Princess Eugenie’s Engagement

On Monday, Buckingham Palace announced that Princess Eugenie will wed her boyfriend of seven years, Jack Brooksbank, in autumn of this year at St. George’s Chapel in Windsor.


The engagement ring is a padparadscha sapphire surrounded by diamonds.


The engagement happened in Nicaragua earlier in the month.  Eugenie’s mother, Sarah, Duchess of York, responded with an appropriate level of decorum on social media. Just kidding, she went totally bonkers.  It’s like her brain melted and whatever random words weren’t lost in the fire were attached to pictures of her daughter and future son-in-law.


The first Tweet included this curious line.  “I am so excited to have a son, a brother and a best friend.”  Um, members of the royal family don’t do the super-incestous thing anymore where sons are also brothers.  Eugenie and Jack are supposedly third cousins twice removed which is really the closest any Windsor wants to get to his or her own bloodline otherwise the kids could be born chasing their own tails.  And is Sarah really going to stake best friend claims on her daughter’s fiance the day of their engagement announcement?  I mean, at least wait until #NationalBestFriendsDay to snake her squeeze.

For the second Tweet, Sarah noted, “I always say that the river flows well to it’s destiny because of the guidance of a solid rock.”  In addition to the grammatical error, the message isn’t entirely clear.  Is Sarah congratulating herself for being the rock that guided her daughter, the river, to her destiny, Jack?  If it’s destiny, then why does the stream need the rock if it was going to happen anyway?  Is it maybe a shout-out to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson?  We may never know.


Sarah followed up with another photo of the couple captioned with, “They float with laughter and love… although a boat helps!”


Anyone with a basic grasp of physics knows laughter and love have nothing to do with why a person floats in water, it comes down to body composition or because he or she is a witch.

Sarah followed up that Tweet with another that said, “They make laughter and we feel the joy… thank you for the magic.”


Magic?  Yup, Sarah just outed her daughter and future son-in-law as witches.  And she wasn’t even done.


Wait, what?  That’s one dizzying carousel ride of pronouns.  And I hope the engaged couple signed off on that photo of Eugenie riding Jack like a horsey before Sarah shared it with the world.

The Daily Mail reported that Sarah was supposed to have an interview with the BBC but it was  canceled.  I’m just going to assume the Queen called the zoo and asked if they could have someone swing by Sarah’s and hit her with whatever tranquilizers they use when tigers escape.

In my experience, someone always goes off their rocker when planning a wedding.  Considering how loony tunes Sarah went with her own wedding arrangements, Eugenie won’t even have the option of the crazy one being her.  The British Royal Family may want to consider having a zoo attendant with a van full of tranquilizers on stand-by for the whole family because she’s baaaaaaack.  Sarah Ferguson is the mother of the bride.

Prince Andrew did talk to reporters on Monday, stating, “I can’t speak for the duchess but we… and for Beatrice… we are overjoyed that Eugenie and Jack have got engaged.”  How into being a royal do you have to be to refer to your own ex-wife and mother of your children as “the duchess”?  I mean, I know it’s technically correct, it just struck me as a bit odd conversationally, but it’s probably just me.

The Duke and Duchess of York may have their flaws, but no one could ever accuse them of not loving their daughters and wanting what’s best for them.  Jack and Eugenie seem very happy together and I hope they have a blissful road ahead.  For the sake of their sanity, I recommend eloping, but otherwise congratulations!



656 thoughts on “Princess Eugenie’s Engagement”

  1. Their little interview was delightful. So happy, joyful, and in love. No lies or crap like Willy and Kate and not one person controlling the situation like Meghan and Harry! They radiated joy. This is one wedding I am excited about!

        1. Ooooo, thanks, Hera. What a lovely couple. So authentic. No drama. NO scripting. No LIES, dissembling, coyness, contempt. She got weepy a little.

          What’s not to love? I’m genuinely happy for them. I love weddings but it’s even better when the couple is unpretentious, especially a royal. Can’t wait for the wedding! She will look gorgeous.

          Seven years? Why does it take so long? And look at poor Bea, used and discarded.

          1. Well – she was 19 when they met, had a Uni course to finish, and obviously wanted to start her career. He went to a good school – Stowe in Buckinghamshire but did not persue futher education and needed to get his career in Hospitality under way. I guess he also needed to earn some reasonable money in order to set himself up for the future. If you meet “young” then waiting to see if you are both on the same path in your late 20’s before getting married is not a bad idea. And yes – Bea was unfortunate to spend 10 years with a guy who did not have serious intentions re a relationship with her. I guess at least she had the sense to eventually ask where things were going and didn’t get the answer she wanted. In time she will realise she probably had a lucky escape.

            1. I don’t understand. Where was the waiting and clubbing and looking for better options and dancing on tables screaming for joy during one of many breakups? Isn’t that what is supposed to happen?
              Oh and the having parents find you a part time job where you need to schedule time to be available for the BF.

    1. Yes, no roast chicken, St. Diana’s doomed jewelry, and forgetting when, where, how time and to which woman he was asking for the prviledge of marrying him. And they both knew when hey met each other, too! Amazing, amazing, amazing.

      Of course, the amazing small royal touch – whilst on vacation. Nicaragua is a poor but beautiful country, decimated by the drug traffickers and communists. I visited it once. Amazingly good people. No joke.

  2. I always say the river flows naturally like a droplet on a leaf in the direction of the larger body of water thanks to the islands in the stream, made of rock, that guide and direct with the giving and having and sharing and receiving…

    I believe it was Prince Philip who referred to that woman as “pointless”. The Daily Beast also wrote an entry about her being silenced over her over the top effusiveness over her daughter’s engagement. What an overbearing cow! Jack & Gennie must be face-palming all over this!

    Great post as always Lola! At least Sarah will be invited to this wedding.

  3. Thanks for the post! I laughed at the “she’s baaaaaaack” because we just know that Fergie will be elbowing her way into the papers like she’s Pippa. As you said in the last post, it’s not a Windsor wedding without three people in it.

  4. Oh God, I had forgotten how weird Fergie can be. The next few months should be good for some laughs (and maybe witchcraft).

  5. For a long while now, I’ve suspected that when Fergie opens her mouth or tweets that it’s spirits communicating–and by spirits I mean the kind in the bottle.

    1. After watching The Windsors on Netflix, I cannot separate the actors playing Fergie and Charles from the reality of them. I know that much, if not most, is made-up garbage, but Charles, rattling on about organic this and gardening that, plus saving London from itself, to Fergie, who always is trying to get back, no matter how, no matter the cost, without her payment, into the Royal family’s celebrations.

      I wonder why Prince Philip hates Sarah. He’s a smart man, and knows how intrusive the 24/7 media, Internet, and lies are so out there today, horrible compared to even ten years ago. Does he think that just because everybody got away with bad behavior, that he and his generation were lucky that they could laugh at everybody else’s ignorance?

      I liked that Eugenie, whilst asked by some reporter, if the Queen liked and approved of the match, Eugenie answered that both her grandparents liked her fiancée.

      If Charles was smart, he would give back to Eugenie and Beatrice their royal jobs. It was so petty of Charles, with his obvious dislike of his brother Andrew, having a tizzy tantrum and cutting Andrew’s children, no longer giving the Queen’s granddaughters RPOs, while he has the British taxpayers payfor Meghan and her parents security.

      Put Andrew out to pasture, and bring in the charm and quirkiness of the daughters. Fergie and Andrew be banished!to Verbier, for endless chalet get together with their rich neighbors.

      Windsors like multiples – three divorces out of the Queen’s four children; five divorced people marrying again three times – Charles and Camilla – two divorces, one marriage; Anne, divorced, marrying a divorced man – one marriage, and Harry marrying the divorcee Meghan. Multiple homes, palaces, retreats, retreats, multiple homes on the same owned land, given out like candy on Halloween to her kids, and grand kids. Multiple millions, vacation, holidays.

      You cannot leave Lola, before the year’s end. Without you and your blog, screamingly funny but true, would be the moral equivalent of never finding out who shot J.R.

      1. For a satirist, the BRF is the gift that keeps on giving: generations of bog ordinary people with big sticks up their collective butts in a delusional state they have been sent by God to spread magic to the rest of us. You couldn’t make it up… We will all be on tenterhooks waiting to see if or how Fergie infiltrates E+J’s wedding plans with her unmistakable tackiness. She’ll see it as another opportunity to shine a spotlight on herself. I hope she can muster an eon of humility and let her daughter and future son-in-law/brother (WTF?) shine.

      2. Without you and your blog, screamingly funny but true, would be the moral equivalent of never finding out who shot J.R.

        Bellaluna, you said this perfectly!

        Lola, please don’t go.

  6. To say she’s overjoyed is an understatement.

    And this is one of those instances where someone should shut down her social media capabilities because she will tweet in her too-much-therapy-and-visited-far-too-many-psychics manner of speaking and everyone will make fun of her and abuse her instead of taking it all as joy that her daughter is getting married to someone that loves her and Fergie has come to love too.

    It helps if you think of Fergie as a labrador. Loving, but super needy and insecure.

    1. If you like greedy, grasping Labradors. I once saw an interview with her, a couple of decades ago when she was making the TV rounds “in therapy” and it was clear she was all about the money and she wasn’t remotely transparent. That she and Andrew raised two lovely daughters boggles the mind. Now that’s magic!

      1. Not mutually exclusive. The naked greed is a given, but so is the insecurity and neediness. Bottomless pit of it. Labs are loving animals, but their neediness is exhausting.

        1. At least Labs are sweet, and do not kill other dogs, like the Queen’s corgis. When Meghan and Harry laughed about how Her Majesty’s dogs instantly fell under the spell of Meghan, and allowed her to rub their tummies, rolling over on their backs (not true), since it it means submission, which no royal dog of Her Majesty has in their DNA, I said aloud I wondered if she will now bless all the Royal animals. She is St. Francis 2. Maybe she can heal the abused, whipped to death, ridden until they die Polo ponies of her fiancée. Maybe not hunt water buffalo and skin them to bring home?

        2. Herazeus, Y’all Brits “jumped the shark” when St. Diana was murdered by a drunk driver, and many people mutated into emotional, weeping, histrionic Americans, aka West Coast winos. There was no going back. Problems now are called issues, adult men get away with wearing Nazi and native African costumes, and fight strangers in the streets while habitually drunk, cause gee whiz, can’t they have some fun, they lost their Mummy, and they were only showing their grief in the way adult men can emote their lack of anything worthwhile other than stripping in Vegas, and injuring pedestrians while drunk, since they never spent enough time in group therapy in Malibu. Mummy issues.

          Sarah fits in with the America of today, with the motto We Must Give To OurSelves, to be seen as humanitarians, since aren’t royals humans, too? Even divorced ones?

          And Americans give the Royals everything a lazy, greedy person wants, by giving tens of millions to British charities when Prince Charles, at a party, asks for money to the Prince’s Trust, or Tusk Trust, in the hope of seeing William, but he is a phobic about going to low grade charity events, especially Americans, who pay taxes – work is for people in their nineties! Or too plebeian American, not for their betters, the Hollywood celebrities who sell sex tapes to become reality two bits.

    2. Hi Lola,
      Gosh I wish your blog was updated more often. I enjoy your writing. Please keep it up!

      Other folks…I see some KMR familiar names! I miss the blog over there. In between waiting for LLH updates and KMR updates are there any other good royal blogs or pages to read?

      Thanks, Fumama

      1. “Fergie is the gift that just keeps on giving”

        I was thinking exactly the same thing Bellaluna!

        The former journos from the Sun and News of the World must be rubbing their hands in glee about the stories they can now run.

        It’s just like the 1980s again, but without the huge shoulder pads?

        Thanks for the great post Lola, I love your writing and hearing your point of view on this.

        (And big kisses to Nightwing, hope he’s enjoying playing in the cool weather?)

  7. “Anyone with a basic grasp of physics knows laughter and love have nothing to do with why a person floats in water, it comes down to body composition or because he or she is a witch.”

    Bwahahaha! If you’d only written that one sentence, Lola, it would have been enough.

    Sarah sure can babble. Way to take the focus off Eugenie. I would be mortified if I were her daughter. And here I thought I would see a sedate, normal royal wedding. And then I remember the giant “A” on Sarah’s wedding train. LOL! I guess Philip can’t prevent her from being at the wedding, ha!

    Terrific post as usual. Eugenie and Jack look so…normal….and non-controversial. They look genuine. A breath of fresh air. I wonder if she’ll wear her mother’s tiara. And will the two married-in ninnies wear Erdem? It will also be interesting to see the couple’s crowd of buds- hopefully less Willy and Harry, less Hurray Henry, less upper class twits…more…normal aristo.

    1. Maven – agreed!

      Their interview was so heartfelt and what one would expect from a newly engaged, in-love couple. The story was about them and their loving relationship, and it was clear that the ring was selected because that is what Eugenie would like, not because there was some uber-symbolism to it.

      Just made me smile.

      Lola – please don’t go! Your blog is exceptional and such a joy to read!

  8. Note to M and H: This is what an engagement photo looks like. Matching in both color, style, formality.

    1. I doubt it. Not in the days of reverence anymore.

      She will be HRH Princess Eugenie, Mrs Brooksbank, unless she drops her title completely.

  9. Here’s to love! A genuine couple and so happy they are. Who cannot wish them the best? Note to Fergie, though: Silence is golden. Stop the comments. Just be happy for your beautiful daughter and her fiancé.

    1. No, no, no. Do not try to silence Fergie. She is loads of fun. If I was in the Royal family, which I would love, except I do not give up my religion and country for a piranha fish bowl. My motormouth would need a tune-up every week or two.

  10. DM is horrible. Already an article posing the nasty question as to when it will be Beatrice’s turn to become engaged. Just sick.

    Also, love the idea that Harry could not wait to introduce his fiancee to his former Nanny, Tiggy Bourke. Wow, the Tigster has not aged well and is Harry aware of how much his Mum despised the Nanny Dearest?

    Lola, for a while the Royals were becoming super boring ,but there is enough material now — and assuredly in the next several months – to keep your humor and creativity afloat! You cannot leave. Your take on All Things Royal is vital!!!

    1. Diana tried to ruin the lives of anyone who got close to HER boys. She even hated how Charles would bathe them as babies. Really ridiculous.

      Obviously Tiggy loved the boys, especially Harry I’d imagine; he is godfather to her son, and they are close ,so it is nice to see Harry still close to those who raised him. says a lot about him as a person I think.

      1. I hope Kate never gets so jealous of Nanny Maria. I have a feeling George and Charlotte will be just as attached to her.

        1. Nic919, I would be very surprised if “take no prisoners” Nanny Maria will be let go. She seems to be a no-nonsense woman, and probably WandK need her more than their children. And William, Harry, Charles and the Queen were both one day were suddenly told to say bye to their beloved nannies. How awful for children – it is like losing a beloved family member. All may be scarred by this loss and stability.

          I think she is discrete, stays in the background, and teaches the children how to behave.

          Because of my illnesses, operations, and more, I had to hire a nanny for my children. They loved her, and she adored them. Their French nanny taught them manners, the proper French way of life, and to speak French – they only communicated in French with her – and thus my kids are fluent in Parisian French, and one child invited to the French embassy for dinner, due to her work with France and the French language. This child was named an unofficial ambassador of France.

          The more love in a chid’s life must be encouraged. To be jealous and firing of a beloved figure in a child’s life leaves deep attachment and non-trust problems that may last a lifetime. Especially deep resentment towards the parent who did the firing.

        1. Seems most likely they were rumors spread by Diana because she was jealous Tiggy loved her children and her children loved Tiggy. Just like Diana spread a rumor Tiggy aborted Charles’s baby and a lot of other awful crap.

          She did some messed up stuff.

        2. This is a nasty rumour that Diana started because she was jealous of Tiggy’s role in her sons’ life. She told Tiggy directly at a party, ‘Sorry about the baby’ as a result of an unfounded rumour she started that Tiggy had either miscarried or aborted Charles’s baby.

          Tiggy didn’t take it lying down. She sent Diana a legal letter telling her to cease and desist, and apologise or she would sue her.

          Diana backed down.

          Sadly, Diana’s many, many lies are still believed decades later because she was wronged in her marriage and people remain sympathetic to that one event.

          1. Herazeus
            I have read “The Real Diana” by Lady Colin Campbell.
            Either this author has lived in one of the greatest personal fantasy stories ever OR there is some truth in her stating her own personal interaction with Diana.

            “The Real Diana” is a challenge to read.
            So much of the “princess /Saint ” image is challenged.

            1. She may not be a nice person, but Lady Campbell was one of the first people to write about Diana and was roundly booed on her press tour and called an outright liar.

              I found a clip from a Sally Jesse Rapheal talkshow from that press tour in which they bring on all these royal reporters including Andrew Morton who deny Lady Campbell’s story only to turn around in later years to acknowledge that she spoke the truth and they were sitting on it.


          2. This is just appalling.

            I can understand that it would be lonely and threatening to send your kids off to the other parent where they have hired a young, engaging and pretty nanny that they’re crazy about. That could be hard. To spread malicious gossip and purposely set out to hurt the reputations of the father of your kids and a woman who your likes like but you’re jealous of?!? Where are the personal boundaries of decency? Humility? Gratefulness that there is a caregiver who loves your kids when you can’t be the one to be there… it’s things like this that make me feel more sympathetic to W&H – such a toxic environment to grow up in.

            1. No, are you talking about, I will never believe all her lies again – The Saint of Blessed Memory, but her followers are quickly diminishing, not from being an average age of 90, but…because Prince Philip has quickly, slowly, whatever, NHS will finish off my deadly Greek (I am not a Greek! His three sisters, fgs, were Our Great Leader,’s um, closest associates. Along with Uncle Dumb David, who thought that Churchill was just a Stupid Spencer, and not reading all Uncle Dumd Dumb’ s Springtime for Hfuckr correspondence, detailing where all our ships, trains, coal mines, RAF pilots and their so sadly now gone wives and children, died as a warning in 1939, the East Side Jews, but not the aristocratt’ s hotels – so ! efficient – Stafford, anyone? and how they could not touch St. Paul, but decimate every building within a mile, including where all the politicians, their families and so sad, their children lived, but not Chamberlein or Lin, – I promised him with a few adds of the alphabet, Berlin will be called Chamberline! Yes, he loved the idea. However it was spelled.)

              The Holy Diana. The Latin or Greek, whatever, goddess of the Hunt! Such a fitting name, since she couldn’t hunt the hunt, but she ate the hunt, while crying poor birds! You are now safe in my stomach.) cue a tear, with mascara running.

              Where am I

  11. Great post Lola! I love that this couple seems to be truly in love, they are such darlings and I can’t wait to see this wedding!

    I wanted to ask if someone could please explain Fergie to me? I am not up to date with the English royals, and last time I asked was about Kate and you girls gave me a good insight to the Kate phenomena. Fergie seems to me to be a bit unstable perhaps? Too much wine in the afternoon or too much of something else?

    1. As my spouse says, “Get out a pen and a legal pad, and we’ll make a list.” Fergie is Prince Andrew’s ex and Eugenie’s mother. She was well known for her crazy antics during her marriage, and it all culminated with Fergie having an affair with her financial advisor. They were busted on vacation together, with pap photos of him sucking her toes…I’m still ill just thinking about it.

    2. Fergie has visited one too many therapists and one too many psychics that she’s lost the ability to express herself in regular folk speech.

      Most people, family included, just shrug and move on. The world sees it as evidence of her being bonkers.

  12. Great post as always, Lola!

    “I am so excited to have a son, a brother and a best friend.”
    Seems Fergie had turned into Carole Middleton. She needs to follow the governor of HI and forget her Twitter password.

    Eugenie & Jack appear to be a very happy, loving, sincere couple, and I wish them love & happiness.

  13. Lola, it’s official…you CANNOT stop posting! I just had my belly-laugh for today! I, too, am very happy for Princess Eugenie, but oh, my freakin’ GOD…do we think that they waited so long to be engaged because he was steeling himself to take on Fergie as a mother-in-law???

  14. What is this I hear many of you saying Darling Lola is not going to write for us anymore? Please explain because I am very upset and cant think of life without Lola, especially now that there is two weddings ahead of us.

    1. Cecilla:

      This is Lola’s reply to Bellaluna, taken from the “Cardiff” post:
      January 21, 2018 at 11:19 pm

      That’s so sweet. When a friend asked me for pointers on building a blog, I admitted I have no idea what I’m doing, it was pure luck that wonderful people found me and recommended the site to other wonderful people. I’ve grown bored of the BRF, though, and feel like that’s coming across in my posts when I can muster the interest to do them. Likely February will be this site’s last month of existence. I’ll keep the domain name but won’t renew the hosting. I’ll try to post a bit more before then and will also send out a goodbye. All of you have meant so much to me and I’m so grateful for your company on this part of life’s journey.”

      1. Oh Lola!! I am so sad to hear this!! Please, please reconsider. Or take a holiday. But please do not leave us. Please. This is such joy for me, a,place I can visit and feel accepted and have a good laugh when life and illness is hard. I do love you Lola! There is loads of royals to write about if you are tired of the British bunch. We have one in Sweden Lol.

  15. Lola, for once, I was not drinking anything whilst (I love this British word) I was pondering (reading) your musings.

    Once you wrote Fergie’s words, about a rock, my thoughts went to Pet Rocks? Remember that scam when a guy made millions of dollars collecting rocks painting a name on it, and selling it for five or ten bucks apiece? Fergie can start Princess Pea Rockessess.

    My second thought was the song “I am a Rock” paraphrased

    A winter’s day…
    Deep and dark..
    I am old…

    I am a rock
    I am an island

    I have been
    A fortress deep and mighty
    That none may penetrate

    – Sarah is an emotionally needy woman. She needs a rock in her life, which is what her daughters have been, but sad for everybody –

    Don’t talk of love
    Well, I’ve heard the words before
    Sleeping in my memory
    I won’t disturb the slumber
    Of feelings that have died

    I am a rock
    I am an island
    I am shielded in my Armour
    And a rock feels no pain
    And an island never cries

  16. Lola, you are too wonderful for words. Professional comedians leave me with a smile, occasionally a chuckle, and you have just elicited several deep belly laughs, the kind one has to stifle in polite company. They have been followed by sniggering and twittering, and a mad dash to make a list of people to send this to. Soldier on, my dear Lola, soldier on! By no means desert this self-appointed post, this beacon of sanity, my friend! We sniggering, twittering, belly-laughing readers depend upon you!

    1. +100, Emma Quigley

      Lola, any topic you write about would be fine if you are tired of the Royals. Your wit and satire bring a light to our dreary robotic world.

      1. Can I second BamaLynn’s suggestion? The archived articles on this site are stupendously fabulous to read. From Nightwing to Taylor Swift and generally life in NYC; the way that you write is a thrill to read, Lola.

        You would be dearly missed if you left the internet for good.

  17. Eugenie does seem to be one of the more well adjusted members of the family that puts the “fun” in dysfunctional. I wish her all the best to cope with what undoubtedly lies ahead with Fergie as wedding planner.

    I can’t help wondering if the timing of this wedding after 7 years of dating might have something to do with Prince Andrew’s well known insistence that his daughters are automatically entitled to a full royal, ie very expensive, wedding because they are princesses of the blood royal and when uncle Charles holds the royal purse strings he’s already indicated that major expenditure on minor royals is going to stop. But Prince Andrew has always been “entitled” so it’s nothing unusual.

    I’m more fascinated to know why the Yorks still cohabit after their (to me) sudden and inexplicable divorce. Maybe their paths don’t cross too often when Fergie is in the US raising funds spruiking tat on the shopping channel, and Airmiles Andy is cavorting on exotic golf courses and yachts with shady Middle Eastern arms dealers.

    As for talking about other members of his family, he’s a real stickler for protocol which makes him look like a pompous fool. I remember one example when he was asked what his mother thought about something innocuous. He bristled and adopted the glacial Windsor stare (Princess Anne is expert at this) and said “if you are referring to Her Majesty The Queen then I believe she’s very happy”. End of interview.

    1. I would think some part of it has to do with Eugenie being very close to her grandparents and wanting them to be there on her special day. It would be so sad without HM or Philip knowing how much they love Eugenie and how much she and Beatrice love them.

      1. I have a feeling B & E are the real “breaths of fresh air” in the royal family. I think maybe it was in ‘The Queen at 90’ when they were interviewed about their grandparents and their answers showed real genuine affection and thoughtfulness towards them- the only other person to speak that way about HM was Sarah Chatto, when she spoke about loving the Queen because the Queen had always shown her love. So simple, but so heartfelt. Everyone else only talked about the Queen’s sense of duty and other dry things.
        I think it’s really wonderful that despite the mess made by the adults in their lives, they are secure in their parents and grandparents love for them.

  18. I will never forget the exquisite photos of Eugenie, dressed in a beautiful gown, truly looking like a “real” princess in, “ I forget which one -Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar? She looked like Princess Margaret, rapturously lovely, but with no pretentious comments in her interview. I think of Kate on the cover of British Vogue, and I thought “Hee haw!” It was too awful for words.

    Eugenie is Born a Princess, and she mixes it all right – a job (nepotism, but who hasn’t helped out a friend’s kid?), living a mostly quiet life with a fiancée, not hiding themselves as though they are in the Witness Protection Program, and are never, as far as I know, doing anything remotely bad; she is not always roasting chickens, or saying how normal we are. (Every time I hear the royals say they want to be normal, I think what is the matter with any of you so terrible that makes you abnormal.)

    I loved the engagement photographs. The colours in the background, along with the obvious mutual respect, equality, and grown-up love is how an engagement announcement of a grandchild of the Queen is IMO, correctly done.

    1. William and Harry’s endless harping on about normalcy makes them seem immature, ungrateful and unintelligent. Of course when they say they want privacy and resent the intrusions of the press what they really mean is they resent any public accountability. The press ‘intrusions’ are superficial, they’re not really asking the real questions about the monarchy, its funding, purpose and future.

  19. I am very happy for Eugenie and Jack. The more I look at the ring the more I like it. Sarah F. is just a pathetic buffoonish figure to me. She seems to never learn from her mistakes.

  20. Lola,

    I’m dyyyyyying! This post is amazing! Thanks for doing two so close together. Or maybe I should thank The Duchess for giving you the fuel for this post.

    Made my day.

  21. Lola – please don’t stop posting – yes the BRF is boring – but with two weddings coming up there are many opportunities for a snark or two – we would all miss your wit and the enjoyment we get from it. Take a holiday for a few months – but please stay around in 2018.

  22. Yes, Eugenie wore a modest dress for her engagement interview and photographs, and Meghan wore a sinfully extravagant one, but Eugenie held a sinfully extravagant 20 something birthday/fancy-dress party where she dressed as Snow White and hired 7 dwarves to follow her around for the evening. (This is sadly not a joke.)
    I imagine Fergie suggesting this stunt as she is quite mad and incredibly tacky, but Eugenie has to cop the blame for how ghastly that is.

