Oh dear, it’s worse than I thought. Meghan Markle has crazy eyes.



Crazy eyes are practically mandatory for marrying into the British Royal Family since Princess Diana joined The Firm.  Back in July, I pointed out the set on Kate Middleton which tend to happen when Prince William is paying attention to her whereas Meghan’s crazy eyes occur when she is gazing at the love of her life, the camera.


Find someone who looks at you the way Meghan Markle looks at a camera. I really ship these two.


I’m not the only one to notice the illicit affair Meghan is carrying out with the lens right under Harry’s nose:


I guess it wouldn’t be a Windsor wedding unless there were three in the marriage.

On Thursday, Prince Harry and Meghan traveled to Wales where they did a walk-about, toured Cardiff Castle and visited the StarHub community centre.  They were over an hour late due to a train delay for which Meghan apologized with one of her exaggerated expressions straight from the Kate Middleton School of Over-Emulating Human Emotion.


Meghan needs a master class, though.  Her apology expression and humbly overwhelmed expression are almost indiscernible (red arrows by moi).


It may have been good enough for Suits, but taxpayers expect more.  I mean they rarely get it from the Royal Family but they do still expect it.

Meghan’s choice of attire proved controversial with the Daily Mail going so far as to claim, “Never has one outfit been designed to send so many messages”.  Is Meghan really using clothing to convey secret non-verbal communication?  That kinda sounds like something a tinfoil hat-wearing stalker would say to the police to explain what he was doing lurking in the bushes in a suit made of Velcro with duct tape roll bracelets and a bag full of kitty litter.  But then again, it is the Daily Mail so…

I guess the Stella McCartney coat which resembles a robe and Meghan’s messy bun do sort of say “Fuck you, I want to be home in my jammies” but that’s basically my default mood so I’m not going to cast stones over that one.

Okay, maybe just one stone, really a pebble. With Meghan constantly brushing her hair away and touching her face at the last two engagements, she looks like she desperately wants someone to call her a Manic Pixie Dream Girl.


In addition to the messy bun, traditionalists were pearl-clutching over Meghan’s shoulder-revealing Theory top, her Hiut Denim jeans and mismatched earrings.


I’m sorry, but after you’ve seen the Duchess of Cambridge prancing around in violently tight Heimlich Maneuver jeggings and the two tight-trousers princes showing off their pocket rockets, a pair of black denim jeans and a little extra shoulder isn’t that big of an eyebrow-raiser.  The bar has been set so low it’s now just a crevice in the Boulevard of Broken Protocol.  Granted Meghan’s attire wouldn’t fly in most offices except for maybe on Casual Friday, but I find Meghan and Harry’s hand-holding and whispering to each other during official engagements to be more unprofessional than some exposed clavicle.  The lovey-dovey demonstrative displays of these first engagements are a bit too much, they’re at work.  At any job, if you engaged in similar behavior with your significant other while on the clock, you’d probably be called into HR for a meeting about it because even if the boss gave you a pass, you know Janice from Accounts Receivable would say something.

Meghan appeared at ease chatting with the gathered crowd.


For one fan, she wrote “Hi Kaitlin” on her pad, an action the press identified as a protocol-breaking autograph.  Since Meghan didn’t sign her name, I’m a little foggy as to why it would be a violation of a royal rule by someone who isn’t even royal yet, but judging by all the fuss, Caitlin can now take over the world with that scribbled greeting so hopefully she will only use her powers for good.


Thus far, Meghan’s introduction to the Royal Family just seems like a reboot of the Fergie Years.  I’ve already watched this program and it wasn’t that great the first time around, plus I don’t have a lot of faith in this cast.

I do hope that Prince Harry and Meghan live a long blissfully happy life together and that she flourishes in her royal role but between the velocity of this relationship and Meghan’s crocodile smile, I can’t help but think the royal couple are like Tick-Tock and Captain Hook from Peter Pan.


Hopefully the only thing Harry loses will be his hair.






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  1. Lola, It’s a train wreck in the making, I think this one will fold the same time Chopper and Chutney’s, much like Diana and Fergie, and HM will have another bad year instead of 1992 it will be 2022 flash forward 30 years. The thing about history is it always repeats itself, because people never learn anything, sad to say but she will probably be alive to see it!!!

    1. Hopefully the Queen will still be alive in four years! Once she’s gone, I doubt the monarchy will last very long. Hopefully Harry and Meghan will go the distance, there’s just quite a bit of discouraging gossip and blinds about her (did you see this one: and the consistency makes them harder to dismiss. Regardless, the more I observe her, the more false and contrived her demeanor and actions feel to me. But who knows, it’s early in the game, she could wind up surprising us all.

      1. You know I mentioned something very similar over on MMR & was attacked over & over again. No matter how many times I tried to explain my reasoning, they always came up with some justification. It just seemed too convenient that all of a sudden she was “volunteering” in Africa before they met. I think she was setting herself to be in his path. Kind of like Katie Walker & Imre.

        1. Totally agree. Grooming herself to be Diana 2.0 with the humanity gig, kick Chutney in the shins by slaying the appearance stats. I think she was aware of Harry through the “mutual friend” (don’t believe that either) and strategised a la Carole Middleton to snag Harry. I thought she would have studied the competition better (Chutney), not fondle the hair, be a better actress in playing the “I didn’t know who he was” routine as well as the fake humility. Can’t wait for her first speech. Will be so overdone. I would love to see her browser history. Youtube vids of Diana a plenty! Esp. The one where it talks about how Diana always knew where the camera was. Her lovey dovey eyes at the camera is acting class 101. It’s her “Diana eyes” under the eye lids.

          1. Oh, I agree ByeBye. I think she has studied Diana very, very carefully. Diana, it seems, was the real deal. The first to bring such excitement to the modern Royal Family. Harry and William grew up under that magic and her sudden death came at such a tender age for them. Each seems to have chosen their partners to fill a void. William fell under the Carole Middleton spell of making her family, his. Kate, of course, was there for the picking. too.

            Harry seems desperate to capture a woman who can out Diana Diana. I guess he’s found that. Good luck to them.

  2. Hmm – not sure about this “pair” – he needs someone to love him and she needs a camera. They might be happy now – an extension of the few days or a week together over the last year or so . . . it might just work if she is happy to be a RF Stepford Wife – the money and position and adulation could be a trade off for someone who was in a cable tv show that was not going to be extended and is too old to get picked up on another B or C series

    1. Me thinks she is Sofia of Sweden and Fergie rolled into one with beady dark eyes, so very besotted with her own image, someone pointed out what a strange nose, uh nose job, lets see how many royals have had nose bobs, Chutney, Letizia, Rania, and now Klingon, me thinks Sofia probably. it’s just so chiseled , not to mention Letizia’s boob job and fillers and botox to go around for everyone, I mean you do what you got to do to marry into this shite!!!

    2. Usually relationships that burn brightly in the beginning tend to not last but there are exceptions. I hope they’re together forever just because Harry is so obviously over-joyed to have someone to love. Everyone deserves that kind of happiness. I think Meghan will be this generation’s rebel royal bride just as Fergie was. Like Fergie, Meghan will survive whatever knocks her down in life, a quality she will need in that family.

      1. Lola
        What a gem your latest is!
        Once I got to the “three in the marriage” reference, I had to start reading it all to my husband. He got the point!

