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Kate Middleton Hosts SportsAid Banquet

On Thursday evening, Kate Middleton hosted a SportsAid banquet in the King’s Gallery at Kensington Palace as part of the charity’s 40th anniversary celebrations.


Since becoming patron of SportsAid in 2013, the banquet was Kate’s sixth event for the charity which helps support young British athletes.


Kate went with electric blue for the event.  It’s a smurfy color…


It just feels Kate’s overdone it in an unsmurfy way.  And almost always with black court shoes and a black clutch.


The Roland Mouret gown which retails for just under $3,000  (£2,095) also comes in midnight navy which I think would have been a more sophisticated color option.  Not a fan of the exposed zipper, though.


The royal blue version feels too casual, although the hue can’t shoulder the blame for the dress’ lackluster styling and Kate’s posture, evoking one of Kate’s 2012 London Olympics looks.


Kate’s $42,750 (£30,000) Diamond Tricolour Cartier Earrings were barely visible beneath her hair which was likely hungry without its usual follicular feast of extensions and wiglets.


But they did make sporadic appearances, as can be seen in this screen grab from the Daily Mail.


The earrings seem to be part of the same design collection as the Cartier Trinity necklace  which Kate debuted in 2012 at London’s National Portrait Gallery at an exhibit of athlete portraits.


Kate’s  Roland Mouret dress was also accessorized with a singular hair strand.  Hopefully it wasn’t a jumper from Prince William’s head, he has so few to spare.


Kate stepped up the duchessing at Thursday’s SportsAid banquet and actually delivered a speech.

Emily Andrews of The Sun noted it was Kate’s best to date and while I think she was right, the bar is still very low.


After five years, Kate should be able to deliver far better than she did.  The speech in its entirety can be watched on YouTube.

Kate was obviously nervous, as evidenced by the deep breaths she took to calm herself.


Kate’s accent affectation continued to be an issue, in fact for a few words her Received Pronunciation started to drift a bit in an American direction (she didn’t make it all the way, dashing my hopes of an international accent patchwork speech). Kate’s attention was mostly fixed down on her speech instead of out on her audience, her delivery was flat with very little inflection, her phrasing was still unnatural and she seemed palpably uncomfortable.  I have pasted below a transcript of the speech from an Express article by Richard Palmer and did a screen-grab of Kate’s face as she was articulating specific words which I have bolded with the corresponding photos below.

Some of you may know that I love sport.  



I love cheering on teams and athletes that I am passionate about.  



I love the physical challenge sport presents and the mental strength it gives us all.  And I love the way it so often brings people together to work as part of a team.  

I suspect many of you in this room may feel the same. The brilliance of SportsAid is in really understanding just how much athletic competition gives to our country as a whole.  By investing in young sporting talent, they ensure that there is a strong pipeline of inspirational heroes.





These athletes then serve as motivators to everyone in the UK to get involved, get active, and embrace the power of sport to make us happier and healthier.





With little over 50 days to go until the Games begin in Rio; the next Olympiad is almost here.  As we did in London in 2012, we will see a new generation of sporting stars emerge into the spotlight.

We cannot wait to meet the next SportsAid champions



…the next Chris Hoys and Katherine Graingers who will remind us all of the magic and the power of sport.







So thank you all for supporting the incredible work of SportsAid.  I am immensely proud to be their patron and I can’t wait to cheer on our team competing in Rio.



I do hope you enjoy tonight’s very special occasion.









Thank you.





Most of us can empathize with the nervousness that comes with public speaking.  But many professions and passions require frequent speech giving and Kate chose a profession that requires more speeches than most.  After five years with The Firm, Kate still lacks the skill set for a job she spent almost a decade pursuing.



Kate’s SportsAid Got Boomf-ed

On Wednesday, Kate Middleton attended an event for SportsAid, an organization that helps give financial support to young British athletes.  Kate met with some of the athletes hoping to participate in the 2020 Olympics being held in Tokyo and took part in one of the workshop’s performance tests.  While the cognitive test Kate tried out was one for reflexes, Kate wore for the first time appropriate footwear for joining in reindeer games.  She was in flats.  Well, boots with a 1.5” (4cm for the rest of the world) block heel.  But still.

They are the Half N Half Stretch Riders designed by Stuart Weitzman for Russell & Bromley retailing for $623.48 (£395.00).


The dress was the Vreeland Dress by Goat in a dark dusty plum retailing for $710.30 (£450.00).

GoatVreelandDressKate’s SportsAid solo event was eclipsed in the media today by an interview granted Good Morning America by her brother James Middleton peddling his pricy customizable marshmallows, Boomf, and offering a few personal bits of info like Lupo being his wedding gift to the royal couple in exchange for the Boomf promotional airtime.  They don’t just let you sell your $25 box of 9 marshmallows, you’ve got to dish a little about the Royal Family.  After Pippa’s trip last week to NY to meet with NBC’s Today Show about her potential new gig, I think infectious disease screening in New York airports needs to now include screening for Middletons.  Carriers of Middleton Disease are easy to spot, they are positively aglow with fame-whoriness.

I can’t imagine Kate’s siblings didn’t clear this pursued media exposure with her prior to hopping across the pond, so are these unseemly Middleton media appearances passive-aggressive acts against the British Royal Family who tend to frown on this sort of thing?  And what could Kate be royally miffed about?  Sure, her marriage seems to be strained at the moment, but really, who could Prince William have done that would warrant inflicting her siblings on innocent Americans?   That’s just mean.  And embarrassing to her in-laws.  She should be a little more careful with rebelling against the Windsors, nude L.K. Bennett Sledge pumps have a way of disappearing from closets.  Maybe that’s why she was in flats for today’s SportsAid event, when she woke up, there was a pile of just the heels from her footwear on the pillow next to her with a note that said, “Next time the clutches get it.”



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