    1. Yes, so tacky, as a pc person, the little people were so not diverse? Why not tall people? And Snow White, so last, last whatever, today it is snow brown, maybe melting environmentally little foot print slush people. Sorry, sorry, maybe tacky, but did Vicky Becks make the clothes, or maybe a real designer, so snow. Cachoo.

  23. I should know better than to read Lola’s posts at work where I’m in danger of rupturing my spleen from suppressing my laughter. And the bizarre references to floating is just conjuring up images of a murderous clown and red balloons. Sarah is the mother of all brides for sure! Anyway congratulations to the happy couple, they are absolutely adorable.

  24. Lola
    Prince William.
    He has just given a speech indicating his views for the Royal family to change, or scale back their role with charities in the future.

    To those of you who foresaw this, well done.
    Turn back the clock, less accountability and hidden lives of privilege seem to me, the ultimate goal.

    I’ll stop now.
    I’m cheesed off. Fed up.
    PS I’m sorry , I can’t do links. Try” prince William news”.

    1. PS2
      Some in the media are NOT covering his point about the future role of charity work. I guess that’s why I didn’t realise his speech was 14 hours ago. My apologies.

      1. Satsuki
        Many thanks for your work putting up the links.
        That was very kind of you. Kiwi

        PS I’ve calmed down now!

  25. First of all, Lola, please don’t go! Reading your blogs has been such a joy over the last couple of years. Besides, you at least have to stick around for the M&H wedding! That in itself ought to be well worth its weight in terms of juicy blog material!

    I have one question, if anyone can answer it: I’m not familiar with Fergie antics on her and Andrew’s wedding day. What happened? What did she do?

    1. Thanks, Kim, that’s sweet. According to a story I heard a long time ago, Prince Andrew initially proposed with an emerald and Fergie drew him the engagement ring she wanted and came up with the alternative story about the ring reminding Andrew of her hair and that he had sketched the design which he then brought to Garrard. If Sarah didn’t like how something sounded, she was rumored to come up with a better version and feed it to the press, she basically wrote her own fairytale. Her wedding dress designer, Lindka Cierach, almost had a nervous breakdown because Fergie kept calling her with random ideas to incorporate into the dress’ design. Sarah allegedly didn’t want to leave the wedding tiara to chance so she went to Garrard, asked to borrow the one she wanted and when the Queen found out, she wound up buying it for her because she wasn’t thrilled with the borrowed tiara idea, plus she really liked Sarah. Fergie had all sorts of ideas for her perfect day and some found that intense level of scattered thoughts difficult to work with. As one could imagine judging by her deluge of Tweets yesterday, Sarah doesn’t always exercise the best judgement about things, her heart’s in the right place, it’s just that sometimes it forgets to conference call her head.

      1. Well + points to Fergie – she got a tiara that she liked – poor Sophie got a few old pieces of “boring”. Camilla gets to wear all the Queen Mom’s stuff that Charles inherited. Will be interesting to see what happens – personal gifts to Camilla will pass down to her family I expect – some of the jewels are beautiful and if they don’t belong in “the vault” then I guess she can gift them

      2. Lola, your last line is the best summary of Fergie. She is very scattered and it’s difficult to follow her random thoughts.

        1. Hera – well – Sarah was cast out a long time ago – this is her second last chance for attention – last if Bea does not marry while QE11 is still with us. I give her a “pass” on happiness for her daughter – even if way over the top. Hopefully she stays in the background in Daily Mail terms and just turns up on the day well dressed . . . . lets see

          1. She might want to stay quietly in the background, but the media, especially the DM, won’t let her.

            Her public narrative was decided as long ago as 1987. Every single picture and article of her supports that narrative even if she’s simply walking down a street minding her own business. Bad Fergie sells. Good Fergie does not.

            And the public has been so convinced of bad Fergie that when a story appears of her being good, it’s met with a strong dose of skepticism from the public.

            Not suggssting she doesn’t give them ammunition or she’s a saint, but she’s the only member of the family who has never been given a moment’s benefit of the doubt or allowed to redeem herself. At least Andrew has the Queen to fight his battles. And the Yorkies have a growing army of fans who see through the media BS about them, but Fergie? Nope!!

            1. Herazeus
              You are very generous and gracious with Sarah.
              Many have given up on her due to the media narrative.
              Is not there a saying
              “Tell the lie often enough and it will be believed” ?
              Is this partly Sarah’s story?

              I apologise if I have put the phrase incorrectly.

              1. That quote is correct.

                However i find myself equal measures exasperated by her and very sympathetic. The former because she should have given up the royal lifestyle at the divorce, but as Anne said, she caught red carpet fever. There is no cure for that. You see faded celebrities trying to recapture that glory. Can you imagine the shock of being removed from the royal teet after 6yrs of unrestrained access to everything your heart desires and being treated like you are the most precious thing on the planet?! It warps your brain and personality. She’s not content to pay her debts. She wants to continue living that lifestyle and that leads her down these dodgy commercial deals and tapping rich friends for money.

                Sympathetic because she can’t catch a break with the media. She internalises all the negativity instead of ignoring it and goes to visit more therapists and charlatans and psychics to make it better. But like Diana, i don’t think there is anyone on this planet who can fill that bottomless pit of need. Not even the daughters she clings so hard to.

                Yet you can’t blame the media entirely for her poor self image. It’s in her family background just like it was in Diana.

                1. Herazeus
                  Thanks for your response.
                  Ummm,..true for all of us.
                  We, my husband and I watched Absolutely Fabulous the TV series many years ago.
                  Over and over I saw Edwina’s need for therapy after alternative therapy, as a parallel of Diana’s and Sarah’s lives.
                  Funny,amusing and hysterical as Ad Fab was,
                  the parallel I saw wasn’t funny , just sad.

            2. Heraseus, I so agree! Of course no one outside of the BRF really knows the full story but the press have made their decision which has become fact. I really miss your educated opinions on KMR and MMR. I can’t read those blogs any more which is sad but unfortunately they have been taken over by people who have very strong opinions which don’t allow scope for debate.

              Lola, your blog is amazing, it’s fun and objective. I have been reading your blog for years but I very rarely comment because the other blogs have become so judgmental.

              PLEASE don’t go!

              1. I tried to engage those people on KMR / MMR, but i found myself being argumentative or authoritarian which i don’t like to be.

                I also found it increasingly difficult to respond politely to their posts because they were increasingly abusive to other posters. Not just the ones who had different opinions, but whose opinions were misinterpreted and re-framed to say something else. A classic case of #sowhatyouaresayingis…….followed by a completely different opinion to what had been said.

                And frankly, it’s tiresome to parse words carefully so you aren’t called a racist. Or to have your entire country called racists because of stuff on tumblr or DM comments section that had nothing to do with KMR / MMR or the posters.

                1. Herazeus, I enjoyed your comments, and your incredible historical knowledge of not just the BRF, but GB and more.

                  After a minute, reading about your very diplomatic way of just stating your opinion with careful, non-offensive words, I am beginning to believe you are Her Majesty (you added Zeus to save Prince Philip’s feelings). KMR and MMR became less than a fun, witty and warm site to blogs taken over by a few rude and slightly off their rockers. It is terrible how a handful of people can ruin everything. There is no fun when people can’t be critical about the fk it all foursomes, all of whom need smelling salts when they read “upcoming engagements – two in the next month.” Multiple fainting sofas are put into the rooms where the curse word “work” is mentioned,.

                2. I feel when I express my speculation and opinion at MMR, I am often berated by some members. The tone of some posters there are inappropriate and very much “bull in a china shop”.
                  Anyway, I have read somewhere that Turkey had a warrant out for Sarah for taking videos of the maltreatment of orphaned children in Turkey. Is my recollection accurate? If it is, isn’t that something that Sarah has accomplished, exceedingly, and yet totally ignored.

                3. I felt exactly the same way and don’t comment anymore or if I do, I just say something and walk away. There are so many rules about what you can and can’t say, and none have anything to do with reason. You can’t say anything about their parenting. Okay. No talking about the children. Okay. If you’re going to say Kate did something wrong then you can’t give a pass to anyone else. Okay. No talking about what someone looks like. Okay. So basically they’ve turned into a sugar site without any critical reasoning, which is what I thought the blog was about and as for George & Charlotte if they are rarely seen with their children except for pap strolls I kinda feel like that’s a major issue if they aren’t doing many royal duties so they can “play” parent. And I’m tired of the HG issue and being told what it is and isn’t even when you provide proof. Or we’re bullying her and that’s part of the problem. I get bullied on twitter several times a day and I’m a nobody, so why do they think they shouldn’t be bullied. Don’t go to social media. Don’t read what they write. Simple solutions or how about blocking them. Harry didn’t like the articles written about Meghan. Okay, fine, then don’t read them. A lot of tabloids bully people all the time. They shouldn’t get special treatment and it feels like MMR/KMR believe that they should.

              2. P.S. I am British so it’s my taxes that pay for the Meghan and Harry UK roadshow. It is totally ridiculous that we will shortly have a member of the BRF who does not know (or care?) what that means. It’s not about how she looks or themed dressing. It’s about service. That’s what we pay for. Meghan really needs to show us what she brings to the party. So far, nothing. Whoever is advising Meghan is doing her no favours. There are many differences between Hollywood and the BRF – if she needs help then she should get it from someone who understands that. The overly thought out wardrobe (and Hollywood style behaviour) needs to stop – especially when it involves a dress that costs more than many people earn in a year – and to be replaced by some considered actions that actually achieve something. I find the whole Harry + Meghan show to be manufactured, undignified and distasteful. Starting with the dress in the engagement photos. Eugenie’s engagement news clearly demonstrates how we expect our royals to behave. Harry and Meghan – watch and learn. Or go live in LA and do what you want without expecting the British people to pay for it.

                1. SusieQ, as an American, I find it amazingly, astoundingly, OMG unbelievable that wow, I mean, the English people and their so cute Queen, and, you know, men wearing Catholic girl skirts, just too thinking, I mean Americans never think, but, whatever, La la Meghan, you know, will bring change to English teeth. But, you know, we just luv our English colony.

                  1. I mean, lol, our Commonwealth of England, just so state like, maybe like Commonwealth of Virginia, snotty people, you know, not called a state, and fit in our Mercian Indian potomac river, in Maryland, maybe not in cold water, but maybe, your queen Mary, so not today name, but cute. I mean.

                2. Hear hear so well said
                  us British deserve better than this hollywood dolly acting out as if she is in a film.. dresses like she is in LA.. we think she will never be a a royal as this should not of been allowed to happen.. we taxpayers are being ripped off hugely as the younger lot have no clue how to behave correctly.
                  However we pleased with Eugenie and Jack ..congrats on their engagement wish them both every happiness

                3. Exactly what we are saying it’s just Hollywood with her a little silly dolly. ..
                  Clinging on to him for dear life..ugh..we all think it’s the end of monarchy as we have known through years
                  The regal monarchy we used to know has had it’s day. .as these oafs..don’t do it any favours at all with all the designer car walk show constantly on about clothes they are wearing and not about what it should be the charity or country they are there to supposedly represent .they do Britain no favours at all by their childish behaviour ..

                4. Despite Suite Meghan
                  and her beggin’
                  the prince fancies me,
                  a humble suit
                  the hue of blue
                  Sadly, no other will do
                  It’s a Harry situation
                  But these threads need a vacation.

      3. I saw some film or other taken at one of the fittings with Linda Chierac for an evening gown she seemed to include everything but a kitchen sink and was quite oblivious to how it appeared.meanwhile the designer seemed to be overwhelmed. that enormous bow she wore on her head at one point and the profiteroles were enough for me.

      4. That’s interesting about Sarah’s manipulation. I heard she was a professional chalet girl in Verbier before Andrew and she spent money as she was living the high life only to find that the second son isn’t as a big a spender as she thought.
        Sarah looked really good on her wedding day and her dress flattered her figure – I was sad to hear Lindka Cierach gave up her London salon because I thought her work was amazing. Yes, the thistles and bees and big bow on her butt and the letter ‘A’ on the train was a little much! But her silhouette looked lovely.

        I am okay with you ‘downsizing’ your blog activity Lola. Of course I will miss you (not just your posts – YOU!) But I understand how writing about these morons can get you down and sometimes its nice to spend time on more worthwhile pursuits. Like Nightwing for example, or your novel, or calling your parents. I get it.

        1. Tempi she had a long term boyfriend at least 20 years older who was unwilling to commit if I remember but she did all the menial work required. It is a mystery given the school system we endured in England that a lot of the rambunctious behavior was not drummed out.One can only thank goodness for small mercies.

      5. Fergie may have been a difficult client but it took having Carole Middleton as a client to make Lindka Cierach give up making clothes!

      6. lovelolaheart, if I was Fergie, and had to memorize her wedding details, I would have gone for sucking not just my toes, but my fingers, and a full blowout of my hair, throwing in a full facial and exfoliating massage, too.

  26. Lola, hoping you will reconsider and continue posting. I agree that the royals are boring, but maybe as an American, I am fascinated by them. Like a fly is attracted to…..

  27. Belluna i love that comment about “Witness Protection Program .” You are hilarious!
    Who in the world do Billie & Harry think they are? Basically saying ” Leave me alone, but give me all your money!” Imagine people in a “Normal” job saying that? They would be fired immediately! Their father & grandmother are 2 fools & are not putting the men & “Pregnant” wife in their place!

  28. I’m so happy for Eugenie and Jack! I’m looking forward to their wedding more than H&M’s. E&J look in love, happy, and like responsible young adults moving forward gracefully into the next stage of their lives. Their photos and interview were perfect, and well rolled out to the public, unlike H&M’s. This really makes me wish B&E were working RF.

    1. JET + 1. SO much more dignified and what we expect from our BRF than the Meghan roadshow which seems somehow false and over engineered.

      1. I love Princess Eugenie’s voice. When she and her fiance answer questions, they respond quickly and confidently, without the over animated expressions (Meghan). Jack’s reactions are straightforward, and appeared open and honest, as though he had nothing to hide (Harry). This couple demonstrate what I expect in a monarchy.

  29. Lola, please cover today’s engagement!!

    “She also raised a chuckle among the scientists who told her about an experimental therapy in which an avatar is used to help a person with schizophrenia cope with hearing voices.

    She said “as in the movie Avatar” before being told about the therapy which involves a face-to-face talk between a person with schizophrenia and an avatar representing their auditory hallucination. “

      1. Ellie
        She might be given a “get out of jail card” with the fact she is in her later pregnancy months for her response.
        That is , not sleeping properly, hormones etc

        Otherwise it’s bleak to consider her response at face value.

          1. Someone on CB met her at an engagement that took place at her workplace. She said she was dumb as a rock and utterly forgetable.

            She said at best she was nice, but dim.

            1. Herazeus, call me a rock, but only a flawless diamond, 50 plus carat, white, emerald cut with stepsister smaller rocks on the side.

              If you called me a pebble, then it is a glove (soft leather, cashmere lined , Chanel with the C) slapped in your face. At dawn, we will meet at our agreed-upon internet jewelry store. Let the best one pick out the best stone!

            2. I’ve wondered often what the people forced to meet Kate at her events think about their interactions. At her latest engagement, a screen is displaying a child’s brain on conjunction with the word “abnormalities.” All we can see is the back of the expert’s head and her hands, which are clearly gesticulating in explanation of what I can only assume is brain abnormalities in children.

              How horrible must it feel to explain something so serious and so important to someone who is doing nothing but smiling vacantly at you. I’m not convinced that Kate is even listening to her.

              Dumb as a rock indeed.

    1. She also raised a chuckle among the scientists who told her about an experimental therapy in which an avatar is used to help a person with schizophrenia cope with hearing voices.

      She said “as in the movie Avatar” before being told about the therapy which involves a face-to-face talk between a person with schizophrenia and an avatar representing their auditory hallucination.

      It may help reduce symptoms when given along with usual treatment.

      They explained it was not character in the Hollywood film and Kate responded by saying “oh how Interesting”

      >>> just posting the rest of that bit… they even had to explain to her that it was not the movie! *face palm*

        1. Herazeus
          A long time ago I read of an account whereby the poster had a friend who attended tutorials at St Andrews with Kate Middleton.
          The poster explained various details about Kate’s interaction with others and her demeanour in general.
          The tone was generally caustic by the poster.

          Anyway what I specifically remember is the account of Kate COPYING the posters friends tutorial work without permission on a number occasions.
          This happened while sitting alongside side of said posters friend.

          So the hacked -off friend decided to get revenge.
          She came into the tutorial with some fake and incorrect work , something that would be later handed in and placed it so Kate could copy if she so chose.
          According to the account, she did.

          The posters then explained both her and her friends merriment of what had occurred.

          OK this All could be rubbish!

          But it’s an interesting piece of rubbish about my future Queen Consert!

            1. Kiwi
              The avatar incident calls into sharp focus the preposterous notion of bowing and scraping to anyone, let alone a dipstick who has since university days been called a void – in personality, intelligence, and interest in, well, anything not connected to herself.
              I’ve read the anecdote you mentioned though the version I recall was written by the student who had been copied from and who had scathing recollections of Kate as haughty, lazy and not too bright. From another source, there were unproven claims of plagiarism. And from another, that both WK were just nasty. None of this surprises me. We seem to live in an era where pretenders of all stripes prosper.

              1. Kittie
                You could be right that it was the person herself.

                I do remember the haughty bit.

                If Catherine is not below average in IQ then what is it that leads us to “dumb as a rock”?
                She got a degree in a top university so I find it hard personally to understand her.
                How on earth did she get it, given what she says and what she does not say on her engagements.
                Also the fact she met the entry standards for St Andrew’s.
                I find her baffling. I call her The Great Disappointment because I had this naive view that she really would be a woman of substance in the public arena. NOT just clothes, not just has she lost weight, Not just what’s the state of her marriage etc etc
                Stupid me. Also the media cannot be blamed for all of her public profile given how little she gives.

                So as regards education the lesson is, never assume that it means intelligence.

                Here is a question.
                Was she “spoon -fed” at school to get into St Andrew’s, then carried by the system and her close relationship with William so that they were not going to fail her?
                (Someone from the UK will know the answer perhaps.)

                1. Kiwi

                  Kate is pretty typical of students who have come from top private schools: they are thoroughly prepped for university entrance. That’s what parents pay for. One of Kate’s Marlborough teachers opined that she was ‘unremarkable’ before being gagged. Why would Kate be different at university?

                  Undergraduate degrees are surprisingly hard to fail, even at ‘good’ universities. There is great pressure to pass students – considered as customers – since they pay for their courses. The public’s perception of ‘good’ universities or courses often lags years behind the reality: sometimes key staff have left, the course is not so popular anymore/ standards have changed etc. Unfortunately duds get through along with people of merit. So no, a degree is not a default measure of intelligence.

                  From what we know, and from what he has admitted himself, William was an appalling student – often too drunk to attend class and when he did, was hungover. No-one was going to fail him and I understand great pains were taken to get him through (pity the poor lecturers tasked with that poisoned chalice). Maybe Kate enjoyed some indulgence through association. Edward didn’t meet the entrance standard to Cambridge but gained admittance. Nor did Eugenie, whose rejection for a place at Newcastle University was overturned once the uni realised who she was.

                  Kate doesn’t baffle of disappoint me. She strikes me as incurious, self-absorbed, dull, unmotivated, entitled. Wouldn’t get off her arse to get a job. Again, what would make anyone think she’d be suitable for a role that required being engaged, prepared, hard-working, intelligent when there was no evidence of such qualities at any point in her public existence?

                  1. Kittie
                    Thank you for your response.
                    Do you mind if I ask how you have your views on top private schools?
                    I have a cousin whose children went to private schools in Wellington NZ.
                    I know it cost lots but I have never discussed her children’s education.
                    I think I have been especially naive regarding Catherine. All my friends have post-graduate degrees and I have my humble B.A from about a million years ago.
                    But I have never met her type from the university world, probably because both my husband and I come from first-generation
                    university educated families.
                    Many thanks for your thoughtful response.

                    1. Kittie
                      Also, I once met a woman who had attended S Andrew’s, here in NZ.

                      She said students fell into two groups.
                      The “Yarhs” and “Non-Yarhs”.
                      As I recall Catherine was a “Yarh”.
                      This related to the way they spoke and the school they had attended, which was
                      an English public school of course.
                      Having said all of this , the woman could have said to me, that Catherine was a member of an exclusive pudding club, with members made up of alumni of Pangbourne School and I would have believed that too.

                    2. Kiwi
                      It may surprise many readers here to know that tertiary education was free in Australia (from 1973-mid 80’s) and in NZ until 1990 (not sure if it was always so). This meant that those who had ability were able to attend university for free, with a weekly living allowance, no strings or debt attached. You can imagine the huge impact to these societies to have people from diverse ethnicities represented in professions for the first time, something previously out of reach purely due to lack of money. Once fees were re-introduced and government funding reconfigured, institutions had to recruit more students which has led to higher staff/student ratios, the imperative to push people through and so on. It is a fraught sector with education a commodity to be bought and sold. Stuff merit.

                      Top private schools hot-house their students for reasons Herazeus and I mentioned. However, research shows that as a group these students do not fare so well at university (at least initially) because the emphasis is now on independent learning rather than intense scaffolding aka molly-coddling. They have been found to be less resilient than their government school counterparts. Of course, this is a broad brush comment given the context of this blog. When all is said and done, I hope the choice of school by a parent is led by the style of learning best suited to their child.

                      Others are better placed to speak about the UK. I have read that Edinburgh and St Andrews were/are known for wealthy young gels in pursuit of their ‘Mrs’ degrees. I’m not sure that has been so blatant in Australia or NZ, given the more egalitarian nature of its societies but yes, I have come across Pippa/Kate types and they are appallingly hard-nosed in their pursuit of moneyed/connected young men. They do not let go, ever.

                      As for Kate, she was given educational opportunities others could only dream about. It is unfathomable to me to see someone so determined to give nothing and on the world stage only because William – a dolt in his own right – could not attract anyone better.

                2. Spoon-fed and hot-housed by the public school system to get her to university.

                  That’s one of the perks of sending your kid to public school.

                  Her idiotic responses at engagements make me question her education because it reflects poorly on both institutions.

                  Also, i think we should assume that she doesn’t read her briefing notes ahead of her engagements because she should have been able to come up with better comments than relating the word ‘avatar’ to the movie and or when corrected better than her standard,’how interesting’ response.

                  1. The lack of prep was glaringly obvious re. the avatar incident. What can anyone do if a 36-year old can’t or won’t do the very least? I feel badly for all those hard-working professionals whom Kate visits, forced to be mere props in her PR charade.

                  2. Herazeus
                    Thank you for your comments.
                    I was hoping you were reading!
                    I think you have said you have personal experience with the English public school system.
                    As I post today, I would be so ashamed of my ignorance. I would read my notes!
                    In another time I worked as a civil servant here in NZ. On occasion I represented the department I worked for outside work hours and it was a point of pride that I presented myself as if my top boss was present.
                    I just don’t understand Catherine, at all

                  3. Herazeus and Kittie
                    In reply to your posts, I have never met Pippa/Kate types that I can recall.
                    Yes NZ did have the course costs system as you stated above.
                    In the end Catherine is responsible for her own shallowness.

                    But, what on earth did her parents install in her for Catherine to treat herself with so little self respect?
                    The values she holds dear began at home,
                    as it is for us all.
                    Mrs Bennett in “Pride and Prejudice” knew her daughters had to marry, preferably well.
                    Their was no career choice for them. Society did not allow it. So Mrs Bennett was determined in her pursuit of eligible young men for her daughters.

                    Catherine appears to have had the same “Mrs Bennett” in her life. What a waste.
                    What a shame. IMO.

                    1. It depends on the currency the family both subscribes to and values. If it’s status and latching onto other people’s wealth, well, you see how it plays out. The Middletons seem pleased with their upward trajectory in society. They’ve certainly ‘worked’ for it. In their eyes they have made it; to others subscribing to a different currency, they are gobsmackingly awful. Such is life.

  30. Greetings Lola,
    It is a little after 1.20 a.m. NZT and I am
    unable to settle, so I have liberated a
    laptop to flick you this message!

    Is there an email address that is not
    directly on your Love, Lola Musings
    site that you can be contacted on
    without invading your privacy?

    I have a couple of questions to ask
    which I would rather not do a public
    “post” about just yet.

    My brain is “tired” – and cannot for
    the life of me figure out any other
    way of contacting you apart from
    this way. Unless I have missed
    something which is entirely possible
    due to the amount of blood tests
    that are required on a daily basis.

    As you know I am half a world away,
    have plenty to comment about and
    will do so when I have more time,
    however, have the Doctors on my
    case tellling me to “rest, rest, rest”
    as if – when you are woken every
    15 minutes for top up of meds for
    their “wait and see” treatment leading
    up to the 29th surgery.

    I am allergic to Hospitals! If I could
    bail I would.

    Apologies for the odd request but
    it is for a Good reason that I ask and

    I am not stalker like the middleton
    moddler (middle aged toddler) you know,
    the whining, whingeing, stamp your foot,
    pampered layabouts that are giving the
    heads up (and I do not mean “heads
    together” thing the moddlers started) that
    they will “cease and desist” from doing any
    Charity Work in the future – obviously that
    180 pound buzz cut that Billy the Whinger
    had, but of course because they value their
    privacy so much they had to plaster it all
    over the world just in case no-one took any
    notice and of course there is the competition
    between the Moddlers about who can do
    the most “useless PR stunts” before they
    retire and bleed the UK dry…

    and at the moment I am not even a walker!!
    They even took my damn crutches off me to
    make sure I stay put.

    The comments are a riot to read,
    so trying to explain to the Night
    Shift Staff why I am laughing instead
    of “resting” is a bit of a mission but
    whatever gets you through …. is
    got to be good.

    Love and blessings to all, will
    try and “liberate” the laptop again
    so I can leave a full comment on the
    Engagement, Fergie and the like
    before the Op on Monday just
    do not want it confiscated before

    Thanks, love and blessings to all.


    1. Wild Rose i just love you and your comments. I wish was speedy recovery and pray you will be able to confiscate the laptop again. I wish you the best out there in New Zealand.

    2. Wild Rose, if you call Kensington Palace the robot directory can help you: Press One for immediate assistance if you live in a warm, luxury filled hotel city with everything a Royal needs, and we will assist you in less than…Oh, now! For donations towards a bigger diamond ring for an American princess (thank you, Grace Kelly) press 10, then 99 for the least carats, thank you, jewelers…please wait for a client..if you are a taxpayer, why did you call?

    3. Wild Rose surely laughter is healing ? However if you are not damaging any areas by this I would think it beneficial and wish you a speedy recovery.Of course you must be in such discomfort from the fracture alone.Regarding W His noggin now resembles a very large polished apple.Amazing what happens to features with advancing age.