        I’m still holding back on forming a firm opinion on Meghan, but I do call her Princess Sparkle, so I can’t be too reluctant.

        Thank you for a jolly good laugh, we both enjoyed this post!

          1. Lola
            Just found… for a fascinating article on Diana, Harry and Meghan and their personality traits. I was looking for an article on narcissism and Meghan and this drarthur popped up.

            Actually your top photo of Crazy Eyes Meghan got me thinking about narcissism. If I look again at it, I start thinking of useful medications for altering ones state of consciousness too.

            PS Please forgive, I don’t know how to do “links” for above site.

      2. I see it as being pretty one-sided. Harry seems so in love with her and it is genuine and sweet to see but I think she’s more in love with the new role she has. I want to be wrong. I’m glad she is warm, nice, and comfortable with crowds unlike W&K who are rude and obnoxious in every way. So there’s one plus.

    3. Truly, are some people so desperate to re-create Diana, that they are hopping on board the Meghan Express? To me, her entire being smacks of wanting to be the Next Diana. I think she was orchestrating such a life ever since she was a kid. She did it with more savvy than Carole and Kate did, though. Didn’t just wait, she did her community-service type things and spun her own little golden web of caring, sharing, and being all to everyone. Especially, to Good Prince Hal. OMG, I think the entire marriage will be a train wreck. Yes, I think she will get pregnant right away and some American tabloids are writing about the fact that she already froze her eggs. Ugh, do we need to know this? Of course, I just said it, too.

      Harry, whom I once thought highly of, is as dim witted when it comes to women as William is. Sad, actually. The loss of their Mum and the public grief they endured at such a young age made them ripe pickings for the like of Carole/Kate and Meghan. Here’s to “love.”

  3. She’s lost cause and I’m sorry to say but I think he and the other two are as well. No class. She’s a MAJOR problem for the royal family and will continue to be so.

    I hope the Queen calls this disaster off before it’s too late

      1. Lola, I simply cannot believe you an be bored of your humor, your spirit, your sense of fun and your ability to hit the nail on the head, time after time! Maybe, a nice vacation on a sunny beach for a week will rev your spirits and have you clamoring to post new hilarity about the Royals. Don’t leave us!!!

  4. Loved this post Lola! I’ve been aceptical of Meghan ever since the $75,000 engagement shoot dress. And now I see she can’t spell. Oh well, she’ll always have Nikon.

  5. Great post, Lola!

    I’ll comment more substantively in a bit, but I had a logistical question – how does the media know so quickly the brands that MM (and DoC for that matter) are wearing at events? Does Kensington Palace issue a press release with that info immediately? Or is the media that quick to decipher the info from view? Thanks!

    1. Royal correspondents follow royal fashion blogs on Twitter which are pretty quick in identifying the pieces. I think sometimes on tours Kensington Palace will provide the clothing ID but from what I’ve observed on Twitter, it’s usually the Twitter accounts of sites dedicated to what Kate and Meghan wore.

        1. Whoops, I was wrong, Kensington Palace does provide more fashion IDs than I thought because yesterday Richard Palmer had to correct himself on more than one occasion because he had been provided with the wrong information, first KP said the dress was by Seraphine, then
          KP said the coat and dress were by Sportsmax, then KP said the dress was by Seraphine and the coat was by Sportsmax.

  6. I can’t believe she would attend a Royal outing with her hair looking like a bird’s nest! She’s moving from the healthy narcissism required of her career as a celebrity (‘actress’) to something much worse. It doesn’t even look like she and Harry are ‘together’…everything she has, the fame, attention, fans, cameras is tied to Harry. She’s going to pull a Princess Sofia and have an insurance baby ASAP. If Harry can reign her in, this marriage will probably go the distance. But the relationship feels more transactional than emotional. I feel sorry for Harry.

    1. Temi – at Megs age there is not a lot of time to waste re trying for a baby so I too think she’ll be pregnant (if possible) within a few months. And follow up with No2 within another 18 months. Harry and CP in Sweden have gone for women who rule the roost at home, but are smart enough to defer in public.

    2. Hi, Temi! When Meghan wears it like that, she’s always having to get it out of her eyes or off her face, I’m not sure how it doesn’t drive her nuts. Maybe touching it is a security blanket thing like it is with Kate? I know I’m in the minority here, but I don’t think Sofia was planning a baby so soon, she appeared to freak out a bit when she was pregnant with the first (I actually felt sorry for her), I think she was going to put a couple of years in then get out but the first pregnancy changed her game plan.

  7. I’ll be the dissenter here. I think they’ll be a happy couple even though the press and public opinion may skewer them. I’m not going to join that bandwagon just yet, however. I wish them well, and I think they are both well suited for public life. There’s nothing crazy about her eyes, either.

    1. They seem to be more on an equal footing in their public appearances. Meghan does not do the “desperate for any attention” puppy dog looks that Kate pulls in public to this day, almost as if she doesn’t see Will daily.
      I didn’t see it all but there was video of Harry and Meghan visiting a group of children dancing and she saw a young girl who was off to the side and comforted her. Meghan is far more comfortable with interacting with people than Kate ever was. I think it’s because Meghan wasn’t raised as a little rich girl desperately climbing to be an aristo and future princess. And I am glad the hypocrisy about her jeans and Kate’s jeggings were pointed out. The jeans were made by a local Welsh company and the press coverage has increased orders for them. So she is helping local UK business. That was something well thought out. Kate has never worn anything that can actually help smaller UK companies profit, just fancy designers and usually non UK designers too.
      I am sure Meghan will make mistakes but there seems to be more effort to show that they have heard some of the criticisms about the BRF. And again it is no coincidence that yesterday for the first time ever, Kate was caught doing the School run and smiling away in her Range Rover. What an amazing coincidence that a paparazzi just happened to be in the right place in London to catch her smiling as she was driving.

              1. Kittie
                Gee, Catherine is going to keep those Paps busy in the coming months.
                I expect MORE glowing stories from the Daily Middleton re: Catherine as a consequence of this mutual love affair.

                PS . I finally saw Stephen Bradbury’s race…what a hoot! His patience certainly paid off.
                PS2. Now we are glued to your kinsmen playing against the English in the third ODI. 4/149 30 overs.
                Regards Kiwi

                1. It’s 232/6 at the moment; should be beatable!

                  The Bradbury race is a classic in anyone’s language. I remember watching it live and we all went, will he b allowed to win ‘cos everyone else fell down???

                  I honestly don’t know why Kate and William are making news for car rides and hair cuts. I thought they were desperate for privacy?

                  1. Kittie
                    End of first innings. 6/302!!
                    OK it’s all on!!!
                    Your line” I thought they were desperate for privacy” is apt and very funny.
                    I give up, the Royal family are entertainment. Kiwi

                    1. Kiwi – Yep, it’s all on! Currently 1/32. What better way to spend a hot summer evening? It’s currently 31 degrees (89F) at 6.35pm where I am.

      1. The criticism of Meghan wearing jeans drove me nuts. I personally think they were a bit too casual but they were immensely more appropriate than the jeans worn by Kate, Prince William and Prince Harry at other events. Why does Kate get praised for wearing denim body paint, no one says a word when the princes wear jeans but when Meghan does it, she gets blasted. And as you mentioned, Meghan wearing them helped a local business while Kate intentionally holds onto her clothing until items are sold out or nearly sold out because she doesn’t want people buying the same things she has. Conversely, there are some things Meghan’s getting praised for that Kate would get criticized if she did. Sadly Meghan will get knocked down when those propping her up for praise get bored of doing so while Kate will always retain a perch above ground level because the press need the royal charade. Meghan’s expendable, Kate is not.

