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You Only Work Twice

The British Royal Trio was resurrected today for a double-header of events.

Earlier in the day, Prince  William, Prince Harry and Kate Middleton attended the BAFTA  premiere  of Shaun the Sheep: The Farmer’s Llamas.

Kate looked less than thrilled upon arrival.

KateArrivalMaybe she caught a reflection of herself wearing the Tabitha Web Meg Space dress which looked like the universe got carsick on the ride over and vomited cosmic chunks on her frock.

Kate stalled in the entryway, but was coaxed  inside by the guiding hand of her husband.

KateStalledSometime between the Welly tossing competition and arts and  crafts portion of the event,  Kate’s mood  lifted as she laughed at something her prince companions didn’t find quite as  amusing, revealing some chipped bonding from  one  of  her greyish molars.

KateAmusedBonding isn’t as durable as veneers and is more prone to staining from  smoking and drinking coffee, tea, and red wine.  Maybe she should have gone withBonding, James Bonding on her back teeth.

While Prince Harry seemed to  struggle while working with modeling clay, he excelled at bringing joy to the faces of children and that’s what it’s all about.

PrinceHarryShauntheSheepEven Kate  had a noteworthy moment with some kids, being ninja-hugged by two happy girls.

It  seemed legit to even my cynical eyes, so likely the two spontaneous huggers weren’t then tasered by Kate’s RPOs and issued restraining orders.

KateHuggedOf course, nothing  really lights up the Duchess of  Cambridge like celebrities.

A Hong  Kong journalist covering the Creative Collaboration: UK & China event wrote, “Most unexpectedly, Princess Kate, who should be used to meeting and greeting dignitaries and upper echelons of society, suddenly lightened up with great delight and was very girlish when meeting Jackie Chan.”

The public figure so preoccupied with preserving her own privacy appears to still be enamored with meeting people who are famous.  In  2011, the post-wedding Canadian Tour was extended to include the US  at Kate’s request so she could meet Hollywood celebrities at the BAFTA Brits to  Watch event. Kate seemed a little too into Nicole Kidman.


Tonight Kate got  to delight in meeting more celebs at the premiere of the James Bond film, Spectre.


Kate’s gown was bespoke  Jenny Packham  which means that not only was the design of the dress on purpose, it came with a much higher price tag.  Somehow it managed to combine side boob with Mother of the Bride.


Perhaps braless  Kate wanted to show off the  results of her rumored  breast lift?

If only there were celebrities in need, Kate might finally have a cause she could care about.



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Prince William, The Escape Artist

On Monday, the Daily Mail dutifully ran photos of Prince William, Prince George and Kate Middleton boarding their return flight to London, perfectly staged with Prince George in his mother’s arms, Prince William carrying a floral bag presumably belonging to Kate, the royal trio bookended by a couple of Royal Protection Officers.  “Just Another Family On Their Way Home…” the headline proclaimed, the article candy-coated with a normality hard-sell that incited a flurry of generally negative responses from the disenchanted masses.  Some even remarked with surprise that the comments weren’t being heavily moderated in favor of the royal image.  A few noted that Nanny Maria was notably absent from the shots, along with the rest of the security team, probably boarded ahead of time to manipulate perception that Kate and Wills are just regular folk.  Readers were so focused on the obviously staged photos that many accepted the photos were taken earlier that day.  In fact, they were taken Friday when the couple actually returned, had they left on Monday, the only British Airways flight back would have them departing late at night, not during the day.

Screenshot taken from Daily Mail

Screenshot taken from Daily Mail

But why have the Daily Mail hold onto the “exclusive” photos instead of running them over the weekend?  A little bit of magician’s misdirection, perhaps?  For once, it was better having the masses think Prince William was still on a long luxury vacation, sunning himself in a tropical paradise, instead of back in the UK dealing with winter dreariness like everyone else.  Because with the public believing Prince William was in Mustique, it was slightly more understandable why the BAFTA President would blow off the BAFTA Awards held at London’s Royal Opera House on Sunday night and the nominee reception “hosted” by him held in Kensington Palace on Saturday night, sending his regrets along with pre-recorded videotaped messages.

BAFTA stands for British Academy of Film and Television Arts.  Basically it’s the British Oscars.  Prince William was appointed BAFTA President in February 2010.  This weekend marks the third time Prince William has blown off one of his few actual responsibilities as BAFTA President: being there.

Seriously?  Two weeks of relaxing and the sun and he can’t muster the energy to attend the award show or even the nominee reception that he “hosted” the night before, instead providing guests with his prepackaged regrets he couldn’t attend, but to please enjoy his and Catherine’s home.  Granted, Saturday’s reception wasn’t in Apartment 1A itself, it was in the palace’s King’s Gallery, but still, it’s not like he had to leave the coziness of palace walls.  Did the couple have to turn off all the lights in their apartment in case curious eyes peaked over?  Did the duke and duchess have to duck “Where r u?” text messages from Prince William’s Eton pal Eddie Redmayne and Kate’s Hollywood BFF Reese Witherspoon who both attended the reception?

Prince William hasn’t made an official appearance yet this year with the excuse that he’s been studying to become an air ambulance pilot, a job that will begin in the summer now instead of the spring, as initially reported.  The air ambulance job he’s chosen to do instead of the job he already has, as a royal and future king.  No official explanation offered yet as to why he hasn’t been able to adhere to the schedule of this detour from duty and start in the spring, although as mentioned in previous posts it was rumored back in October that he wasn’t showing up for training like he was supposed to.  With both his royal duties and non-royal commitments, it seems Prince William can’t be bothered.  It doesn’t instill much confidence in Prince William as a future king, or an air ambulance pilot.  Prince William’s real talent seems to be in magic, by creating the illusion of having a dual life, he has managed to avoid the responsibilities of either, a consummate escape artist who might just make the monarchy disappear.


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