  31. wild rose, you are not the only one who would like to have a private conversation with Lola, good luck on that one!!

  32. This is off topic but I thought it was an interesting response to the gifts which are sent a public figure. There is often talk about what happens to the gifts presented to members of the Royal Family when they do walk abouts and questions are often asked about what happens to those gifts.

    Here is the response of the newly pregnant New Zealand Prime Minister when asked about gifts for her new baby…

    “She said she was delighted that a Twitter user – @HeatherKMcC – had started a #KnitforJacinda movement to knit baby clothes for babies in local hospitals.

    “A while ago someone said to me ‘what should people send you?’ and I said ‘photos of the things they make for other people.’

    I’ve always maintained the people who have the most get given the most and what would make me incredibly happy would be to see some benefit for premature babies, families in need, others who would benefit from that generosity.

    If you really want to knit something, please do and send me a pic.””

    1. Hi, Cathy. What a wonderful post and how caring a person your Prime Minister is.

      On another blog, where many of us also visit, there was note made of a possible bonfire where gifts to Kate and William are sentenced to the flames If that is true, how terrible! Couldn’t gifts be offered to those in need? Surely some of the things might not seem appropriate, but then auction them off and donate the money to causes near and dear to the hearts of W and K.

      All my best regards to you, Cathy and to all here.

  33. Wild Rose, you are not American. Why ask, just demand. Who in the world, the people who don’t matter outside of England and its little, funny welsh, like a food, and Scotland, wow, great plaid clothes, McQueen is my idol, and some Irish that Is just awful Belfast, who would live in a place with no fluoride, just not not.

    Private? How dare you want privacy, don’t you know that once the word private is written, all websites, everything that can be found on the internet, or . something, will target you? Just tell us your private question, and then we can tell you how we know you are wrong, right, leave him, stay with the bitch, why call women bitches, you are right, bastard, so not 2017, yes, idiot, it is 2018; why does Meghan want privacy now; yes, she is just an American actress: actress is a very Meryl Streep ageism; you mean Trump, right?; actor is so male centric; you will call a pat rape, right?; no, but you are still an idiot; divorce, American, Black equals hate; no she is an illegal immigrant white woman stealing our Diana’s (silence and crying for a minute break) boy; privacy and how do you English pronounce our American right to everything; it is prevahcee, you american no passport holder; lift is weights, idiot; sorry, sorry, sorry, I replied to our very sorry British weightlifters; sorry is right, but I am a Scot I am, Scottish is the way I am; you voted to stay in GB, you American idiot who knows Scotland means one thing Jamie Fraser; so you are a snobby highlander;high, you mean Harry’s drug problems; well, in Our progressive states, marijuana; stupid west coast liberal, you want El chaponagain; at least not trump; you hater of Ginger’s , you should use ginger in Martha Stewart recipes; white woman prison; yeah, she lost weight and looked damn good; a tapeworm works better, if you don’t like prion food just mo.
    OMG, you are talking about private bodily functions; private talk with lovelolaheart? Yeah, she must be a Royal. It might be a he. Why not we, share your private thoughts with us. If you just want my opinion. JMO, idiot. Is this the Daily Mail, fromleedsaberdeen.ass. Arse you Dumb colonial Yank;

      1. Hi Kaiser. Love your name. Tsar, czar, Emperor, Caesar, King. So Keyser, no?

        Please do not try to attack lovelolaheart posters. We are a community. You need to get to your nearest nasty site. Falstaff?

  34. Dear lovelolaheart,

    I love you and your hilarity. How do I live without your laughter?

    I have been stalked by her/him Merry Wife of Windsor. I cannot take the various names of this person. This poster is evil, and it is personal with Merry Wife of Windsor. Wife is what she wants.

    I love you. I do not defend or explain. Please do not let this poster ruin your site. Bye.

    1. Bellaluna, as much as you have been a cherished member of this community, I’ve blocked you from the comments section as several recent posts have been antagonistic towards other posters or have made members of this community uncomfortable. You don’t seem yourself lately and I’m not sure what you are going through but I wish you all the best.

    2. WTF? I won’t dignify this bizarre paranoia with a detailed response but would like to place on record that I am not stalking Bella Luna or anyone else and never have. Nor do I use multiple aliases or bear any ill will towards or troll total strangers on the internet. My ID has always been this one (MWOW) and I’m not a prolific poster but if anyone wants to check feel free to enquire. I have nothing to hide.

      When Lola has to deal with this kind of nonsense I can understand why she feels like walking away.

      1. MWOW, anyone who has been on either this site or KMR knows you are nothing but a nice, regular commenter. I was wondering if someone got ahold of the other poster’s name as that is not her normal tone at all. Hope all is ok. Lola made the right call, too bad something like that popped up when he future of this site hangs in the balance.

        1. I’ve never heard of KMR, let alone posted there. Maybe there’s another MWOW? It might explain the “confusion”.

          1. Probably just my mistake! ☺️ Sometimes the comments on the sites blend together to me, especially as there are people who frequent both. Sorry I lumped you into that.

        2. I agree, kateincali. Lola could only make the call she could, but I worry for bellaluna; something is not right.

          1. Bellaluna has never posted like this before. They were lucid before. I fear something has happened to Bellaluna because these comments are gibberish and disconnected.

  35. Good move, Ms. Lola.

    A suggestion to keep lovelolaheart going is to have guest posters. People can submit to you, you can do some edit if necessary…it could be kind of fun. Your workload would reduce. Just an idea to transition away instead of shut down. Just my 2 cents.

  36. I was so touched by a royal couple, not plebs but actually authernntic in their sentiments that I forgot to mention the ring! I am not enamoured with the design, but am partial to the colour. Even so, it suits her, and the best bit is that I understand he let her choose the design. Kinda renders me speechless in a royal kinda way.

    Another question: how did we get to royals lying about their engagements and relationships?

    1. MavenTheFirst
      Did lying start with Charles and Diana’ s engagement?
      The world ran around with their love story, her “virginity”, her innocence regarding romance( never mind her sister dated Prince Charles and she had two older sisters) and her “shyness”.
      I’m sure there is more.
      How much did the media play its part in this new story of Diana?
      How much did it suit the Royal Family and the Spencer family?
      Let alone the young and so very innocent Diana, who apparently spent her teenage years in a convent ??!!

      Putting this all aside, yay and all happiness to Jack and Eugenie.

        1. May B.
          Please go back through this articles postings to 24/1.
          Both Herazeus and I post on Lady Colin Campbell’s book, which is available on kindle too.
          Also Tina Brown’s book The Diana Chronicles” references the virgin myth too.

  37. Maven the first presumably to sanitize. Is it just me but can,t for the life of me understand what on earth a previous poster is babbling about.

  38. Maven, as Kiwi suggested, lying/embroidering about relationships is driven by a need to sanitise so that the ‘royals’ and those joining their ranks through marriage appear superior to mere plebeians. Otherwise, what is the rationale for them to rule over us? It doesn’t have to be the truth; it just needs to convince a whole flock of people to keep being sheep. Elevating the act of a marriage proposal to an exotic location eg the continent of Africa or South America also plays to royals being able to employ a more rarefied approach, more special. It’s all about separating themselves from you and I, continuing a certain kind of exclusivity eg giving themselves titles, employing particular protocols.

  39. Kitties speaking for my-self they would have to improve their behavior enormously to convince me and even then they are merely human after all If there was no publicity they would be bereft do the ones wanting privacy all the time realise if they disappear from view completely there would be no reason for their positions.I can only speculate Her Majesty is tired of their shenanigans.and has opted for not dealing with it all she is noted for not interefering and I think has left it too late ,letting the princes off on grounds of grief which does not interfere with their entertainment unduly I have said before there are many families having to deal with tragedy every day without all the benefits and wealth they enjoy. Survivors of war to this day acts of terrorism and just bad luck. this has become quite a soliloquy which I did not intend when I first started my post.

    1. GMR, I chuckle to myself when the trio bleat for privacy yet give the green light for inane photos to be published whenever they feel the need for attention. They needed to be slapped into reality a long time ago; far too late now. Like you, I am indifferent to their grief since they use it selectively to spin better outcomes for themselves.

  40. You are simply hilarious. I love your take on all things royal. Please keep posting; you bring us all so much joy!♥️

  41. Dear Lola,

    Your posts and the resultant comments are one of the really good things in the world, and in my life. Please don’t take that away. So many good things have been lost recently, and so many of us truly value and cherish your contributions to our lives.

    My heart sank when I read that you might call it quits. Please reconsider! In terms of the British royal family, so much will likely be changing and happening in the next couple years. Maybe there will be more to inspire you. If not, we would like to read about anything you do care to write about. Your writing is that good!

    You’re truly a gem and your wonderful, witty, and incisive posts means more to many of us than perhaps you know. Won’t you please reconsider and, as others have implored, just take a break until you feel inspired to write again.

      1. I agree to that. I dont write about personal losses and heartaches, so many of you have lots worse sorrows than I. But Lola has been the bright light in my life since I found her blog, thank you for that, and thank you all smart and witty and funny posters also!

  42. Hi Lola, I just went to your archives to read some old articles and discovered almost all of the archives are gone!! Is this part of the closing of this site? I’ve spent so many lazy afternoons re-reading favorite posts, I’m going to miss them if they’re gone forever.

    1. Same here!! I was a casual visitor in the past and recently rediscovered Lola. I’m kicking myself for not coming back sooner! I went to read some of the earlier posts and was saddened to see them gone! The earlier Sofia articles were too funny. Lola I hope you’ll consider leaving your earlier entries up for posterity, you are really talented.

    1. I was surprised to hear this! I’d totally forgotten about the Cambs while on this blog. Thanks for the rude awakening :).

      So, I checked out the news and it’s boring. Unless you want to talk about her hat or her execrable jeans or her maniacal grin or her obscenely expensive coat. Plus ca change…. The tedium is excruciating.

      It’s certainly not worth a Lola blog post. I’ve lost enough brain cells as I imagine Lola has as well- a great mind is a terrible thing to waste (Lola’s). I fear that some day that big black hole will finally suck the life out of us unless we stay away. Beware the blob!

  43. Kate in call We’ll I hope they are a good deal more animated than usual for them They are after all representing the U.K. and they are going to be put in the shade anyway with the Swedish Royal family.Their Crown Princess is impeccable and her spouse seems to be a very decent individual who does them proud in public as far as one can see.

  44. That gold Erdem she wore to dinner tonight is about the ugliest frock I think I have ever seen, may-be it would look good on an 80 year old but the color does her no favors, their serious problems between her and Chopper, their is one picture where Victoria is giving her a look of major concern or may-be ” Do you have any idea what your job entails ?”

    1. Msthang, what makes you say there are serious problems between chutney and chopper? Can you post any links?

      1. Brielle, Good heavens look at their body language standing next to the other royals, if there is one thing you cannot fake it’s happiness, !!

    2. Why does Catherine let her enemies choose her fashion style.
      They must really really hate her.

      I think one of my great-aunts wants her curtains back.

        1. 1970’s had the most remarkable designs.
          I lived in a home with deep orange wallpaper with black circles imprinted over the top.
          It was in the kitchen.
          Clearly it was a quarantine for effective weight loss- eating was optional due to the cycodelic effect of the wallpaper.

              1. Lol

                On a staycation in cornwall, I was confronted by an avocado green bathing suite. Bathtub, sink, carpet, walls, cabinets, the lot.

                It was really ugly. The lady who ran the bed and breakfast was so lovely and the actual holiday was lovely, but my goodness that bathroom was vomit- inducing!!

  45. My dearest darling Lola is forgiven for not posting about the two lame ducks landing in Stockholm, in my country Sweden. Because I totally missed it even though I do read the papers. I have no idea what the point is for them to be visiting Sweden or what causes they chose to focus on or how they dress. Poor Victoria and Daniel for having to socialize with those two. Grumpy king Gustav can happily chat away for hours with Kate and William about noble blood and peasants etc. He will make them sleep within two minutes. It is freezing cold here also, nothing much to do unless watching some nice cosy American tv serie on Netflix for me. Love to you all!

  46. Lola, if you go we will miss you terribly. Yet I cannot blame you for wanting to move on. So much of the last 7 years has been lather, rinse, repeat with W&K. It became too much for Enclave24, it appears to be too much for KMR/MMR.

    You’ve said before that you’re a professional writer, and really, who wants to write the same thing over-and-over (unless you’re Barbara Cartland and make money doing it).

    I wish you success in taking your wit, fun, and turn of phrase to a new audience.

    “The first sentence can’t be written until the final sentence is written.” —Joyce Carol Oates

    1. Don’t forget Duchess or Diva. She also grew terribly bored with the subject.

      I will miss your witty posts, Lola. I will also miss the regular posters (of which I am not one), having read your comments on multiple sights for the past 5 or 6 years.

    2. I don’t blame bloggers for getting tired of this either, but I am going on comment withdrawal. I may join RD, sigh.

      Side note, the mustard colored Erdem dress Kate wore for dinner with the SRF was just horrid. The DM said she looked radiant. I wonder if that writer had to gargle with bleach after spewing such lies.

      1. JET Texas
        I think after a liquid lunch, the staff have a competition as to who can write the most over the top rubbish.

        I think the “liquid lunch”is needed to take on the sheer grimness of the Fashion subject.

          1. Not directly.
            But why not! Some women’s magazines are “fantasy” magazines.
            I can remember an article about the state of Charles and Diana’s marriage just before the separation was announced.
            It showed photos and wrote on the success of the marriage. It spoke of the lies being written by others who said it was over.
            Strangely enough it was either Woman’s Day, New Idea or The Woman’s Weekly who troubled themselves to
            print this fantasy.

  47. I’ve learned a lot from Lola and all of the posters here, and will miss them. The info about Lady Colin Campbell’s book was fascinating. I read as much as the Amazon “Look Inside” feature allows. I can’t believe they pretended Diana was a virgin. I can’t believe I believed it! And when I found out Lady Colin was mistaken for a male at birth because of genital deformities and had to live as one until she was 20 … The British are weird, weird people. No offense!

    1. May B
      There is a lot in Lady C’s book to digest.
      You will need some determination to allow yourself to process JUST how different this story shows Diana.

      You will either give some credence to Lady C ,or decide Diana really was a victim who was manipulated by her own family( think face on tea towels ) Charles and Camilla and all the rest.

      Good luck!

  48. Lola, I can understand how you have lost interest in the never-ending holiday that is the Cambridge family and their entourage…and soon the addition of the younger brother and his wife. I’ve read through a great many of your posts over the past weekend. It was a pleasure to take a little walk through history with your droll observations of the inept participants and their often inexpert support system. At times it seemed that those you wrote about had not a clue about protocol or the everyday etiquette that ordinary people were taught from childhood and were blissfully happy being twelve bricks shy of a load. You artfully presented your case with a good dose of satire that produced heavy doses of laughter at their succint observation and candid use of the language. I will miss your blunt observations of the younger members of the royal family. I use the word ‘younger’ loosely taking into account the age of the monarch.

    I’d like you to consider continuing to write your blog without the focus on the British Royal Comedy. From your birdy-tweety SM account, it’s obvious at times that you have an unconventional view of daily life that is a refreshing commentary on the absurdities of society and culture. I would look forward to a short bi-weekly blog on the human condition, society and the inner life as observed by Lola. (Oh yes, I do want the Comment function.) Please reconsider ending your conversation with us — those that have read your blog over these years, laughed, commented and consider you the thoughtful, hilarious, decent, friendly voice — because you are our alter selves when we didn’t realize it .
    I will miss your voice. Don’t go away.
    Sincerely, with admiration, Nina

  49. I lived through the 1970s and I can assure you that nobody had a pair of curtains as ugly as that dress that Kate wore. While it is true that orange, chartreuse and mustard were very popular colors I do not think there was anything around quite as ugly as that puke colored shmatte she wore last night. Hands down that is the most ugly dress that Kate has ever worn and she should be embarrassed to be seen in it. It is my hope that Megan takes a close look at this disaster and if she has chosen Erdem to design her wedding gown I hope that it is not too late for her she has time to choosing someone else.

    1. It. Was. Hideous. Kate always manages to truthfully project the innerworkings of the the New Batch (like gremlins). Tasteless, hideous, and ridiculous. I am not interested in her clothes per se, but can’t help but comment when they are beyond the pale in clown territory.

      1. Oh, wow. That gown! I cannot find the words.
        Just hideous. And, I didn’ think Victoria looked much better in that one sleeved wonder and those awful shoes.,

        As for an Erdem wedding gown for Meghan? God Save the Queen and Everyone Else.

  50. Erdem should be arrested for creating such a vision of ugliness. For the life of me I do not understand his appeal. I see Kate is in yet another double breasted coat today with very large and cheap red plastic buttons. The color of her stockings is hideous and while the color of the shoes and bag are fine, they do nothing for this particular look.

  51. Wasn’t this tour supposed to be about schmoozing the Scandinavians with an eye to increasing trade? So far we’ve had some hockey thing, a gallery tour of chairs, dinners with other royals, kids hauled out of school to line a small barricade to give an impression of royal popularity (note: few adults there), listening in at a mental health meeting. And all conducted in ugly, expensive clothes that are an affront to good taste.

    1. Oh god. The blue velvet dress today. I need bleach for my eyes. How can anyone think Erdem looks attractive?

      1. It’s not as bad as the other Erdem, which was Little House on the Prairie meets Chinese restaurant hostess.

        1. May B
          Ha hha.
          Very very funny.
          I said earlier that Catherine’s enemies dress her.

          We KNOW who they are- it’s her stylist and the accountant who overseas the interior furnishings costs at
          Kensington Palace.
          (That over-order of sofa upholstery in 1952 is finally being used).

      2. JET Texas, I think Erdem looks good on people with brown or black skin, because they are really beautiful patterns, just not us Howlies, with the exception of that gold dress which has to be one of the ugliest frocks I have ever seen, and I don’t think anyone would look good in that, and by the way Howlies is what native Hawaiians call us white folks!!

  52. Never mind Brexit, but Kate’s clothing could spark an international incident on it’s own. I have never seen such boring, ugly and unflattering clothing as what she has worn over these past 2 days.

    1. Hear hear.. clothes costing thousands very ugly as you say
      what is the point we are saying of this tour
      as all we see is both of them visiting children
      There is nothing grown up about this tour or really anything of substance to it other than these two having a break or holiday at tax payers expense
      i know i have repeated myself but we cannot understand how they get away with being so childish all the time …

  53. Good gracious we cannot believe what we are seeing on this supposedly Royal Tour.. What is the point of these two going there? ?All we have seen is Waity in Curtains made into a dress which are hideous … costing thousands. . and constantly going to shake hands with loads of children.. Is this all these two can do what a cost to us British Taxpayers seeing her playing some type of hockey looking so ridiculous 6 months pregnant ..This again iz just a constant round of standing making funny faces looking very bored most of the photos, .she is either looking constantly as vacant or bored stiff by being there.
    cant see the point of this tour which is more of a holiday than a proper grown up Tour.

    1. that dress is rather reminiscent of Chinese kimonos around the nineteenth century..It certainly is not flattering to say the least. It is hard to understand how with all the areas available there is a constant lack of appeal One sees young women on the street looking wonderful I suppose it all boils down to lack of imagination. although does her spouse have any input? that might explain it .

      1. GMR
        I wonder if her mother is involved in her descions on clothing.

        Then again, her mother when seen, often looks well put together. Ex. Ascot when Catherine wore the white short lacy dress which had a sheer enough slip that in the sun, it made the dress very nearly completely see through. Carole was wearing a blue dress and it suited her with its simple design and fit.
        So therefore, it must be the accountant, as I pointed out earlier. It certainly is someone who does not care and likes a jolly good laugh.

  54. Hi Daisy, You have hit the nail on the head by saying that there is nothing grown-up about this tour. A two night trip with a fancy dinner event one night in Norway and one night in Sweden would have sufficed, so William could say his spiel about how the 2 countries are good friends to keep the UK government happy.
    I can totally understand Lola when she says the BRF has become so boring, because they are. This trip is a perfect example of that, even with the ridiculous engagements, it cannot even be saved by good fashion, as Kate’s clothing choices have been the worst I have ever seen. It is also an embarrassment to the UK that because W & K are so dim, that everything needs to be dumbed down for them due to their lack of intellect. They can visit children and mouth their mental health platitudes because that is all they are capable of.
    I do not hold out much hope for Harry and Meghan either, as they will also do as little as possible, but be much better received due to the fact that both of them have way more charisma than W & K. They will both be great actors at telling us how they want to be normal, but at the end of the day, they will be no different than William and Kate.

  55. It’s official. Erdem is trolling Kate and Kate is trolling us.

    When other people wear Erdem, it’s beautiful. When Kate (and Pippa) wear Erdem, they consistently pick the ugliest dresses in the collections.

    She wears alot of Erdem, and only looked good in 2 outfits.

    Sophie Hunter Cumberbatch always wears Erdem exclusively and always looks good.

    Ditto Kiera Knightley who tends to Erdem when not wearing her contracted Chanel.

  56. Oh dear, just saw some pics of the royal twosome in Norway. Kate’s blue lace topped rag that she is wearing at the luncheon with King Herald and Queen Sonya is almost the twin of that blue Erdem bedspread. If she had a real stylist/ dresser this would never happen. This does nothing to dispel the fact that she is boring and bland. Of course
    I am not surprised.

  57. This is off topic, but it bothers me to see William’s apparent lack of attention for the safety of his wife and their unborn child. Since I have never been pregnant, I may be overreacting, but I think it would be prudent for William, to take her hand or her elbow when she is going down stairs while on this tour. With snow on the ground it would be nice to see him appearing to have some concern over Kate slipping on ice/snow or just losing her balance in unfamiliar surroundings.

    1. I agree, G. He is not a concerned/devoted husband. At least not when out in public. She is always left to fend for herself . How about the rainy, rainy day when the Obamas visited the Cambridges and Harry at Kensington Palace, and Kate was left out in the downpour while President Obama tried to shield her with his umbrella? If I recall, William was underneath an umbrella, all dry and happy, while poor Kate was just left out in the cold. Well, it may not have been cold temperature-wise, but you get me, right?

      She should really read him the riot act when they are home alone after such slights . He needs to be called out for his rude behavior. He’s an insensitive fool. Future King, or not.

        1. What gets me Msthang,is that she seems to think that she can get him to care. If that is the case I think she’s delusional. When it comes to how he feels about her and how little he cares it seems as if he just can’t seem to make it clear to her. I can’t help but thinking that even if he told to her face countless times that he doesn’t love her or want to be in a relationship with her she would still refuse to believe it. I’m certain she has something she is holding over him, something she may have caused to happen, that she is using to keep him. I’m also certain that when the time comes that she can not longer use said tactic that he will ditch her and then reveal everything she did to entrap him ultimately causing her every action to backfire on her.

          1. From the photos of their holitour, to me Kate looks genuinely happy for bits of it. But then, she always looks giddy when they are together on show. My guess: For one, the onus of ‘work’ is taken off her; she can realise her dream of being fancy arm candy with few expectations to contribute. Secondly, he elevates her, her status and worth. In a sense, she needs to be royal adjacent and as a social climber this broadcasts her highest achievement to the world, literally. When she’s with him, she’s somebody and she’s made it. She’s reached the pinnacle of human endeavour. Without him, it’s a wibbledy wobbly timey wimey thing.

            1. But isn’t the requirement to be arm candy, look adoringly at one’s ‘prince’ and be a breeder, as and when required? That’s the price for wanting access to someone’s wealth and position, yes? Would Kate, and Meghan for that matter, be interested in ‘the boys’, those dreary specimens of arrested development, had they not titles, wealth beyond compare and social status? Of course not! It’s purely transactional by all parties. William could not attract anyone better than Kate, and Harry was clearly not seen as attractive to women from his own set. That says a lot about the character of each man when the seemingly most eligible bachelors in the world are politely avoided.

              1. Further to your comment Kittie, isn’t it interesting that even the media can’t or won’t pretend that they are ‘most eligible bachelors’ fighting off the women.

                Their own dorky father had that manufactured for him regardless of private multiple mistress situation. He went to Australia and a female ‘fan’ was arranged to sneak a kiss for this picture below thus cementing his ‘most eligible bachelor’ status.



                1. The press know William and Harry too well to bother with the pretense. They know exactly who these men are, given their proximity allows them to see what the public does not; they just can’t publish it.

            1. also GMR, I think that everything that mentioned by myself, yourself, maven the first and Kittie directly above in relation to my comment is the reason why the whole situation is just a massive train wreck waiting to happen, it is bound to implode the only question is when. Do you not agree?

              1. Brielle: whenever this conversation pops up, and it’s surprising how many random people have your thought after observing them, i always post this article:

                The publisher of the magazine is a socialite who married a minor royalty. He socialises with all the various royal houses including the Windsors so his sanctioning of this particular article about William and Kate during the summer of 2010 is interesting.

                Personally, after watching their wedding with various friends and relatives, we all concluded that they were very good friends, but not in love. My grannie opined that sometimes it’s better to marry a friend because the marriage would be more stable and love might come later.

                Considering how much William was annoyed by her in the early years and seems resigned these days, i don’t think the love came. I think William loves his children and possibly Kate gets some reflection of that as the mother of his kids, but it’s not the love she would like given how much she glows in his company especially when he touches her in any way that isn’t prodding her in the back to move her along.

              2. No need for implosion as long as the status remains quo, that is:
                – Kate is ‘looked after’ in the manner to which she has become accustomed. Losing that would be unacceptable.
                – William gets to do what he wants, when he wants.

                Now, if William became ensorceled with a woman to the point that he wanted the world to know about it. things might change, but at great cost of materially accommodating Kate. Should a line be drawn under the monarchy somewhere in Charles’ reign, again, there would be no reason for maintaining an image, if indeed that’s the case. What is clear from William’s character is that he would never entertain a marriage of equals, and no intelligent woman would accept anything less. So he perpetually resides in doe-eyed Bimboland.

                1. Kittie, I have a question. I’m not so sure what you mean exactly in regards to this bit: “Should a line be drawn under the monarchy somewhere in Charles’ reign, again, there would be no reason for maintaining an image, if indeed that’s the case. “, could please explain? Then perhaps I might get the full meaning of your statement which I would very much like to do.

                  1. Brielle, I meant that if the monarchy should end some time into Charles’ reign, or indeed, William’s. Loyalty to the Queen is one thing but whether Brits are will be loyal to the monarchy after her death is quite another. Hence, all these stories about the ‘young’ royals and kids, to try to keep apathy (and any pesky questions about cost) at bay.

                    There are also other forces at play that may impact the status quo eg how Brexit plays out internally; Commonwealth countries (Canada, Australia) moving to republic status sometime after the Queen’s death; whether independence movements within the UK will prevail at some point, and so on. In short, we live in volatile times and that is when institutions such as monarchies are most vulnerable due to their very iniquity.