        1. I thought the Welsh clothing a thoughtful choice, particularly since it resulted in orders flooding into this small company. There are some wonderful designers and artisans in the UK; fantastic if they were supported when and where possible.

          If Meghan had ditched the bathrobe coat for one she has already worn, left the bag for another time and all would have been fine. She doesn’t have to fall into the trap of having an engagement’s import diminished because the press prefers to define it by clothing.

          1. I thought she was a walking ad for causes and thus diluted the impact. I thought it was OTT ridiculous. The jeans would have been enough and a lovely nod to and support of a cottage industry. But nooooo. It’s a bit like showing off, IMO. The little purse was all wrong for the occasion and ensemble. Again, ridiculous.

            There’s something jarring about Meghan’s take on things.

        2. Lola
          This is it. I think the media ultimately will “hold up” Catherine too if it suits them, which it does.

          “Denim body paint” now that’s a phrase to be repeated!

    2. Differences of opinion are always welcome here. I’m standing my ground on crazy eyes… because of my brother’s many many girlfriends and fiancees along the way, I am the world’s foremost authority on crazy eyes.

      1. Did any of them become his wife ? My brother’s first wife had a combination of crazy, calculating, and pissed off accents to her eyes depending on the hour !

  8. To me she’s just a Kate 2.0. I was hoping that her acting “career”, as bad as it was, would help her in her role. She looks at the camera. Kate looks for cameras. Kate wears off the shoulder dresses all the time. Meghan wears an off the shoulder top. Meghan wears a bun (probably because her hair is very difficult to take care of & doesn’t want to be high maintenance) and Kate wears tons of wiglets. Too me she isn’t any different than Kate. She might be more in love with the camera, but I think Kate was more in love with being Queen and her looks of love seem like “I can’t believe you actually chose me.” Right now Meghan’s ahead in my book, but as I’ve said let’s see how she acts after the wedding. If she works hard I have a tendency to say “eh”. If she flashes then she’s a lost cause.
    btw-Love the crocodile comparison!! And I’m so happy you’re back! <3

    1. Hi SpringsMom! If Meghan does her job, no one is going to care about her crazed pageant waving, they are going to be in shock that a member of the Royal Family under the age of 65 is actually working. Hopefully Kate won’t convince Meghan that if she does more than a hundred engagements a year she’ll die.

  9. In the narcissist vein (and I have some knowledge of dealing with them because my hubby’s twin is one with addiction issues) you really can’t go by what they say, or even actions, especially ones that seem super altruistic . You have to look back and see the patterns of their life to tell the true story. When I look back to see some of Meghan’s, a big one is that she actually ends up treating her significant other pretty poorly. One of the reasons cited for her first marriage ending was the long distance relationship being hard. She couldn’t make it work with a guy she had been involved with for years, but for a prince she could put in the time and effort needed? Huh? She also had no problem dropping her live in boyfriend for a chance at said Prince. I wish there was a warning bell somewhere in the back of Harry’s head alerting him that if she could do it to them, she could do it to him as well. That’s the problem of falling in love with a narcissist- they love bomb you and tell you all you want to hear in a crazy whirlwind and you think this MUST be true love since you’ve never known anything like it before. But that doesn’t last forever.
    Then add in her outing the relationship on Instagram, the Vanity Fair cover, her taking over the engagement interview, her choice of the engagement dress for the pictures… I have serious doubts. As a Hollywood hustler and celebrity I think she was in her sweet spot (both Hera and Kittie have done a good job speaking to that point on a previous post)- but incorporating that into the BRF? I have serious doubts. It will be entertaining to watch though!

    1. The day before PH and MM’s wedding, I am going to buy real movie popcorn, extra buttered. You know – the fake butter in the middle, not just on top?

      I and many of my friends receive the New York Times just for Sunday. Why? The wedding section. We actually have a contest – the first of us who can count the number of Ivy League schools the bride and groom attended, correctly, is taken out to lunch for free. The weddings are nothing but a brag sheet, and much fun.

      The same for Meghan and her pushing, via clothe, shoes, accessories, her agenda. How many can you count?

      1. Ha ha – too true – I lived in NYC back in the 1990’s – nothing has changed then. Depending on the age of the Ivy League marrieds there is also reference to what companies both Daddies run, as well as “the son/daughter of Big Daddy Snr of NYC and also . . . somewhere snooty such as pricey enclave at the Hamptons etc etc”. Even better if Grandpa come from a railroad family or owned a whole block on the Upper East Side back in the last century 🙂

        1. Oz, the NYTimes has found diversity.

          They now mention State schools. If you read why, you will find that their father is the Dean. Free tuition. But only if the bride or groom went to U of Virginia, (Kennedy’s that want to show they are Jeffersonians, and want to speak like a southerner, with Bobby Kennedy, a Washingtonian, never got y’all in his fake Boston McCarthy accent)U of Michigan, U of North Carolina, Berkeley (mother is head of Women’s Studies, for the latter.). Maybe a UCLA, U of Texas (Bush). LOL, people who graduated from The University of Pennsylvania stress that it is one of the Ivies, usually written as a graduate of the acclaimed Wharton School of Business, from the ivy clad U of P. Plus Daddy owns General Motors, Google, and you. But U of P is Ivy League. Spouse attended Cornell, and Brown, because mother is the famed actress, and father owns all hotels.

    2. Agree with your take, kateincali. I’d add that SoHo House, that home for smug elitists, has been the third thing in this relationship: the York lasses became members, and no doubt introduced Harry to the place where, incidentally, Meghan’s best friend, Markus Anderson, orchestrates the memberships. H+M enjoy VIP memberships. I do believe that Markus introduced Meghan and Harry, not a nameless woman so faux-artlessly claimed in the engagement interview. I reckon the Markus connection was played down because it would look like Harry was targeted, if initially only for kudos.

      But Harry has behaved poorly too, texting women he fancied and not respecting the fact that some were in relationships – much like both parents – displaying a sense of entitlement. And he’s long enjoyed the celebrity lifestyle and chased those people, or been chased. That said, I agree that he is genuinely besotted. And who doesn’t want to love and be loved?

      Meg’s Instagram outing was immature and desperate. I also loathe the spinning of the humanitarian label when there really has been a handful of events since 2014, a de rigueur PR tactic of celebrities these days. Meg’s PR company founded One Young World, clearly a vehicle for their clients apart from any good work it may do. It’s one thing to hustle in the private sphere in pursuit of one’s career/fan base, but whether such tactics transfer well into the public sphere of royalty… I don’t know. There’s far more scrutiny with the latter, more people to please, less being the centre of attention and more about highlighting others…

      1. Yay! Glad we see eye to eye Kittie! I respect your comments a lot. Yes, I was thinking about the whole Soho House angle when I referenced you and Hera in my post above. I thought it was well explained that that was an entire campaign to curate the right type of friends who could network her into the upper eschelon. I actually think this is an instance where Meg & Kate/Carole are similar. I don’t think Meg wanted admittance to Soho to pursue Harry but just to be part of the ultra elite and exclusive set, much like Carole was grooming her kids to be part of the aristo set not royalty. All about being at the top. However, when a prince was unexpectedly thrown into the equation, it was an opportunity too good to pass up for either.

