn’t t need no stinking artifice. He has no idea what that is. Because he believes in the chosenness of royalty,

        If Meghan brings artifice to the table, Harry would be the last one to notice.

    3. She is and probably always will be an actress. She has that type of personality. Some of her interactions with the crowd were quite lovely. Other times, I was turned off as it really seemed as if she was taking her little curtain calls in public. I have gone back and forth about MM and sometimes like her more than I do today . Harry is really going to have to take a back seat to her . Now, it is ok, but he is pretty darn charismatic, too, and may not always sit well with PH.. There will come a time when her popularity may make him envious. He had all that she now has from the public when she was not around. The joy of their love is still blinding him to the reality of having to share the spotlight. That is what I am picking up today.

      I do think she has a charm and a joy for living, but sometimes I think her reactions to the crowds are a bit, “It’s all about me.”

      Hope that I am wrong because other times, I think they are good match.

  89. Yes, that hair was a mess, worse than the first “casual bun”!

    When I read on other sites all the comments that say something to the effect of, “I love MM’s neutral outfits, they are just like what I wear” and “I love her casual hair, it’s what I do on the weekends”, I want to cringe. The whole point is that she is NOT supposed to look/act like the random blog poster! As many have said, if royalty is like the Average Jane, then what’s the point?!

    As twee/matronly as Kate’s outfits are, I don’t know any other 36 year old women who dress like that, so it seems appropriate for the wife of the future monarch! 🙂

    1. Carnations everywhere
      You have a cool name!
      Anyway, surely Diana didn’t always do twee/matronly?
      But, perhaps it was a few years into her role before the Fashion Plate Princess came to the fore.
      Frankly, I think Princess Sparkle will probably keep this Average Style as she will be more set in her views on fashion as a late thirties woman. Also, she will not have a key Royal role as the years pass, as George and Charlotte and the next child grow up.
      That is,as they begin to hit late teens

  90. I am old enough to remember when Andrew was a handsome, “dashing” Prince, and Sarah Ferguson his perfect match. What goes around, comes around.

    Whoever reads or hears from Prince Andrew today? Nasty people take pot-shots at his daughters; the two of them work more each week than their cousins Wills and Henry do in a year.

    Harry and Meghan, Rachel, whatever, will become Andrew and Fergie, in just a few years. Will and Kate’s children are the new “younger” royals. The Royal Family, by allowing “commoners” to marry into its “magic” like Henry said, will quickly be its demise.

    If the British media is smart, and more importantly if William has half a brain, all would benefit from being more “out there” including more pictures and videos of the King to be, George, and his spare, Charlotte.

    Harry is downlisted, does nothing but two engagements of only great and meet in the past month! Harry is now Andrew or Edward. He needs to find a job, along with Meghan.

  91. Greetings Everyone,

    and of course to Lola!!

    I may well be thrown off this site with what
    I am about to say – however, I am going to say
    it anyway.



    HARRY = THE SPARE (argued over)

    Bill and Harry are the two most spoilt
    indulged whingeing jerks I have ever had
    the misfortune to meet (and I have).

    Harry was marginally better!

    Now since the ONE TRAGIC EVENT
    in their lives, these bloody “Moddlers”
    a.k.a. Mid thirties and done fuck all
    have had a PASS for all and sundry to
    keept up the myth of the sainted Diana
    who wrecked more marriages than the
    British press were able to publish, a couple
    spring to mind Will Carling/Oliver Hoare
    Carling’s divorced and the Hoare’s are still
    married I think but it was a bloody close
    call because of Diana’s games. Paul Burrell,
    his shambles of a life… and the list goes on.

    Now we get to the “telephone answering
    service” kate. Who is the laziest, cosseted
    mainuplative hag on the planet. That
    “Moddler” arranged her life around hooking
    bill the petulant – right down to the University
    (picked because he was going there), she stalked
    him like the deer at Balmoral. Middleton played
    it safe, demure and of course bill was looking for
    his mummy – who was there 10 strategic years
    later? Middleton. The only way he even looked
    at her twice was because she FLASHED HERSELF
    ON that run way and as for the bullshit
    engagement interview about “scuttling away”
    when she first “bumped” into him – think about

    The dead weight by a country mile, is Bill
    and Kate NO CONTEST.

    These two showed their true colours long ago
    only the British People wanted to believe in a
    bunch of bullshit after the fairytales crashed
    and burned in two marriages.