              3. Brielle totally one only had to see the interaction when they married I saw only part of it from the dentists chair but it was enough The friend I mentioned gave it 8 years I am not sure how long they have been married but it certainly does not look like a stable relationship despite this 3 child. as for the other brother time will tell but I am not optimistic it is just too much like an over achieving effort to impress and if it is not I would be surprised.

  58. Oh my, have you seen Kate’s latest evening dress disaster in Norway? She looks like the grandmother of the bride. Truly awful.

    1. It’s my favorite of her evening wear this trip tho… at least it looks regal and appropriately tailored to her changing body. I didn’t care for Victoria’s evening wear either. Meanwhile Meghan looks totally chic in that Alexander McQueen pantsuit. I may side eye her, but I do like her polished style.

      1. I, for one, despise the stilletto heels with the short-short trousers That look is trampy, to me The jacket and blouse were fine, but the rest of the look didn’t make me think too highly of her I can see Leti wearing a similar look, but perhaps, her trousers would have been a tad longer.

        Kate’s gown did little for me, either. Yes, it is hard to dress in formal attire when one’s body is changing, but the dress did little to show me that he looked regal.

        Oh, well. To each, her own.

        1. Wow, jenny, you hit upon what bothered me. There was something so jarring about wearing that combo of short trousers with sky high stabby heels. Very red carpet, very glamourous- and all I see is the sexy stilettos. Not exactly serious for the job. I do love the suit though, just not the way Meghan wears it.

          1. Not sure if I posted this twice, since still getting over the loss of the NE Patriots to the Eagles. I was not impressed by this outfit of Meghan’s. It reminded me of a woman executive going to a client to make a sales pitch. I have participated in tons of presentations where all of us women are dressed in our black or grey power looks. All she needed was a little wheely bag for her laptop and projector for the power point presentation. It was just boring. I also do not like that partially untucked baggy blouse look that is supposed to make us think the person is such a creative, individual urban hipster, when there are a zillion other people out there that look the same. If I recall, Meghan wore her top like that when we saw her at the Invictus Games. Last, I must comment on Harry’s awful blue suit, time to give that away.

            1. Politics aside, Melania Trump wore the same suit only in white for Trump’s State of the Union speech, and it looked striking. In black, though, it looked like just another suit to me.

              1. Yes, the white suit really popped and looked unique. The black suit, though pretty, was just another black suit.

            2. What is with Harry’s blue suit? It’s not an appropriate color for a London winter. And, he and Sparkles should coordinate their clothing better.

              1. Beartrice York nothing fits the coat worn to a church service made one wonder if it belonged to someone else.The fixation on blue is another cause for speculation.

          2. Hi, Maven. You summed it up far better. Yes, “jarring” is a perfect way to describe the pairing of the”stabby heels” with the short-short trousers. I liked the suit, too. Just not the way she wore it. Enter the Meghan sugars and prepare to be slammed. Oops, sorry. That’s not here, but elsewhere. If “elsewhere” ever comes to life again.

  59. 2Feb2018 Furthermore why does the Duchess feel impelled to keep participating in sports? The sight of those horrors jeggings I believe they are called puts years on a person she seems to go from one extreme to another I don,t think children particularly appreciate these efforts are they done spontaneously or are they arranged?

  60. I just need to vent. I look at Royal dish to see some pictures but all I see is all these red Warning signs under most members names. Warnings they have had years back! Such an passive aggressive way to moderate a forum, to keep red warning signs active forever. It is almost as if getting a red warning is so normal that it is as if you joined a certain innergroup at Royal dish. Whatever is wrong with
    that forum??

  61. Greetings Everyone,

    I have once again “liberated” the laptop for
    about 20 minutes before my next lot of
    medical treatment – have just flicked
    through all of the comments since I just
    signed off before heading to surgery.

    I am going to be absolutely brutal here
    and it is not the meds…

    Bill the petulant and drippy middleton
    have just taken the absolute piss out of
    the British people. How the hell can you
    lot (not all) be so bloody complacent about
    these tossers and those they are producing
    in their style (mini-me’s or clones) goodness
    knows what they hell those kids will turn
    out like and if genetics have anything to go
    by their brains will not get them far with
    parents as dim as the pair of those two.

    Bill and the drippy middleton cannot stand
    the sight or touch of each other. It is that
    obvious even my dead grandmother
    would be able to spot it. He was bored
    shitless or the leech way back when he
    tried to dump the clinging vine but as
    usual ma middleton probably served
    him up his favourtie meal and then set
    the scene with a guidebook…. or else!

    Now to the truly brutal – saw a post
    praising the nitwits on Royal Central
    about how they were the best thing
    since sliced white bread as the person
    was clearly referring to the Meghan
    and Harry pending marriage…

    Well here is my absolute straight up
    thoughts on the crap that the BRF
    tried to pull to cover up the two
    dimmest people in the room ….

    “The trip was the most wasted time of
    all concerned. It was a “holitour” set
    up to make the “Moddlers” mid thirty
    year old wastrel’s look as if they give a
    damn – which they don’t. Their profile
    is in the dust and just because people
    take exception to Harry’s choice they
    trott out the laziest, unimaginative pair
    they could.

    There would have been more interest
    in the Royal Burial site at Frogmore.

    Anyone who thinks that these two
    could or would save anyone except
    themselves better think again. They
    are bloody idiots.”

    The God Awful clothes which were
    outrageously expensive look like
    they were out of Carole’s stash for
    upscaling her home before her
    gormless daughter to provide what
    is perceived as real quality.

    Well the some of the British People
    have lucked out badly if they think
    that these dimwits give a fat rats

    The train wreck started before bill
    and the drip were even married as
    bill even said (which was the bullshit)
    version that he could not sleep
    because of the noise outside – more
    like it was the thought of being
    stuck with the clinging drip
    middlton for as long as it takes
    for him to wake up.

    Bill the petulant cannot stand her,
    he does not like her, and maybe it
    is him that “lays back and thinks
    of England” to be polite or a
    his favourite meal made by
    ma middleton that has that
    gormless kate ending up

    That relationship is toxic to
    even a Nuclear meltdown would
    show less on a contamination

    And with those charming thoughts
    for you to brighten your day – I
    will bail as I have the Doctor heading
    my way, the laptop will be removed
    from my hands for another period of

    Surgery did not go well. Another
    round is being debated and I have
    a bit to think about. My busted
    foot is still a mess, and I can only
    hide for so long.

    A basket full of happiness for all,
    A hand to hold when you need
    it the most
    A candle that will light your way
    and remember that it is love
    that nourishes us..

    Fair winds and calm seas

    See you in the sunrise


    1. Greetings Brielle and Msthang,

      Thanks for the prayers – I will need them!

      My foot is one problem but that is not
      the one that requires the surgery. It will
      heal eventually.

      The real worry is the
      failed full facial flap lentigo malignant
      melanoma that is the concern. That is the
      thing that has failed and caused a major
      headache for the Surgeons/Doctors
      etc treating me.

      In actual fact I have just been interrupted
      to read through the options. Even at this
      obscene time of the day – dealing with
      medical stuff is annoying!

      Decision made – they are NOT going to be
      happy with me.

      I have always been of the a opinion that a person
      stands or falls on their word. That a persons
      integrity is compromised when they do not
      live up to what is within them or an “office”
      as in marrying into a Royal Family where
      DUTY and SERVICE are paramount.

      I guess that is why I am pissed with the
      morally bankrupt –

      Bill the Petulant, drippy kate and their
      breeding of another generation of

      Like Lola – a joke one step too far for me

      Well I stand or fall on my decisions and
      rather than an operating table I am
      choosing another path. No more.

      If opened up again – the left side of my
      face has nothing that can be stitched
      to and going down that road will
      see me putting myself through more
      bloody misery.

      Must away as it is “round” time again,
      and I have to deal with this calmly.

      I will leave you will all the blessings,
      magic and love that there is….
      for yourself and others please
      share it with someone who may
      need it even if it is not that

      and I may see you in another

      I am off into the unknown.


      1. Wild Rose,
        I’m so sorry to hear about your surgery conundrum. I do pray for a miracle to happen for you.
        Unfortunately when it comes to the royal family and in particular exhibitionist Kate there isn’t much i can do for you. If I could I would.
        As far as whack job Kate is concerned I’m certain she will be the brf’s downfall. They should have canned her long ago, like before they were married. The queen made a big mistake I think when she approved of him marrying her two months before the marriage.
        There isn’t much that can be done to salvage her image and because she has publicly been seen as a member of the brf their image as an institution as well, especially given they’ve been so complicit regarding her behavior , dress and serial flashing. And I’m afraid it is only going to get worse, after all it is becoming impossible to hide the discord in their marriage and the chronic toxicity of their relationship which is something that has been a problem from the start. In dragging this out and continuing the way they are they are doing no one especially the children any favors.
        Am I the only one who thinks so?

        1. Greetings Brielle,

          No you are not the only one who thinks

          Many do and have said it, been denied,
          then the along comes another kid to
          cover the cracks.

          I think if HM lives long enough she will
          step in and tell them to call it like with
          Charles and Diana, Andrew and Fergie
          failing that….
          Charles will because of the absolute
          hatred that Bill and the toxic klingon
          kate are concerned will hasten the
          downfall of the BRF quicker than’
          Charles on the throne.

          As for people jumping up and down
          about him (Charles) so bloody what
          he loved Camilla, the rules were
          different, the sainted Diana knew
          what she was getting into (she
          knew her role as an aristocrat)
          it will be the “bullshit”and the
          over spending crap of the
          two grifters Bill and the Clingy
          Kate that will do the DAMAGE.

          That will be the last straw.

          I have said this for years, there
          is no love, it is forced, toxic, a
          game and bill probably has
          someone already on the side
          if not (he is holed up somewhere)
          where he does not have to look
          at middleton every moment of
          the day.

          You can see it – full glare.

          Must close out now – just had
          to flick of an email that was
          required for a “consent” and
          saw your message.

          Love and blessings, as always

          WILD ROSE

  62. Dear Wild Rose we wish you all the best in your recovery…
    plus agree with all your comments
    listening to this latest speech by Waity with her fakeness of her voice its now posher than our Dear Queen ..
    honestly we are really tired of the constant fashion parade ..wearing tanzanite diamond earrings costing thousands ..
    Why oh Why can it not be about the place they visit or said charity not about the costings of designer wear in our faces its totally sickening constant round of designers getting publicity all the time …
    the time we do not have our Dear Queen is time we have a Republic and these wannabees can get jobs of their own instead of taxpayer funding..

  63. Sending best wishes to WILD ROSE, who has the soul of a poet.
    All the best wishes to you during this time of trial, and I truly hope you will be with us for many another sunrise and will continue to contribute your enchantment to the world…. I always feel a spark of joy to see a post from you.

  64. I have always thought that it is W who has so many problems it is difficult to put into a listing of them Of course he does not seem to have a sense of duty and if his mother had any sense she would have stuck it out like others before her. Of course had C married C in the first place we probably would not have the present fiasco to witness.

  65. Yes, Maria on RD is c.r.a.z.y. She is like a catholic nun in the old days, watching intently for anyone to make a mistake, so she can rap your knuckles with a ruler. Don’t engage over there, look at pics, move on. Don’t feed the monster.

  66. Ok, what if Lola does shut down this site? I have a feeling KMR site will not come back, though I hope I am wrong. Where do we go? Not to a sugar site and not to one that is run by a monster. Ideas? And, Lola, I so hope you reconsider.

    1. Jenny, I hope Lola re-considers: maybe an occasional series, whenever the occasion strikes and the subject matter needs a good smack, of which the BRF can be but one hubristic vein to tap. I’d love Lola’s take on a number of topics like living in New York, navigating everyday life through to those who have been exalted for reasons I can’t fathom.

      I think it was you who said Lola needs to turn the subject matter here into income – I could see her writing for all sorts of clever magazines such as Vanity Fair, the New Yorker, as well as moving into fiction based loosely on perceptions written about here. Short of writing for the TV series ‘The Windsor’s’ which Lola out-writes easily. Maybe a thought?

      1. Hi, Kittle. Loved your comment . I agree with you and I do think Lola could make money with her clever writing about the Royals. Lola, you are in NY, why not a one woman show where you diss the Royals. It would be awesome!!!!!

    2. I’m seriously going on comment withdrawal. I miss talking to many of you. I’m thinking of joining RD, despite Maria. It isn’t as well organized as Lola or KMR, but it beats nothing. Thoughts?

      1. Jet, enter RD at your own risk. But why not just KMR? It is quite normal over there. I guess the worst thing that can happen at RD is you say the word Diana (as in the mother of William) and get kicked off for saying her name. Or some other infraction of her “rules”. It’s not like Maria can assisnate you, although I’d try to use a different IP address to be on the safe side. 😉

      2. I will be sad as well if Lola/KMR/MMR disappears. I have been enjoying our exchanges here because the tone of the remarks is not tinged with such hate or vitriol as what had been going on with a few new posters on KMR/MMR. I have to wonder why those people surfaced all of a sudden and caused such discord. I will not name names but 2 come to mind who were quite combative and always had a comment on every little thing and got quite personal at times. Those 2 posters have not been here and I am so relieved as I was considering being just a reader and keeping my comments to myself, because their commenting just got so ridiculous. I felt like they were just lying in wait to add negative comments whenever something new was posted. I have no desire to go to RD, it is just a big mish-mash.

        1. So sad we are losing the wonderfully witty Lola and it looks like we will lose KMR/MMR. How can we blame both of them after some of the things that happened after all their hard work.

          Both have been wonderfully entertaining and has given those of us uninterested in the Kate sugar blogs a safe haven for many years.

          I think I can hear the rising cheers coming from the sugar blogs. So many sugars have worked on stirring up trouble for years, but heaven forbid you mention how little Kate works, and you are immediately scolded by the blog author. It happened to me years ago at From B to B. I was told it was forbidden to discuss the amount of work done by Kate. I realize it is her blog and her rules, but the amount of work done by someone is hardly controversial.

          1. Kate Middleton Review and its sister site, Meghan Markle Review are on hiatus. There were many upsetting posts prior to the temporary shut down and I think the sites are not coming back . That’s me, though.

          2. They don’t print my comments I tell the truth but the sugars don’t like it’s disgraceful not being able to have an opinion on those sites ..

        2. Agree with you Boston. The Meghan site was particulary annoying and was hijacked by one person in particular who was off the charts with her comments. I rarely visited Lola’s site in the past, but now I wish I had visited more often Totally funny an the posts are really good. People get along and it’s just a good diversion from the challenges o everyday life.

      3. I’ve found RD has become quite combative. If you don’t agree with the theme of the day, which is whoever is most liked at a given time, it isn’t so much fun. Very much a case of whoever is the pet poster, too, as people get warned for nothing but those pet posters don’t for out and out attacking people or royals which is not a nice tone to have. I’ve made some great friends on RD but posting there is becoming tiring and not fun or educational.

      4. I know nothing about RD, but will miss you, JET and so many others. It’s sad that all the hard work that Lola and KMR have put into their sites comes down to each probably shutting down . Maybe, a savvy commenter, or two, will get together and start something else? But, Lola, again, please reconsider.

        1. I will miss all of you! I’ve learned so much on these sites, and enjoyed sharing bits of my life and learning about others’ lives along with history, fashion, politics, and more. What a wonderful group of commenters from all over the world. Such a shame to see it end, but all good things…

          1. JET, will miss you and others so much, too. I hope Lola reconsiders. Just a shame that so many people have come together in a little community and it all worked out well for a good amount of time Perhaps, Lola will reconsider. I hope so. If not, maybe someone will start a blog as Liz (the other one) said . And, we will meet again!

            In my opionion MMR and KMR were sabotaged by one particular person and that ruined a creative, well thought out and executed blog for many who loved visiting consistently.

            Lola, if you are bored, just know that all that you write has made many, many people’s lives much brighter and we hope that our words brighten your days, too.

  67. Well, it’s official: Catherine Quinn has really stepped in when it comes to Kate’s flashing. Check out the Daily Mail today and the article concerning Clumsy Kate getting the heel of one shoe caught in a grate as she is set to enter an engagement. In one of the many, many other photos, there is a shot of Kate bending down to talk to a child. The position she takes could have given that child quite a peak at her undergarments — if she was wearing them, btw, — however for once in her life the Duchess placed her hand near the hem of the dress and prevented such a show to occur. Well done, Your Thighness!

  68. If there is no more Lola, and no more KMR, what is to become of us? We will be floating around the dark recesses of the internet with no bright harbour in sight. Lost. In purgatory. Why are all the voices of reason calling it quits?

    1. What if one of us started a blog? It would never be as funny as Lola’s, but it would still give the regular posters a place to continue their discussions. And the regular readers would still have comments to read. It’s something I’ve been mulling over for a few days.

      1. If all else fails, that would be great, (other) Lizzie!

        Of course, until we get a final word from Lola, I’m still holding out hope. Maybe she will still change her mind, especially after reading all these comments about how much we love her and hope she will continue….

      2. Would love to see Lola reconsider. KMR, too. But, go for it, Lizzie. The more sites to visit the better. Just let us know how to reach you.

    2. Lola provides a sharp wit with which to deflate the pitiful obsequiousness surrounding anything ‘royal’. It’s a rare voice poking that monarchic juggernaut.

      KMR has a different tone, encouraging a raft of different perspectives all conducted quite civilly. Until two rabid MM fans simply took over the MMR site. In hindsight, both should have been chucked off if only because they were tedious. KMR had health problems resulting in surgery last month so this might have seen her not deal with MMR as effectively as she might normally.

      I’m hopeful that both will return in revamped formats that work for the blog owners.

      1. Wow, sorry to learn that KMR had surgery and wish her well. I so wish that he MM fans would have been booted off ions ago. I know of one, but am afraid the second one escapes my memory.

        Kittie, I loved all you wrote. Such a great way of summing up what Lola and KMR mean to so many. It is my hope that there will be a return to the way things once were. So much work has gone into all these blogs.

  69. Greetings everyone,

    Have “liberated” the laptop for what is
    likely to be my last post.

    It is time to call it and this is with a very
    heavy heart.

    Lola may well feel the same, due to the
    fact that ABSOLUTELY NOTHING is
    going to save the BRF from it’s worst
    enemies – ITSELF.

    Billy the whinger – will sink lower
    Middleton – will slink along and no
    amount of clinging will be able to hold
    that sinking ship afloat. The marriage
    is doomed.

    The reasoning behind this is that the
    pure “ickiness” and indifference between
    those two along with the the absolute
    venom between them and Prince Charles
    will lead to the meltdowns of all

    If HM lives long enough she may step in
    and end the farce of Bill Middleton’s
    merry band of bloody wastrels. His
    god awful mrs, his pampered brats
    and eventually lead to the fall of the
    House of Windsor.

    Prince Charles in lieu of the HM may
    just have to do it (as there is no love
    lost between Bill and his father) as
    Billy the whinger blames him for

    Bill’s continual grieving crap is enough
    to make me strangle a cat, Middleton
    prancing about pregnant, flashing or
    her usual pose – doing fuck all has led
    me on a path to total and utter boredom.

    Not one of them can save this ship from

    I am bored, I am sick of the reels of
    photographs of the “middleton
    moddler” (mid thirty, do nothing, take
    everything, pampered idiot).

    When Her Majesty passes that will be
    it for me. I have no wish to see the
    sappy bill and his ever surly face or
    slimy kate’s robotic, bullshit concern
    look of which I am sure she has drama
    coach employed for, or see the rug rats
    paraded out as if they are the family to
    aspire to.

    Screw that – I am done.

    With that,

    A basket full of happiness to all,
    A hand to hold when you need it the
    A candle to light your way,
    Joy, magic and kindness on the
    road ahead of you,
    And all the love your hearts can

    See you in the sunrise..
    with fair winds and calm seas


    1. Well, there should be all sorts of entertainment on display that only a truly dysfunctional family can provide.

      John Oliver on Colbert last night summed up the BRF so well: “… they are an emotionally stunted group of fundamentally flawed people doing a silly pseudo job”.

      What could go wrong?

      1. On the flip side, there has to be something wrong with someone who would want to marry into it. Funny interview!

        1. May B., I think you would have to actively want that life to pursue it. I read a little while ago that some British aristocrats held little faith in the monarchy lasting for too long this century and thought the pursuit not worth it.

  70. I have a weird feeling that the wedding might not happen. Meghan’s highly dysfunctional family must cause her stress, but unless a reality show producer flies them to the UK they can’t afford to arrive and embarrass her without invitations. Her half brother and sister want attention and money – not sure how they can be managed. Her mother seems very assured, but her father appears emotionally fragile to me, and not sure how he would cope with the very stressful spotlight of the wedding.
    Meghan is obviously made of strong stuff and wants to be in the history books or she would not want to be part of the royal family, but surely she will find it a cold, boring, restrictive place very soon?

    1. I am wondering if she may be initially protected big time by Harry. I also wonder just when the star dust will settle I think, more and more lately, that she is just eager to be the next Diana and Harry is too dumb to know that. . I think the wedding will happen. She has invested too much in this and won’t let her family interfere with her success. Notice, I did not say her happiness.

      She is in for a rough ride, but she has a stronger core than Diana ever did and a husband who will back her up more than Charles backed up Diana . At least, Harry will for a while, I think.

      Meghan is not stupid. She’ll get pregnant as soon as possible and that will cement her role in history.

      It’s just sad that these thoughts surface . I could b totally wrong, but there is something about her that makes me worry that this is not for love.

  71. Meghan is jumping from one dysfunctional family to another so it won’t be unfamiliar territory to her. I think she wasn’t going to throw away her shot.

    Someone here wrote a little while ago that Meghan ‘plays to win in life’. Her social trajectory and accumulation of well-connected friends over several years proves that point. Whether it is for her own social and material ambitions or a useful lever to springboard her into significant social change activities, time will tell.

    As for the brother and sister turning up, I doubt they would get within cooee of WIndsor, given their actions. I agree that the father appears fragile, or maybe just reclusive; regardless, that he and Harry have not met is curious.

    1. If MM tells security not to let them in, they won’t get past within a mile of the castle.

      Heck, she could use royal privilege and make sure they don’t get past the airport.

        1. I realise that Meghan’s brother and sister would not be allowed to get the near the wedding without invitations, but that is what I mean by embarrassing –
          Television footage of Meghan’s sister in her wheelchair being forcibly removed (however gently)from Windsor station; meghan’s brother forlornly clutching the bouquet and card he has bought for her, watching the wedding footage in his Windsor hotel room etc etc
          If this sounds unrealistic, or has not occurred to at least one person in the US reality TV industry, then I am living in an alternative (much nicer)universe than I realised.
          Andy Cohen would be all over this ‘ The Real Housewives of Markle’.

          1. Plan B: The reality producers could save themselves money and set up cameras in the half-siblings’ homes, where said siblings could look sad and sorrowful while the wedding is broadcast live…

            I’d say that any TV company wanting to do something on the wedding would be vetted by the appropriate UK government agencies, as would the siblings.

            1. At this point I am not interested enough that I plan to watch the wedding, but I would be all over either reality TV scenario!

      1. Herazeus
        I must say the” Royal Card ” when played by its members or close family of, really really bugs me.
        Perhaps because my husband is a lawyer.
        Pippa’s episode in Paris with the fake gun incident, Diana’s telephone calls to Olivier Hoare, I bet there is LOADS more on anyone of them involving “you cannot touch me”. Also plenty that we never hear about too.

    2. It is strange that Meghan’s dad and Harry have not met, isn’t it?
      I wonder if he will give her away, or if Harry and Meghan will stroll down the aisle together. He’s such a romantic, I think he will want to be at the alter, watching her float toward him. But, who knows.

      1. I find it strange that Harry & Mr. Markle have not met also, but then again we do not know all of the Markle family dynamics (and what we do know, is shall we say, effed up. Excuse my French). However, if he does walk her down the aisle (anyone know if this was the case at her first wedding?), then it will be so obvious that it is for PR/ saving face reasons, if they are not even close enough for her to have introduced her future husband to him, and I will have even less respect for, and faith in, this whole sh!tshow. Again, please pardon my language.

        I thought the tradition was for BRF grooms to not look at their bride as they walk toward the altar. But who knows with these two.

        1. Oh, I didn’t know that British grooms did no look at their Bride approaching the alter. I though William and Kate just decided not to have him do that. Wow, I kept my husband’s face in sight throughout my walk down the aisle and I loved the look on his face . He said he loved the look on mine too. It was a bit overwhelming to float toward him in so public away, but it helped to just see his face!

          1. I don’t know if it is all British grooms, but I thought I had heard that about British royal grooms in one of the snippets I watched of W+K’s wedding. So I just looked at video from W’s parents’ wedding & pics from his grandparents’ wedding, and it is the same – the groom has his back to the bride. However at Princess Margaret’s wedding, Lord Snowden was facing the aisle as she walked to the altar, as did Mark Phillips (Princess Anne’s first husband), so maybe it is only done when the groom is royal? Who knows! I think H will do whatever M wants, and I would think she would want to make sure all eyes, including his, are on her.

            It also seems that royal brides do not wear blusher veils covering their faces; neither QEII, her sister, nor her daughter did, but the married-ins did.

            And I have now officially given too much time to BRF wedding protocol…lol!

            I can still see the look on my husband’s face as I walked down the aisle, almost 25 years ago, and it is a wonderful memory. I was 21, about to move to a new state, afraid I was going to trip on my high heels and/or long dress neither of which I was used to wearing, but all of that melted away when I saw his sweet, handsome, beaming face & teary eyes. And now I’m tearing up at work.

  72. I’m absolutley confident Sparkles is marrying Harry for love. Love of palaces, love of jewels, love of holidays, love of titles, love of fame, love of privilege. There is a lot to love there. Whether or not her love transfers to Harry the person, only time will tell.

    1. Ha Ha haaaa ,very funny.
      I’m trying to recall, was Catherine as polarising as this, when she was about to be married to William?

      1. I don’t think she was as polarising, no. Perhaps because she presents a fairly dull and bland exterior. Meghan’s personality is hard to pin down for me, but there is certainly a lot more energy, desire and ambition within her. Diana was a complex personality and so very polarising when people comment on her, but I feel the complex and contradictory parts of her personality are able to be understood when you learn about her life experiences from childhood. Meghan’s character seems built on shifting sands from what I have observed and read.

  73. Lucia, Jenny, Kittie, & Beatrice York – I agree 100% about the Harry/MM relationship. He is obviously very besotted with her, but I am afraid that he is a means to the world stage for her, since her acting career wasn’t going to do it. And of course wealth and privilege that she would never experience, no matter how financially successful she has been according to her fans, who point it out any time there is a whiff of gold digger, title grabbing talk. Let’s face it, if he were Harry Wales, CPA, she would not have given him a second look.