        1. Back at you, kateincali! SoHo House is designed snooty-pootiness, appealing to upwardly mobile networkers and those who have made it to some degree, all of whom need to prove it, flaunt it, whatevs. Meghan was part of SoHo way before Harry, due to Markus. Remember, they have long holidayed together. I don’t think snaring Harry was a plot; an opportunity presented itself, she ran with it. If Lola’s ‘blind’ is correct, Meghan was not going to throw away her shot.

          You must have to really want or really not want that royal life; there’s no in-between. I’m reminded of Lola’s post (refer archives) on a certain Swedish woman she met through a friend in New York who was determined to hook a prince (and succeeded). Same with the Middletons. I wonder what life becomes, day to day, when the mask finally slips for all concerned.

      2. Yes, I doubt any of Meghan’s charity work was gone out of genuine care and concern but it was done by her PR company to make her look good. It makes her feel good to feel she’s doing something, and that’s all – she doesn’t have to follow up or continue or do much else. Some celebrities put their money where their mouth is, like Ed Sheeran or Henry Cavill both of whom have taken up patronages WK&H have ignored to give them attention, but most are as shallow as Meghan.

        1. Wish I could edit this but adding – Ed is another patron of EACH, has raised tons of money, and Cavill is patron of several military charities (he won an award for raising heaps of money for one of them, I think almost a million pounds?) as well as a presenter now at the Sun Military Awards WK&H used to be so gung-ho about, but ignore now… I find it interesting they go for celebrities to boost their fundraising now and public interest level but I figure they find people who truly care and get involved instead of show up once every few years.

      3. I can’t speak to your other points Kittie, but One Young World is NOT a vehicle designed to up MM’s charity chops. I participated in 2014, the first year that MM spoke as a “ambassador”. She was barely a blip in what was a nearly week long conference. To be fair, I left the summit with a positive impression of her; she spoke on a gender equality panel and her talking points were consistent with her later clips from the UN etc. I am sure her PR team saw it as a great opportunity for her to be seen as part of OYW, but with Kofi Annan and Vicente Fox was keynote speakers, it is 100%false to state that One Young World was/is a Meghan Markle PR stunt.

        1. RMT, I was not claiming that OYW was set up as a stunt exclusively for Meghan, but that the PR representing her at the time had set up/supported this initiative at some point and had several clients move through it. There are obvious benefits in controlling the narrative in such ways.

          When MM’s name was first linked to Harry, her reps released a statement saying they could not comment on her private life, and that the press should refer their questions to the palace. That’s no way to shut something down, if indeed that was the instruction. More like waving a flag at it. This was the same time as the spooning bananas etc attention-seeking. I was curious so checked out the company, its clients, and came across OYW listed as one of its projects. I didn’t think anything more of it until MM came further into light and OYW was mentioned as one of her charities. Other clients had also attended its conferences. Hence my statement. I checked the company recently but no association with OYW is currently listed.

          Meghan’s bio on the OYW site claims that, “Markle has always been involved in politics and humanitarian issues.” The evidence supplied shows:
          • a child at 11 writing a letter
          • a student at 20 doing a 3-month internship in Buenos Aires as a subject for her university International Relations course – as she claimed, was looking for credits.
          • a woman of 33, a counsellor at OYW.
          • age 35, another stint at OYW, followed by the World Vision Rwanda visit, advocate for UN Gender Equality, and last year a visit to India plus (good) article.

          I don’t consider this list “always involved…” Read Lola’s article in her archives on George Michael for the real deal. He genuinely helped others in a tangible and consistent way, not cash in on it.

  10. So well put together once again. . Dear Lola Heart .. always so well executed post just so enjoy reading ..
    I think Debarcle Markle… is so in love with the camera .. she thinks she is acting a part as a princess … time will tell dont like what she wears too hollywood ..not Royal material never will be she needs to stop clinging on to Harry on business its nauseating. We think she looks like a dolly constantly grinning and looking at PH. . She needs to grow up.. too much of childish behaviour when on an engagement. .

    1. Thank you, Daisy, it’s always so lovely to see you in the comments. One interesting thing I noticed is that more of the lovey-dovey stuff was initiated by Harry than Meghan this time. I was very irked when Harry started whispering in Meghan’s ear at one point in Cardiff Castle, it was very rude to all of those in the room who had put in their time and effort to make their visit special. Not whispering is basic etiquette. If someone has something to say that can’t be overheard in a room full of people then it shouldn’t be said at all in their presence. There is something known in the concept of time as later. Prince William and Kate are also guilty of occasionally whispering, but it usually looks like it’s probably instructions for Kate, still not appropriate, though. I don’t know what Harry was whispering to Meghan who was smiling along, but it seemed mischievous so I’d guess he was either making fun of someone there or was telling her he was wearing her underwear with follow-up on what he would be doing with it later. I hope one of Harry’s advisors has a word with him about that.

    2. I agree about “growing up.” Both Meghan and Harry act way too young for their early to mid 30s. I don’t want a frumpy matron in Meghan, or a stodgy, balding mess in Harry, but some of their appearances smack of teen romance to me. I often enjoy their happiness, but it can get more than over the top!

  11. She’s a cunning little minx who has dear, dumb Harry (and remember he is very dumb) manipulated exactly where she wants him. He’s lived a pampered life of ultra privilege surrounded by people who enable his every whim. Nobody says “no” or if they try, eg, “marrying that opportunist American actress might not be a wise idea Harry” he will play the My Mummy Died Only 20 Years Ago Don’t You Want Me To Be Happy? card.

    I’m sure all this media attention has put Duchess Dolittle’s well sculpted nose severely out of joint but at least it’s forcing her off her pert backside to DO something. I suspect she’s planning all kinds of ways to sabotage it all, ably assisted by Granny Carole no doubt.

    I’m stocking up on popcorn.

  12. I congratulate my perpiscacious opinion posted on this site which simply disappeared. A regards prince Harry he tends as far as one can see to get in and out of relationships and this latest seems to be afraid to let him up for air.Seeing these displays one tends to think that it is all to make everyone think this is genuine.I wonder about the queens thoughts on it all privately.

    1. I approved all your posts, albeit delayed because I didn’t log onto this site for a chunk of time there. There are none that are pending review so I apologize for whatever glitch made it disappear. Did it have a lot of links? It’s possible it got caught by the Spam filter (I get a TON of Spam).

      1. It is a great word, used by Georgette Heyer in her Regency romances. Without a dictionary handy, it means shrewdly smart.

        1. BamaLynn
          Aaah, Georgette Heyer!!
          It’s a long time since I’ve heard this writer’s name.
          Happy memories.
          If the Royal Family get very boring…do you think Lola we
          could start a discussion on which of GM’s heroes was the most handsome or wicked?…
          Or which book was the most amusing..”Bath Tangle” perhaps?

          1. “The Corinthian” is my all-time favorite!

            Also, Kiwi, the heartfelt post from you and Mr. at the end of the comments (about not wanting Lola to retire from writing this blog) was so nice. I agree with everything you said. Very well put.

            1. BamaLynn
              You are very kind.
              I’ m actually a little teary at your kind comments.

              To be honest I think for me , Lola’s site has provided much more than an amusing diversion in my day.
              Over time, I see it as being part of a “community”.
              Not what I expected for myself!

