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Cambridge to Nowhere

Once again, Prince William and Kate Middleton begin a new year being criticized for their lackluster performance and putting in far less work than other members of the Royal Family, including the Queen and Prince Philip who are in their 90s.  Prince William only managed 188 engagements in 2016 while Kate only showed up for 140.  The Cambridge’s numbers for 2016 are impressively low considering they undertook two tours which are big numbers-boosters because all of those airport greetings and “private” touristy experiences from which the press was banned counted as official engagements.

Since joining the British Royal Family in April of 2011, Kate has only undertaken a grand total of 484 engagements to date.  In 2016 alone, Prince Charles handled 530 engagements while Princess Anne had 509 so Kate still hasn’t cumulatively pulled off in almost six years what other members of the family manage in one.

The Daily Mail ran an article detailing how Prince William and Kate only do half the work Prince Charles and Princess Diana did at a comparable stage in their married lives when they were raising young children.

Not surprisingly, the public was reminded on Friday Prince William has another job he pretends to do sometimes with a series of photos taken by the same photographer who managed to track down the future king on the job last year when the press and public were grumbling loudly about Work-shy William.


Prince William’s contract with East Anglian Air Ambulance  ends in March, the fact that he’s still in the co-pilot seat shows he puts in as much effort there as he does with his royal role.  It’s not that big of a deal, though.  Most air ambulances just have the one pilot, the government had to purchase a special helicopter for EAAA so Prince William could play co-pilot because he was unqualified for the job.  Once William decides he wants to be a cowboy or open a fake psychic detective agency, the EAAA just has to make a minor software adjustment to switch their air ambulance freebie back to a one pilot helicopter.  Or Prince William may decide to extend his contract, after all he’s able to dictate his EAAA schedule claiming royal duty while using the job as an excuse as to why he can’t do more royal engagements.

Something seems off about these photos in the Daily Mail piece.  Maybe it’s just Prince William’s stiff posture as he tries to emulate someone who does stuff or his getting the EAAA photo op out of the way so early in January that’s throwing me off, but there are two side by side pictures where the foliage doesn’t seem consistent at the same portion of the tail boom.

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Of course it could just be the angle.  Just like the strange violet hue at the top of William’s head could be explained by lighting conditions.


But it got me thinking.  It’s hard to juggle both holidays and PR photo ops.  I mean, those poor Cambridges have to fit in both sandy beaches and snowy slopes not long after their time off at Christmas.  Instead of going through all the trouble of having to go work and try to remember what it is he supposedly does so it can be captured by a photographer like Geoff Robinson, why don’t they just shoot Prince William in various poses against a green screen?  That way he can easily be dropped into heroic scenes while he’s working on his tan or hitting the slopes or playing video games in the Fortress of Solitude.  Then whenever there’s word of a taxpayer torch and pitchfork mob forming, the Palace Press Office can release photos of Prince William in various heart-warming scenes like rescuing a box of kittens…


Saving the Earth from an asteroid…


Defeating the Kraken…


Or even diverting attention away from any of his wife’s future flashing with a Marilyn moment of his own.


Since Kate rarely speaks and when she does, she’s difficult to understand, they can try to beef up her numbers by having her assistant carry around a life-size cardboard cutout of her to her various patronages and see if anyone even notices.

Of course, the Cambridges might just opt to send everyone in the UK a photo from their next holiday with the message “We’re just not that into you.” especially since Prince William (the future Head of the Church of England) and Kate skipped sending out a Christmas card this year. (Instead they mailed out a photo from the Canada tour thanking those who sent them warm holiday wishes.  Other royals adhered to tradition with Prince Harry’s holiday card featuring children of an Invictus Games veteran while Prince Charles’ and Camilla’s holiday card included a photo from their Croatia tour).

Prince William and Kate deciding to spend Christmas at Bucklebury for the second time, a year after they skipped the Queen’s Christmas lunch in order to host the Middletons at Anmer Hall, suggests they don’t really feel strongly bound to the Royal Family or its traditions.  While there have been no repercussions, even the Royal Family must be wondering about the future of the monarchy under William the Reluctant.



WAG Pretends She Was Supportive RAF Wife – BARF

Living in the Slipstream: Life as an RAF Wife comes out May 29th.  As it was reported back in February, Kate Middleton contributed the forward.


Normally I support any literary contribution and would celebrate Kate Middleton doing something other than shopping but her penning the forward, undoubtedly with the assistance of a ghostwriter which is common practice for celebrities and pubic figures, reeks of hypocrisy.

Prince William and Kate moved to Anglesey in January 2011 when Prince William began active service as a search and rescue pilot and were wed on April 29, 2011.   Kate turned down the offer to join the RAF Valley Wives Club where spouses of search and rescue pilots support each other and the local community through organizing charitable events.  Maybe the RAF Valley Wives shouldn’t have mentioned the whole helping others thing which the Duchess of Doolittle has a track record of avoiding, preferring to count movie premieres and events like sailing and wine tastings on Royal Vacation Tours as her official engagements.