    My first gut feeling was that the wedding wouldn’t happen, but now I think that it will, but the marriage won’t last. She will get pregnant asap no doubt, but once the bloom is off of the rose for Harry they will be done.

    I am not a huge poster, but I love this blog and will miss it. For Lola’s hysterical and clever writing it goes without saying, but also for the fact that I can make these kinds of comments without being called a racist, jealous hater who needs to go home to her 15 cats. So ridiculous, especially since 35 years ago, in their early-mid 30s, my parents were the very image of Harry & MM. Still are, just older, and married since 1965. And I only have 2 cats tyvm (plus a hubby & 3 kids).

    Anyway, love and thanks to all. I have learned so much and have had a lot of fun here. Even if I’ve had to close my office door a time or 12 while reading so my laughing out loud didn’t attract too much attention at work!

    1. My math is wrong – my parents were H +M’s ages more like 40 years ago…lol Both over 70 but going strong!!

    2. I so agree its great to be able to post without people hating you for comments that are not always for them… Its been so wonderful to read Lolas website .. Lola is such a marvellous writer ..praying and hoping Dear Lola doexnt stop writing as we on here all so pleased to be able to comment witnout being ridiculed as on the other site …

      1. Daisy
        I really hope Lola gives a date for her closedown ahead of time.
        I do not have the technical ability to set up a site, but as others discuss above, I really hope someone does.
        Given how on Twitter you have confirmed your intentions with this site, I hope you are reading this, as as in my world
        I have only my husband to “diss” to on W, C H and my husband only can put up with small amounts !
        I am not looking forward to the isolation.

    3. There’s everything right and good in having kitties 🙂

      Yep, Harry is the means to the world stage for Meghan. Well observed. The imbalance between them is stark to my eyes.

      Should the marriage flounder, I doubt Harry would divorce, especially if children eventuate. As we have witnessed in Diana and Fergie, divorce is not easy for the non-royal turfed out with no more snivelling deference or automatic attention. Fergie has still not come to terms with that or the lack of lifestyle privileges.

      1. I had the same thought about Harry not wanting to subject his possible future children to divorce as you Kittie, but also wonder if he has memories of his parents’ troubled marriage that he would like to spare any future children. And I recognize that Harry & MM’s relationship is to his parents’ as apples are to oranges. But Harry strikes me as a true romantic who would not stay in a marriage with someone he was not in love with, kids or no kids.

        It’s also interesting that neither H nor M has any good marriage examples (that we know of) to look to. Both sets of parents are divorced & Meaghan herself has been divorced. I truly don’t think that W+H are as close as the KP PR and the fans want us to believe (W’s comment about Harry stealing food from his fridge comment makes me roll my eyes each of the approx 1,000 times he has said it), and in any case I don’t think W+K have that great of a marriage. I guess Harry’s grandparents, and ironically, his father & step-mother could be good examples. We shall see.

        And yes, cats are the best. I have a 12 lbs orange one napping in my lap as I type 🙂

        1. It’s hard to understand how a successful relationship works if your primary family relationship (parents) failed. While you may have observed friends’ parents doing well, or even other relatives, it’s not quite the same as experiencing the everyday interactions, compromises and little acts of devotion that help guide children from that union. So yes, H&M are (seemingly) at a disadvantage in that regard.

    1. Tia Lubis
      Lola announced her plans in recent weeks. She backed it up on her Twitter account too.
      Many of us love this blog too.

  74. I still have not made up my mind about Harry and Meghan . Although if she is using him as a stepping stone to be highly visible on the world stage as a caring humanitarian that makes me question her motives…does she really want to make a difference or does she want sainthood and adoration. There are many people who do great things without needing recognition.

    1. The people who are most impressive are those who without a camera in sight see a need and do whatever it takes to help, and just getting on with it. Lola’s article on George Michael a year ago is a moving example of GM’s humility and empathy.

      I’d take Meghan’s humanitarian aspirations more seriously if she’d been, say, quietly volunteering on a regular basis for some local organisation in Toronto while she lived there. Or had a track record over her the last 15+ years for doing so. Despite her One Young World bio saying she has “always” been involved, there is scant evidence, just a handful of events attracting personal publicity. If she and Harry intend to change that up significantly, fantastic. If it’s going to be more photo ops of them being lauded for ‘caring’ while others do the hard yards, then please, just go away.

      1. George Michael is a great example of people who do good for no more reason than a sincere desire to help their fellow humans.

        I said the same thing about taking MM’s humanitarian efforts seriously if she had been quietly volunteering for a homeless shelter, food bank, etc., but that is not the case. And KP would have made sure the public knew about it if it had happened. How many times have we heard the bs about her getting a dishwashing soap commercial taken off of the air?

      2. I’ve had time to think about her humanitarian / activist efforts so here goes……

        I don’t think she’s an instinctive humanitarian or activist. By that i mean that she only makes an effort if it benefits her personally aka her social life.

        If you read her efforts or essays in her activism, she’s prompted to act because she’s personally affected by it. It’s more reactive than looking around her and thinking how to make the world a better place. She looks at an issue when it makes *her* uncomfortable, but works on said issue for as long as it takes to remove the source of her discomfort. There is no sustained follow through or keep up.

        She uses these intermittent dilettante efforts to enhance her ‘humanitarian / activist’ halo.

        By her count, she’s participated in maybe 5 or 6 events, including that sexist washing liquid ad as an 11yr old, and through to the essays she’s written about racism, menstruation, and her 2 trips to Rwanda and India respectively. Whatever the known total number of events, they are only a handful in a 25yr period if you assume she started at 11yrs old. That’s not a sustained, consistent humanitarian effort. And each event is burnished to such spectacular effect with each telling by her and her PR agents that she’s able to claim ‘humanitarian / activist’ on a par with mother Theresa. Her talk at the UN is so praised that you think she’s working regularly with them when it was a one off event organised by her PR company. Not to mention the humble bragging in which lots of illustrous names are dropped to enhance her own reputation.

        I think of a regular activist like Malala. Granted Malala is an extreme case compared with other activists, but when you read her back story, you find out that long before the shooting that made her famous, she was a daily, weekly advocate for her cause. Yes, her parents natured her activism, but she spent years advocating for it until the Taliban became so irritated they shot her.

        And even in safety in England, she continues to advocate regardless of the accolades thrown at her and she’s not humble bragging or name dropping any of it.

        As someone pointed, MM lives her life to win, and i think that’s the approach applied to her humanitarian / activism efforts especially after she acquired her new PR agency as Suits became a success . In the years prior to that partnership the only event of note is that letter she wrote at 11yrs old. The PR company has guided her into writing essays and positioning herself as a humanitarian / activists via their partnerships with clients like one world.

        MM went from a little known actress making sure to be seen at gifting suites of any brand that would have her to making one speech at the UN at which she could resurrect that long ago letter writing effort as proof of her activism.

        Someone said that she arranges her life to win at life which is perfectly fine, but it’s irritating to claim yourself a humanitarian when your efforts were opportunistic steps provided by your PR agency to the higher rungs of global status.

        That said, i think she’ll enjoy being a royal better than all the recent inlaws. When you look at the kind of social circles and new friends she acquired after that partnership, it’s clear that short of turning into Meryl Streep if she continued as an actress, she was / is hungry for global A-list status of the kind that even Meryl Streep doesn’t have, regardless of how many oscars are thrown at her. Being royal will give MM that status and regardless of the restrictions, i think she’ll enjoy being royal and revel in it. You only have to see how she’s convinced the born royal about the magical aspects of it all. Harry is too dumb to have come to that understanding on his own and he was not raised to view it that way even if he exercises the privileges it give him.

        In conclusion, i think MM will thrive as a royal. Not sure she’ll thrive on the daily grind of ‘humanitarian / activist’ aspects of it.

        1. And that it is why she reminds me of Fergie. Let’s say the marriage is a bust, right? She will still live in “the cottage” because she has been dreaming of this spotlight since she was “taking down sexist commercials on TV” lol
          PS We gotta love the way the PR is spinning her 5 occasions of humanitarian/activist.

          1. Yep. Like Fergie, she will not fade away in the event of a divorce. Unlike Kate who i think will *burn William and the royals to the ground sheould they dare divorce her, MM will cling to the royals like Fergie and become the ultimate royal humanitarian / global ambassador of herself bar none.

            *the 2007 break up that was supposed to be the final break showed that Kate won’t go quietly, and she’ll use the media to make William and the royals look bad. All the stories about his awful friends’ snobby treatment of her came out at this time. Orchestrated by their PR + encouraging the media to write many articles for weeks on end about the lost opportunity of William making Kate his princess / Queen Consort because she was the best thing since sliced bread etc.

            1. I agree.
              Catherine is strong within herself.
              One determined lady to drop the first uni. offer, go to South America just like William, get into the same Hall, do the same univ. study first year. What else?

              1. Kate ruthlessly perused William through his University years, faked an accent and upward lifestyle, and cagily used the media to keep attention on herself during the breakup. But she also won’t push a literal button in his presence, claims she is really shy, can barely make a speech, has said repeatedly she likes being taken care of, and acts helpless and vulnerable in public. I think she and Meghan are both cut from the same cloth. They both desire money, status, and fame (in some order) and acted/pretended to get where they are and will continue to act/pretend for the rest of their lives to keep the money going. I wonder who they are, in private, or if they even exist when alone.

                1. I agree with all of you regarding Kate.

                  What i meant that if William figures out a way to finally and completely cut Kate off, she will burn the house down.

                  This is a woman who has demonstrated that she will do anything and put up with anything to stay with William even if it is merely public pretense.

                  To finally be cut loose will be set her on a revenge mission. We saw alittle of this during the 2007 break up. It will be out and out war.

                  And William will be as helpless as his father because he is too self absorbed to think anyone would dare cross him. And Kate plays him like a fiddle on this point with her helpless, harmless, requires protection act. And it is an act. 2007 exposed that.

                  1. Herazeus
                    You mean the 2007 break up behaviour?
                    Seen everywhere, out clubbing and smiling always, papped constantly , burning hot on the telephone line to the DM?
                    What did I leave out?

                    1. She went as far as hiring a publicist to simultaneaously push the idea that William had made a mistake in dumping her AND his snobby aristo friends who couldn’t appreciate a middle class gal.

                      All that clubbing and smiling and being papped constantly was in service of those ideas to show William what he had lost or what he could gain.

                      And also showcased her supposed loyalty to William because even though she was in the papers daily, she never gave direct interviews or spilled the beans.

                      And it shows how weak William is if he could be taken in by such obvious gameplaying.

            2. Hera, when you say Kat will “Burn William and the Royals to the ground should” William divorce her, do you actually mean with Carole’s help? I sincerely doubt Kate could do that on her own.

              She can follow Carole’s advice/rules pretty well, but I don’t think Kate has enough substance of her own.

        2. Herazeus, you echo my thoughts exactly. I believe the activist -humanitarian label has been spun for maximum professional benefit to herself. I note the word ‘philanthropist’ was also once attached, though less so now; if you claim that label you might have to actually put your money where your mouth is. I’m surprised no-one has actually called her on the paucity and lack of substance of her ‘activist work’. Now, of course, no such thoughts can be uttered; it soils the royal brand and makes them look like fools to be so flagrantly…hustled.

          I’m curious as to how a little-known actress (a minor role in a minor TV show, and a small clutch of truly awful TV movies) can attract a PR company of a calibre to propel her into such heights? Is it just money and the sheer grit of the client?

          According to Priyanka Chopra, their connection came about through her being interviewed on The Tig – a venus fly trap to tap influential women for potentially useful friendships. Apologies for my cynicism, but I can’t understand why people can’t see the blatant opportunisim. Her crowd seem piggyback off others to climb because they possess insufficient abilities to rise by their own merits. Not unlike the Middleton tactics really, just an American take on it – more aggressive, excessive charm,
          cutting to the pay-off quicker. Slam bam, thank ya Harry.

          I agree that Meghan will revel in being royal if that equates to attention, materiality, status; expect Meghan and Harry to be high maintenance for the British taxpayer, despite being down the pecking order. You talk about no follow-up to the little Meghan has done – doesn’t that sound like the trio? The quartet will continue to pick and choose, all on their terms – they are all aligned in this respect, and I wonder if this is what Harry meant when he said he was looking for someone able to do the job! All will dictate the extent of their workload, aka the minimum, using their PR wall of an army to push their ‘magic’ image. Meghan will lead Harry by the nose, poor fool, as long as he remains in lust. He is but a dabbler himself, and I expect nothing but indolence from the pair of them.

          1. On KMR there was a poster who ripped the Middletons to shreds for their use of cultivating friendships dreamily based on how useful they could be in social positioning. Only to turn around and praise Meghan for the exact same thing that was so atrocious by saying she had hustle and of course she should network for her career and though it was awonderful attribute to have. When I pointed out the similarities are saw between Meghan and Carole, it wasn’t well taken.
            But I stand by my thought. They both have a singular focus on upward mobility- access to people with pedigree and luxury lifestyle. They also seem a lot more extroverted… I think Kate at this point is happy with a small group of friends, family, William and her kids. More like her father in that regard perhaps and an introvert?

            1. Kateincali, I agree. All that hustle, energy and grit directed to ingratiating themselves to the wealthy, connected brothers… not earning that life for themselves, let’s be clear. That’s what is so pitiful.

              The Middleton tactics provided the family William wanted with Kate thrown in as a bonus; Meghan gushed activism for Harry. I guess you just have to know the Achilles heel of each man.

              As to whether Kate is an introvert, hmm, I think she is just plain dull, incurious and rather lazy. She plays the part of not being able to press a button, or to scared to make a speech to give a credible cover as to why she can’t be arsed.

              1. Yes Kittie, Kate is dull and lazy. Carol is and has always been the driving force behind Kate. Kate’s marriage is the result of Carol’s manipulation and deviousness. Kate wanted it as badly as life battles on the brink of death to stay alive, but could not have achieved this without the obcession and determination of Carol.

  75. Herazeus, as always, you are so interesting to read and have pin pointed some very insightful things about Meghan.

    Oh, what will we do without such wonderful blogs to visit and pour out our feelings about Kate, William, Harry and Megs? I don’t know, it is really getting to me. Come on people, let’s pool our interest and get something going, should Lola decide to shut down and KMR, too. I would hate to see these sites disappear, but we need to make plans. Comment withdrawal, as JET pointed out, is happening now even before the sites are gone.

  76. 10Feb2018 It has been my impression from the start the whole thing was opportune and since has been a great deal of acting and over the top at that. It is surprising that such displays in public have been allowed I have never seen people being so demonstrative . it is not very edifying to say the least from a member of the royal family. I do wonder what will happen should she not get pregnant immediately that would create a spanner in the works no doubt.

    1. Totally agree. I have been a long time lurker on RG and RD and find that these sites, the exception of a few writers who tell the truth, are being hijacked by sugars. Those sites used to be sacred where at least you could express an opinion and not be shot down by some leftie with no brains. Having this site go too will be the final straw. Hope that somebody can keep this alive.

      1. Some RD posters who were critical of KW in the past commented how they are starting to warm up to the lazy duo after their recent holitours to Sweden and Norway.
        To avoid an unwanted and unhealthy sugar overdose, I have stopped visiting the RD, RG and Celebitchy sites.

    2. Oh, she will get pregnant! It’s part of the plan. She may have frozen some of her eggs and that will assist in the process, if things don’t proceed in the more traditional way . Meghan has come too far not to have at least one child with Harry!

  77. Hi Wild Rose,

    We are on the same page about W &K, and I believe their marriage is a mess, however, I am willing to bet that kkkKaty sunk her claws in for a lifetime and will never go for divorce. W could chew his leg off and still be trapped. I’ve always viewed their marriage as a Middleton trap. W, I do not believe married kkkKaty because he was in love with her, but loved being adored by the Middleton’s. W is short strung on IQ, and was never capable of seeing the trap, or even aware when it slammed shut. Neither Williams pitiful marriage or Harry’s debacle of choice can float the monarchy.
    I’m sick of them too!!!

  78. No way is Kate burning anybody to the ground if William tries to divorce her. First, he isn’t going to divorce her because when he was young and cute nobody wanted him. Older and bald isn’t going to attract anybody better than Kate. And frankly, college is about dating and learning about yourself. Not sure why they moved in together at that young age. He should have moved in with his buddies and dated Kate or anyone. By the time he realized he wanted something else, nobody was left. And nobody is out there at this late stage except perhaps, an aging actress with a c list career who is pushing 40 and…..

    1. Beatrice York
      I don’t agree that William would not divorce Catherine.

      Let me explain.
      I know an older man, sixties, who confronted with a friends
      adultery, counselled him to give up the relationship.
      The older man was a friend to both husband and wife. Holidays, work, fishing and more were shared together over many years.

      Anyway, five years later the older man, who I know, left his wife and family to move in with his girlfriend of about two years.
      He did all this in secret. His closest friends did not know of his girlfriend, his own church, his work colleagues, too.
      Lastly his wife and family found out days later.

      So no, I think if William met someone, his “Camilla” divorce is possible, in my opinion.

    2. Beatrice York,
      I’m not convinced that age, lack of looks or that no-one is left for William is his problem. Many accounts of him – from boyhood to now – show him to be a selfish, nasty piece of work who was brought up very poorly. It’s his boorish character that is repellent. And that’s why so many women rejected his advances. Hence, he has to take whoever is prepared to swallow all self-respect to be with him.

      You have to stop to think why two brothers – ‘princes’, top of society, with the keys to the kingdom, seemingly the most eligible of men – have so much trouble finding women. The conclusion that must inevitably be arrived at is that it is they, the brothers, who are unacceptable.

      1. Kittie,
        Are you saying that you’re certain the boy’s difficulty finding women who will marry them has to do with so much more than what they’ve said before I believe which is no one wants the job. The job being that of British princess.

        1. Brielle, I think it is a face-saving excuse to say that it is so, so hard for a woman to meet the exacting standards set by two really stupid men and their stunted family. The princes, dumb as pigshit and about as desirable, have their egos protected at all costs.

          Being a British princess seems to entail doing very little, given Kate’s stellar performance over the best part of a decade. It is ornamental. It is submissive. Unless the woman is a throwback to an earlier era and simply wants to be taken care of, it’s not an attractive proposition.

          Given that ‘the boys’ can choose every aspect of their royal lives – it is their decision to make as to what and how much they do – and their choice is “bugger all thanks and keep the money flowing”, I’d speculate that any woman of real achievement in her life would find either man nothing more than a nuisance.

      2. I think that the troubles with the clown brothers are in descending order: lack of any discernable brains, looks, empathy for anyone but themselves, compassion and any sense of grace or dignity. Consider that, given their pedigree, they should have been ripe pickins for the high born girls in the british aristocracy, if fact those women should have been falling all over themselves to be dated by either one. But what happened? Both were and are literally being not only shunned but also privately mocked as the most ridiculous pair of plonkers the Windsors have ever produced. No women with any intelligence, class or grace would waste her time on either one which is why we have cacacakatie and the sparkler

        1. At one point I imagine many British aristocratic families mused about their daughter marrying one of the golden brothers. Maybe some intelligent women looked twice too. But William and Harry are simply not worth condemning one’s daughter or oneself to a life of being cheated on, having to humour their egos, their laziness, as well as the killer punch of each guy being as dumb as a rock. No intelligent woman, with drive, grace and dignity – regardless of class – would be interested in them. What is more surprising is that no-one in the UK has signaled their undesirability on many fronts, so protected are these men. Must be Britain’s best kept secret.

          1. Love the second last sentence, about their undesirability being Britain’s kept secret. Yup that says it all. Good one

    3. Oh, come now . Meghan will be keeping in touch with her B actress friends, I am betting. Just to rub it in a bit, but also, in case things may not work out. So, as mntioned, maybe some actress pushing 40 will be interested in William! Just kidding, all.

  79. But my point is, I don’t think William could get a new wife easily as your friend did. William is one of the most famous people on the planet so having a girlfriend isn’t that easy. But even if it was, she would have to want “the job”. As History has shown us, being a mistress to a Royal King doesn’t have a big downside, it’s when you actually marry in is where the trouble starts. Kate loves William, William loves William, Kate doesn’t trust Will, but Will trusts Kate. It’s weird and uneven, but nobody is going anywhere. I really think they will stay married even if they are miserable. They have the kids in common but once they go off to boarding school, Wills will be spending time in Africa while Kate lunches with Carole and Pippa.

    1. I think William will do whatever William wants without any inconvenience or financial to himself. He’s a prick. He cheated during the waiting years; he probably still does. It seems to be a practiced habit in the royal family.

      The difference is that Kate has a ring on her finger, kids, so has some security and can access the things she chased after: limitless public money, status. She and her family know where all the bodies are buried, so yes, they are potentially dangerous. None of these people are worth cheering for.

      1. I just had a thought, what if Williams children actually belong to his mistress and he has yet to get Kate pregnant? I can see Kate willing pretending they are hers in order to keep him. W doesn’t seem to like being near her. Perhaps she made that odd comment last year during their Poland tour about having babies with William in order to finally get a chance to be pregnant. Just a thought. Please no one shoot me for it.

    2. The old news of Kate stalking and tricking her way into Williams life is set in stone. She worked 24/7 for a decade to solidify herself at his side. Kate gave up her own self to become everything that William liked and she would rather die before seeing another woman on his arm. Even a legal separation would put Kate into a state of illness. I agree William is no prize. He is intolerable to anyone who lives in a real world. I feel blessed that I was born into a loving family with values. I was lucky!

    3. Speaking of trust, it stuck in my brain, because it was such a strange point to bring up repeatedly, that during the early weeks of the engagements, the salient point about Kate’s desirability for William as a wife was her proven loyalty. In the immediate aftermath of the engagement announcement, most talking heads repeated this ad nauseum. There was no talk of love or a love match. It was months later, when we were being sold the fairytale of the century, that love was mentioned. And even then, it was qualified with the fact that the Middleton FAMILY had rescued William from his horrid royal life of warring family members.

  80. Msthang, i am saying that regardless of the state of the marriage, Kate will never leave William.

    We know she had to accept the ‘separate lives’ arrangement of their relationship as early as 2007. She touches upon this in their engagement interview.

    She’s rarely raised a peep when he is caught with other women though she pulls media stunts to bring him back to her side eg hospital dash when she was first pregnant or solo mustique holiday with George.

    The few times she objected, he usually responded by breaking up with her or once famously told her he was a prince and could do as he wished. At the time i thought that last quote was a joke, but seeing the tone of his ‘jokes’ i think he was serious.

    She’s accepted it as long as he doesn’t break up with her.

    If they break up, it will be his wish and his instigation, and she will fight and cling with every fibre of her being to the marriage no matter any humiliations he springs on her. We’ve already seen this aspect of her during the dating years.

    1. Herazeus,
      What you just said and have said in your three comments is exactly why I would never be surprised to discover that those children belong to a mistress and that Kate agreed to pretend to be pregnant publicly so that he could be with who he wants and even publicly have a family with her. Basically if William decided he wanted to have his children with him and not be inhibited in any way regarding a mistress or what not I doubt Kate would object. Nothing about her suggests that. I also think he can count on her to never tell anyone they are not hers as long as she gets to be seen as his wife and gets all the royal perks. I’m sure she would hope if the situation was as I described it that eventually he would reward her loyalty by impregnating her and by doing so secure her position within the royal family.
      Do you think Herazeus that Kate comes across as someone who would agree to the above situation?

      1. Regardless of their personal relationship, it would take the collusion of entire British govt, the royal household and the establishment for Kate to pretend that those children belonged to her when they were born of another woman.

        The ironclad rule of royal inheritance is that the children have to be born ‘of the body’ in ‘legitimate marriage’. Those are the key phrases in the law. They mean that the babies must be born to a woman legitimately married to the royal if those babies are to inherit. Any other scenerio is automatic disinheritance because the babies are deemed illegitimate in law.

        To that end, the birth is witnessed. Not just by the happy father and medical teams, but by members of govt or their representatives.

        To be clear, this rules means no adopted children, no children born of mistresses and no surrogates even if in the latter scenerio the genetic material is 100% WK, can inherit. In the future, if law is not changed, it means a gay monarch, in a same sex partnership, children would also be ruled out.

        I bring this up to highlight one of the main reasons Kate (and Carole) is so fixated on William. They would never risk a scenerio that would disinherit their children. If it became known that those children were not birthed by Kate, regardless of the state of the marriage, those children would be automatically illegitimate by that law and automatically disinherited as a result. And it would destabilise the monarchy, the establishment and govt that covered it up.

        For that reason alone, i do not believe there is any truth to the rumour that those children were birthed by someone else. Kate / Carole may be many things, but stupid in this regard is not one of them.

        1. Herazeus,
          I realized that, the point I was trying to make is that Kate seems like the type of women who would do anything and put up with anything including what mentioned to have William and the title plus perks that come along with it. I’m not saying they actually did that . does that make sense? I suppose I could have explained what I was trying to convey but am probably still failing to convey.

          1. Brielle, thanks for further explanation.

            I agree with it in the sense that in a world without that law, children borne of mistresses would not be a dealbreaker for Kate.

            Actually, even if he were to father a child with another woman now, regardless of inheritance laws, i don’t think it would be a deal breaker for her.

            1. I’m glad my explanation made sense. Also I’d like to apologize to everyone for not being clear, my excuse is I’ve been dealing with some difficult family issues and so I’m a little off my rocker as are comments. Hopefully I didn’t offend anyone and I don’t seem totally crazy. Reading about the royals or should I say your comments about them is my chosen form of coping via diversion. As of late I’ve needed the diversion more. I’ll miss Lola when she goes.

            2. I don’t think it would’ve a deal breaker for Carole… but Kate I do wonder about. I think there’s a two fold reason for that- William loves his kids and is a visibly different man when with them and talking about them. That is something that only she has been able to do with and for him. If she wouldn’t let girls in smoky clubs get close to him to flirt or talk, she is going to jealously guard that position in his life. That’s why I didn’t think she needed to twist his arm to have a third- I think he is happy to add to people who he loves and who love him back without asking for anything in return. And I don’t think she wants that filial love and attention shared with any others.
              The other thing is that were he to have a baby while married to her with another person, I can’t help but think that even if her mom was advising her to play nice, deep down some sort of maternal response of outrage for the scandal he would be putting his children with her through would rear its head.

    2. William was not happy when the 3rd pregnancy was pulled on him. If my info is correct….Kate told him it was an unexpected surprise.
      Before the pregnancy, William was showing signs of drifting a little further away and the pregnancy yanked him back in line. He had already done his duty with the two little Cambridge heirs and did not want anymore children.
      At times we see pictures of Kate smiling and falling into Williams eyes as if she hasn’t seen him for awhile. She probably hasn’t.
      I watched a journalist on tv casually ask Kate how she was doing and she responded, “William takes very good care of me.” Such an unusual answer, especially for a Royal Duchess.