              I had a great many GH books, but a while back donated many and kept back about 6 of her best.
              She was married to a QC and I had a book on her life.
              She was rather an intriguing woman and rarely gave interviews. Kiwi

  13. lovelolaheart, you are the best! Whenever you newly post, I think of the lyrics to a song: Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Fire Away!

    You are the last standing of blogs, websites, whatever, that is not mean, nasty, or posters telling another how terrible they are – and it is because, I believe, that you hit all the nails on the wall, with laugh-out, spitting-out-of-nose- (Diet Pepsi for me today) words of joy, without malice, towards the truly ridiculous members of the BRF. Plus the respect we feel for you, and each other. I personally have felt the kindness of others on lovelolaheart, and thank everybody for making my hard days a bit better to get by with – especially yesterday.

    Now, Lola, you must post more often. I need to spit out other drinks!

  14. For all her wonderful qualities, HMQ has a long and well known track record for dealing with family problems by, er, not dealing with them. It’s a skill she learned from her own mother who was known as The Ostrich in some circles.

  15. lovelolaheart

    I am unable to post. I am sorry if I offended you or anyone else. I tried to post my thanks before, and finally one went through.

    Should I stop? I will just read.

    1. GMR

      Please keep posting.
      I do not always agree with all posts but I really value what Lola has created.
      I hope the posting problem gets better for you both.

      1. Lola
        There is something happening:
        1. On the ‘Recent comments’, nothing happens when clicking on a poster’s name – you have to click on the name of the post next to it. If I click on your name, it takes me to the top of the post. Some names can’t be clicked on at all.
        2. I signed up to be notified for new posts or comments. Today this has been intermittent eg your Cardiff post came through on my email, plus some but not all comments from posters.
        3. Usually when you post a new article I need to sign up for notifications and receive an email for this purpose. Not so this time.

        Hope this helps identify any issues 🙂

        1. Thanks, Kittie. I’ll do a software update tonight or tomorrow to see if that fixes the problem and if not, I’ll contact the host provider. I’m sorry to everyone experiencing technical difficulties.

          1. No worries. About 30 minutes after I sent the above email, I got the ‘Please confirm you want notifications’ email. This would have been hours after I had originally ticked the box. Still, not all comments are coming through.

          2. Lovelolaheart,

            I remember when your article about the Swedes and Sofia, and how you felt somehow threatened? Do you think that since your blog has people from all over the worldcommenting, the BRF are monitoring you and your posters? Just a conspiracy theory idea, but it is happening more and more on your site.

            1. I didn’t feel threatened, I just mentioned feeling paranoid because some bizarre things happened like someone in a baseball cap kept buzzing my apartment but kept his face concealed, that kind of thing, but I was aware I was being silly. I highly doubt the British Royal Family are even aware of my blog. This is a small blog that even my own mother doesn’t read (she thinks it’s mean). I think the answer is probably as simple as my using WordPress which can be buggy.

              1. lovelolaheart, you are not a small blog. I see you referenced from many sites. Aside from my flattery, you are looked upon as one, if not the best, Royal websites.

                KMR and her MMR websites, I believe, IMO, were taken “over” by a few posters who had the uncanny ability to turn other posters in cannibals. It was the Daily Mail and Celebitchy, dos. I loved to read everything, but was has happened to civility, fun, and criticism?

                I love so much reading the comments on lovelolaheart. I am repetitious, but I need y’all, to laugh, think, agree, disagree; the comedy, and the pathos, forever here. It is lovely to just chew our cuds on how ridiculous, maddening and lovely the BRF are. Thank you, I will try to post next time something snarky.

                1. That’s so sweet. When a friend asked me for pointers on building a blog, I admitted I have no idea what I’m doing, it was pure luck that wonderful people found me and recommended the site to other wonderful people. I’ve grown bored of the BRF, though, and feel like that’s coming across in my posts when I can muster the interest to do them. Likely February will be this site’s last month of existence. I’ll keep the domain name but won’t renew the hosting. I’ll try to post a bit more before then and will also send out a goodbye. All of you have meant so much to me and I’m so grateful for your company on this part of life’s journey.

                  1. Oh Lola, say it ain’t so!!! Who will guide us through the wedding hoopla and have some much snark and spot on insight? I will miss your writing!!

                  2. That’s tragic news for all of us who love reading your satire. Love, Lola is currently the only savvy take left on the BRF: Sarah Whalen seems to have gone dark, and a lost lost blog, enclave (?) was muzzled. KMR/MMR was hijacked by fanatics. All spoke clear truth to counter the PR swill dished out by powerful forces.

                    I fully respect your decision to move on though hope future work will be available to read in some form.

                  3. Oh Lola, as a longtime reader but a rare commenter, I will be very sad to see your blog disappear. Your posts have been so wickedly fun and entertaining, and have sparked some great comments and conversations. I think boring the public to death is probably part of William’s great scheme to be able to live his life in total secrecy, with no one left interested in holding him or the BRF accountable. We’ll be left with press and fan sites doing nothing more than exalting William for getting an expensive buzz cut and Kate for stooping in stilettos. I do hope you’ll change your mind (maybe just a long hiatus until the PH/MM wedding instead?), but if you don’t, I wish you all the best.

                  4. I hate to see you go as the islands of sanity are shrinking by leaps and bounds. Original voices are so rare, too. But, yes, the BRF have become boring. Perhaps if you kept it just to weddings, hmmm? Two coming up this year!

                    Will you have an official announcement up top? I had missed your comment and came upon it by chance.

                    1. Oh, and funerals. When the queen dies, things are really going to change; I doubt that it will be boring, for sure.

                  5. Oh, I am sorry to hear this, Lola. You are a gem. Truly, you are . Great wit, wonderful insight and just a joy to read. I can understand getting bored with the Royals, but wow, you have latched onto a devoted following and I think there must be ways to feed your creativity from the madness of the Royals and make a boatload of money ,too. Please reconsider shutting down new posts. You are the fresh air that is needed to keep the world from going insane!!!

                  6. Oh No!!!! I don’t comment here often but I’ve spent many a happy afternoon going through old posts and LMAO! Your wit and writing style will be so missed! I do understand your boredom though, it’s a constant cycle of rinse and repeat with the BRF.

                    I wish you nothing but the best going forward in life’s long journey!!!

  16. Funny post as always Lola. But the smile on the crocodile makes me think of Sofia (oops sorry to any fans of her).

    Ok, so MM opens her eye wide and it is getting obvious but she’s got a way to go before we see something like Kate’s “Tilted head of Concern”?

    1. Thanks, Cathy. Worse than Meghan’s soap opera acting (someone on DM referred to it as something like Meghan’s Fake AF Mother Teresa of Calcutta impression) and Kate’s tilted head of concern is William’s suppressed belch of compassion. Maybe they can get a three-fer on acting classes.

      1. I thinking that it’s really sad we are still seeing Kate looking at William like that. She’s been married to the guy for years and yet she still stares at him like she’s a besotted tweenager (pre teenager) and he’s her silent crush… and … *gasp* she can’t quite believe she’s standing next to him!!!

    2. I’m agreeing, Cathy. Wow it’s so refreshing to be able to express a bit of negativity toward Meghan without being dragged through the mud!! Sofia, too. I will say positive things about these two when it’s merited, but lately, I am at a loss to understand what the heck is going on.

