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The RMS Windsor

The ocean liner The Titanic was thought to be unsinkable, until of course it sank, the iceberg it hit compromising five of its sixteen watertight compartments, one more than the ship could withstand.

The British Monarchy may no longer be viewed as unsinkable, but it survived the annus horribilis, Diana’s death and Hurricane Fergie, albeit with damage to the hull, so what exactly did it hit for it to be taking on so much water recently?  Or did someone release the Kraken?  I hope not, I love a good Kraken release party.

Currently Compromised Compartments:

The Queen – Her Majesty is rarely publicly criticized, most respect her dedication to duty. The woman is 91 and still keeps an impressive schedule.  But the revelation of the Paradise Papers that the Duchy of Lancaster was tied to the offshore tax haven scandal hasn’t cast the Queen in the best of lights.


The Queen voluntarily pays an undisclosed sum in taxes but the scandal reminded people how cheesed off they are about their taxes going to pay for the massive Buckingham Palace repair and renovation money pit project and not truly knowing how much the Royal Family costs them because of a lack of transparency.


And of course this week the chairman of the Duchy of Lancaster was knighted by the Queen.  But no photos of that knighting were allowed so it’s almost like it didn’t happen, except it did.


But at least we sort of know what it would look like… if the chairman were Julie Walters.


Prince Philip – There’s not much anyone would begrudge the recently retired royal, but really, the first thing he does with his freedom from duty is have a new kitchen put in?  What is it with this family and new kitchens?  Couldn’t he just borrow one from Seven Kitchens Kate?  After all, she’s been helping herself to some of Buckingham Palace’s kitchen staff, allegedly causing some to quit due to being over-worked.  The Palace claimed there’s nothing unusual at all about the amount of employees jumping ship, just regular turn-over, nothing to see here.

Prince Charles – Whoopsie, those pesky Paradise Papers again, this time a bit shadier.


I doubt there was any intentional impropriety, but Charles gets so focused on achieving his objective, he develops tunnel vision.  Because of this revelation, there is a call for greater transparency with the finances of the Royal Family which they try to keep shrouded in mystery.

Prince William – The avid hunter and supporter of trophy hunts gave a speech for Tusk warning of the dangers of over-population while his wife is pregnant with their third child.  I hope his speech writer, presumably still Jason,  just hates him and he really isn’t that oblivious.


Kate Middleton – Okay, I don’t think I have a clear grasp of how this life-threatening Hyperemesis Gravidarum works because for Kate’s first solo event back after the September 4th announcement of her pregnancy, Kate showed up in workout gear and participated in a tennis workshop on Halloween.  Did Kate have the 24 hour kind of Hyperemesis Gravidarum?  Either call it what it is, regular morning sickness which is still terrible or do a better job committing to the con, that’s all we ask.


Kate has done two engagements recently, a gala at Kensington Palace for The Anna Freud National Centre for Children and Families on Tuesday night and a Place2Be forum on Wednesday where she gave a speech.



Tuesday’s black lace dress we’ve seen before, Wednesday’s was new.  And ugly.

Kate’s Place2Be speech included this line, “As a mother just getting used to leaving my own child at the school gates, it is clear to me that it takes a whole community to help raise a child.”  For fuck’s sake, the entire staff she has helping to raise her children didn’t clue her in?  The brief speech ended with “And I’m looking forward to learning even more today.”  Um, as patron should she really be highlighting her eternal pupil approach to charity work where it’s all just a learning experience for her or is she finally acknowledging that she does nothing behind the scenes to prepare for her engagements?  But she did give a speech which happens just about as often as Bigfoot is spotted riding The Loch Ness Monster.


But back to the Duchess Who Cried Keen.  Royal correspondent Richard Palmer ran some numbers on Tuesday and out of Kate’s 33 engagements in the UK, only 3 were outside of London (in a separate Tweet, Palmer estimated Kate’s done 40 events on tours, not counting take-offs and landings).


Considering Kate’s only got about five weeks until her winter holidays, it looks like she might have some difficulty breaking double digits again for her annual event totals, despite the padding for official engagements she’s already received.  That would make it five years out of seven Kate failed to do even 100 annual events.  The Palace better figure out a way to boost her numbers by year’s end, after all, Kate and William were both supposed to be stepping up to reduce the burden on the 91-year-old monarch and her retired 96-year-old consort.

Kate finally received her first honour since joining the Royal Family, the Tuvalu Order of Merit which was created to commemorate the Cambridge’s visit to the sinking island in 2012 and for helping to raise awareness for climate change which was approved by the Queen.  Does Kate even know what climate change is?  Does she think the climate is now wearing nude court shoes and jeggings because of her?  Or did Kate and William promise to try to squeeze everyone into one private jet on their next ski holiday?  The medal, created by Major David Rankin-Hunt and made by the British company Gladman & Norman is kind of the Fisher Price of medals, as can be seen in this Daily Mail article, the design is very simple and looks like it’s made of stainless steel.  Perhaps the Queen wants to make sure Kate doesn’t swallow any of the pieces before even considering giving her The Royal Family Order of Queen Elizabeth II, which every other working female member of the Royal Family has except Kate.