      1. She gave a similar answer early in the marriage when a little girl asked her what it was like to be a princess.

      2. Oh, no, she didn’t!
        William takes very good care of her? Yes, right!
        Kate appears to need constant care from everyone. Grow up, for goodness sake, lady. You’re a mother of two — soon to be three . Who takes care of them? Oh, yeah, right: Maria.

        1. Every single time anyone asks after Kate directly, her standard answer is that she’s being taken care of.

          The most ridiculous situation for such an answer remains the documentary about the Queen at 90. She was asked what it was like to attend a public engagement with the Queen, just the two of them. She responded that the Queen took care of her. And went on and on about how the Queen was amazing for taking care of her. Nothing about the crowd gathered to meet them. Nothing about the professionalism of the Queen. Nothing about any insight she had received from the experience. Her take away was that someone was taking care of her.

        2. Jenny, I’m not sure that Kate is successfully able to parent any of her children. The children became so unrully that it was necessary to hire a nanny that dealt with child behavioral problems.

      3. Kate plays the damsel in distress, it reflects her throwback Victorian values. How can she take care of her own children when she needs someone to be minding her. On the other hand, her dullard husband is a grown up child, as well. Such strange dynamics this royal drama.
        I miss British Monarchy when there were battles, and mayhem that made history. W and K will not make it there.

    3. Herazeus
      I agree Catherine will never start divorce proceedings with William.
      But. I do think if he was to ever fall in love in the years to come it could lead to him divorcing her.
      Just my opinion.

    4. It will be interesting if, when the Queen dies, Murdoch will let his dogs off the leash and expose the raw truths instead of the wild fantasies pushed upon a poor, deluded public, paying a large fortune to sustain these silly people.

      1. And i can’t wait.

        Is it wrong for me to wish it on the ‘boys’ rather than the other members?

        Yes i know they are all problematic as is the entire concept, but i’m so annoyed by the falsities put out by these two men that i want them exposed for the idiots they really are.

        1. Nor can I.

          No, it’s not wrong of you because of the reasons you mention. They thoroughly deserve the rug to be pulled from underneath them. And since they are, supposedly, loved by the public because they are the only physical reminder of Diana, the more damage will result. Karma.

            1. Herazeus
              What a find Herazeus.
              I’ve just read it. No surprises for me as I have read a lot of books and followed closely Diana’s marriage saga from early on.
              This is a good summing up of the LIES of the British Royal family as regards public manipulation and the medias support for it.

            2. What is confirmed is Diana’s need for regular publicity fixes, a trait that her sons and their women have also inherited. Despite their protestations and pleas for privacy, they seem happy to approve pap images, turn up at railway stations for no apparent reason. They can’t go too long without a fix of public attention, if only to whinge about.

              1. There was an incident during the dating years where WK left a club and were either ignored or unnoticed by the waiting paps.

                They got into their car, drove round the corner and turned back again to drive past the same entrance/ exit they’d used and beeped the horn at the waiting paps before roaring away. The paps took the gait and followed.

                When the pictures were published, the Palace duly complained about press harassment of the young man and his girlfriend out on a rare night out. The diana card was invoked, much vilification of the media.

                Unfortunately for WK one of the paps later told the real story in one of those docs that pop up about the royals vs the media intermittently.

                If i find it, i’ll post.

                1. I’ve heard that story too: “You WILL harass us, damn it, I’m a prince!”
                  It’s funny that they were determined to be photographed in order to complain. They’ve never really had much to occupy themselves, have they? I really wish that the public had their number. Even if they decided they wanted a monarchy (God knows why) they could keep them on a short leash: treat ’em mean to keep them keen. Oh wait! Maybe that’s the answer to ‘keenness’: remove most of the money, up the workload. The BRF only changes if it feels under threat.

          1. Kittie and Herazeus
            In an interview I saw, Lady Colin Campbell said one of the main reasons she wrote her first book on Diana in about 1992, was that Diana’s private life was a HUGE lie as portrayed by the media.
            This book was published before Andrew Morton’s pack of half truths.
            Remember Diana spoke extensively with Lady Colin Campbell and they moved in the same social/charity circles.
            But I am pessimistic about the real story of W and C marriage ever truly being told. At least while the biggest culprit and social climber lives…..the woman behind the scenes who has even more social position to lose.

        2. If it’s wrong, I’m right there with you. I am eagerly awaiting the biography that blows the facade off the Cambridge marriage. We all know it is coming. Probably in 10-15 years, but it is coming. I’d feel bad about this minor schadenfreude, but they have lied to us from the beginning. I don’t believe in fairytales anymore. H&M will be the first royal wedding I watch with a heaping dose of skepticism. I’m not buying what they are selling anymore.

          1. I can’t wait to read a book like that, either, JET.
            And, yes the viewing of the Harry-Megs wedding will come with heavy sides of skepticism !

  81. Ladies, perhaps I’m feeling sentimental because I’ve been watching The Crown in all it’s seriousness and gravitas (and yes, intrigue), coupled with the latest shallow “news” concerning MM lately; but I weep for your monarchy. She is a gigantic mistake, imho. Every news article I read here concerns nothing but gushing over the friendships she is making with British celebrities, her past dealings with various b-rate reality personalities, and the “poor Meghan” victim mentality over everything from racism to her trailer park family. And on the subject of her family, I am in no way insulting them with that last statement: they are what they are. However, she is also part of them, and this disgusting farce to pretend that she is a mythological pixie-of-light born into a family of ogres is utterly ridiculous. I’m not saying she doesn’t have the right to distance herself from them, but this is bordering on insane. The latest news is reporting that she issued a statement literally saying “I don’t know those people” when her brother attempted to consult her about the bombarding media attention he is getting, at which time he also issued an apology to her for how his past shenangans might be effecting her. To completely deny these people are her family is dumbfounding – good or bad, they ARE her family, that is a fact. And the sister – I do believe she is crass and unlikeable and exageratting, however, I also believe that a small percentage of what she says is likely true. This is a complete circus, totally unfitting for any monarchy. I see zero dignity, humility, sincerity, nobility, or even brains from this ilk. It especially exasperates me to see the responses from most of my fellow American via the gushing over every folksy thing MM does and every picture of her clinging for life to her prince and every piece of wardrobe she dons. I see very little critique or even questioning: she is treated like a show pony and worse, she seems to like it. The British monarchy is a global institution and what happens within it effects the world, I am quite frankly appalled at the way it appears to be running like a Kardashian reality show. I would grant MM all the grace I could muster if I felt she was honest about her background, sincere, reflective, and humble. But I don’t see any of those traits in her. Everyone keeps saying ‘give her time’, but I have little patience for that: she’s a middle aged woman who’s very familiar with media and what she wants out of life, she has had more than enough time to adjust and present to the public who she is and plans to be as a member of the royal family. Yet all we see is vapid, giddy displays of her clinging to Harry like a school girl and hobknobbing with celebrities and waving at some peasants once in a while, while any criticism is decried as racism and/or poor little Meg. it’s all bewildering, simply bewildering. Although I cannot relate, I do not blame you British for freaking out about the state of the royal family, this is a complete circus and it effects you directly.

    1. EllaMay
      Let me be the first to say your write up is spot on.
      I live in New Zealand and here we are getting all the PR drivel and spin. Womens mags and even TV and Press.


    2. Why are people so gullible, so uncritical? A couple of things are at play here:
      1. The ‘boys’ play the ‘But Mummy Died’ card to support their indolence etc. So now we have the “My Prince Saved Me From My Awful Family” card to deal with any criticisms, with the alternate “You Don’t Like Me Because You Are Racist”as backup.
      2. Meghan is playing (badly) the retiring violet role usually inhabited by Kate, though in Meg’s case it’s more Clingon and faux surpise that people come out to see her. “Who? Me?” as she puts her hand to her face. Pass the bucket. It must be part of the Wales’ boys’ manual for consorts manual that their women be ‘demure’ and ‘shy’ like their dear mama.

      1. ‘Demure’ and ‘shy’ works on 19yr old mama who was over it by the time she was 25yrs old.

        ‘Demure’ and ‘shy’ at 36yrs old is over egging the pudding.

          Trouble in Paradise? Herazeus and company what do you make of this? This Meghan lookalike was interviewed and asked if she had a chance to meet Harry and liked him, would she be interested him. I guess it’s written tongue-in-cheek, is that the right description? The journalist knows full well Harry’s engaged to Meghan. Nevertheless the title calls the lookalike a bride decoy and ends her report with who will Harry marry? Is someone working behind the shadows. Apparently, she garnered more attention than any other lookalike

      2. Kittie
        Haahaha, very funny last line!

        I don’t understand either why people are so gullible.

        I think I read a story/article regarding Catherine and her family being gleeful about how easily they have manipulated the public and the media. Possibly I read it six years ago.

        I wish anyone could clarify if this was the case.

  82. Yes indeed, the cards are being played like a drunken round of strip poker.

    Today’s Yahoo headline from Newsweek (Newsweek! One of our top magazines!) concerns a tweet from a congressional representative candidate insulting poor MM. This is headline news! Is it tasteless and awful? Yes, it was. Is it worthy of top headline billing, is it the worst thing to happen to anyone in America today? No! It’s a stupid tweet from an openly racist, CANDIDATE (not elected official) nincompoop who probably wouldn’t be on anyone’s radar otherwise.

    If every idiotic thing done by American candidates got national attention, that is all our news would have time to report.

    And speaking of the gullibility, one only need look at the comments under above mentioned “news” report. It’s all “what has MM ever done to anybody? Poor girl, Harry loves her, leave them alone!” Oh the umbrage, it’s too bad the public can’t muster as much for our uninsured, our homeless, our sick, our disabled, our abused.

    This type of thing is essentially all we see about MM. Not what she plans to do with her royal power, not what she *is* doing (nothing) with the money and power she has presently, not who she is as a person, not her opinions on serious world matters.

    It is honestly grotesque. There are serious, even deadly, issues of race here more deserving of a Newsweek article. MM getting shaded on Twitter is NOT one of them. As an American, I expect more from her than to allow this to perpetuate. I imagine her weeping to the BRF, clutching Harry and wiping away a single, silent tear as she laments the tortuous “racism” she must endure, while the BRF (not quite realizing the racial environment here) eats it up, unaware that we have actual horrific examples of racism here if they wish to put on airs about it.

    I am disgusted.

    And before I forget, I do hope someone creates another blog or space where we can go after Lola gives this up. I only recently discovered this outstanding blog, and it’s already going away! Even if it’s simply a place to post articles without commentary (since it would be impossible to recreate Lola’s writing style anyway!) and let the comments rain freely.

    1. Being a canadian we here are getting the same drivel in all the major newspapers, in fact bets are now being made about how long it will take our panty waist prime minister, Mr Trudope, to invite the ‘royal’ couple to Canada for a summer tour. (just so that markles can shove her royallness in all our faces.) But I have some other thoughts for my colleagues on this board to consider, thus: I think that these folks are and having been planning for years to retire and go away. I know that the Republicans are waiting for Liz to die before calling a referendum but that is too long to wait. If you think that a)Charles knows that the people don’t want him to be king, despise Camilla;
      b)The deplorable antics of the pillock brothers is doing more to alienate them to the peoples of the commonwealth than ever before
      c) this new circus of a wedding will permanently turn the tide against their continuing on
      d)it is 2018 and the world has moved on actually grovelling to a fellow human being.
      I think that behind the scenes, they are all figuring out where they are going to live, Queen, sandringham, Chuck Highgrove house or Balmoral, Bill, Amner, Harry hewitt, wherever. Andy, Anne and Eddie already have their digs.
      The catalyst will be Phil’s death. it will be the end of the Queens resolve to carry on without him, and for all the above mentioned reasons, they will live off of the billions that the Queen has managed to steal from the British people over the last 50 years, money housed in the Isle of Mann, Panama and probably Brunei,Oman etc.
      JMO, but there is something too fishy about how Chuckie is letting this wedding for a nobody get totally out of hand and being the extravagant shit show it will be and totally say In Your Face to the people of Britain. Kind of the last hurrah before the end.

  83. I think the future of the Windsor family is always first and foremost in its minds – not the future of the institution so much as how can we continue to access other people’s money before they wake up? Are any of us in any doubt that ‘the boys’ and their appendages give a jot about anything but themselves? Granted, the older members see duty though it is tied to being showered with phenomenal material advantages.

    I have quietly wondered for some time whether public monies allocated to the BRF have been squirreled away in private investments (refer: Panama Papers). Particularly so because of the lengths gone to by the Queen and Charles to avoid financial transparency of funds, including successfully seeking exemption from the Freedom of Information (FoI) Act. The most breathtaking and outrageous example was Charles’ attempt to have the Duchy of Cornwall’s public ownership transferred to the Windsor family. That resource is worth literally billions of pounds. Hopefully the British public will not roll over on this one if it is raised again.

    So yes, Ophee’s mom, I’m of the mind that the Windosr’s have been/are squeezing as much as possible from public coffers and transferring it discreetly to private accounts and to family members. They and their advisors know they are living on borrowed time. Hereditary power is seen as an unattractive and unnecessary commodity (see Sweden, Spain). They know that public acceptance of the monarchy resides almost entirely in the Queen’s longevity aka familiarity aka comfort. Those who clutch to the notion of having ‘betters’ are thankfully diminishing. The BRF knows their fellow citizens and institutions are in dire straits. They know Brexit will harm people further. They know, before too long, eyes will fall upon them and their publicly-funded lifestyle. As you point out, Ophee’s mom, Balmoral and Sandringham are Windsor-owned. Anne, Edward and Andrew have secured accommodation. I imagine Harry will be gifted a property and of course, William has Anmer Hall. I’m sure others here will have greater knowledge of how things are organised.

    1. Wealthy elites always squirrel away. The disgusting part of this for me, is that enough is never enough. For the BRF it’s trillions, not billions.

    2. + ∞
      I also find it disgusting how quickly reports of the Queen’s “hidden funds” were swept under the rug and her staff just claimed she was unaware and uninformed how her funds were invested as soon as the explosive article on the Panama Papers was published.
      Having a hold and putting a gag on the British media makes it possible for the BRF to hide their devious/ambiguous dealings and manipulate the press to their advantage.

  84. Totally going off topic, here is a clip of Kate’s infamous skirt blowing incident in India:
    William seems to be telling her to “handle it (~0:56)” during the wreath-laying event to honor the unnamed soldier.
    I am so glad her flashing incidents, intentional or otherwise seem to have come under control. Some sugars lament how mumsy and matronly she looks nowadays but I say give me matronly and mumsy as long as she doesn’t flash.
    I am more disgusted at how Kate seems to be allergic to wearing repeats and at her constant need to wear an obscenely expensive, ill-fitting and sometimes inappropriate outfit when doing fluffy engagements.

      1. The thought of losing a voice here on Lola’s wonderful blog is making me very sad and lost.

        On a different note, the DM has made public MM’s two “secret” visits to Grenfell:
        Currently there are four comments and I am loving them.

        Sunday Best, Heaven , United Kingdom, about 5 hours ago

        secret thats not a secret.

        rickyboy_99, Irvine, United Kingdom, about 5 hours ago

        Secret front page news.

        LadyHam, Chicago, United States, about 5 hours ago

        So where is her and Harry¿s secret visit to her father so he can¿t meet him for the first time? Also, why doesn¿t she try to help the fractured relationships in her own family before helping other families through a tragedy? There is just something so phony and disingenuous about someone who claims to be a humanitarian who wants to help people, when she has left a path of destruction of failed relationships behind her – friends, family, husbands, boyfriends, dogs, etc. her PR team is trying to paint her as ¿Saint Meghan¿. They¿re trying too hard. Her true colors are very evident.

        what the eff ever, who cares where i live, United States, about 5 hours ago

        is she trying to be likable? because it still isn’t working

        1. The DM has turned off the comments (all moderated) and the four you’ve transcribed here have disappeared so there are none. My goodness, no freedom of the press in the UK. Good to know.

          If the meetings were secret, why are they not secret now? The problem with Meghan is that she needs a parade for doing what others do for free and with no need for validation. The best thing for Grenfell survivors would be to see them all safely housed in quality, stable accommodation, with quick access to health services and anything else they need.

          1. What is the point of ‘secret’ visits? The number of secret visits the boys have made could fill an alternate universe of the CC. Loathsome liars.

            Not a secret, obviously. No receipts. What is the point besides PR? Did they hand over a big fat cheque from Harry’s personal coffers?

            This is another fable in service of the contemporary narrative and *brand* HM have settled on- bringing the *magic*. Their gracious presence will surely *heal* the Grenfell survivors in a way that safety and security and a home could not. Vile. Yep, looks like Meg is as hollow as Harry and the rest of that self-absorbed lot. Let’s replace forelock tugging with a kick in the shins.

            1. Oh Maven, the “magic”… what a crock of shit this couple is going to peddle. Why do people need to believe this rubbish? It is loathsome to use Grenfell survivors, people who have nothing, as mere props in an attempt to make this woman palatable. I see that the DM comments are back on, with many commenters calling it for what it is – a cheap publicity trick and mocking the notion of “secret visits”. Was anyone joining the trio going to be anything other than a dilettante?

  85. Lola, my dear writer, won’t you please tell us what’s wrong? We are dismayed and disappointed to think of your leaving us adrift amidst the few and tasteless alternatives to your blog. We really like you! What is more important perhaps, we respect you. We respect your discriminating taste and witty way with words. We have no right to expect the gift of your presence, and at the same time, we find no easy remedy for the prospect of your absence. When I read that you had removed the link to this blog from your Twitter feed, I felt you were moving further from us, and it was honestly depressing. Must you truly go? Will you re-consider?
    Your devoted Emma

    1. A world without Lola is a depressing place :(.
      I support other posters asking for an alternative meeting place.
      None of us can replace Lola – but Maybe we can create a replacement blog until a worthy successor arises. Is there anyone able to build us an ark?

    1. I enjoyed reading this tongue in cheek article ie the first one.
      Very amusing. Thanks satsuki.

      In Kate Fox’s latest edition of “Watching the English” she raises the topic of the “Middleton Social Climb”.
      That’s worth a read too. Might be on Kindle.

        1. Satsuki
          It is an interesting read. For the Middleton part you will need the latest edition. Actually it is available on Kindle.

  86. Would anyone support the creation of a closed Facebook group for this purpose? Or would there be downsides to using Facebook?

    1. I personally am not on Facebook. I don’t care about all that. So, I’d have to join FB to join a Lola replacement. I wouldn’t like to do that.

  87. I do not care for a Facebook idea, either. I do hope that some people come together to give us a new forum, if indeed this and KMR shut down . I don’t have the technical skills, but would help write things. Or, just continue to comment and visit a community of like-minded folks.

    Wonder, will we get notice of when this blog shuts down, or will it just happen?

    1. The length and what looks to be frayed material at the bottom of her trousers looks terrible.

      Meghan looked better before her engagement. Kate and Meghan should do better. All this money on clothing and they both show up appearing less than their best.

      They both need to get wise and ditch any hair stylist or fashion stylist not doing a great job. A miss once in a while is one thing, but after repeated failures, both Kate and Meghan need to fire the person assisting them. Friend or no friend, if the stylist is not doing a fantastic job, the stylist needs to go.

  88. The Meghan Dilemma: Either her trousers are way too short, or w a y t o o long! My gosh the black pair she has on beneath her tartan coat (Edinburgh visit) are so sloppy and long Just awful. Somehow I expected more from her, but many of her choices in attire have not been great. Does anyone, ANYONE, ever advice Kate and Meghan about what they choose to wear when greeting the public. A firm, “Oh, no, Ma’am, we need to hem those trousers,” would be well worth the effort, Ms. Quinn.

    1. IMO Meghan is playacting, believing that this is the projection of a refined lady of the upper classes. Unfortunately, her only experience of image and substance is Hollywood, and PR, so this is her version of it. She’s never been a fashion icon, and never will be. I wonder how long before her accent becomes plummy.

      1. I do not know what to make of Meghan. Is she genuine or not? I did read in the DM (I know, could be all made up) but someone asked her about the bachelorette party and she said it is “all sorted”. As an American, that to me, is a very British expression, I bet she will soon cultivate a bit of a British accent as well. It is things like that that make me uncomfortable with her. I also read that she pronounced the word scones as “scons”, again another affectation.
        Why do so many of her clothes seem to big too big, I am not saying she should look like a Kardashian, but to me that coat was shapeless and could have been taken in a bit. Is she trying to be the “anti-Kate” with this type of style. While I love a pair of wide legged black dressy pants, they look better when the hems are not dragging. Is this her way of saying, “look at me, I am so relaxed about fashion (as long as it is really expensive).” That is what irked me about the engagement picture with her in that $75,000 USD ruffled shower curtain. Her actions say, I am so humble, but her choice of outfit says differently. Last thing, I am beginning to dislike her hair, it looks stringy and if she wants an angle cut with the front being shorter and angling down longer in the back at least get a good trim.

        1. In the wake of , I think it was the Mirror, that Smarkles is getting princess lessons, her appearance today shoots all that to hell. She looks like a smurf. Don’t know how she does it but she manages to make a $2,500.00 coat look like a horse blanket. And those pants covering the stumpy legs, Oiy.

      2. In the beginning of the Engagement Interview, Meghan sounded off with a British accent, but she seemed like she caught it, and returned to the American version. You can get the girl out of the acting industry, but you can’t take the acting out of her.

        1. Well, who is she exactly? Why is she trying to affect an accent of another country? Meghan is an American who speaks with the accent of her native California, with maybe some Canadian touches. There is absolutely no need for her to affect an English accent; it comes across as inauthentic, as if she is trying to play a part and hasn’t quite decided what that is yet. Someone here wrote that Meghan’s character seems to be built on a series of shifting sands – a very astute observation – ultimately someone who will be whatever she needs to be in order to ‘win’.

  89. Maybe she is working on branding herself as the hipster princess of the people (again, wearing very expensive hipster looks)? If so today’s look was a bit too messy.

    1. Ah, I agree with you Boston. I’m also wondering what to think about the big hug Meghan gave the woman who wanted to shake her hand . She really is working hard to become what Diana wanted to be The Queen of Hearts to all. I wish I trusted her intentions more, but to me, she’s been preparing for these moments for most of her life!

  90. MM looks to be trying to capture a young and semi-sloppy Vogue style. It is not my intention to be snarky, but the only taste H or M either one seem to have, is in their mouths.

    1. Msthang, I believe he’s tiring. A recent article, Daily Mail had Meghan meeting with Camilla to air her grievances and worries. She’s having adjustment problems.

      1. It could also be a case of Camilla spending some time with her soon to be daughter-in-law.
        Camilla had lunch with Kate, Pippa and Camilla’s daughter, Laura, shortly before Kate’s wedding.

        Going off topic, I wonder if MM’s dog, Guy was also having ‘adjustment problems’. I hope he is doing much better since there is no update on his condition after December 23.
        The cynical side of me thinks her other dog (Bogart) might be happier in Canada with her adoptive carer/s.

    1. Naw Msthang not yet. Harry is running around like a 17 year old with a permanent erection riding the happy train to couterville junction

    2. A possibility. He kept rubbing his hands together as opposed to holding her hand. He is fond of her but maybe having second thoughts.

      1. Harry is marrying her. He and she had plenty of time to back out before the engagement. If he were to back out now, he will have an even harder time finding another partner!

    1. Ah, but she acts so much younger than her years. She’s rather immature, I believe . So is Harry. Both of them remind me of high school kids who just decided to go steady! It’s remarkable that she has so little polish, but I guess I was expecting much more.

  91. Sad news from the Danish Royal family. Prince Henrik, husband of Queen Margrethe II, has passed away after a battle with dementia, among other ailments.


  92. Hmm, we could potentially create a blog with WordPress or through Blogger. I’m considering it as it would be somewhere to chat. Or a forum?

    1. We should ask Lola for the email addresses of the commenters on here so we can join. I agree to sharing my email address to someone on here creating a similar themed blog or forum.

  93. With Lola’s blessing, I started a blog. I just made my first post! If someone else starts a blog, my feelings will not be hurt if y’all want to go there instead of to mine. I just wanted to get something out there for us. It’s at I have not been a regular commenter on a site since Duchess or Diva, but I have read most of the comments here and a lot of the ones at KMR. Of all the internet strangers, you are my favorite.

    1. Lizzie (the other one), I will check it out. Good for you and much success. Happy Valentine’s Day to you and all!!!!!

    1. Great idea! I tried to write on your blog, an answer but could not do it anonomyosly? I dont want to write logged in to anything, please.

      I hope to see all of you girls there!

    2. You are a gem!
      I might be able to finish this new diet I’m on now that I will not go into remission missing Lola’s site!

      In case anyone missed it…..
      Lola earlier advised this site is closing at the end of THIS MONTH.

      Cheers everyone.

    3. Hey lizzie I can’t open the comment section of your blog. It is just loading but never showing the comments. Please help me 🙁

  94. How does one post without having one’s email all over google? I would like to post on the blog, lizzie(the other one), but it didn’t seem to allow me to do so. Congrats on the blog and all the best to you.

        1. Hi Lizzie, I am very technologically illiterate, and I don’t know how to sign in at your new site. When it asks for a URL, what is that? Not sure what to do with all the different ways to select signing in – I don’t speak computer – help!

          1. A URL is a website. I think if you do that, then someone can click on your name when you comment and go to your website. That’s one way bloggers try to direct traffic back to their blogs. Somebody correct me if I’m wrong.

  95. How does one post without having one’s email all over google? I wanted to post, but could not. Best wishes to you

  96. Please darling Lola, could you maybe if it it feels right for you, make a post of the new blog so noone misses it? And maybe you could join us sometime? I cant imagine not hearing from you again, my heart breaks. Arturo says the same and wish you the best also.

  97. Kate has had some whittling done on her nose again. The work is minimal and the Dr. Did a good job. The bulb has been taken down some, turning her once button nose into a slight tip. After all the work she has had done, she has lost her unique look.
    I wanted to get this into comments before being shut down, as someone was questioning a difference in her nose in pics from the state dinner.

      1. She’s extremely vain, and it’s not her hard-earned money (although I guess having to be married to Bill is a very difficult job), & I’m sure she thinks she is entitled after those hard 10 hour work months. I just hope that she is not having any work done while pregnant, and that even if she wanted to, no doctor would agree to it.

        As the media fawns over MM, I think that Kate’s insecurities will show more & more on her face, until she is even less recognizable as herself, ala Letizia, Charlene, & Mary. One place they won’t show is an improved work ethic. As long as she, her mother, and the sugars think she’s the fairest in the land, she’s good.

