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A True Prince

According to a recent Newsweek poll, only 1% of those surveyed wanted to be Kate Middleton, prompting a flurry of headlines declaring the notion of a Royal Fairytale dead.  To be fair, Royal Fairytales have been on life support since the bitter divorce of Prince Charles and Princess Diana and the infamous Martin Bashir interview that left the Disney-tinted glasses of girls everywhere crushed under the stiletto of the People’s Princess.  With the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, the diehard hopeful clutched their novelty hankies, holding vigil for the Royal Fairytale which never did quite awaken.  Instead it hid behind palace walls and in remote country houses, asking for privacy and proclaiming its normalcy, passing away quietly in its sleep, presumably while Kate Middleton was out shopping for jeggings and Prince William was microwaving a frozen dinner.

Stories that begin with “Once upon a time” exist in a theoretical past far far removed from modern existence.  Monarchies are anachronistic institutions existing for the sake of novelty with titled princes on a societal endangered species list.  There are so few remaining in fact that most of my readers could rattle off their names without any degree of difficulty.  But some of you might have missed one: Prince Lorenzo Borghese.

I meant to do a post about Prince Lorenzo possessing qualities to which all modern princes should aspire back in December of last year when I saw this post on Facebook (I believe it was initially a text Prince Lorenzo sent his brother who then posted it on Facebook):


It was such a sweet story, but the intention to write about it got lost in the blur of the holidays.  To summarize, eleven-year-old Annie Lown was born with cystic fibrosis and autism.  Annie’s wish to the Make-A-Wish Foundation was to dance with a real life prince.  The organization reached out to Prince Lorenzo who was honored to escort Annie to a Royal Ball thrown in her honor at Greystone Castle.  As Prince Lorenzo noted in the speech he gave, “Your wish was very interesting, Annie, because you didn’t wish to be a princess, you wished to dance with a prince, meaning you already know you’re a princess.”  If that doesn’t move you even a little bit, you should probably see a cardiologist because your heart might be made of stone.

Entrepreneur and animal rights activist Prince Lorenzo Borghese is from Italy’s House of Borghese and currently resides in NYC.  Known to many for his television appearances on The Bachelor, America’s Next Top Dog: The Princess, the Dutch reality show Coming to Holland: Prins Zoekt Vrouw, Celebrity Big Brother UK and Lucky Bastards, the prince is so much more than just a handsome face with a royal pedigree.  Prince Lorenzo founded his company Royal Treatment, a line of products which use only the highest quality pet-friendly organic and natural ingredients, when his beloved dog Belle developed a skin condition and he discovered that existing pet products on the market were poorly regulated and contained potentially harmful chemicals.  A portion of the proceeds from Royal Treatment product sales goes to Animal Aid USA, a non-for-profit animal rights and rescue agency founded by Prince Lorenzo.  In addition to running his own animal advocacy organization for which he has received numerous prestigious awards, Prince Lorenzo also serves as Ambassador to the ASPCA and the American Humane Association and is on the board for Canine Wounded Heroes.  Borghese is also managing partner of LB2, a private label Italian cosmetics company, and has recently launched his own lifestyle brand, RumGolf. A true Renaissance man, Prince Lorenzo is also a published author.  His first novel, The Princess of Nowhere, is historical fiction based on the romance of Napoleon’s sister, Pauline Bonaparte who married one of his ancestors, Prince Camillo Borghese.

So really, Prince Lorenzo is just your run-of-the-mill humble hardworking sensitive intelligent handsome prince running three companies and his own charity, dedicating his life to animal advocacy when he isn’t busy making the fairytale dreams of sick little girls come true.

I wonder what Prince William or Prince Carl Philip have been up to recently besides tooling around in helicopters and race cars.  Probably something close, though, right?

Prince Lorenzo is currently up for Gotham Magazine’s Most Eligible Bachelor and I’m asking my royal watching readers to please vote for him.  Just go to the link: http://gotham-magazine.com/home-page/articles/gotham-most-eligible-bachelors-business-slash-real-estate, check the box above his picture and hit submit.  You can vote as many times as you like.  If Prince Lorenzo wins, I’m sure he’ll just use the honor to promote his charitable work but I thought it would be a nice way for us to show our support for a true prince.

Maybe Royal Fairytales aren’t dead after all, perhaps there’s just a shortage of princes who are of fairytale-quality like Lorenzo Borghese.



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