    Well the British People have got what they
    wanted, now they can bloody well whinge,
    pay for them, stick their heads in the sand,
    keep trying to make out that these MODDLERS
    are relevant – but in fact they are more useless
    than a squashed jellyfish.

    I am fed up to the back teeth – so much so that
    when Her Majesty passes I am going to go
    through my collection of Monarchy Books
    which I have had since I was 8 Years old
    and anything with BILL and the HAG –

    I am going to have one hell of a bonfire.

    You will probably be able to see it from SPACE.

    Everyone is TOO scared to do anything about
    these MODDLERS.

    They used to say that Monaco was a Beautiful
    place for Shady people.

    Well the BRITISH ROYAL FAMILY have
    TWO VERY SHADY people who will do anything
    to get themselves in the press, whether it be
    wearing a skin tight god awful coat, or shave a
    head so that their in the paper. Well that crap
    is not good enough. Bill and her Laziness of

    They are a bloody drain on the Commonwealth
    and they have used our men and women as
    Cannon Fodder for their wars – so I am through
    with this bunch of MODDLERS.

    Harry – if he gets his ass into gear and Meghan
    does NOT tow the “Kate the Snake handbook of
    perpetual Laziness” or “how to be a devious cow
    and catch a Prince” – then maybe HARRY will
    escape my frustration with these MODDLERS.

    I am so sory if this offend anyone. I know each
    and everyone of us are fed up in some way, or
    are happy with them. All well and good. I do
    not want to take your views from you…

    THIS VIEW ….
    Mine – like the fluffy, bullshit world that the
    BRF are trying to sell you just does not wash
    with me anymore. I feel dirty even looking
    at the crap they are peddling and unless you
    are on MARS even then there is no escape
    from this brainless bunch.

    I could not care less whether the middleton
    hag has another 10 kids, britain and those
    idiots can pay for them, they are probably
    trying to PRESENT a WHOLESOME image
    because there are plenty of secrets they don’t
    want coming out…

    If you wonder why today of all days that I have
    let rip – the first thing that was plastered over
    my “news” page this morning was bill’s bloody
    head shave, then the crap Middleton changing
    her outfits and that is what kicked it off after
    having a 4.3 earthquake at 12.30 a.m. this
    morning and having to get out of the house
    on crutches. That was the 5th in 2 days.

    That crap about those MODDLERS made
    my blood boil.

    I swear if there is another overseas jolly to
    head to NZ I will be protesting and LOLA
    I will send you the pictures!!!

    These three are the DREGS of a society
    which should be abolished. They all should
    be turfed out of the Palaces or PAY MARKET
    RENT. Pay their own POWER, FOOD, RATES,
    Cars, Nannies, Housekeepers, maids and
    Clothes bills like we all have to (these guys
    do not pay a bloody cent).

    I am now out for a fair while, am facing
    surgery on the 29th of January (not my
    busted leg) however it is a major one
    but will make sure that I keep up with
    my Charity work – found reading
    to those in severe distress find a calm place
    within themselves when they are read to
    sleep. I just have to make sure that I don’t
    bust my other leg tripping over my two
    crutches! So at least I feel useful again and
    that is a start.

    It is OVER and OUT for me for a bit
    this time but I will keep in to have
    read of your comments/thoughts –
    You are my joy!

    So I will love and leave you all, please
    just make sure that you stand by what
    you believe. Say what you mean and
    treasure each other. You are all worth it.

    I have loved reading each and every post
    but I am too sad now to think about these
    MODDLERS – they destroyed my belief in
    a monarchy. Takes a Generation to build,
    A second to hold on to but this THIRD one
    of QUEEN ELIZABETH II will loose it.

    A basket full of …
    Good thoughts, happiness, blessings and
    joy to you all, with a sprinkling of magic.

    with all the love your hearts can hold…

    See you in the Sunrise


    1. I love your take on Kate, wild rose. I rant about her as well more so then the boys but not because I think highly of the boys. Kate and her god awful family just sicken me to the max. I think Kate and them do have a great deal of scandalous secrets that are close to coming out and I’d be surprised if their marriage lasted a full 8 years.

    2. Wildrose
      A basketful of fragrant roses and a wish for a peaceful night for you.
      Christchurch really are getting a bunch of shallow 4.0 ish earthquakes at the moment. Rotten and wretched for you, especially on crutches.
      My sincere and very best wishes for your surgery to go well and complete healing for you.
      Please stay in touch, when the time is right for you.
      Kind regards ,Kiwi

  92. Wild Rose,

    Please tell me how you feel about the Royal Family?