  17. I’m not ready to be cynical about Meghan. As others have said, I’m going to give her the same 2 years that Kate got to dissapoint me.

    On a side note, the British media is hypocritical, and not including their role in the monarchy’s evolution. After Diana’s death, they called the Windsors cold, detatched, and uncaring. Now you have a couple who project warmth, happiness, and interest in the public and the media hates on them for not acting royal enough. The royals wouldn’t dress so strategically if the dang papers didn’t print it all, including the prices. These guys really can’t win.

    1. I think Sophie Windsor does well – always looks appropriate and seems to be genuinely involved in the charities she works with. Of course her clothes are not cheap either but her husband is so far from Throne that she is not under the microscope. I suspect she and Edward will initially remain the Pair that go to all the Euro Royal occasions once Charles is King – no chance of Wills doing that – but in time I see Harry and Meg doing this role.

      1. Oz Shan
        I think Sophie does well too.
        I like her “getting on with it” attitude particularily after her “sting” fake interview early on. I also have some compassion for her regarding her very difficult pregnancies and Lady Louise’s eye sight problems.
        I posted a couple of days ago that I would go and stand in a crowd to see her, but I do not think she will be in NZ anytime soon.
        Harry of course was in NZ approx. two years ago so a future trip with Princess Sparkle is definitely possible.

        1. Kiwi, Sophie doesn’t just talk the talk – she walks the walk. I follow her, and her many endeavors in not just charity sightings and greetings, but also her bringing attention to new medical advances, and her hands-on with people suffering from eye disorders. I look up to her, and to Camilla, for both trying to be vocal, present and working their feet off to raise awareness and money for their respective causes.

          Instead of hearing about these progressive women, who have made mistakes in their lives but do not say oh, poor me, all the media does is focus on the four flatfeets. How dare they, but really Harry and William, work once a week? Sorry, but most people Ui know work 40 to 60 hours a week, in a real job, aka where you are seen and accounted for, and use their evenings, weekends, and days off to invest in their communities and charities.

          1. Bellaluna
            Thank you for your comments on Sophie and Camilla, you have put into words what I think and respect about them both.
            I think Camilla has had life experiences either personally or through people close to her, that explain the warmth, compassion and depth she shows in her roles ex. Abuse victims.
            I hold the opinion that given the life she has lived, she could reveal an anger and bitterness to those she meets.
            I do not see this,only her warmth. I am certain any falseness would have been clear to those she meets in the ares I name above.
            But yes the media almost always ignores them.

        2. Kiw we in Australia will see Harry in Sydney in October for the Invictus Games and of course Mrs Harry will be there. We might even see him at the Commonwealth Games, but as that is pre-Wedding I’m not sure if the future Mrs Harry will make the trip. But given that the Royals often combine an Oz and NZ trip you have a couple of chances coming up in 2018 !

    2. JET Texas, I think it’s wonderful not to be cynical. Remember the British media needs the monarchy to stick around or else they’re out of a job. Additionally, it’s truly shocking how much control the British Royal Family still exerts over the UK media, things they’re not allowed to publish that other outlets around the world can and that’s got to be frustrating for royal correspondents. Still, it’s a symbiotic relationship, royals and the press need each other no matter how much the BRF tries to fight it. Former correspondents have admitted they’ve sat on stories of Prince William’s bad behavior growing up while Harry was considered fair game. The correspondents don’t always have a choice. I remember one story about a journalist who thought he had the story that would make his career, it was something scandalous about a member of the BRF and his editor basically said, are you nuts, we can’t print this, go write a story about Anne’s horses. The way Meghan gets treated by the press was determined long before she ever met the ginger prince, whatever is going to sell the charade of royalty and therefore papers is what they’ll print.

      1. The royal correspondents seem to just relay royal press releases. There is no examination or questioning of facts, and if something came up it would be binned anyway. So what exactly is the job? And who has to hate you enough to toss the role of royal correspondent your way?

      2. Dear Lovelolaheart, just want to say I really enjoy reading your blog. Apart from it being witty and funny, the information your goodself and certain bloggers share, especially Herazeus is factual. And while sometimes it maybe speculative, it’s actually on the money. Keep it up!

      3. “The way Meghan gets treated by the press…” I wholeheartedly agreeabout that.

        I don’t know about his woman either but she’s just so OTT with her emoting, it’s like every gesture is done in CAPS. I want to like her but think I will always wonder…now is this for real or is she acting?

        I watched a Suits expressly because of this relationship and she deeply over emotes in that as well- lotta cryin’- and what I see now is her doing the same. So…was she never acting and just being Meghan the whole 7 seasons or did Meghan become Rachel Zane and now knows no other way of being? (Rather like Kate’s accent makeover and now she sadly knows no other way of speaking.)

        She’s certainly meeting it with gusto either way. This jury is out for the time being (but I DO want to like her, I really do).

  18. Thank you for responding to my post love lola heart.It is very encouraging to know things have been noted.Although words fail me as to MM from early on I pinned her as an opportunist .what do the shrinks say? The exotic becomes the erotic.How long before reality sets in.I might say none of the royals excite me they are all so pedestrian.

    1. I’m sorry for the difficulties, hopefully I can get them fixed. I want to give you a heads-up on the word “exotic” which you used referencing a psychiatric term. The Daily Mail got a lot of backlash because of a piece describing Meghan as exotic because it has racist connotations. I am not accusing you of racism, you said “shrink” and it’s a phrase used regarding sexual development, I’m calling attention to the word itself. We are a diverse global community and words in some areas carry different meanings than others so it’s important to be respectful of that. As for the royals, I’m getting pretty bored, too.

    2. GMR + 1. This should be called the Meghan Roadshow. Because that’s what it is. I don’t know her as a person but to me it all looks fake. And there’s no dignity to it. I have always been a monarchist but now? Not so much. I just don’t think this is for real and still believe that there should be a difference between monarchy and celebrity which this pair don’t get. I’m not a great Kate fan either but this is worse. SO fake. And the LA themed dressing. Seriously? Just no.

  19. Hi Lola, I’ve been a lurker for a long time. I would like to point out something regarding Princess Sofia. I think the Royal Family of Sweden did a good job training her, besides a few mistakes in the beginning she looks fine. Same with Prince Daniel. It looks like Meghan was left to fend for herself, she just can’t get out of her home with THAT hair.

    1. Welcome to the comment section, Maria! Meghan already has an assistant, it’s a little strange she has no one letting her know the pageant waving and bed head is a royal no-no. I’m not sure why Harry isn’t guiding her better, in fact on Thursday, he was the one initiating more of the hand-holding, whispering, lovey-dovey stuff. this generation of royals may be completely hopeless.

      1. But Meghan’s assistant is Amy Pickerill–someone chosen for her KP position because she is a close personal friend of Jason Knauf as well as one of his staffers from his time at the Royal Bank of Scotland. Definitely not someone with the experience or knowledge to guide a celebrity much less a royal-to-be in proper interactions with the public and press. With the Knauf approach to PR, we can expect more OTT press statements, outright lies and deliberate misleadings, and just pure incompetence demonstrated on a global stage. Neither Knauf or his chosen underlings have the respect of the press, public or of their principals. Unless Catherine Quinn cracks her whip over the entire KP communications operations, this generation of royals won’t be able to continue to hide their own mediocrity.