Prince Harry/Meghan Markle – There is still a lot of public opposition to this potential union.  I suspect the imminent engagement idea is being pushed by the media because Kate’s about as exciting as watching someone watch paint dry and just isn’t selling magazines and generating clicks anymore.  While Prince Harry and Meghan have been dating for a year, they’ve been calling different continents home, they’ll probably want to live together for a year or so before making any decisions about marriage.  Unfortunately for Meghan, public perception was always going to be an uphill battle because of statements made by her half-sister Samantha at the beginning of their relationship which she recently denied making on Good Morning Britain and others in Meghan’s life.  I saved this since the summer, I think CanadianGoose may be a reader.


All families are dysfunctional, however those of royal girlfriends are expected to stay out of the news, just like the Middletons didn’t manage to do.

Being an actress is a tough road to travel, it requires qualities some dislike about Meghan.  Those same qualities would translate well into the role she would be expected to play, however.  As an actress, Meghan isn’t exactly Meryl Streep so to have made it as far as she has takes tenacity which means she actually might survive joining that family.  As much as I criticize Kate, I also feel badly for her, it’s as if all the life has been sucked out of her (someone who knew her prior to marriage described her personality to me as a “negative void”, but even so, at least she looked like she had a pulse).  Meghan might actually have a shot at self-preservation.

The problem with Meghan is the same question that was raised when Kate married Prince William: if anyone can be royal, what makes the Royal Family special enough to justify being funded by taxpayers?  The days of marrying cousins to preserve the blood line are over.  The Confession Sessions of Princes William and Harry have left some taxpayers yearning for the days of the stiff upper lip and the second in line to the throne and his possible future queen consort Kate have marketed themselves as “just like everyone else”.

Prince Harry seems to have received all the royal magic which is the problem with hereditary monarchies.  Here he is from Thursday’s Field of Remembrance event.


Ultimately does it matter with whom Harry jumps into the water as The RMS Windsor sinks?  It’s going down anyway, but at least with Prince William and Kate Middleton suddenly honoured champions of climate change, the water won’t be so bad.




Whinging Windsor

There’s a Royal Temper Tantrum in the news and of course, it’s not being thrown by the fourteen month-old prince, but rather the thirty-two year-old Prince William because a freelance photographer tried to take pictures of Prince George while out with his nanny at Battersea Park.

Kensington Palace released a statement that “The Duke and Duchess have taken legal steps to ask that an individual ceases harassing and following both Prince George and his Nanny as they go about their ordinary daily lives.  An incident last week has prompted Their Royal Highnesses to seek reasonable assurances from the individual about his behaviour.  The individual was spotted at a central London Park in the vicinity of Prince George, who was removed from the Park immediately.  There is reason to suspect that the individual may have been placing Prince George under surveillance and monitoring his daily routines for a period of time.”

The language of the statement suggests that Prince William’s legal team could be using the UK’s Protection from Harassment Act 1997 which was primarily passed to protect stalking victims as a means of stopping the photographer (and undoubtedly others if the tactic works) from snapping pictures of Prince George.  There are no laws that prevent photos of the Royal Family from being taken during their downtime, rather there is a gentleman’s agreement in place with the press.  Newspapers and magazines in the UK agree not to publish photos taken of the Royal Family on their downtime and in exchange, the Buckingham Palace Press Office leaks information so the outlets can still sell magazines and newspapers.  Now that there’s an international market for these photos, the Royal Family must come up with a new way of controlling the media.  By likening the taking of these photos to harassment, they might be using the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 which has been criticized for its vague wording to obtain a level of privacy that would not be otherwise afforded to them.  Under the act, harassment is defined as “behaviour which causes alarm or distress”.

One of the potential two photographers being singled out is Niraj Tanna who, according to his lawyer, “categorically denies and strongly objects to groundless allegations”.  This isn’t the first time the Royal Family has threatened Tanna with legal action.  He was accused of violating Kate Middleton’s privacy by taking a picture of her playing tennis from a public footpath when she was still a “private individual”.  Tanna insists that as a press photographer, he was within his rights photographing Prince George in a public park and any legal action will be “vigorously contested”.

Personally, I really don’t get why people really want photos of Prince George, he’s fourteen months-old, it’s not like he’s got a treasure map to the God Particle on his nappies, but he’s a future king and most people can’t get enough of tiny humans.  He was also born a public figure whose appearances in public have been limited by reclusive parents.

Prince William has always resented the press, from the time he was a child.  Unfortunately, with Prince William’s and Kate’s popularity waning, this reaction from the Petulant Prince is a bad PR move even if calculated to retroactively explain why the Cambridges will be retreating to Anmer Hall for the sake of privacy once the renovations there are complete.  Of course daily photos of Prince George out with his nanny would also have adverse effects on their public image given that parenting responsibilities are used as an excuse as to why Kate can’t do more official engagements.

Once again, Prince William seems to want things “his way” and will huff and puff through his legal team to live a private life as a public figure, all of the privilege and none of the inconveniences.  Ultimately, those cameras are going to be there for all of Prince George’s life, whether or not they should be.  Even if photographers can be dissuaded with claims of harassment, there aren’t enough lawyers in the world to go after each and every individual with a camera phone.  Instead of teaching his son legal intimidation tactics that serve to further alienate the public, maybe Prince William should be focused on helping his son and himself to come to terms with the realities of being a public figure.

The issue of privacy for a baby future king is an interesting topic, I’d love to hear your comments!

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