    I love your posts, by the way. You make my day, even when I am 180 degrees opposite from your opinions.

    Please stay well, safe, and ….I love your posts.

    1. Hi Bellaluna
      Firstly, my thoughts go out to you about your baby and your brother.

      Now, when will you be in New Zealand? I agree with Wild Rose’s suggestion but there is one one place that would be top of my list! Go to Queen Charlotte Sounds and The Bay of Many Coves which are at the top of the South Isaland. You can only get there by boat, it’s worth it when you get there as it is so beautiful.

      Otherwise – Auckland and take a trip out to the islands on the Hauraki Gulf, even taking a day trip out to Rangitoto (volcanic island) which is visble to most of Auckland is worth it. Go north and see the Bay of Islands, Kauri forests (especially Tane Mahuta), Rotorua, the volcanic plateau in the central North Island…

      Have fun and I hope you enjoy seeing New Zealand! And Australia too!

      I will light a candle for your loved ones tomorrow.

  93. Everybody, let us step back.

    Today is the birthday of my brother, who died on my Birthday, from Ewings Sarcoma. Cancer.

    My baby died on this date , January 19th.

    I love to laugh. Life is short, but laughter lives forever.

    1. Greetings Bellaluna,
      It is only because you have asked this direct question that I am answering – I will close out for a few months after this.

      I. I have enormous respect for Her Majesty, Prince Philip, The Princess Royal, Sophie Wessex (and for his dedication to The Princes Trust, Prince Charles (alot of other charitable things as well).

      2. In my professional life I have “Taken the Oath of Allegiance” to Her Majesty, Heirs and Successors..

      3. I have totally supported the Monarchy up until all the “The Boys” fawning started. Once Middleton crawled her way into the Royal Family, something rang a bell and it got louder.

      4. It is Diana, Bill, & Harry (Diana – I admired because was into her Charities right from the kick off and hands on). The latter part of her life choices – won’t judge on that. Since she died at the hands of drunk driver all that has been banged on about is “the boys” and now they are mid thrity “MODDLERS” and that is what vexes me the most. All the privilege, waste, pampering, coddling has done nothing except encourage them to become Z list celebrities. That too me personally is not the Monarchy. Middleton is a manipulative, scheming and vain hanger on. She will never change.

      Meghan – unknown.

      However, I love my Queen and will until the day I die.

      As for your losses:

      I know where you are coming from. Pain is a part of
      life sadly and there is no rank in death or hurt.

      I am sorry that my comments turned up on a day
      that you hold most sacred – as I do. For two of
      the same reasons.

      This answer is not trying to make it about me
      however, my surgery on the 29th if for another
      go after a full facial flap removal of a malignant
      melanoma was supposed to have been sorted
      following my surgery on the 26th of April 2017.

      Unfortunately I am one of the few where this
      radical surgery has failed and am now have
      regrowth of further malignant melanoma
      which kicked off 2 weeks after half my
      face was removed. So… that is why when
      I broke my foot, I was laughing because
      I was filling out my Advance Care Directive.

      So Bellaluna,
      New Zealand is beautiful. We are still having
      hefty earthquakes here in Christchurch. The
      South Island is exqusite, however the North
      is just as magical. Take your pick however
      Christchurch was flattened and our history
      has gone. I would not advise a visit here
      unless you flew in, headed to Queenstown,
      Fiorland, Otago, or went to Nelson, etc.

      Over to you!

      Rest assured I love and respect my Queen.
      It is ony the Bill, Middleton and ? Harry/Meghan
      that I will be having a bonfire for after
      Her Majesty passes. I will be in mourning for
      her and what was the best of the best.

      If you do not mind I will leave you with this:

      As long as you live, those you have lost
      will be with you. As long as you remember
      them, they will never be lost to you.

      You are their bridge across forever.

      I am holding your hand and we can
      walk into the sunrise together.

      With love and blessings


      1. Wild Rose, I hear your pain, and your anguish. People do not recognize, or understand, the terrible skin cancers.

        Wild Rose, I have had three melanomas diagnosed on my body. Never give up, never, never, ever. I have been through hell, 17 operations, and more. If I can deal with all my problems, being a wuss, then you can be better than me. I am nothing, compared to you and the other fab commenters on this site.

