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Prince William Ditches His Spouse For Grouse

Thanks to Lisa who posted the link to these pics in the comment section of “Is Lazy Kate Spinning a Yarn?”



These photos of Prince William going grouse hunting near Balmoral were taken on Saturday September 13th.

The timing is interesting for a few reasons.

As Lisa pointed out in her comment, Prince William can’t be too worried about Kate who is reportedly so direly ill from hyperemesis gravidarum she is confined to Kensington Palace with doctors and IV drips.

Even if Kate doesn’t really have hyperemesis gravidarum as many suspect she doesn’t, Prince William’s bird killing retreat is still insensitive (and not just to the grouse).  Prince William was slated to begin training for his new helicopter pilot gig on Monday September 15th so he chose to spend his last (theoretically) fully free weekend away from his wife and one year old son, Prince George.

The Balmoral grouse getaway also indicates that Prince William wasn’t planning on supporting his brother at the weekend’s events for the Invictus Games.  Granny sent a lovely letter, James Blunt dedicated, “You’re Beautiful” to Prince Harry, the Foo Fighters and Ellie Goulding managed to make it.  But Prince William was apparently too busy satisfying an urge to participate in a bloodsport to attend games celebrating wounded servicemen and servicewomen.

Conservation groups are concerned over the illegal secretive measures currently being taken against the natural predators of grouse to ensure the grouse population will be large enough for hunting season.  Hen harriers are legally protected birds or prey but are considered pests to grouse moors and are secretly killed because their diet reduces the surplus of grouse available for bloodsport.  Funny how Prince William’s wildlife conservation concerns don’t apply to any animal he enjoys killing.

The hunting trip comes on the heels of the latest Morrissey slam about Prince William and Prince Harry’s “paranoid obsession with killing animals. They are so typical of the stupidly cruel killers who never actually get their hands dirty.”  The singer went on to note, “There’s a crackdown on possession of firearms in England, but the only people we ever see with guns are the stupid Royals, yet nobody says anything! I think violence is ingrained into our societies because of the abattoir or slaughterhouses, and we usually find that however a person is allowed to treat animals is also the way they feel entitled to treat humans.”



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Is Lazy Kate Spinning A Yarn?

The convenient timing of Kate Middleton’s pregnancy two weeks before Scotland’s Vote for Independence has raised a few eyebrows.  Niraj Tanna posted on Twitter:


Some are wondering if the timing is a little too convenient.  Not only is it a much needed Royal Family image boost at exactly the right time, it also gives Kate an excuse to bail on Malta, which as it turns out, wasn’t all that excited to see her.  And it’s not just the people who try to match their shoes to their tinfoil hat wondering if something is amiss.

As with her first pregnancy, it’s being reported Kate has been diagnosed with hyperemesis gravidarum, a debilitating condition affecting 2% of all pregnant women which can put both baby and mother in grave danger.  Only .0002% of all pregnant women are sick enough to require hospitalization like Kate did with her first pregnancy, three days after running around in heels playing field hockey at St. Andrews.  According to reports, medical care came to the Duchess this go round and she is said to be on an IV drip within the comforts of Apartment 1A.

In order for hyperemesis gravidarum to be officially diagnosed, the patient has to lose at least 5% of total body weight, with some sufferers losing up to 10%.  Sure, it’s been 10 days since we last spotted Kate making a mad dash in jeggings through Kings Cross with her bags, but is it even physically possible for Kate to lose 5% to 10% of her total body weight, wouldn’t there be a point where she would just become invisible?  And exactly how would the nurse find the vein for the IV drip in an invisible woman?  I can understand why they would be reluctant to go to the hospital this time, but if her condition is once again so severe, she requires an IV drip, isn’t there some concern that something could happen to the to-be fourth in line to the throne?  But maybe Kate’s just that right level of sick.  Too sick to work but still healthy enough where the only thing necessary to ensure the well-being of a future Queen consort and fetus who could depending on circumstance feasibly become King or Queen of the UK comes from an IV drip.

Even if the seemingly implausible were actually true, it’s hard not to be suspicious when it comes to Carefully Crafted Kate because of all the many times the public has been misled with lies told by the duchess or for the benefit of the duchess.