Instead of Kate settling into the role of RAF wife as the press claimed, Kate embraced a life of shopping, lunches and vacations.  After the ten day honeymoon in Seychelles, it was announced that the upcoming Canadian Tour in July had been extended to include Los Angeles at the request of the Duchess.  Lazy Katie wanted to enjoy some time in Hollywood on the taxpayer’s dime and stretch out Prince William’s leave a little more, leave that no other military member would have been granted on the heels of a long vacation.

Kate's Hot for Hollywood

Kate’s Hot for Hollywood

While the RAF Wives tried to include Kate despite her rejection of club membership, she snubbed them at every turn, frequently flitting off to shop in London and of course spend time with her mother in Bucklebury, viewing Anglesey as a place to escape the pressures of her royal role by using the excuse she was an RAF Wife.  She got out of the pressures of being an RAF Wife by using the excuse she was a royal.  The RAF Wives were hurt by her attitude towards them, they were reported to have felt that Kate acted like spending any time with them was beneath her.

Kate spent so much time in London and at Bucklebury while she was an RAF Wife that the excuse had to be offered that she planned these escapes around Prince William’s schedule, choosing to be away from the “loneliness” of Anglesey when he was working long shifts to quell rumors of marital discord or Kate being a silly vacuous WAG.  Loneliness is a very real problem that spouses of military personnel have to deal with, that’s why the RAF wives support each other, but Kate wasn’t interested.  She wasn’t concerned about being there for other wives or even her own husband who often came home to an empty house after shifts.  Kate was BFFs with Prince Charles’ Money, it’s the only relationship she appeared to care about.  Emotional support is for peasants.

The only appeal being an RAF Wife had to Kate was the privacy it afforded her as well as being an excuse to delay Duchess Duties.  Residents of Anglesey were very respectful of the couple’s privacy, didn’t take photos, only a handful talked to the press, instead locals would gather and share stories with each other about how Kate and Prince William would don sunglasses, baseball caps and the occasional wigs and drive around in a beat-up white van to disguise themselves, thinking they were fooling the locals who were instead bemused by their efforts.  When someone asked them once about their ridiculous get-ups, they claimed the disguises were for charity which I can only assume is an inside joke with the Lazy Duo.  Charity!  Isn’t that a hoot?

While the press likes to spin that Prince William and Kate were living a normal life like any other couple, they weren’t.  Kate took frequent trips to London and Bucklebury to enjoy duchess luxuries not available to the average RAF wife or average anyone for that matter. Prince William and Kate didn’t socialize with Anglesey residents and their standing monthly date with each other was the bloodsport of pheasant hunting.  Wherever Willnot and Kannot went, they had their security detail with them at all times which aren’t the most welcoming bunch by nature of the job.  The couple’s security gave one satellite television repairman the scare of his life when his navigation system misdirected him to the Duke and Duchess of Doolittle’s driveway where a team of gun-blazing Scotland Yard security men surrounded him.  I shudder to think of the reception that door to door salesmen or cookie peddling Girl Scouts got.  The presence of their security detail was anything but discreet, Prince William would be picked up each morning for work in a Range Rover and his security motorcade or a helicopter.  I’m pretty sure that’s not how most people go to work.

Prince William’s stint as a search and rescue pilot ended on August 5, 2013.  Kate had been staying in Bucklebury with the Middletons in the weeks before and after the birth of her son on July 22, 2013 when her husband finished up with the No. 22 Squadron.

In Kate’s forward of the book, it says:

I loved my time in Anglesey when William was serving with RAF Search and Rescue. I cannot pretend that I didn’t feel anxious at times when William was on shift in howling gales, knowing that he was out flying in extremely challenging conditions, but he loved doing it and I always felt incredibly proud of him. I also knew that I was not alone and that there were many supportive Search and Rescue wives on Anglesey and at other bases across the country.

I have no doubt Kate’s time in Anglesey was happy, she got to play house whenever it suited her and wile away the rest of the time enjoying the perks of her royal status without the responsibilities she finds so irksome.  However, talking about the support of the other wives is hypocritical, she wanted nothing to do with them, she removed herself from them as much as possible.  This forward is nothing more than a PR attempt to create the illusion in retrospect that Kate was fulfilling the role as a military wife.  Kate is doing what she does best here, playing dress-up, adding a dust jacket to her ensemble, except this time it’s insulting to military families.  The book contains personal accounts of over one hundred actual RAF wives and was edited by Jill Black, Holly Jeffers and Alison Bairsto, real life military wife friends who genuinely support each other unlike Kate who can’t be bothered.



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