        1. Bellaluna
          Your not nothing, I have never had anything like what you have been through. But my husband has. Birth defects needing years of the same.
          Also, you are so right, many very kind and bonus! Amusing commentators here.
          My best wishes to you on this sad day for you and your family. Kiwi

        2. BellaLuna (Beautiful Moon)

          We are each others joy. For this I will leave
          these words

          Take heart my friend we love you,
          You are Never alone,
          Though there are a million
          miles between us you will
          find your way home.
          Wake up in the morning in a good
          place and stare at the moon all
          day –
          Lonely as a whisper on a star chase,
          we are always here, never
          far away…

          In the quiet of the night let
          your candle always burn.
          Never forgetting that the love
          you have is earned.

          It is time for me to close out now, for
          my journey is a path that I can only
          walk … (hobble) it now my time to
          prepare and as I light a
          candle for all of you, I will see you
          in my dreams.

          I have now emptied all my emails,
          kept Lola’s and what has been
          important to me. Archived everything

          However, the time has come and
          as I watch the lights flickering from the
          damaged Port Hills in Christchurch
          I will think of you all.

          I do not know when I will be back in

          Thank you all, especially Lola.

          I leave my Peace and Blessings
          with you.

          If you look hard enough – you may
          see me in the sunrise.

          WILD ROSE

      2. Oh, Wild Rose, I am so sorry you have to go through all this. I’ve called on St. Michael and asked that he and the angels watch over you. You will continue to be in my prayers.

        1. Yes, and although my mother, due to her witnessing the horrors of what the German Nazis did to the Jews, and converted to Judaism, she gave each of her children the name of a saint. Just in case, lol. She also taught me much about her original faith, and showed me the beauty of Catholicism.

          You may not be a believer of religion, or a believer of one, but St. Michael is looking out for you, as lovelolaheart said. My grandparents, with fifteen children, also believed in the power of the saints Anthony, Francis, Joseph, Kinga, Mary and Barbara. All their children were named for these saints.

          I know G-d is looking out for you. You are in my prayers every night. The most sacred and the underlying of Judaism is the Shema: Hear, Oh Israel, the Lord our G-d, the Lord is One. I say this prayer every night and morning. Unless I am offending you, I will add your name, too?

    2. I’m so sorry, Bellaluna. What a terrible anniversary to have to go through. Without laughter there would be nothing to drown out the screams of my internal monologue. I hope you found some brightness in your day yesterday.

    3. Bellalluna, peace and blessings to you. I’m sorry for the losses you have endured and salute your courage to move forward and live life with an understanding of how important it is to honor those who have departed and to spend as much time as you can on earth living under the sunshine of laughter. Wishing you the best.

  94. Bellaluna, a tough date to get through. My best thoughts to you, hoping you can recall the joy your brother and baby gave you. 🙂

  95. Thanks to y’all. It is a very hard day, and only amongst my siblings and cousins, we phone each other today, and all our family, now and tomorrow, will celebrate the happiness of my brother and my baby. It is a celebration of life. We party@!

  96. Greetings Lola and Bellaluna,

    This is for you – following this message I have
    to leave for treatment, required prior to
    surgery (if that is an option still on the table)
    so to speak. The options are too narrow
    to call until I go through this next step.

    Lola and Bellaluna,

    I have a strong faith. I have always believed
    in “God” and my day starts out with “Calling
    upon the Angels of Love and Protection…
    and the Archangels especially Michael.

    St Michael, St Jude, and St Francis
    (being the Patron Saint of travellers)
    of which I have done much
    throughout my life’s journey.

    I then recite Ephesians 6 – placing the
    armour of God upon me.

    So I thank you for your placing me
    in you prayer chain – and I too will,
    as always light a candle for you all.

    I have kept your site going Lola,
    so I can look in from time to time when
    allowed to. All I ask is that you do us
    all proud and hold that beacon of
    truth high. Let it be seen and heard.

    I am a Croatian/Irish mix – which
    makes perfect sense with my
    “pen” name. So being raised
    with a sense of respect, loyalty,
    duty and service was always
    there. Charity is my strength.

    I must now leave, as it is 12.23p.m
    NZT and I am due to be admitted
    at 2 p.m. NZT.

    I leave you with all with my Peace,
    my Blessings, a basket full of joy,
    magic and hope.

    Last but not least, my deep and
    abiding love and respect for you

    I will see you in the sunrise and
    take heart that you are holding
    my hand as I am yours.


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