Remember the one about how Kate and Will met at St. Andrews with Kate in scruffy jeans and hair in a ponytail but it turns out they really were introduced in the summer of 1999 by Emilia d’Erlanger in the den of Highgrove?

Remember how their fated love turned out to be Kate ditching her university plans, applying to St. Andrews, taking a gap year to be in Prince William’s class, enrolling in his course study to be near him with the rest stalker history?  So romantic.  The one thing that ruined Casablanca for me was not enough stalking.

Remember how Kate said in the engagement interview that she had the Levis guy on her wall at Marlborough, not a poster of Prince William and then the friends she dumped once she started dating the prince confirmed that she really did have a Prince William poster?

Remember how before she was married, Kate complained about the paparazzi invading her privacy but while at Jigsaw Kate opted not to go out the back exit to avoid them altogether, telling her boss it was better just to give them the photos they were after instead of not having to deal with them at all?

Remember how Kate left her part-time gig at Jigsaw she was rarely there for in order to study portrait photography with Mario Testino except he had no recollection of ever even talking to her about it as a possibility?

Remember how in March 2010, pictures Niraj Tanna took of Kate playing tennis were reviewed by the Press Complaints Commission for allegedly invading her privacy and yet the very same month Kate was more than happy to run a photo along with her answers to personal questions on the Party Pieces website in order to plug her parent’s business?

Remember how Kate was allegedly working for Party Pieces as their photographer until it was revealed Millie Pilkington was really their photographer so it was suggested Kate might have taken some photos of some plates and cups and then the PR stories about Kate’s Party Pieces work stopped making the press rounds for the most part?

Remember how Kate told a reporter she was allergic to horses except she’s really not?

Remember how Kate bailed on the closing ceremonies of the Paralympics to prepare for her Southeast Asia tour and was discovered by paparazzi sunbathing topless and then bottomless on a balcony in France?

Remember all those times Kate mispronounced words because her accent is an affectation she’s been practicing since Marlborough in order to fool people into thinking she’s posh?

Remember how Kate said in her engagement interview “I’m willing to learn quickly and work hard?”

And those are just some of the many ways Kate has misrepresented basic truths about her own life.  It’s not that hard to see why some people are assuming she’s currently rummaging through her closet looking for silicone pregnancy stomachs or that she and Prince William are probably humping like rabbits to catch up to wishful announcing or that she’s faking hyperemesis gravidarum .  Even many who don’t have jaded opinions of Kate Middleton felt like the announcement was way too early.  At what might be her sixth week of pregnancy, the Palace should have figured out another way to handle it so perhaps there was an ulterior motive.  Like say an upcoming vote?

Could a fetus really single-handedly sway Scottish voters?  Maybe if a future Sir Gynecologist pulls the Loch Ness Monster out of Kate’s uterus.  Otherwise, I’m not so sure.  Maybe people are still trying to detox from the massive media coverage from her first pregnancy or maybe people have finally figured out Lazy Kate is one to spin a yarn.



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Kate’s Officially Preggers with the Spare

Breaking news: An announcement was made by Kensington Palace today stating that Kate Middleton is pregnant with hers and William’s second child.

As with her first pregnancy, the Duchess is reported to be suffering from Hyperemesis Gravidarum.  Undoubtedly the super-convenient kind that effects only work.

From the Daily Mail: ‘Her Royal Highness will no longer accompany The Duke of Cambridge on their planned engagement in Oxford today. The Duchess is being treated by doctors at Kensington Palace.’

Yup, that definitely sounds like the Hyperemesis Gravidarum Kate gets that only effects her ability to do work.

Severe morning sickness of course did not stop the Duchess from making a mad dash through the Kings Cross station last week as she and her husband returned from Norfolk with dog Lupo nor did it stop her from enjoying two hours at a pub with her husband during their reported date night where she dined on grilled filet of black bream and enjoyed white wine spritzers.

Assuming this is early on in the pregnancy and Kate was not knowingly consuming alcoholic beverages while pregnant, with at least eight months of pregnancy left which will require a steady diet of not-working, a year of maternity leave and then time she will need off for a nanny to care for her child, she should be back to “work” in just a few short years.

Is anyone else feeling a little barfy, too?


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