          1. Thanks for sharing that link. Funny that the article says the positions are for supporting Meghan and Harry, but the listing on linkedin only says Buckingham Palace, no mention of MM/PH or even KP. Seems like the writers may be reaching a bit for a connection to the current hot royal couple.

            1. Hi Lizzie
              I say an item on a local TV program here about it. Funny thing is that only Oz minor outlets are reporting it so it may well be a figment of someone’s over reach – or they want that job so badly they’ve made it up!

      2. Harry’s problem is that he can’t see straight, he is so besotted. She, however, is not, IMO.

  20. I’ve heard all the rumors, too, about her being a yacht girl, a stripper, etc. Hollywood can be a dicey place to get ahead, as we’ve seen from all the “metoo” fallout. That’s in her past. I say we just see what happens. At least she seems willing to get out there and do some royal duties. The clinging thing seems a bit much, but perhaps he gets excited by that.

    1. I think the stripper thing has more to do with when stripping workouts were trendy. Actors and actresses list everything they can vaguely do as skills so they will be considered for more roles. Riding a pony once at a children’s birthday party translates to horseback riding as a skill, that kind of thing. The joke is put it down and figure out how to do it later. The kinds of roles Meghan had before Suits suggest she probably was going out for roles like strangled stripper on one of the Law & Order shows. I haven’t heard yacht girl rumors but that doesn’t seem like something Meghan would do, but who knows. I think if Meghan tones down the school play expressions, cuts back on the clingy (for which Harry was more to blame on Thursday than she was), and tweaks the hair and clothes just a little, she’ll be fine.

    1. A yacht girl is a terrible accusation against anyone, and is not as simple as working on a yacht.

      A yacht girl is a prostitute. Their playing field being the yachts of rich men in the Mediterranean though it can happen in other seas.

      When you see a seemingly unemployed actress or various models or socialites lounging on a yacht especially during high summer season, and it’s not clear why they are on said yacht, it’s highly likely that they are there as yacht girls. The Cannes Film festival is the mecca of yacht girls. Even super famous actors and models participate. The more famous the actor / model / socialite, the more they can charge. We are talking £10K a night at minimum for a Lohan and that’s a conservative estimate.

      Kate was a flasher on the yacht, but she was crew. Not a yacht girl.

      Her flashing started at school and at this point is so ingrained that i’d consider it a character quirk.

      1. Thanks Herazeus. I had no idea – I just assumed beautiful and famous people were invited to hob-nob with other beautiful and wealthy people, all of whom had a lot of time on their hands… silly me.

        Yes, I suppose by now we must consider Kate’s serial flashing a tic of some sort.

        1. Kittie, that happens too, but you can’t rule out yachting on the side completely for some of these people.

          If you can make nearly a million dollars over a ten day period (duration of festival) whilst appearing to simply be yacht hopping, AND being wined and dined, why wouldn’t you?

          There is always the danger of hanging out with toady men, but it seems less risky and MUCH more lucrative than hanging out on street corners if that is your career choice.

            1. Kittie / Jones: isn’t it incredible that a seemingly normal person in Kate is a serial flasher?

              In my day, because i am that old, we thought only people with a tic did that. At best we mocked them, and at worst they were dirty old men (because it was always men flashing). Until Kate, i’d never heard of a female flasher.

              I get teen high jinks flashing people for a dare, but for it to develop into a compulsion to extent we all think it’s her tic is a new one on me.

              1. Herazeus, I had only understood that term in relation to men too, some old, some young…

                I’ve long thought Kate needed to be ‘someone’ in life. Maybe that’s a seed planted by her mother or maybe an internal drive needing to be noticed as special. But she was grey and nondescript by all accounts. The schoolgirl episodes, some 80 of them, I put down to burgeoning sexuality, coupled with being taught that physical beauty would get her the attention she craved. At university, with the infamous sheer catwalk show, that proved true too. Fast forward to married life, I have two theories:
                (1) That the flashing/no underwear was a private game W+K played on the public to see whether she’d get ‘caught’. Also a couple’s FU for having to ‘work’;
                (2) That Kate craved public love of the Diana kind, and the only way she knew how to attract attention was to revert to past behaviours: flaunting her sexuality.

                Kate couldn’t understand the difference, though, between male lust and a wider public embracing a public figure because of her work. And because ‘work’ was a foreign concept, Kate only had that one note to strike. I hate to think of the messages taught by Carole and Mike to their daughters, but both girls embraced it and continued to do so.

    1. She had to be reprimanded for her distractingly short shorts. But how else to show off the lovely legs, she might wonder. Not at work, darling, and your mother should have told you so rather than encouraging it. Carole has much to answer for. Keep her away from Charlotte imo

      1. She’s not that far away in age for shrivelling up. I wonder what she will do then when her sex appeal is harder to come by. I understand one’s knees droop as you age. Ha!

        1. I think in some previous Lola post ( from last year perhaps?) Kate’s knee caps drew attention because the saggy skin looked like Freddy Krueger’s face. Ha ha!

    2. Msthang,
      Ha – I thought it was a euphemism for something tawdry but that’s as far as I got! I knew Kate had worn tinsy-tiny short shorts of the sprayed-on variety when she worked on a yacht, distracting the blokes with em, poses. I didn’t know that was an actual job.

      1. kittie, and of course she wore no undies and stood over the hatch while the men folk stared upwards, tsk, tsk!!!!

  21. sorry about my inadvertent use of a couple of words I was quite ignorant soon none of us will be able to say anything in case someone is offended.The term I used was apopular reference to a phsychiatrist in my neck of the woods the other was said to me many years ago also this ipad I am using keeps re printing words despite me correcting the thing.I generally never use slang but in this event went for shortening the post.a rather long winded explanation so hope the gist of it is understood. must ask around about definitions here Long Island .also to back track I understood the flashing began when at Marlborough.

    1. GMR, it of course was the beginning to which she flashed her tush no less than 80 times but why stop, ya know old habits die hard!!

      1. Msthang as she is now as thin as a bean pole I wonder who is entranced other than a person with a predisposition for boyish figures.I hope I am not stepping on any toes this is a minefield.

        1. GMR, I very rarely moderate, the reason I highlighted the word in your other post is because that word actually made the news for the negative way it was used against Meghan. If I thought you meant it in that manner, I would have blocked you but I wanted to address the comment before someone who is not familiar with the phrase did. This is a diverse community and it’s important to me that it remains a place where everyone feels they are among friends.

          1. lovelolaheart I took the time to look it up it apparently is considered by Huffington post to be unacceptable.For myself as a white anglo saxon wasp I would be complimented as it imply to me a ravishing looking person both male and female.I am 81 and welcome new terminology although it seems to be carrying things too far.Both my spouse and I were in the medical field and as a result careful not to offend people’s sensibilities.I thank you for enlightening me. I must point out when we flew to Australia the young man in front of me persisted in calling me a Pommy.

            1. Hi GMR

              I hope someone explained to you that a “Pommy” or A Pom is the term for an English person in Australia and New Zealand. It’s not used that much here in NZ now though. I guess that means he was refering to the fact you are English? If you aren’t then all I can say is “Huh?”

              1. Cathy I did know and I am English but considering to days standards it would not be considered acceptable would it? it was used by the troops because the English sunburned easily and had red cheeks as a result.