        1. GingerMini, Rania had her nose done, outta high school, not to mention in the the last decade botox and fillers. Sometimes her makeup looks clownish, she has so much on. It must be really hard to be such a great beauty for over 25 years to watching your looks fade, I also think it must be really hard for Brook Shields, who was such a great beauty even as a child, to watch her own looks fade, and Bridget Bardot as well who has had no work done. You know in truth their really aren’t a whole lot of natural beauties anymore, due to all that is available with plastic surgery!

          1. But everything fades over time; it is the nature of things. If a woman depends on her physicality to find acceptance et al, she will constantly chase some elixir of youth until she becomes a caricature of herself, refusing to accept that her day in the sun is over. If only desired because of her physical beauty she is well and truly screwed when younger women come along. Witness the profession of acting: women seem to have one of two options (1) the short shelf-life and limited roles of the physically beautiful, hired for their sexuality, and (2) the character actor (Streep, Janney, McDormand) where there is greater longevity. The latter are beautiful too, though do not trade on it. The first category does nothing else.

            1. Another reason why I love Isabella Rossellini so much. She’s the epitome of accepting nature and aging gracefully for me.

              1. Isabella Rossellini has been and is beautiful at every stage of her life. There is a whiff of desperation in using cosmetic procedures in an attempt to appear that age has not touched you.

        2. Did you guys notice that in the family cosmetic improvements for Pippa’s wedding that Kate put some filler into her upper lip?

          She’s always been lip-less, particularly in the upper lip, but she definitely added a tiny amount to it.

          I wonder if they had a family discount coz the following don’t come cheap:

          1. Kate – upper lip filler (on top of her usual botox and fillers)

          2. Carole – w-a-y too much filler. Her face was still swollen at the wedding.

          3. Pippa – upper eyelip flaps removed (similar to what Renee Zellweger did), general filler in her lines running from nose to mouth and lip filler.

      2. Brits are too apathetic and I’d guess largely unaware of the ins and outs of royal spending since there is very lax accountability of public monies from the entire British Royal Family. Until they are forced to be transparent, the BRF will continue to spend/ squirrel money away in any way they please, such as vanity exercises for Kate. How many nose jobs has she had now? How many dental procedures to improve her vacuous smile? She’s still dead-eyed with nothing much registering in that brain of hers.

        1. Funny how Kate has time for nips and tucks (probably in France?) and all that cosmetic overload and phoniness as a ‘full time mom’. Funny how she finds the time. Just no time for work.

    1. I think it’s any person’s absolute right to have any type of cosmetic procedure if that’s what they want to do. I’ve always wondered though what that person would say to a child who has inherited the original feature? A nose job is a good example. Meghan (and I think to a lesser extent) Kate have had this done. Are they going to tell their children that they are beautiful with the original feature? And if so how are they going to justify that when they themselves haven’t set the right example?

  98. She may have had an injected rhinoplasty which alters the tip, as Kate’s nose tip is different. Patients use this procedure as a test method to see what the surgical procedure will look like, as it is temporary.

  99. Does the RF use their own money for anything? I am just wondering where or if there is some demarcation. We hear about the odd private flight paid for… and then it turns out (as in H+M’s Monaco adventure) that three rows of seats were booked and of course, taxpayer-funded security and all that that entails. Where does rhinoplasty sit re. public funding? Kate is not suffering from a health condition. Is the public expected to fund her vanity?

  100. The BRF, have always lived in luxury and unimaginable wealth, but have always managed to set aside their personal vanities. They live with their noses, wrinkles, teeth, white hair and bodies. Kate is a first (I think) to go bat shit crazy with their wealth and indulge her vanity with surgeries, injections, vaneers, hair extensions and body sculpting. Kate does not care about the amount of money she spends or who pays for it. It is not surprising that she garner’s no respect.

    1. While it continues unchecked, why should it stop? And who will be brave enough to ask the tough questions anyway? The media seems to cowed by the power yielded by the BRF.

      Harry was flying every two weeks to meet up with Meghan, all under the radar, and certainly not working in a full-time capacity on royalling – unless full-time royalling is just the odd hour here and there to give an illusion of being present.

      As for Kate, the PR paints her as a demure, shy and dedicated full-time mother – handy monikers to disguise her disdain and disinterest in anything but a mirror.

    2. Phyllis, Me thinks it is the time we live, what with social media, and selfies, everyone wants to be a model and if they can get work on telly or on the big screen eve better!

  101. Msthang,
    I agree, things have changed and will continue to change more. I wish some of the good stuff still remained.
    I’ve always believed that if a person could correct a flaw in their appearance it was a positive thing. Ones confidence and self esteem is important. It is very easy to become addictive and with so many different procedures available, the outcomes can be overdone and regretable. Also, when ageing sets in, if surgical procedures have been performed, the face does not relax evenly and things will look off. It requires a lifetime of continual maintenance with lots and lots of money. Kate will not have monitary problems. She does not have facial problems that need to be dealt with. She has many more years of a pretty, youthful appearance. Maybe a good psychiatrist would be a better choice.

    1. As a reporter at People magazine once said, Kate’s face is collapsing which is why she smiles all the time for photos because smiling ‘lifts’ her face. Mainly due to that extreme diet she is on between pregnancies AND being unfortunate in inheriting her father’s droopy face with loose skin which shows as droopy eyelids and jowls. It’s very noticeable when she’s slimmed down and hasn’t applied the botox. She’s a textbook example of someone who should have more weight because at a higher weight eg when pregnant, the loose skin of her face is filled out and she looses that haggard, droopy look.

      I am not sure she should have started using botox as early as she did because people are used to her botox lifted face. She started on it prior to her engagement and not uses botox AND fillers. Without it, her face looks haggard and very droopy which people wrongly attribute to her being a ran ragged mother and conveniently forget the more than 30 household staff she has at her disposal to ease her way in life.

  102. Didn’t Carole set Kate on the road to surgical procedures to enhance her looks. When Kate was not so “keen” on her face years back, Ma Middleton had some subtle work done. Since then, I guess there have been more enhancements with surgery, botox, etc. It’s sad that Kate keeps doing this, if indeed, she does. God help Charlotte and any other daughter Kate might have. Girls are so vulnerable and Kate doesn’t seem to be the best of role models when it comes to appearance.

    1. Jenny
      Catherine is not the best role model for anything any intelligent,
      sensible and loving mother could be proud of. IMO.

      One of my “favourite “photos of Catherine is the great number that were taken with George when he was crawling.
      It was at a polo match and she was standing, looking at the polo while talking to others around her.

      George was at her feet. He remained at her feet, ignored in a number of shots. Trying to get her attention.

      “Look it’s a giraffe” the webpage has a fine selection of these revealing shots of where Catherine’s focus really was over some

      1. Oh, Kiwi, how sad. To ignore George like that . He was so young! I think Kate had a very hard time adjusting to motherhood and for her George seemed a difficult child. She has gotten better with him and I think she really does relate to Charlotte. It’s just sad that she is not the best of role models for little Charlotte and George will have a poor idea of wife material from his Mum. Oh, well, maybe I should not say that.

  103. True, some weight would help Kate, but she is too proud of her legs to let that happen. Her legs ( gams) will be huge and the curve will be gone if she gained weight. I think the appearance of her legs will continue to be second only to her face. She gets her jollies with leg display, flashing and skinny jeans.

      1. Diana had really fantastic legs-long and shapely. Kate’s always in heels to fool people into thinking her legs are longer than they are (my torso is ridiculously long and my legs are short so I know how it is but she takes it to a whole ‘nother level).

        1. I have an imp in me.
          When she’s forced to wear flats when standing next to her crush…..guess who?
          Oh no, no high heels to sooth her vanity when she stands beside him.
          Sailing, really does like horse riding, have its drawbacks for ones vanity and pride!

          1. Yes, isn’t it a shame when sailing gets in the way of wearing heels while flirting shamelessly when you’re a married mother of soon to be 3? I just hate it when that happens:)

            1. And Ben is married too isn’t he?

              Oh a little detail like that never stopped the members of this Royal clan in the past!

  104. It will be interesting to see if Kate wears black to the BAFTAs. Would be a big deal and great PR for her to be shown supporting other women. After all Camilla supports battered women. I envision Kate wearing a black gauzy, sparkly tulle pair of ruffled curtains with a neckline up to her ears to this event, kind of like that pink parachute get- up she wore to dinner in Norway. Of course her hair will be up in that helmet head updo she favors. I think that hair style is just a wig she pops on over her regular hair. It has that stiff shellacked look.

  105. Or could be she has been watching too many Royal Victorian Era movies, while she spends most of her time in recovery mode from cosmetic procedures.

  106. Oh well, many of us were right in picking up the hints that Harry would be given a ‘role’ re. the Commonwealth. This looks to be something to do with ‘youth leadership’ because he’s cough ‘young’ cough.

    And as we suspected, Harry and Meghan will be extending their Invictus Games stint with an official tour of Australia and New Zealand. Expect lots of engagements that look remarkably like what most people do on vacations.

    Charles is still pushing for the Head job, and with Harry in a leadership role, the one and only message from such appointments is that the Commonwealth is not a meritocracy and no room for such a concept. Pathetic.

    1. So it’s official= Harry is following in big bro’s footsteps. Is there anyone still surprised? Disgusting. A life time of exotic holitours and Meg is all for it. What else do we need to know about her now? Sounds like they will take the taxpayers for all they can while spreading their special fairy dust in their wake. Ugh.

      For a couple who had just gotten engaged, they sure had a lot planned out for their future at the time of the announcement. Sounds like a lot of fancy lying to me as to timeline. It’s beginning to like like that entire interview was a sham. My, Meg was eager to help.

      1. This is what we know: Harry and William are on the same page re. ‘work’. Since Harry has been mucking around for a few years since leaving the army, he needed something, but on his terms. So the Commonwealth is burdened with this vanity project for Harry and Meghan. Has anyone stopped to ask what this job entails or if it is even needed? Let’s see how it unfolds. I’m betting holi-tour type activities, walkabouts and some hugging of little black children, along with playing some games here and there. Rinse and repeat, with fervent speeches about how important whatever they do is for the people of the Commonwealth.

          1. In Oz it’s on the back burner, I think because a republic is seen as an eventuality down the track, after the Queen dies, when the issue is brought back for a public referendum. Should the current Opposition win government next year, a referendum will be held in its first term. By the way, voting is compulsory in Australia; there is c. a 98% turnout. I seriously doubt that Australians will be duped into continuing with the monarchy because of Harry and Meghan. Canadians, too, I think are ready to jump to republic status though stay within the Commonwealth (for historical, trade and cultural reasons). My understanding was that NZ was more conservative and happy with the monarchy to continue as its head of state but happy to be educated on the current feelings there. Has a change of government seen any republican stirrings?

          2. Hi Kiwi

            I’ve been thinking about your comment about New Zealand moving away from the UK and the Treaty of Waitangi. You made a very interesting point as the Treaty was made between The Crown and Maori. So, if we become a republic then would that make the Treaty null and void? What happens to the claims which haven’t been finalised? Would the iwi and hapu which have had payouts already have to give up the right to further payments which may have been negotiated into their settlement? It’s an interesting thought. I had thought one would be the last to split as the ties are still strong, plus the cost of electing a head of state, but I hadn’t thought about the Treaty. It’s been an interesting topic of conversation here. I noted that you said your husband is a lawyer, what is his opinion?

            1. Cathy and Kittie
              Finally replying..waited for my husband to finish work.
              His thoughts re: Treaty of Waitangi.
              1. The Maori would want to keep the Treaty and the link to the Crown.
              2. If NZ became a republic, in time he believes the Treaty would become “watered down”.
              3. NZs growing Asian population will have an impact politically, obviously.
              4.NZ will be one of the last Commonwealth countries to become a republic, because of the Treaty.
              These are his thoughts.
              As I said earlier, if I am still alive I will be fascinated as to how NZ would reconcile the Treaty with becoming a republic.
              No there s no real appetite for change at present…I say that as a “News Junkie” .

              1. Thanks Cathy (and Mr Cathy).

                The Treaty is a huge deal for Maori. I can’t see Maori accepting a watering down of the Treaty under any circumstances. It would have to be a non-negotiable part of a NZ republic. I wonder, though, whether Asian immigration necessarily moves a country closer to a republic; they tend to be conservative thinkers, having moved to NZ or Australia for political and financial stability.

                Here in Oz a referendum recognising indigenous peoples in the constitution has been stalled because aborigines want a treaty, not just recognition. A potted history here for anyone interested:
                Any treaty though would be with the Australian government, so there’s the difference. At least, that is my limited understanding of this issue. I’ll need to investigate further.

  107. Well its reported in paper that MM is finding Royal life very constraining on herself.. We all knew this would happen as she is an actress used to doing what she does acting … this is her biggest yet .. role … but we dont think this relationship will last the period of time as its all very celebrity hollywood …
    We think he has rushed in too quickly into engagement marriage with someone who is used to hollywood limelight but will never ever be royal material too clingy and nervous and uggy huggy a little dolly lost …in Royal ways as not British and will never understand the historic institution…

    1. To be fair Kate is not royal material either and she not only struggles in the role but shows no sign of possible improvement. Not only that but although Kate was born and raised in great Britain she took seems to be incapable of understanding the historic institution. In which case they have alot in common only difference is that Kate being British born and raised as well as married to the heir to the throne will always cause her to be treated better and to be given a completely different set of expectations. Personally I think the expectations should have been and continue to be higher for Kate. It appears as if everyone including the royal family wishes to be harder on the American and not because she is half black but because she is American. Just my opinion. Correct me if I’m wrong but wasn’t Kate not required to get princess lessons before her marriage as I have heard Meghan has?

      1. +1

        You have rounded up my feelings well Brielle 🙂

        As for Kate getting “Princess Lessons”? Oh My Gosh! If Kate did get lessons then nothing stuck! Watch her get out of a car? CLUMSY! Watch Kate curtsey – clumsy again. If she had been sent to Finishing School then she would be able to do a reasonable curtsey but no she can’t. Meghan does it better. Kate being born British should have picked up some bits of Royal Manners and social behaviour but she seems oblivious? I personally think Meghan is doing way better. As for your question, is it harder for Meghan because she’s American? It seems to me that could be the case.

      1. Just another mechanism by the palace to evoke sympathy for Meghan. Just another version of ‘shy Di’ and ‘demure Kate’ narrative.

  108. Yes plenty of opportunities now for Harry and Meghan to undertake holi-tours to warm tropical countries.

  109. One of Harry’s previous girlfriends (I think it was Cressida) said that the reason she broke off her relationship with Harry was because he was too needy. She said it had started to have an affect on her and she could not handle it anymore.
    Maybe this is why Harry loves MM hanging all over him.
    It also brings into question…….is MM really as clingy as she seems to be, or is it shrewdness on her part?

    1. Some people like to be needed or to be precise, they like to take care of other people. Best relationship hookup is with someone who is needy / likes to be taken care of. They compliment each other.

      Best example is Charles and Camilla. Perfect compliment of needy (Charles) + needed (Camilla).

      Best example of clash is Charles and Diana. Perfect disastrous example of needy (Charles) + needy (Diana).

      If that’s not your personality, it can be hell. It’s not anything people can help though the degree to which it manifests can be determined by life experiences.

      1. Meghan does not strike me as a natural caretaker (too much narcissism). But if it gets her what she wants…. she can be whoever he needs her to be is my guess. No question that CC are a match made in heaven in that respect and there is nothing fake about it.

        1. I still can’t separate MM as we see her now from MM hollywood actress.

          Therefore i can’t tell whether she’s a caretaker or simply faking it.

          For her sake, i hope she isn’t faking it because that would be hell even with all that money.

          1. I think after about 3 years it should become clear to the public.
            Diana went out and built up her profile as the marriage fell apart.
            I bet if Meghan is faking at some level, SHE will go out to outstrip him in public. The actress in her will lead the way for a high profile at H s expense. J M O.

        2. My take is that Meghan is attracted to people who are useful and as such becomes whatever is needed to them. I don’t see her as a natural caregiver; she is too narcissistic, as seen in her UN speech which was really all about celebrating herself.

    2. Harry and MM compliment each other on two love languages. Both are physical contact (thus all the touching). If the rumour about his neediness is true, then perhaps MM is the type to want to be needed. Like the Charles and Camilla dynamic. If it is genuine like CC, the relationship will be great because it compliments both their individual relationship types.

      If MM is faking it, she will be exhausted soon enough and no amount of money, elevated status and acting skills will hide her discontent.

      1. Hera, so pleased to see you here! And you are so right! What I don’t get though is the undignified hand holding and other PDAs whilst at work. My husband and I met whilst at work at worked together for many years in a large corporate environment. We could never have got away with that. First, it’s SO undignified. Second, just no!

        1. Ana ana: who knows? It’s too early to tell.

          SusieQ: Hey!

          I’m not surprised at all the hand holding. Harry has always been touchy feely with his girlfriends. That’s why i wasn’t particularly sold on Cressida going the distance because at every turn that we saw, she rebuffed his physical contact.

          Remember this picture that announced their relationship?

          She can’t be bothered to hug him back even though they weren’t aware of being photographed AND they were at the beginning of their relationship ie peak romantic feelings.

          The reason people were sold on the Chelsy relationship was because of all the pdas. They were as bad as MM. No matter the occasion, there they were, holding hands, kissing and being visibly into each other.

          Therefore, we should brace ourselves for continued pdas from HM.

          1. But they are in their 30s and behaving like teenagers. Even my 17 year old daughter says it’s “gross”, “yucky” and childlike”!
            Hera, have you checked out Lizzie’s blog? And does anyone know what’s happened to KMR/MMR?

            1. Susie,
              KMR/MMR was taking a break due to health issues. I imagine she’ll want to fully recover before doing anything else.

              As for Harry, he’s always been needy and perhaps Meghan plays to that – remember her rubbing his back at that Jamaica wedding when he looked grumpy about something. Also, the PR surrounding the brothers always calls them ‘the boys’ when they are clearly well past that stage of their lives. But they seem to be excused so many things and get their own way, much like boys. Their behaviour mimics arrested development.

              1. She also has a Tumbler. KMR registration ends 4/2, LLH ends 2/28. Lola has said it alls goes on th 28th. Maybe KMR will fade away in April.

                1. I was hoping Lola would leave a complete archive of her posts – always a joy to re-read and often prescient – but there are only a handful of placeholder posts left.

                  KMR has been ill and said she would use January to recover. I hope she is okay and wants to resume her blog at some point. It may be easier all round to simply have a Twitter site. All things have a season.

  110. I’m really surprised that the Queen would put Harry with the Commonwealth, especially in one of the higher positions. The Commonwealth is one, if not the favorite of the Queen. Harry is an immature out to lunch knucklehead. I respect the Queens position, but at this time in her life, It appears she is choosing family over the monarchy. Maybe I’m being too critical.

    1. The queen has given William everything he ever wanted, why wouldn’t she do the same for Harry? She indulges them at the expense of the realm. So, yes, I think family matters way more than the peons ever could (while they sock away the people’s ££££££). It’s become obvious now.

      1. I’ve always maintained that the Queen did whatever she could to shore up her family’s future in every way possible. She knows the monarchy ‘s popularity lies with her personal popularity and longevity. After she goes, the unpleasant family she has spawned will not seem so attractive left to their own devices. So, she’s trying to lock down as much as possible now. But the central problem remains for the Commonwealth: is this a forelock-tugging, hereditary outfit or has it evolved to be more of a trade bloc? Clearly the UK wants it both ways. This ‘youth leadership’ role is simply a vehicle for Harry and Meghan to travel and get the hell out of Britain. And there are better people in the Commonwealth to lead such an initiative, if indeed it is even relevant. The Commonwealth simply does not figure in people’s thinking except at the Commonwealth Games (again, entertainment) and certainly not in the lives of young people. What is it EXACTLY that these two are going to do? Holi-tours? Being patronising?

    2. Harry has proven popular on foreign tours, particularly the CW. The foreign office has publicly said that Harry is the most requested royal for those tours. Even a country that has no nostalgic view of British monarchy like China requested a visit from Harry. We sent William because despite the request, the Chinese are very sensitive to respect of hierachies, and if HM and Charles couldn’t do it, then it had to be William.

      Charles is not a shoo-in for leading the commonwealth after HM dies, and there has been a concerted effort to lobby on his behalf since early 2011. That effort includes entrenching members of the family in the commonwealth. Harry has been attending commonwealth receptions and enterprises jointly with HM or Charles for the past 3yrs and that’s why he could discuss commonwealth magical prince-ing in his engagement interview with confidence because they’ve been easing him in.

      Soon after that interview, it was leaked that he would be getting this role, but it wasn’t widely reported. Most people dismissed it as rumour and gossip.

      It’s now been officially confirmed.

      What i find interesting is that no effort was apparently made to ease William into this role. Popular or not, he is the heir.

      As a matter of fact, Harry has been eased into many things that should have been handled by William. Afew years back we speculated that something was definitely going on behind the scenes that might end with William being removed. I’m not sure that was a fanciful notion afterall.

      1. Herazeus,
        What are the other things that Harry has been caused to do that should be done by William? What do you think is going on behind the scenes? Do you think that it could be partly so to Williams choice of wife?

        1. For starters, Harry is sent to the difficult, tricky countries for his tours.

          By that i mean that he is sent to countries that are the most republican of the realms and or countries that have no allegiance to the British govt or crown.

          1. For sure, it is a ploy to keep those countries with republican leanings to think again. BUT here’s the thing: the monarchy doesn’t play here like it does in the UK where it is always in your faces – in the press, and on the ground, with many people deferring to the BRF. It has been woven into the fabric of your life, very deliberately so that Brits think the monarchy makes Great Britain. But to expect that Harry will engender the same and continuous good feeling thousands of miles away by playing with a few kids (his usual schtick) and doing walkabouts for curious people who turn out for ANY and ALL celebrities is misleading. As always – and as in the UK – kids are brought in to make up crowds. Some elderly folk turn up and then younger women with a Disney complex who want to see royalty in the flesh. Will Harry’s presence change republican feeling? No, of course not. Harry is entertainment.

            1. As a member of the Commonwealth, I can’t see what the value is. Harry may be popular but these days that translates into celebrity just like any other. In effect, he does *nothing*.

              When I think of WK’s last holitour here in Canada, it was an obscenely expensive, patronising disgrace. Sure people turn out to see them, just like celebrities. There is no longer any meaning behind the royal presence with these overgrown children. Harry is nothing but a playboy with good PR. His earnest platitudes ring hollow,

              1. Genuine question: was there ever any meaning in a royal visit apart from knee-jerk reaction flag-waving? Did these royal visits affect our lives? They just seem to be an anachronism from a colonial past and fill in time for the Windsor’s.

                The Canadian tour was ridiculous. Was there any public debate after the event? The justification used here by monarchists is that royal visits enhance tourism. However, no figures are ever released for obvious reasons. The things I recall about the Canada tour are:
                1. William boasting he did no prep.
                2. Kids brought over for photo ops.
                3. WK complaining that a zoo had said G+C had visited.
                4. Holi-tour nature of tour.
                5. WK rude to owner of small hotel where they stayed.
                6. Kate rude when a boy presented her with flowers; she summoned a pleb to take them from her an instant after receiving them.
                7. Kate pushing George out of the way.
                8. The disgusting way indigenous people were brought out to perform for the numpties.
                9. The paltry amount of money given to indigenous people linked to the royal visit. The cost of the visit would have been a better gift.

                1. I think way back when the queen did tours there was a sense of unity with Great Britain; it was a different sensibility from a time after the war. Once we got our own constitution in ’82, the queen was in effect demoted to figurehead. Before that the relationship between the monarchy and commonwealth countries was more dynamic.

                  At best, polls have suggested for a couple of decades a general apathy towards the monarchy. I’m hoping once she kicks it, all our currency is rid of royal images to begin with. It really needs a change of consciousness through incremental change to wean the countries off the forelock tugging I’m thinking.

                  It seems that it is largely sentimentality on the part of older generations like me that keeps people tied to the monarchy (history, etc,). Thankfully that era is almost over. It looks like the queen’s longevity adversely kept us all tied to her apron strings for far too long and I think her absence will finally liberate the order of things.

                  1. Maven, for sure the apathy has been fueled by economic and constitutional changes over several decades eg. the UK ditching Commonwealth countries when it entered the European common market. Lots of domino effects.

                    Now, of course, the UK is trying to resurrect markets by drumming up Commonwealth ties it once happily chucked away. Former colonies will enter into trade agreements – who wouldn’t? – but methinks recreating Empire 2.0 is not going to fly. Too much has changed. The earth spins forward not backwards… However, I’m always intrigued with British Establishment thinking that we’ll capitulate once a ‘royal’ is sent our way and a ‘young’ one at that. SMH. It’s funny to read UK papers’ response to royals on tour: they are still in Empire mode, and think we fall at their feet. As you say, people flock to see celebrities ‘as seen on TV’ and ‘royals’ fall into that basket these days by their behaviour and PR.

                    It’s interesting to read about high level resistance to Charles becoming Head of the Commonwealth. But it’s a mistake for Brits to interpret that as personal and substitute Harry. The problem is hereditary leadership rather than merit-based, a concept that eludes the BRF and its Establishment. Again, the Brits fail to see we have moved on.

      2. I think because Harry is more well liked and even more respected perhaps due to his charity work and military service choosing him is a no brainer over William who has accomplished nothing. For all the complaints about Harry which are legitimate he has done something with himself and perhaps having some role would be good for him as it would be, well, A JOB. He needs that direction, and when he puts himself into something, he does take it seriously and give it 150%.

      3. Re. your last paragraph: is it simply a matter of William refusing to undertake royal tasks, so the spare was harnessed? At one point William was claiming his EAAA work was full-time until he got caught out. He’s just too much bother, so isn’t the simple truth one of QEII and Charles just continuing their long tradition of placating a very difficult man? Harry also hasn’t had a job since leaving the army in a strop so it wasn’t as if his days were full. It makes sense to make him do something.

        The ruse to plant the BRF as ‘leaders’ in the Commonwealth has not gone unnoticed or been agreed to. Clearly, there has been push back about Charles. Harry’s role looks more innocuous but it will be a drain on nations in order to keep this man and his wife on their travel kick as well as staying away from the UK as much as possible. Harry is part of the BRITISH Royal family so maybe he and Meghan should sprinkle their fairy dust at home.

        1. Kittie: At first i thought that was the case because despite the sugary PR and attempted cover up, there was enough leakage to know that William was refusing to take on tasks and or was lying about his schedule in order to get out of doing anything. I remember that Anne had accepted some of the tasks or charity invitations he had turned down or refused to do.

          But Charles and HM are sticklers for status. Especially HM. Look how often she used her own popularity to provide cover whenever William’s image suffered because he had been exposed. Suddenly she would be photographed with him (and Kate) as if to say she fully supported him. A silent, but deliberate way to change the public conversation from a woman who understands PR better than WK will ever understand or know.

