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BAFTAs Barf-ta

After spending most of his seven year tenure as President of the British Academy of Film and Television Academy missing in action, Prince William showed up to Sunday’s award show at the Royal Opera House with Kate Middleton.

This was the third BAFTA Award Show for Prince William and Kate’s first.  For Kate’s BAFTA Awards debut, she arrived in custom Alexander McQueen looking like Laura Ingalls dressed up as Harriet Oleson for Halloween.


The original Long Tier Violet Jacquard dress from Alexander McQueen’s 2016 resort collection that Kate had modified cost $7,765 (£6,218).


Kate’s McQueen box clutch retailed for $2,242 (£1,795).


Kate’s Prada Wavy-Cut Suede Pumps which were visible when Kate lifted her hem to climb the red-carpeted steps cost $750.


So that’s over $10,500 to look like a shrunken hunched-backed Harriet, not including the earrings which Kate first debuted in 2011.


Not much is known about the drop earrings, although Rebecca English confirmed on Twitter they are not a loaner pair from the Queen.


There was an amusing rumor floating before the BAFTAs that some actresses were concerned Kate would “out-shine” them at the award show.


If there really was any concern at all, it was probably that Kate would go full-on fan-girl.

Kate has a history of becoming star-struck at events with celebrities and was so giddy meeting Jackie Chan at a Creative Collaboration: UK & China event that a Hong  Kong journalist covering it wrote, “Most unexpectedly, Princess Kate, who should be used to meeting and greeting dignitaries and upper echelons of society, suddenly lightened up with great delight and was very girlish when meeting Jackie Chan.”

It was actually nice to see Kate looking happy upon arrival at an event.  Too often she appears groggy and trepidatious, like she’s just coming to after being hit with a tranquilizer dart.


I like happy Kate.  I just wish she brought even a fraction of this enthusiasm to other events.


Unfortunately, the Duchess of Cambridge only appears genuinely engaged and interested in the presence of celebrities and Ben Ainslie.  When it comes to her charities, Kate sometimes looks like she can barely keep her eyes open.




Prince William Blows Off BAFTA Awards Again

For the forth time in the six years since becoming President of the British Academy of Film and Television Academy, Prince William was a no-show at the British Academy Film Award Show at the Royal Opera House, skipping the nominee reception held at Kensington Palace as well for the second  consecutive year.  The only  British Academy Film Awards Prince William has bothered showing up to was in 2010 when he was named BAFTA  President and in 2014 when William went Kate-less.

In 2011, the post-wedding Canadian Tour was extended to America at Kate’s request so she could meet celebrities at the BAFTA Brits to Watch Event in LA.  Given how seduced Kate appeared to be by Hollywood celebs at the LA event, it’s possible William has been skipping  these award shows so he can ensure that nominees don’t have  their legs dry-humped by his star-struck wife on the red carpet.


The only other BAFTA events Prince William has attended in his capacity as President was the Give Something Back Launch and the official opening of Warner Bros. Studios Leavesden in 2013 and the Sean the Sheep event he attended with Kate and Prince Harry in October.

The part-time pilot and part-time prince had sent his regrets he would be unable to attend.  According to the Court Circular, Prince William has only undertaken one official  engagement to date this year, attending the February 11th private funeral  of explorer Henry Worsley who passed away on an expedition raising money for the Endeavor Fund which is managed by the Royal Foundation.

Six events in six years is underwhelming for an organization’s president but missing BAFTA’s big night is ridiculous even for William.  What’s the point of his even being the BAFTA President if he can’t be bothered putting on a tux once a year and briefly talking with some celebs who are masters of small talk and maestros of schmooze?   To this day, I have no idea what James Marsden and I chatted about at a Vanity Fair party, I think he started off with a comment about  waiting for drinks but beyond that, the  conversation was so insignificant it left no memory of its contents whatsoever but  still interesting enough to have been engaging for an extended period of time.  Dame Judi Dench is such a lovely woman and conversational delight, you forget you’re speaking with  someone who has been knighted.  If Prince William  can’t  even manage  a little small talk with individuals whose professions make them highly skilled at performing all the conversational heavy lifting, how is he going to fare as king?  The  BAFTA awards are a cake-walk event, William blowing them off doesn’t bode well for this year’s engagement total.  It’s mid-February and thus far,  the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have undertaken two whole engagements  COMBINED.


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