  22. Dearest Lola, please don’t go – I have been reading your blog and admiring you for two years and never posted before. I am in tears at Wildroses’s posts (I had a melanoma cut off my back a month ago -I am relatively ancient but have 4young children to bring up, so as I told my doctor, I need another 20years minimum), and the thought of radio silence from you, Lola, is devastating.
    I loved Diana, and have remained invested in her sons for too long. I am disappointed in this current royal generation, andI felt they would have enough wisdom to correct the mistakes they have been making,.
    The world needs this blog and other like it – otherwise there is no accountability for these inceredibly privileged, entitled people.
    Years ago I was a nanny on Long Island and took the Long Island Railway in to the city on my weekends with the nanny who lived up the road from me. One memorable night my boss took me in to town to see Warren Zevon sing in a small club, and I made new best friends with a girl called Catherine who lived in Hell’s Kitchen. I dream of meeting up with you one day Lola, when the kids are old enough, and having a bagel and lox for brunch, a coffee the size of my head, and then cocktails out somewhere in the evening.
    The only real power the royal family has, is the power to disappoint (paraphrased from Tina Brown -who hopefully won’t sue me) – and as a member of Australia, the Queen is my head of state and I am disappointed in her and her family. Conversely, I am not opposed to the idea of a hereditary head of state – ever heard the theory that those who want power should automatically be excluded from pursuing it?
    There are many greater minds than mine who frequent this board and I hope they can help persuade you to stay better than I, but know that you have my undying admiration , salut ! Lucia

    1. Oh, now that might be a fun wedding without all the WH baggage. I’m looking forward to that way more than Harry’s.

      1. That was my gut reaction too Maven. Genuine happiness for Eugenie and a real interest in her wedding. Wow, two new babies and two weddings. Things are a-happening in that family!

  23. My dearest Lola,

    Please don’t go! I may not be commenting on your blog but I am always excited and elated to read a new post from the witty and insightful Lola!
    Your refreshing and enlightening posts make my day so much brighter and better!
    I have learned so much and truly enjoy reading from all the astute comments from Herazeus, Kittie, Bellaluna, Maventhefirst, Wild Rose, Daisy, Ellie, Oz Shan and all the other regular and new posters who I fail to mention their names in full.
    Your blog and your writing have given your followers so much joy, fun and hope. We greatly appreciate your courage, effort and cannot thank you enough for sharing with us your gift here as a brilliant and accomplished writer.
    I wish you and the very handsome Nightwing good health and happiness always.


  24. Another genius write up, Lola, witty, trenchant, gimlet eyed and yet so funny that I burst out laughing several times. I especially loved the allusion to there being three in the relationship! LOL

    I find Meghan to continue to be an enigma. She seems to elicit a lot of OTT antipathy on the one hand, but on the other hand, an almost fanatical devotion. Weird. The fact that I feel I still don’t know her except what is shown on the surface is a red flag to me. So is the fact that Harry is besotted with her, giddy with love.

    She reminds me of my cousin, come to think of it, who is lovely, accommodating, generous, very pleasing, seems to aspire to the highest ideals (a nurse too) but all in service to her desires and goals. It took me a while to catch on – that she was an opportunist and a narcissist happy to reach out to you, do all for you while manipulating people in such a nice way that you may never catch on to what a total user she is. My cousin always has her eye on the main chance while projecting an image of earnestness , always innocent and blameless, and I’m beginning to suspect that this is Meghan in a nutshell. Oy vey. For a while there, I really got snowed by Meghan.

    I would be interested to hear from the august commenters and bloggers on this site if anyone else has seen red flags and a list of what they are.

    1. I agree with you Maven and talked about some narcissistic observations I had about Meg earlier in the comments, about a third of the way down on the 20th.

      1. Oops. I missed a bunch of comments. I agree 100% with your description of narcissistic shenanigans, and now with Lola’s contribution of “crazy eyes” I’m getting quite googly eyed at the thought of what I missed but looking forward to getting a greater clue. This really has been an education.

  25. Dear lola i have been reading ur blog for two years please dont give it up i love ur wit and hearing about nightwing i have a shih tzu named ollie and he will be four in june i dont keep to good health wise if u do leave please take care x x

    1. Yes, good stories about doggies. I even got to tell my tale of woe seated on a 3 hour flight to LA with a dog in front of me who farted all the way. Good times!

  26. I just want to add my voice to everyone else……. Please don’t go.
    I love,love, love your blog. It’s the best.
    As other posters have said we can learn a lot from each other.

    1. lovelolaheart, you must not leave your fans. Especially before the wedding? And Kate’s and Zara’s babies, plus the just-announcing wedding of Eugenie. But, sometimes I think, like you, that the British Royal Family, doing little and never heard from (media fault, too, in slobbering all over the four do-lessers, instead of the interesting work of Charles, Camilla and Sophie.

      There are other Royal families in Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. I know this is a Kate blog, and next the royals, but are are funny and sane. It is an order from me to not let us down. Or pretty please?

      By the way, ever since Meghan has been around with Harry, the tone has changed in other Royal blogger sites. Harry is St. Diana’s son, and marring an American divorce is close to treason. How dare he marry an older woman one step from a nursing home? And then Meghan’s supporters are very harsh to anybody who doesn’t think Meghan is the best thing since sliced bread, and are all racist.

    2. I agree Matty49. Lola’s blog is the best by a country mile. The wit and elegant wordsmithing are sublime and pure joy to read.

  27. Lola — Don’t go!!!!! I understand your boredom with them but your writing is so funny and witty. I also appreciate the commenters here – respectful and a variety of opinions! If you give up on the BRF, I hope you’ll write about something else so we can keep reading. This is the first comment I’ve left here and I want you to know how much you’re appreciated!! Thanks 🙂

    1. Lola
      My husband wishes to pass on his sadness too that you are thinking of closing this site.

      He respectfully suggests that perhaps you could temporarily close, giving yourself a break.
      He suggests this as a good friend of his (old fishing friend) who retired from Law, later realised what he was missing ie a purpose to his day, legal banter and friendships etc,……SO
      his friend now works for him, my husband, Part – time on a relaxed basis as a retired Solicitor in his law practice.

      Truely, when I told him of your plans this was his response.
      HE has enjoyed your humour and wit as much as I have over the years. I have read for a long time before commenting for the first time.
      We both hope that we have not offended you. You have in my view, a God -given gift wth your ability to write.
      YET, we also know in your wit, you are never spiteful and vicious of those Royals who are unlikely to ever grace us with insight and humility.

      Sincere thanks to you for all your dedication to this wonderful
      site and best wishes for your future.

      Kind regards Kiwi and Mr.

      1. Kiwi (and Mr Kiwi)
        That’s a great idea and I hope one Lola might consider as an occasional series. It’s always a treat to get a new post, but realistically, Lola can only respond when material suggests itself. The year could be ripe with possibilities; I’m also expecting Pippa to rise again…

  28. Oh Lola i love your wonderful & truthful articles! Like some suggested please just take a break, then come back thank you.

  29. Lola, Shane, Lola, Shane, please don’t go even if you just blog on every couple of months, we ruve you!!

  30. Lola, I have sincerely enjoyed this site. Your articles and the posts of your follower’s are always appreciated. God bless you and love your life. You are already being missed.

  31. Lola, although I’m sad to see the site closing for very selfish reasons, I wanted to thank you for all the laughter and insight you’ve brought into our lives. I hope the future treats you with kindness and brings you only joy.

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