          For HM to push Harry forward in roles that should be going to the heir is a significant development. Never in the history of the BRF has the spare been elevated even if the heir was an acknowledged wastrel.

  111. Ok I cant load any comments on our new blog Lizzy! I am getting a bit of withdrawal symtoms here…miss you girls!!

      1. Lizzietheother has posted a new story and when I last looked about 4 hours ago, you could see the new comments on it.
        Not sure about status now though.

      1. Lizzietheother
        No. All good.
        Well done to you for posting on Catherine’s shower curtain makeover.
        You have such courage!
        Personally I am in awe that Catherine thinks shower curtains make a great dress for a palace Occassion.

  112. Yes Maven, it’s true, the Queen gave William everything he asked for and I’m sure much more. Do you think the elderly Queen is the one actually making these decisions or is someone else in charge? Just a reoccurring thought I’ve had over the past year.

    1. No. It’s the foreign office.

      However, it suits the Queen’s agenda of turning headship of the commonwealth into a hereditary position in favour of her family so i doubt she argued against it.

      1. Herazeus
        Are you a fan of “Yes Minister”? The TV series.
        My family adores it, even if it depicts a time 40 years ago.

        I remember that it was perceived as somewhat accurate regarding how civil servants and MPs operated.

        So yes to the Foreign Office. Harry was a hugh hit on his last trip to NZ. Yep we had better get ready for the onslaught of PR .

        1. I love ‘Yes Minister’.

          Isn’t it amazing how relevant it remains?

          When people ask me how palace courtiers operate, i send them clips of Sir Humphrey. I see Catherine Quinn as a Sir Humphrey in the way she’s pushed Kate out the door since she started last september, pregnancy not being a good enough excuse as it has been used in the past.

          Though in William’s case, i don’t think he has his own Sir Humphrey, but i wish he had a Malcolm Tucker to get him off his high horse.

            1. Herazeus
              Very good. Just viewed.
              The writing was always sublime.
              I have not seen the tv series with the Malcolm Tucker character. But we first enjoyed Peter Calpadi spelling? – in the film Local Hero as Danny. What a joy.
              I’ll go and have a look at M Tucker on you tube, many thanks.

  113. Catherine at BAFTAS.

    Stunning in deep muted dark green.

    Her face!
    Has she point on say more than 7 pounds since last seen or as s.o on DMail states BOTOX! Big time…UK now depleted of all stock.

    1. Holy cow! What has she done to her face? It truly doesn’t look like her. It certainly looks like more than weight gain.

      1. She’s at that stage of pregnancy where you gain water weight all over. Her face and arms are pretty *swollen. I’m surprised she can still wear her rings because in some photos her fingers look swollen too.

        *swollen in comparison to her normal weight and tone.

        Given how swollen she is, i’m bringing forward her due date.

        In the past, she disappeared from view long before she reached this stage of pregnancy so images were of an impossibly slim Kate with her slim pregnancy.

        But Catherine Quinn is not allowing her to cry off, and so here she is, water retention and all.

          1. On KMR’s poll I voted for April 7, 2018 as her due date.

            I would bet Kate’s due date came up in the wedding date discussion for the H & M wedding. You would never see a heavily pregnant Kate in the same way Princess Madeleine did for the wedding of C-P & S. I think Kate wanted at least six weeks to get photo ready, because you know, things need to be about her.

        1. I am both pleased and surprised at the staying power that Catherine Quinn has yielded over her heavily reluctant employer. If I’m being honest, I can’t believe Kate could have ever been capable of working so consistently. Marry that to the vision of William the Petulant *allowing* someone to tell his wife what to do.

          I’m impressed she’s made it thus far, and has been able to be so visibly constructive. But what are the chances she is able to remain so influential going forward? I’m not optimistic about that.

    2. Kiwi, My own take, me thinks she has definitely put on good pounds and her face has filled in, also heavily photo-shopped but the extra pounds look good on her, also you can’t do botox when you are preggers, it’s bad for the baby!!

      1. But she looks so different!
        From Karen someone to who is this? The double the Royal family use when Catherine cannot be bothered?

        Seriously, Herazeus is probably right.

  114. Greetings Everyone,

    I am going batshit crazy being cooped up at the
    moment, have another couple of weeks before
    I am let loose (medical people are pretty hard
    core) so liberating the laptop is a mission from

    My two cents worth….

    Middleton and the Gormless husband turned up
    only because of all the speculation on the Hags

    It is as simple and as shallow as that.

    There was no mention of the cost of the green
    netting, or thousands of pounds spent on the
    monstrosity (it was clearly a fashion show)
    and no mention of the hundreds of thousands
    of pounds that jewellery was worth.

    All of that including her hair and botox would
    be the GDP of a developing country., one set
    aside for their babymoon (which will be the
    next thing).

    Bullshit reason given as to why the Hag did
    not wear black. Camilla wears the colours to
    support the Charity of battered/sexual abuse
    so how is it that the middleton hag uses a
    “we cannot make a statement political or
    otherwise” excuse. Especially when she opts
    to dress in the colours of the countries the
    gratuitious piglets have visited.

    As for them hammering MM – well that is a
    load of total bullshit when it is simply
    because she is not born in the UK and
    her ethnicity.

    I would be more worried about the German
    implication if I was them. It speaks volumes
    when George V changed their surnames to
    reflect a British name in WW1 when he made
    bloody sure that half the European Royals were
    either exiled elsewhere, made sure that the
    Russian Royals were left to be murdered and
    were the first country to turn away jewish
    refugees way back. THAT IS A FACT.

    Harry may well be schooled up to take over
    from Billy the moocher because the pampered,
    fawned over idiots have not got the brains
    between them to be able to manage a throne.

    This BAFTA’s thing was never about support
    it was a Runway Show for Middleton and that
    is the only reason she went. You could see it
    all over her smug, botoxed, face. It was like a
    peacock preening itself… knew exactly where
    to look.

    The price was not mentioned because it was
    a SHOW PONY job.

    H&M may go the distance, may not, it could be
    one of those situations where the Bill and Kate
    are known to be so unpopular that the bets are
    being hedged.

    As for me…. the moment the Queen passes is
    when I turn my back on the Monarchy.

    The Lamebridge Factory of Laziness and
    breeding even lazier kids is not worth having
    my brain rot.

    The Sugar Set are out praising the desperate
    ditzbrains (bill and the hag) to the hilt for the
    pure reason that they think their “pure” blood
    is going to be tainted.

    Well have I got news for them – the have inbred
    for years, they have German blood and through
    sheer hypocrisy have DISOWNED it – they are

    While I am stuck having treatment (not for my
    busted leg) it is a full facial flap surgery which
    failed that I am being treated for, I am reading
    a book called:
    THE QUEEN by A.N. Wilson….
    quite interesting, yes the Queen is loved but
    Harry is the People’s Prince not the dimwit
    Bill supposedly the annointed one.

    Which reminds me there was a sycophants
    guide to the worshipping of the Hags wedding
    dress. God help us all if that is the be all and
    end all or the bench mark for Wedding dresses.
    I was underwhelmed by it, her and the demure
    spectacle she “acted out” that day. Maybe the
    Hag middleton is more of an actress than Meghan.
    It turned up on the top 5 Royal Wedding dress
    thingeys – that I came across at 3 a.m. this

    Last but not least I hope all is well in your world,
    if it is not – my heart goes out to you.

    My other half is now heading to a yacht and will
    be sailing into a Cat 3 Cyclone, so with no
    visitors for the next month, there will be plenty
    of reading to do.

    Don’t believe all you read about that Hag
    middleton, she is as shallow as a paddling
    pool and reminds me of that nasty woman
    Bethenny Frankel (I think her name is) from
    that idiot programme RHONYork – single
    minded, in your face, my way or the highway
    kind of thing.

    Feel free to argue the toss with me – I miss
    the company!

    A basket full of happiness to all,
    A candle to light your way,
    A hand to hold in the darkness
    and someone to wipe away your tears.
    So with a sprinkling of magic, all the love
    your hearts can hold

    Fair winds and calm seas –

    See you in the Sunrise


    1. Wildrose
      Good to see your post.
      We all hope your other half is safe as we in NZ brace for Gita.

      Shallow is thy name Catherine.
      At least she is consistent!!!!!

      All best wishes for your healing and treatment.
      Kind regards

  115. Yeah… this later stage in pregnancy has definitely changed her the most out of all of her pregnancies. Her arms are no longer veiny twigs!! But I have no clue what she has done to her face… and it’s not just a healthily filled out face… something has been done, but though I keep looking I have no idea what, other than the thought “that looks weird…”

      1. Lol Kiwi!

        I nearly didn’t recognise Kate either, wasn’t it a good thing she was wearing Big Blue so we know it was her?

        I’m already suffering from a sugar overload though as even though Kate didn’t wear black, in support of #MeToo, the sugars are saying she did subtly by wearing a muted colour and a BLACK sash on her dress. Wishful thinking in my opinion as Kate doesn’t seem to think that hard?

        One last thing – those emeralds are lovely but not quite the same tone as the dress. Kate is great at mismatching her colours, the best of course was her wearing a red check coat in Sweden and burgundy accessories .

          1. Lizzietheother.blogspot
            Has just posted on Catherine’s BAFTA appearance…and comments are working on the site for posting.

            A number of folk here have checked out Lizzietheother ‘s efforts on her new site, in her first post 5 days ago.

            1. I have tried to find Lizzie’s blog but have had no success. I must be doing something wrong.Can anyone help?

                1. For whatever reason the comments are not loading on the first post right now. The comments on the second post are loading. I do apologize. I’ll keep checking on it to see if I can fix it.

                  1. Thank you for your response, Lizzie (the other one).
                    I am still unable to load comments on your first post. (>-<)

          2. The dress is a pregnancy version of another version complete with black sash at the waist. If the TimesUP activists she gave it more thought and or that sash is a nod to their cause, they are deluded because it is entirely coincidental.

            Also, last year she wore a black dress with white/ green flowers. She could have repeated a similar idea where the dress is mostly black, but not completely.

            The protocol is all black NOT patterned black.

            And it’s interesting that she’s being excused for not supporting the cause because royal whilst simultaneously claiming she is supporting the cause because of a strip of black on her dress.

            1. How do you write this without falling about laughing at your subject?
              You so calmly write about her dress, but I swear you are holding back in that delightful understated manner of your country!!
              As if anyone could possibly make any sense of anything Catherine does or wears.
              Of course Catherine is excused both for not wearing black and wearing a token black sash.

              I believe that Catherine has the effect of removing all sensibility in those who defend her, hence the drivel written by so called journalists about her BAFTA dress.

            2. It beggars belief as to why on earth the DM goes to such contorted lengths to insist that this vacuous woman gave ‘support’ to Time’s Up. All we know, after ten or so years of Kate is that she is most definitely not a supporter of other women. I doubt Time’s Up is even on her radar.

              The dress is just another wasteful exercise by a woman who really has nothing to fill her days but shop.

              1. Shop.
                Fit wig let.
                Unfit wig let.
                Excercise legs.
                Destroy tasteful dress.
                Finally, practise “adoring looks at William ” in mirror.

            3. Well that flowery white summer dress that Kate wore at the concentration camp was pregnant with meaning, symbolising hope. :rolls eyes:
              I understand the emeralds she wore to the BAFTAs also symbolised hope :eyes roll out of head:

              1. Emeralds = more wishful thinking by the activists and media. And also lifted from a twitter fan convo.

                And so they project more saintly motives onto an empty shell of a woman instead of noticing that when she repeats outfits, she also repeats accessories.

                The last time she wore the slim identikit dress, she also wore these emeralds.

                1. “Emeralds = more wishful thinking by the activists and media. And also lifted from a twitter fan convo.”

                  Brilliant, just brilliant Herazeus!

                  1. I can understand the media needing to write a set number of words and the general sniveling, forelock-tugging that permeates these dreadful excuses for ‘news’, but I do wonder about the psyches of those who fan-girl Kate Middleton. Why are their standards so low? What do they see in her when we just see a void?

                    1. Kittie
                      It’s wishful thinking.
                      You know, not wanting to see reality.
                      That is, she will always display “Princess” characteristics and behaviour in their eyes.
                      Think of an idol.
                      In fact, they probably don’t want the real Catherine at all. They may say they do, but to keep the idolisation of her truely they don’t.
                      Look these are just my thoughts.
                      But I have first hand professional experience with the reality of folk who wilfully will not see the truth of who someone really is, even in the face of
                      witnessed violence, DNA evidence etc
                      But all is not lost!
                      Occasionally a “sugar” sees the truth and courageously admits this regarding C.

                    2. Kiwi,
                      Sadly, some people need to buy into the princess fantasy. I imagine they’d be all over any woman who holds the title and then see what they want to see. I hope they don’t vote…

                2. Just love your comments Herazeus always so well put… its sad dear Lola has given up on her brilliant site… missing her already. …hope Lola decides to return ….as miss her articulate witty take on the lazywaity…

            4. Thank you Herazeus for the explanation.
              Kate must really like the design of that dress to want to have a pregnancy version of it! I think she lacks imagination and thus ends up buying clothes that look the same, or maybe in a different shade.
              I am appalled she has not engaged a stylist to dress her appropriately with the unlimited clothing budget she seems to have access to.
              She might perhaps take dressing tips and hints from the elegant, professional and well dressed Catherine Quinn since the reported princess lessons she had taken are not helping!

              1. She co-opted one of her office assistants to become her stylist on the basis that she liked her personal style. And it shows. Just as her previous Private secretary was completely useless for the job.

                Given the *wonders and miracles Catherine Quinn has been able to achieve with Kate in a few months, can you imagine how much better Kate would be at her job if they’d hired someone like her right from the beginning instead of these useless office assistants who indulge her at every turn?

                *it’s still a very low bar, but expectations of Kate are so low that we applaud her for very basic stuff like not flashing her us!!!

                One day, she’ll hire a professional stylist or one will be imposed on her and we might see an improvement there too.

                1. I wonder what’s in this for Catherine Quinn… better job options down the track, presumably, being nudged forward into something substantial? How frustrating for an accomplished woman to be shepherding a dim, disinterested Kate into non-demanding ‘work’ for a few hours every fortnight or so.

                    1. My guess is that CQ is using this sorry excuse for a job to propel her into the kind of work out of reach from her previous administrative position. By that I mean she needed to pierce the upper echelons where those well-placed can pave the way. And who better than to provide a recommendation than the BRF? I’m assuming Charles was behind CQ’ s appointment.

                    2. Kiwi, I’d be willing to wager less than two years before Catherine Quinn moves on.

                      Kittie, I think your assessment is spot on.

        1. Ah, yes. The emeralds are gorgeous but, I agree, they did not go with the green color of the dress.
          Poor Kate, I agree with all who said that the bloating has come at that horrible time in pregnancy when you just want the baby born. This is her third child, so she will get bigger earlier than in the previous ones. Oh, gosh, just looking at her made me want to rethink a second child. Just kidding, but wow, she looks uncomfortable.

          I started off thinking this baby was definitely a girl, then I thought, Oh, a boy, but the old wives tale is that girl babies take the mother’s looks. So, move over, Charlotte, there’s a little sister in your future, George would probably enjoy a brother. Char, too.

        2. Oh, good catch, Cathy. I had forgotten about the burgundy shoes with the red checkered tablecloth, oh, I mean coat dress.

          1. Hi Jenny

            How are you?

            It’s one of Kate’s special skills, take a nice item of clothing and then accessorise it up ugly. Few people can beat it! But as she was meant to be a fine arts graduate you’d think she’d know something about colour matching?

            Big kisses to Miss Maddie!

  116. It’s common knowledge that William and Kate are loopy, lazy and not liked by a majority. Since MM came on the scene, I have suspected that the Royal machine would take advantage of this side show and use it to take the focus off of the Cambridge’s. Factor in, William and Kate have difficulty functioning either together or separately. A third baby will bring more Nanny’s, but compounds their refusal to do even minimal work. Everyone is probably tired of trying to deal with and depend on the pair. Maybe they think the new flavor (H/mm) can work their fairytale magic.

    1. You are most welcome Matty 49.
      After entering your comments, go to ‘Comment as: (this appears right below the comments’ box)’ and click ‘Name/URL’. Enter your handle or name and press ‘Continue’ button.

  117. Can you imagine The CV of CQ:
    “Private Secretary to HRH, The D of C”
    Was able to stop public flashing incidents by 75%. Also responsible for getting D of C increased events on the Court Circular to 3 Days per week, an increase from 3 Days per month. Other accomplishments included throwing out wedge shoes when D of C was sleeping, force feeding her a burger monthly and convincing her that it’s ok to read her briefings in the car, on the way to an event.

    1. I’d say that Catherine Quinn has been rather successful so far?


      Does CQ have to read the briefing papers out to Kate on the way to each engagement?

  118. So here goes….while I do agree that Kate had her nose surgically adjusted, I have been skeptical about all the talk that she has had botox and fillers, but after seeing her at the BAFTA’s in that mud- slime green Packham (the pregnancy version of I am inclined to now agree. At first I thought it was due to her pregnancy weight gain but her eyes looked tilted upward. Is botox something that can be done when a woman is pregnant, is that safe? As usual, the jewelry looked dull on Kate. Nothing shines on her.
    William, as is his way, looked like a dour pompous old man who clearly did not want to be there.
    I am sure, the black string/sash came with Kate’s dress, I do not think either William or Kate have the interest or intellectual capacity in any cause but themselves to make any kind of statement of solidarity for this cause.
    I have given these two enough chances to become mature adults and I am done. They are dim dullards. I do not expect them to work any more than they do today and I have no respect for them and there is nothing likable about them either.

    1. I have a question for you BostonBrahmin.

      Kate’s cheeks were looking fuller (rounder?) at the Baftas. Was that due to the makeup job or is it down to some sort of fillers?

      (I’ve got little experience with women using botox, fillers etc as not many do it here in New Zealand.)

      I do agree with the comments that Kate’s had recent work on her nose too.

      1. Hi, Cathy. Hope you are well. Kate’s face and he arms, hands, and probably ankles, are bloated from this stage of her pregnancy, I think. i truly hope she is not using fillers while she is pregnant. I would not think that a reputable doctor would do that.

        When one starts using botox at such an early age, where does one go from there? She still has so many years ahead or her. Gosh, I think of Lisa Rinna and her overdone lips and think, can those be reversed? She looks terrible, but just seems forever flaunting them! She’s getting older and despite her vanity, she’s more interested in money. She is the spokeswoman for Depends, I believe. Those diapers and liners for women of a certain age who have bladder control issues. Ugh, I don’t even want to think about that.

        1. How about Cindy Crawford and her horrendous, high-priced skin care line she hawks on infomercials? It’s gotten terrible reviews and numerous complaints to the Better Business Bureau about shady business practices.

  119. Ok, I give up. I send congrats to lizzie on her blog, but I still cannot load the comments. When I could, I could not comment.
    Help, please. I really want to frequent your site and appreciate the work you are doing. Help!!

    1. Jenny
      Forget about the first intro post hwere there are some 40 c0mmnets. They just don’t load. Instead, go into one of the other two posts and add a comment there. I just use name /url but just enter ‘Kittie’ and no url and go from there. Hope this helps 🙂

  120. Kate wore another Erdem monstrosity (complete with lace, no less, how original!) to that world changing important fashion reception at Buckingham Palace. To me it looked like a negligee from a B movie made in 1954.
    What is the obsession with Erdem, there is nothing stylish about the designs at all……oh wait, I just answered my own question.

    1. Your comment on the lace Erdem dress is better than mine!!
      I thought of shower curtains circa 1970 remade for her dress.

      But your idea is much more amusing!

    2. Is it because the dresses feel nice on? I read that the dress Kate was wearing was lined with silk.

      Or is Kate wearing Erdem because people like Madeleine of Sweden wears it?

      Kate just picks the ugly designs, I quoting DM here lol!

    1. No need to apologise.
      I think your right….bets are on for 1.5-2 years for CQ and her mind numbing work with Catherine.

  121. Detour to this story of the Queen attending her first fashion show ever.

    From it, i wanted to point out the Queen’s dresser / stylist Angela Kelly (silver fox in navy dress and silver courts in this picture)

    And also to point out the Queen’s LIW in this picture (in bright blue dress in the middle of the picture)

    I guess the theme for this outing was blue since all 3 ladies are wearing variations of the colour.

  122. Anna Wintour looks like a mosquito with those sunglasses. If she needs them for medical reasons then okay, but if not, then she is just plain rude.

      1. There have been amazing developments in optical care. Lenses are no longer thick and ugly, can be multi-focussed and also be tinted to accommodate changing light – that is, the lens colour adjusts to the situation if indeed, the lighting was too stark.

        The sunglasses are Anna Wintour’s trademark look. I’m guessing she wanted to be seen that way while being photographed sitting next to the Queen. Maybe it’s just vanity? However, the lighting at the reception she attended the day before seemed fine and saw her without sunglasses. She seems to be a deeply unpleasant person.

  123. Seems that there is a lot of criticism of Anna Wintour not taking off her sunglasses to meet and sit with the Queen

  124. Carole Middleton!

    “Carole Middleton” new thread topic if anyone wants to join me!

    A while back I wrote on who I think really drives Catherine.
    Her mum and my view that Carole’s death could be one of the main factors which would see a significant change in Catherine.

    I still believe this. Even more than William prodding Catherine along.
    This is because it took CAROLE above all else to support and drive her daughter to the indignity of a long, public and occasionally mortifying courtship with William.

    It started well before Marlborough -spelling?

    So, I believe the hold or emotional bond of Carole isn’t going to lessen until most probably death.
    Do I wish such an event? No.

    IF Catherine has a desire to live in anyway that frees herself from William’s attitude to her, she has to take on the desires and AMBITION of her mother.

    Carole is not going to give up her ultimate SOCIAL position alongside Catherine as Queen. Surely at that point Carole will be titled as Countess Something!

    Leave it to you all, if your interested.

    1. For sure, Carole is the driver of her entire family aka what she wants becomes what everyone wants. I really don’t think that anyone else in that family is a pure innocent being led by the nose. All of them have bought into the upward mobility agenda and none of them have said, “Enough, I want a quiet life and will marry whoever, it doesn’t matter their background etc.” But no, the three children have uniformly agreed that Carole’s way was also their way and have actively pursued what I think is a family agenda. I do not excuse Mike at all. He’s in it boots and all too.

      My take is that there are two types of people: those who want to be something and those who want to do something. If you’re worth anything, you’ll plump for the latter and do your best to contribute. I put the Middleton’s into the former category: they are desperate to be something by attaching themselves, leech-like, to others’ fame and wealth rather than build lives from their own abilities which on all fronts seem limited.

      When Carole dies, most likely be in about 20-25+ years, Kate and William will be in their late 50’s, with three adult children. Unless William has found love with someone else and wants to elevate her status legitimately, he will stay married though will no doubt play around. This seems to be an aristocratic habit anyway. William’s time to be free of Kate ended at least a decade ago. In 20-25 years time Kate will have had 36-41+ years of muscle-memory clinging. She’s not going anywhere.

    2. Kttiie, I agree that Carole was the force behind Kate in the waiting period for the ring . In pursuing William, in the first place. Years from now, when Carole is no longer around, it could make or break Kate. She has relied so seriously on her Mum and think of the comments she has made about being taken care of by William, etc. She really needs that to survive at this point, and I truly wonder what will change her. She does not seem to have the interests in anything outside her family to move her forward to more of a balanced life. Without Carole, she could cave . Her children will be older, no doubt, and won’t need her as much and what, if anything, ,do any of us think Kate will pursue in life? Her interests have not been developed and I truly wonder if she will be able to cope well if the woman who controlled her is not around. Yes, she could feel a sense of freedom. but an older age, will she have the substance needed to set out and make a real life for herself outside of her husband, chidren and possible grandkids. I really don’ see that.

      I’m not comparing Kate to Pattie Boyd, the woman who inspired George Harrison to write Something in the Way She Moves, and Eric Clapton to pen Wonderful Tonight, but Pattie lived for the famous men she snared and when they were out o her life. she was on the road to a breakdown. She did go on to become a photographer, but I just finished reading her autobiography and will have to google her to see if she is still makng a life for herself, or if she’s found another men to complete her existence We all need love and want to be cared for, but I seriously. at this point, cannot imagine Kate carving a life for herself outside of William’s life. I don’t think her parents ever gave her any confidence that she could be anything but William’s wife and the mother of their children. There has to be more of her, but for the life of me, I cannot see what it would be. If one would ask her, I don’t think she would know what it would be, either. That’s pretty tragic.

      1. Jenny, I’ve never thought there was much to Kate, except having ambition to ‘be something’. She has always come across to me as rather beige, though in her waiting years, very pretty – and very aware of it! – as well as strong-willed. I very much doubt her thoughts wander to who she will lean on once Carole dies – probably Pippa. I suspect Kate already carves out spaces for herself around William’s needs. I’d guess that William does what he wants, when he wants and with whom he wants; sometimes that will include his wife and children. And that’s the deal in exchange for wealth and fame. I’m sure they both see each other clearly by now.

        1. In the absence of Carole, she will lean on Pippa. That’s what happened at school.

          According to official biographies, Kate struggled at her various schools until Pippa was able to join her. Whether it was her presence or support or more gregarious nature or all 3, Pippa helped Kate blossom at each establishment they were sent.

          While at St Andrews, Pippa apparently visited often from nearby Edinburgh which continued went a long way in helping Kate’s confidence.

          And as we saw during the dating years, Kate was often seen out and about with Pippa as well as living with her.

  125. Kiwi,
    Agree. I’ve had this opinion about kate and Carol’s relationship for over a decade. Carol was even pushing Kate to have this third baby. I also think Carol is behind the difficulties Kate has had with the her in-laws.

  126. Boston, a lot of American celebrities wear the Erdem designed clothes at red carpet events. Most of the designer duds are either contributed or loaned to the celebrities to wear for advertisement. Like a free fashion show. Wonder if the Royals are getting a perk.

  127. I remember the late James Whitaker was interviewed about the relationship between Prince William and Carol Middleton, he recalled at one charity event when Kate and William where on another break that she literally was his shadow for the evening while Kate nervously watched on !!!!!! Micheal was very nice apparently but Carol was on a mission and was in his ear whispering all night !

  128. Just saw a blurb on the Vanity Fair website that there has been a big spike on bets that McQueen is Meghan’s wedding gown designer and betting has been closed. I, for one hope not, as I thought Kate’s dress was very underwhelming.

  129. Kate’s dress was a disaster. But, obviously, she chose it and liked it., I had been a believer that Meghan had a style sense, but of late, I have not seen it. Will she wear a traditional wedding gown and veil? She’s a divorced woman, after all.

    i was excited about Harry and Meghan’s wedding a while back. Now, I don’t think I could really care too much. They are no different, it seems, from W and K and I am tired of them.

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